To Stay Healthy On Your Next Flight, Avoid Aisles and Stay Put
IF YOU WANT to avoid getting sick on a plane, the worst place to sit, according to Charles Gerba, is along the aisle. The issue is exposure—not just to other passengers, but anything they touch. That means obvious hot spots (arm rests, tray tables, in-flight magazines) and less-obvious ones like aisle seats, which people use to steady themselves as they move about the cabin, frequently on their way to and from a lavatory.
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march 2019
David C shared 'The greatest mystery of Twin Peaks' return might still be that sweeping scene' with you
David C shared 'The greatest mystery of Twin Peaks' return might still be
that sweeping scene' with you
The greatest mystery of Twin Peaks' return might still be that sweeping
The A.V. Club
may 2018
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