Why does WikiLeaks keep publishing U.S. state secrets? Private contractors.
Why does WikiLeaks keep publishing U.S. state secrets? Private contractors. not looking so good....
neoliberalism  from twitter
11 days ago
New Interior Secretary Zinke reverses last-minute Obama lead-ammunition ban | Fox News
New Interior Secretary Zinke reverses lead-ammo ban ...cause we need more lead in our fish&birds😧
conservation  usa  from twitter
24 days ago
Trump’s plan to slash foreign aid comes as famine threat is surging - The Washington Post
Trump’s plan to slash foreign aid comes as famine threat is surging - The Washington Post
aid  africa  from twitter
25 days ago
Presenting numerical data — University of Leicester

Most people find it easier to identify patterns in numerical data by reading down a column rather than across a row. This means that you should plan your row and column categories to ensure that the patterns you wish to highlight are revealed in the columns.
methods  VisualDisplay  stats  r 
27 days ago
UCR Libraries /All Locations
Lost boys of Sudan [videorecording] / Actual Films ; Principe Productions in association with POV ; directed and produced by Megan Mylan & Jon Shenk.
Publisher [New York] : Docurama : Marketed and distributed in the U.S. by New Video Group, 2004.
 Rivera Media DVD  E184.S77 L67 2004  
28 days ago
Log In - New York Times
California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers, via
california  ca  agriculture  from twitter
6 weeks ago
UCR Libraries /All Locations
Masai women [videorecording] / Granada Television International.
Publisher [London] : Granada Television International : [Distributed by] Shanachie Entertainment Corp., p2003.
Rivera Media DVD DT443.3.M37 M37 2003
library  teaching-intro 
6 weeks ago
Why Do We Keep Using the Word “Caucasian”? - SAPIENS
A history of Caucasian terminology: When a term signifies something that does not exist, we need to examine our use of it.
language  race  racism  usa 
7 weeks ago
Earliest political memories in the classroom | Connectors Study
Last autumn we ran an experimental online public engagement series called 'earliest political memories'. We collected a total of 68 memories that were generously contributed by members of the public. You can read all the contributions here. The series caught the attention of our colleague Rachel O'Connell in the School of English who convenes the MA in Sexual…
7 weeks ago
Home - allAfrica.com
Africa: Trump's Policies Are Sweet News for African Dictators -
from twitter
7 weeks ago
An Anthropology of Landscape
An Anthropology of Landscape - new free book from UCL Press
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7 weeks ago
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