Fic: "Untitled" by Anonymous (Sherlock: Anthea/Mycroft Holmes)
"That first night they meet (abduct) John Watson, she sits across from Mycroft in his little office and says (to him, to the screen of her phone), 'It's Anthea now.'

"He can't help smiling at her; she pretends not to notice. 'A lovely name. Let me know when it changes.'"
by:anonymous  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rated:mature  ship:anthea/mycroft.holmes  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Fic: "Untitled" by Anonymous (Sherlock: Anthea/Mycroft Holmes)
"For such an observant man, Mycroft Holmes is incredibly blind. He can deduce from her bag that she didn’t have time for breakfast (and insists she go to the nearest café and buy herself a Danish pastry, to boot), he can see from her wristwatch that she recently finished an excellent book (and asks for a recommendation), he can infer from her smile that she’s in need of a little quiet while her headache calms down (and duly gives it to her, letting her sit in her office and get on with paperwork in silence for an hour).

"Apparently, though, he can’t deduce from her hair, smile, bag, shoes, skirt, phone or anything that she has never wanted anyone more than she wants him."
by:anonymous  extra:courtship/seduction  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rated:teen  ship:anthea/mycroft.holmes  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Fic: "Blood on the Altar" by Phineas (Sherlock: Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran)
"Sebastian had to admit, there was something rather poetic and calming about driving through the American Southwest, leaving Vegas in the rearview mirror. The stars were bright and small, frigidly whizzing overhead in the warm night as they sped down the highway with the roof of the car down."
by:xphineasx  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rated:explicit  ship:jim.moriarty/sebastian.moran  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Fic: "And No More Shall We Part" by Prodigy (Sherlock: Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran)
"For a long time Sebastian thought he was probably lying about that too, but he would catch Jim late at night on JSTOR in the glow of his laptop screen re-reading the abstract to 'Dynamics of an Asteroid' with an unreadable look on his face and Sebastian knew it had belonged to him and was lost."
by:prodigy  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rated:mature  ship:jim.moriarty/sebastian.moran  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Fic: The "I Need Some Fine Wine and You Need to Be Nicer" series by Pluppelina (Sherlock: Jim Moriarty/Sebastian Moran)
"The story of how they meet is such a cliche that later Sebastian will never tell anyone. Right now he isn’t aware that what’s happening is going to be one of the most embarrassing things in his whole life; he’s just grateful for the scotch that’s placed on his table even though he didn’t order it."
by:pluppelina  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rated:mature  ship:jim.moriarty/sebastian.moran  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Art: "Tintin Kink Meme Fill 14" by NoNick4Now (Tintin: Archibald Haddock/Tintin)
A kink meme fill of Tintin and Haddock kissing by moonlight, and a Hergé-style image of a flustered Haddock attempting to court Tintin.
by:nonick4now  extra:courtship/seduction  fandom:tintin  rated:general  ship:archibald.haddock/tintin  type:fanart 
june 2012
Art: "Sketch Dump 02" by NoNick4Now (Tintin: Archibald Haddock/Tintin)
Three drawings: Tintin and Haddock in modern clothing, the two engaging in tantric sex, and a leather-daddy/sub BDSM scene.
by:nonick4now  extra:bdsm  extra:sex.toys  fandom:tintin  rated:explicit  ship:archibald.haddock/tintin  type:fanart 
june 2012
Art: "Sketch Dump 01" by NoNick4Now (Tintin: Archibald Haddock/Tintin)
Four sketches: Haddock offering his coat to Tintin on a rainy day, Tintin seducing Haddock, a sex scene, and a sated Tintin.
by:nonick4now  extra:gender.performance  fandom:tintin  rated:explicit  ship:archibald.haddock/tintin  type:fanart 
june 2012
Art: "Untitled" by Sexlock (Tintin: Archibald Haddock/Tintin)
"Haddock you swine! Get that underage boy off your back right now." Note: underage content.
by:sexlock  fandom:tintin  rated:general  ship:archibald.haddock/tintin  type:fanart 
june 2012
Fic: "The Chelmsford List" by Llama (Harry Potter: Mundungus Fletcher/Stan Shunpike)
"'What d'ye think it means when some old lag wants to share a cell with you, lad?' Officer Burden smiled while Stan scrabbled around to collect his belongings once more, and somehow it was worse than the leer. 'I wouldn'a thought Stretch was the type, but prison does things to a man after a while.'"
by:llama  fandom:harry.potter  rated:mature  ship:mundungus.fletcher/stan.shunpike  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Art: "Douglas" by Epiphany Gun (Cabin Pressure: Douglas Richardson)
Illustration for the "St. Petersburg" episode. "Did Douglas do something clever and now everything is fine?"
by:epiphany.gun  character:douglas.richardson  fandom:cabin.pressure  rated:general  type:fanart 
june 2012
Art: "Martin Is Miss Marple" by Y0do (Cabin Pressure: Martin Crieff)
Illustration from the "Paris" episode. In which Martin is barely Miss Marple, let alone Sherlock Holmes.
by:y0do  character:martin.crieff  fandom:cabin.pressure  rated:general  type:fanart 
june 2012
Fic: "You'll Hear It If You Listen" by The Wanlorn (The A-Team: B.A. Baracus/H.M. Murdock)
"'I swear, I'll let you put on music while I'm drivin' and you can pretend to be whoever you want and I won't say a thing, if you don't die.'"
by:the.wanlorn  fandom:the.a-team  rated:general  ship:b.a.baracus/h.m.murdock  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Fic: "A Year of Wednesdays" by Tuesday (The A-Team: B.A. Baracus/H.M. Murdock)
"The first day, Murdock didn't notice anything off. It was a new day, a nice day, and through a series of events that were actively ridiculous even for the A-Team, even for him, he ended up pressed up against the van, B.A.'s hands on his hips and teeth digging hard and perfect into his neck. They push-pull-stumbled into B.A.'s apartment, and Murdock said things like, 'Yes,' and, 'Please,' and, 'I saw this in a movie once.'"
by:tuesday  extra:time.loop  fandom:the.a-team  rated:mature  ship:b.a.baracus/h.m.murdock  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Fic: "The Magpie and the Rat" by WW Mrs. Weasley Do (Harry Potter: Mundungus Fletcher/Peter Pettigrew)
"...Peter looked across the room again, to the short, dark man in the grubby raincoat sitting alone at the table there, and caught him watching their group again. The man looked away quickly..."
by:wwmrsweasleydo  extra:courtship/seduction  fandom:harry.potter  ship:mundungus.fletcher/peter.pettigrew  type:fanfic 
june 2012
Fic: The "At Least There's the Football" series by Sheffie Sharpe (Sherlock: G. Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes)
"When he hits the end call button on his mobile, he has an engagement for Thursday evening. He’s taking Mycroft Holmes to a karaoke bar.

"Straight to hell, boys, straight to hell."
by:sheffie.sharpe  extra:courtship/seduction  extra:first.time  extra:sexual.(in)compatibility  extra:domesticity  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rated:explicit  ship:g.lestrade/mycroft.holmes  type:fanfic 
april 2012
Fic: "The Book of Gregory" by Second Skin (Sherlock: G. Lestrade/Mycroft Holmes)
"In the rich fantasy life that thrived beneath his placid, no-nonsense-please exterior, Mycroft Holmes had been seducing Greg Lestrade for years. Often, the only way Mycroft survived the tedium of flights to Singapore or his mother’s weekly phone calls complaining about Sherlock was to close his eyes and add a new chapter to the Book of Gregory."
by:second.skin  extra:obsession  fandom:sherlock.holmes  rated:teen  ship:g.lestrade/mycroft.holmes  type:fanfic 
april 2012
Fic: "Crumbs" by Rexluscus (Pet Shop of Horrors: Count D/Leon Orcot)
"What does D want? What, besides sex and baked goods, can Leon possibly offer him?" Sequel to "A Second Piece"
by:rexluscus  fandom:pet.shop.of.horrors  rated:explicit  ship:count.d/leon.orcot  type:fanfic 
april 2012
Fic: "Sadie, Sadie" by Telanu (Pet Shop of Horrors: Count D/Leon Orcot)
"Pop the question. Stupid fucking phrase. It even sounded kinda dirty, when you thought about it. Didn't sound romantic. Didn't even sound practical."
by:telanu  extra:marriage  fandom:pet.shop.of.horrors  rated:explicit  ship:count.d/leon.orcot  type:fanfic 
april 2012
Fic: "Unwilling Sleep" by Telanu (Pet Shop of Horrors: Count D/Leon Orcot)
"In the space of half a breath, I leap forward, and the ship is behind me, the stars above me, and I am falling to Earth."
by:telanu  extra:relocation  fandom:pet.shop.of.horrors  rated:explicit  ship:count.d/leon.orcot  type:fanfic 
april 2012
Fic: "The Iron Mask" by Kadorienne (From Eroica with Love: Dorian/Klaus)
"His memory would come back in a few days. That was how it worked. In the meantime, he would simply have to bluff it out."
by:kadorienne  extra:amnesia  fandom:from.eroica.with.love  rated:teen  ship:dorian.red.gloria/klaus.von.dem.eberbach  type:fanfic 
april 2012
Fic: "Outlier" by Anodyna (Star Trek: Amanda Grayson/Sarek)
"There is no word in his language for a woman one makes love to who is not one's wife."
by:anodyna  fandom:star.trek  rated:teen  ship:amanda.grayson/sarek  type:fanfic 
march 2012
Fic: "More Honored in the Breach" by Penknife (Star Trek: Amanda Grayson/Sarek)
"Sarek decides 6.3 standard Terran months after meeting Amanda Grayson that it is logical that he marry her. He has to work out the reasons why it is logical after he has already made his decision, but that doesn't particularly trouble him. To act in accordance with the acceptance of reality that humans translate as 'logic' is often to act rightly without requiring thought."
by:penknife  extra:marriage  fandom:star.trek  rated:explicit  ship:amanda.grayson/sarek  type:fanfic 
march 2012
Fic: "Logic Demands That You Take Off That Ridiculous Hat, Get Naked, and Come to Bed" by I Grock Spock (Star Trek: Amanda Grayson/Sarek)
"'Forgive me,' he apologizes as soon as the woman is gone. 'While I believe I am adept in managing professional interactions, my capacity for small talk is limited.'

"She cocks a single eyebrow.

"'Thanks for the performance review.'

"Something in her tone suggests insincerity. He deduces that his actions require further explication."
by:igrockspock  fandom:star.trek  rated:teen  ship:amanda.grayson/sarek  type:fanfic 
march 2012
Fic: "Caught" by Quillaninc (Gundam Wing: Heero Yuy/Chang Wufei)
"'You should be a little more careful where you indulge yourself, Heero,' Wufei murmured silkily from behind. 'One never knows when one is being watched.'" Note: Contains underage content.
by:quillaninc  extra:gunplay  fandom:gundam.wing  rated:explicit  ship:heero.yuy/chang.wufei  type:fanfic 
march 2012
Fic: "The Arrangement" by Maldoror (Gundam Wing: Heero Yuy/Chang Wufei)
"The eyes ran over the room, still searching. Wufei rose in a fluid movement and walked to the door. Cobalt blue eyes caught his movement and focused on him. He felt himself weighed and measured to the last atom. Hackles rising slightly he faced the gaze with the calm of his lingering trance.

"'Chang. A word.'" Note: Contains underage content.
by:maldoror  extra:dreams  extra:sexual.(in)compatibility  extra:outside.pov  extra:undercover  fandom:gundam.wing  rated:explicit  ship:heero.yuy/chang.wufei  type:fanfic 
march 2012
Fic: "Through Rohan" by Jacquez H. Valentine (Lord of the Rings: Gimli/Legolas)
"At that, Legolas, too, began to laugh. 'Fair words, my friend. You will love me as you do her next!'

"'Nay,' Gimli answered, combing out the last knots in his beard, 'for my love for her is that of a warrior for a queen too high to touch. My love for you is a more earthy kind.'"
by:jacquez.h.valentine  fandom:lord.of.the.rings  rated:teen  ship:gimli/legolas  type:fanfic 
march 2012
Fic: "A Bird and a Beast" by Eyebrow of Doom (Lord of the Rings: Gimli/Legolas)
"'Are you jealous, strong Gimli?' Legolas said. 'You are thick and sturdy as a tree. I might well like to climb you.'

"Gimli grunted. 'You would make too short work of climbing me like a tree!' he replied. 'The summit and the first foothold would be as one.'"
by:eyebrowofdoom  fandom:lord.of.the.rings  rated:explicit  ship:gimli/legolas  type:fanfic 
march 2012
Fic: "Atlantean Sex Ed for Dummies" by Sunfreak (DC Universe: Kaldur/Kon)
"'I just want to know if there’s something wrong with my reproductive organs!' Superboy snaps angrily."
by:sunfreak  extra:alien.biology  fandom:dc.universe  rated:mature  ship:kaldur/kon  type:fanfic 
february 2012
Fic: "In Media Res" by Thingswithwings (Babylon 5: G'Kar/Londo Mollari)
"His fingers run against the little bumps again, earning twitches and gasps from G'Kar. 'Great Maker, G'Kar,' Londo hisses, 'this is where you keep your nipples?'"
by:thingswithwings  extra:alien.biology  fandom:babylon5  rated:explicit  ship:g'kar/londo.mollari  type:fanfic 
february 2012
Fic: "Keeping Kowalski" by Brigantine (Due South: Ray Vecchio/Stanley Kowalski)
"When Ray Vecchio left the warmth of Florida to return to the ass-freezing streets of his home town, and found himself partnered with Stanley Raymond Kowalski, he might have assumed it was some sort of cosmic mistake, like ringworm, or "Welcome Back, Kotter," except for the expression of grim amusement on Lieutenant Welsh's face upon delivering the glad tidings."
by:brigantine  extra:domesticity  fandom:due.south  rated:teen  ship:ray.vecchio/stanley.kowalski  type:fanfic 
february 2012
Fic: "Teshuva" by Brancher (Watchmen: Dan Dreiberg/Laurie Juspeczyk/Walter Kovacs)
"There's a man standing in the back of the dojo.

"Laurie sees him out of the corner of her eye while she's leading the class through basic strikes and blocks. He's small and wiry, backlit against the neon in the window; she can't see his face.

"Oh great, she thinks. Another weirdo." Note: Unfinished sequel to "Triage."
by:brancher  extra:polyamory  fandom:watchmen  rated:mature  ship:dan.dreiberg/laurie.juspeczyk/walter.kovacs  type:fanfic 
january 2012
Fic: "Hang-Up" by Brancher (Watchmen: Dan Dreiberg/Laurie Juspeczyk/Walter Kovacs)
"Some nights she swears at him, tells him she's too tired to put up with his creepy bullshit. Less and less, though. She knows him better now, knows how badly he needs just to talk to her like this.

"Just a voice. Disembodied.

"Bodies are difficult for Rorschach, she thinks."
by:brancher  extra:dirty.talk  extra:phone.sex/epistolary  extra:polyamory  fandom:watchmen  rated:explicit  ship:dan.dreiberg/laurie.juspeczyk/walter.kovacs  type:fanfic 
january 2012
Fic: "Triage" by Brancher (Watchmen: Dan Dreiberg/Laurie Juspeczyk/Walter Kovacs)
"Pain is washing through her in steady, blinding waves. She's been hurt before, but this pain is different; it frightens her. She's afraid it will take her over, that there will be nothing left of her but pain.

"Rorschach is telling her to take off her leggings, and she laughs, giddily: he hasn't even bought her dinner first. Ba-dump bump. She'll be here all night, folks. Tip your waitress. Oh, god."
by:brancher  extra:polyamory  fandom:watchmen  rated:explicit  ship:dan.dreiberg/laurie.juspeczyk/walter.kovacs  type:fanfic 
january 2012
Fic: "Surprise Visit" by Fenris (Watchmen: Dan Dreiberg/Laurie Juspeczyk/Walter Kovacs)
"Immediately responding to Laurie's words and Dan's obvious distress, Walter came up and put a protective hand on Dan's shoulder. His face darkened as he craned around Dan to get a look at whatever it was that had put such an expression of terror on Daniel's face. 'Daniel? What is it? Who's that woman?'

"Dan swallowed and turned stunned eyes toward them. 'It's my mother.'"
by:fenris  extra:polyamory  fandom:watchmen  rated:mature  ship:dan.dreiberg/laurie.juspeczyk/walter.kovacs  type:fanfic 
january 2012
Fic: "Bury Me Deep" by Sharkgloves (The A-Team: B.A. Baracus/H.M. Murdock)
"Nothing about Murdock is normal. Even at his most normal he acts like he's running a low grade fever. Like something inside of him is running just a little too fast, burning just a little too bright. His skin is hot to the touch and his mind races ahead, scattering words and laughter and nonsense in its wake until it all merges into one. He goes so fast sometimes that he outruns himself and needs help to find his way back."
by:sharkgloves  extra:catharsis  fandom:the.a-team  rated:teen  ship:b.a.baracus/h.m.murdock  type:fanfic 
january 2012
Fic: "Causality" by Sharkgloves (The A-Team: B.A. Baracus/H.M. Murdock)
"Murdock doesn’t remember the escape - not really. But he thinks it may have happened a little like this."
by:sharkgloves  fandom:the.a-team  rated:explicit  ship:b.a.baracus/h.m.murdock  type:fanfic 
january 2012
Fic: "Five Ways It Might Have Started (But They're Not Telling)" by Dueltastic (Harry Potter: Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape)
"'It went well enough,' said Snape, 'until I realized that what I was thinking in the moments when I enjoyed her company was, "She's just like Minerva McGonagall, only younger and with perkier breasts".'"
by:dueltastic  fandom:harry.potter  rated:teen  ship:minerva.mcgonagall/severus.snape  type:fanfic 
january 2012
Fic: "My Manic and I" by Sharkgloves (The A-Team: B.A. Baracus/H.M. Murdock)
"He turns around to shoot a look at Murdock. The damn fool is sitting about ten feet away on BA's work bench, right next to his tools, and by far the most useless thing there. He's eating some kind of candy and turning the candy wrappers into tiny wax paper planes which he then launches at BA.

"His aim is pretty impressive. A broken arm would probably fix that."
by:sharkgloves  extra:courtship/seduction  fandom:the.a-team  rated:explicit  ship:b.a.baracus/h.m.murdock  type:fanfic 
january 2012
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ship:minerva.mcgonagall/severus.snape ship:monroe/nick.burckhardt ship:mundungus.fletcher/peter.pettigrew ship:mundungus.fletcher/stan.shunpike ship:ray.vecchio/stanley.kowalski ship:rodney.mckay/ronon.dex ship:rupert.giles/xander.harris ship:sherlock.holmes/constable.clark ship:sherlock.holmes/inspector.lestrade ship:sherlock.holmes/stanley.hopkins ship:sherlock.holmes/tobias.gregson ship:steve.rogers/tony.stark ship:tara.maclay/willow.rosenberg topic:gender/sex topic:lgbtq topic:narrative type:fanart type:fancomic type:fanfic type:fanvid type:meta

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