What Is Attachment Theory And How Attachment Styles Affect Personality Traits And Relationships | YourTango
This is both fascinating and disturbing.... "I just came across a new piece of research which I’m fascinated by. It’s the mega-study looking at 25,000 millennial college students whose attachment styles were measured. The study found there was an almost doubling of prevalence of avoidant attachment among this population compared to the previous generation of college students. Now if that’s valid, I think that’s really very concerning."
ifttt  facebook  The  Crazy  Way  Your  Relationship  With  Parents  In  First  Two  Years  Of  Life  Affects  You  Forever 
september 2018
Mike Rowe Testimony - YouTube
I bet you the skills gap hasn't closed, unemployment hasn't gone down, and student loan amounts are higher than ever.
ifttt  facebook  Mike  Rowe  Testimony 
july 2018
Geek alert: A stirling engine driven fan. Impressive.
ifttt  facebook  Taste  The  Lemon 
july 2018
Forbes Welcome
The abject failure of MetroRail.
ifttt  facebook  Austin's  Commuter  Rail  Is  A  Monument  To  Government  Waste 
may 2018
Shows — Josh Garrels
ifttt  facebook  Shows 
may 2018
The assault weapons ban didn't work. A new version won't, either
In which we look into the claim of a 37% decrease in mass shootings.....
ifttt  facebook  The  assault  weapons  ban  didn't  work.  A  new  version  won't  either 
march 2018
Phillips: Austin’s paid sick-leave plan is rushed. And unfair
It'll get railroaded through, as does all bad policy, but here's a good article against it.
ifttt  facebook  Phillips:  Austin’s  paid  sick-leave  plan  is  rushed.  No  wonder  it’s  unfair 
february 2018
StandWithUs - Anti-Israel protest in NYC following the US...
So much for a peaceful resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict....
ifttt  facebook  StandWithUs 
december 2017
Home | Texas Trucklandia Fest
I have a spare ticket/wrist band for being a tasting judge at Trucklandia Fest. Who wants to go with me? Alternately: Who wants 2 wrist bands for being a tasting judge?
ifttt  facebook  Home  |  Texas  Trucklandia  Fest 
october 2017
Rohi Rockport Hurricane Relief Mission Trip - 9/29 - 10/1
Anyone want to join me Friday-Sunday to go to Rockport and help with debris cleanup? It's mostly dealing with downed trees and carports.
ifttt  facebook  Rohi  Rockport  Hurricane  Relief  Mission  Trip  -  9/29  10/1 
september 2017
The OUTRAGEOUS Extra Footage Behind the Viral Nurse Video People NEED to SEE! - YouTube
There's more video footage from the viral nurse/SLCPD incident. It really doesn't make the SLC police department look good... (Starts at 7:04)
ifttt  facebook  The  OUTRAGEOUS  Extra  Footage  Behind  Viral  Nurse  Video  People  NEED  to  SEE!  -  YouTube 
september 2017
For those who want to put heavy tax burden on the rich, this is what will happen....
ifttt  facebook  One  Top  Taxpayer  Moved  and  New  Jersey  Shuddered 
may 2017
Narration makes Rube Goldberg machines way better
ifttt  facebook  The  Sports  Highlight  Of  Day  Is  These  Two  Balls  Rescuing  Their  Friend  Ball  From  Some  Mean  Big 
may 2017
Is Every Speed Limit Too Low?
Everything you didn't know about why speed limits often are set incorrectly....
ifttt  facebook  Is  Every  Speed  Limit  Too  Low? 
april 2017
‪Norwegians are smarter than Americans... - Dominic J. Eidson‬
Norwegians are smarter than Americans when it comes to luggage carousels....
ifttt  facebook 
april 2017
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