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Beijing’s New National Intelligence Law: From Defense to Offense - Lawfare
The Intelligence Law, by contrast, repeatedly obliges individuals, organizations, and institutions to assist Public Security and State Security officials in carrying out a wide array of “intelligence” work. Article Seven stipulates that “any organization or citizen shall support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work according to law.” Article 14, in turn, grants intelligence agencies authority to insist on this support: “state intelligence work organs, when legally carrying forth i...
china  intel  spying  intelligence  情报  中国  间谍 
14 days ago by dcowhig
Ma Jian: ‘Freedom can’t be taken for granted. We have to remain constantly vigilant’ | Books | The Guardian
The exiled Chinese writer on the murder of dissidents, attacks on free speech and his new novel exposing the brutality of his homeland
writer  china 
15 days ago by dcowhig
张维迎  economist  economics  china 
20 days ago by dcowhig
Party Watch Annual Report 2018 | Center for Advanced China Research
Table of ContentsIntroduction: Trends Since the 19th Party CongressDavid GitterElite Politics in the New Era: Xi’s Centralization of Power and the CCP’s Strate
china  party  communist  politics  partywatch2018 
25 days ago by dcowhig
级别  中国  行政  rank  grade  government  china 
4 weeks ago by dcowhig
Report of the DSLWP-B Amateur observations of the Moon and Earth – Daniel Estévez
Report of the DSLWP-B Amateur observations of the Moon and Earth
The Chinese microsatellite DSLWP-B has been in lunar orbit since 25 May 2018. This satellite carries an Amateur radio payload which includes a small 640×480 CCD camera. The JPEG images taken by the camera can be transmitted using the SSDV protocol at 125 bits per second in the 70cm Amateur satellite band.

Update 17:00 UTC: Wei comments that the camera sensor is CMOS, not CCD, and it has 2592×1944 pixels. The image is r...
hamradio  satellite  china  中国  technology 
5 weeks ago by dcowhig
浙江P2P投资者自杀 官方全网查删讯息防发酵
multilevelmarketing  china 
5 weeks ago by dcowhig
Signs of China (2) « China Change
China Change, September 22, 2018   Unsettling news from China emerges every week in a constant flow — on social media, in reports, and from our own sources in the country. Not every new development is suited to a fully fleshed-out analysis, and as with so much in China, many reports and developments cannot be…
7 weeks ago by dcowhig
China's Ideological Spectrum
China’s Ideological Spectrum
Jennifer Pan, Stanford University
Yiqing Xu, University of California, San Diego
The study of ideology in authoritarian regimes—of how public preferences are configured and constrained—has received
relatively little scholarly attention. Using data from a large-scale online survey, we study ideology in China. We find
that public preferences are weakly constrained, and the configuration of preferences is multidimensional, but the latent
traits of these dimensions are h...
ideology  china  politics 
8 weeks ago by dcowhig
Saving Face After the Surrender of Japan
How did the Chinese help save Japanese “face” after the 1945 surrender? Read below.
Japan  China  wwii 
9 weeks ago by dcowhig
Australia’s China reset: The rest of the world is watching how we counter Beijing’s campaign of influence | The Monthly
It’s no secret that Professor Francis Fukuyama got it wrong in his classic “End of History” treatise, published in the dying days of the Cold War. More interesting is why he got it wrong. His conclusion that the Western model of democratic liberalism had triumphed – once and for all – came after watching Chinese students experience life at American universities.
china  australia  politics 
12 weeks ago by dcowhig
tool  工具  秘书  中国  政府  secretary  China  government 
august 2018 by dcowhig
cyber  China  中国  水手 
july 2018 by dcowhig
网络水军 - MBA智库百科
cyber  China  水军 
july 2018 by dcowhig
The Rise of Civil Society in China -- Liu_Xiaobo.pdf
Social movements are flourishing in China to
fill the moral vacuum left by officialdom, Liu
Xiaobo observes in this analysis of China’s
new class of “people’s heroes.” But Liu warns
that civic associations alone will not provide
an adequate vent for public frustrations if
political suppression and economic disparity
continue unchecked.
LiuXiaobo  China 
june 2018 by dcowhig
知青岁月,毛主席发指示;知识青年到农村去,盈江插队落户,春播秋收四季辛劳。【1】 - 简书
China  memoir  知情岁月 
june 2018 by dcowhig
Building Food Safety Governance in China
“This book contains a comprehensive review and analysis of the current Chinese food
safety regulatory framework. China is a country of paradoxes, relying on its age-old history on
one hand, and able to quickly implement considerable changes on the other hand. I
contributed to training courses on food safety organised in the context of the Shanghai 2010
Expo and could already feel there the resolute determination to progress of the Chinese
authorities. I strongly recommend this book to anyone int...
book  China  food  safety  食品安全  中国  欧盟  EU 
may 2018 by dcowhig
Michael Rank obituary | Media | The Guardian
Other lives: Journalist, translator and China specialist
writer  China 
may 2018 by dcowhig
Hollow Men, Wooden People – China Heritage
T.S. Elliot inspired Ye Kuangzheng's poem We are the Wooden People read by a Chinese rights lawyer.
poem  literature  China 
may 2018 by dcowhig
Historian Zhu Wenzhe (朱文哲) on the rise of nationalism during the late Qing period « History, Ethics and Faith in China
  满汉  晚清  民族主义  China  nationalism 
may 2018 by dcowhig
China’s genomics giant to make stock-market debut : Nature News & Comment
China’s genomics giant BGI, once the world leader in DNA sequencing for basic science, is going public — capping off a dramatic transformation into a mainly biomedical firm with a focus on reproductive health.

A financial prospectus document released to support the initial public offering (IPO) details how BGI, squeezed by its rivals and the plummeting cost of sequencing, has been drawn to more-profitable pursuits, such as prenatal genetic testing, in China’s expanding medical market. The shift...
BGI  genomics  science  China  stock 
may 2018 by dcowhig
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