Spend Money Where You Spend the Most Time - The New York Times
It’s tempting to pamper yourself with a windfall of cash, but try this instead — look at how you spend your day. Then put your money toward the things you spend the most time doing. You’ll be happier.
consumer  purchase  retail  shopping 
10 days ago
New wave of temple demolition | Stephen Jones: a blog
Amongst considerable media coverage, the Bitter winter website reports regularly on the current wave of measures to demolish temples and expel clerics—contrasting starkly with the Party's claim to protect religious sites and worship. Of course Islamic and Christian groups have every reason to be deeply anxious; for the Han Chinese too, I've already given some instances…
religion  china 
10 days ago
William James
Information on and readings from American psychologist and philosopher William James
13 days ago
Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult - The Verge
Demonstrating you’re not a robot is getting harder and harder. That’s because spambots are getting smarter. So how do researchers design a CAPTCHA that’s tough enough for robots, but easy enough for humans?
ai  captcha  image  test  website 
14 days ago
Understanding Chinese Culture - Online Course
Explore Chinese culture and learn how different values are reflected in landscape art and literature with this course by the University of Exeter.
exeter  course  china 
17 days ago
Black Cube | Creative Intelligence | BlackCube
A select group of elite Israeli intelligence community who specializes in tailored solutions to complex business and litigation challenges
spy  intel  espionage  corporate 
23 days ago
Feedly: organize, read and share what matters to you.
language  learning 
24 days ago
How to Avoid Burnout When it Comes to Language Learning | The Linguist
Are you wondering how to avoid burnout when it comes to language learning? In this post, I provide a few tips that can keep your studies exciting.
24 days ago
Tennessee 470 Amateur Radio Group
The group was started at the Tennessee Tech Ham-fest in 2007 by 15 amateur radio operators.
ham  club 
24 days ago
China: 2018 Constitutional Amendment Adopted | Global Legal Monitor
This Global Legal Monitor article by Laney Zhang covering Constitutional law, Executive powers, Legislative bodies was published on May 18, 2018 for China
prc  china  constitution 
25 days ago
Trump's tweets stretch the rules of English. Try translating them to Chinese. - The Washington Post
A devoted blogger is putting the American president’s missives into context. It’s tough.
trump  tweet  translate  chinese 
25 days ago
Hatena Blog
Hatena Blog is an easy to use blog service that anyone can use for free. Write about your daily life and thoughts so you will never forget them.
japan  blog 
25 days ago
Service status|Route & Fare|Airport Limousine Bus-Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd
Airport Limousine Bus is the leading operator of the airport transportation in Tokyo. Smooth Direct Access to and from Central Tokyo and Narita and Haneda Airport. Bus timetables, maps, travelling time and fares information are all listed in this website.
narita  bus 
25 days ago
Online History Courses - FutureLearn
Join online history courses from leading universities and cultural institutions. Explore our history from ancient to modern times.
online  course 
25 days ago
ラヂヲな屋根裏部屋~ラヂオと無線と山と自転車と - Yahoo!ブログ
BCLやアマチュア無線(JN1NCB)、デジ簡や特小無線(グンマMO919)、自転車の話などの趣味の話や家族の出来事を書き込んでいます。 (BCL 無線 自転車)(ラヂヲな屋根裏部屋~ラヂオと無線と山と自転車と)
hamradio  japan 
26 days ago
blog  science  japan 
26 days ago
(2) Barack Obama - Posts
Barack Obama, Washington, DC. 55M likes. Dad, husband, former President, citizen.
books  read  obama 
4 weeks ago
Engineers of the Soul: Ideology in Xi Jinping's China by John Garnaut
Regular Sinocism readers are no doubt familiar with John Garnaut, one of the top journalists covering China before he joined the Australian government, first as a speech writer for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and then as a China policy advisor. John led the Australian government’s analysis of and response to PRC/CCP interference and influence efforts in the country, and his work has since had significant influence in other Western capitals.
china  analysis  johngarnaut 
4 weeks ago
After Stephen King Tweeted at a Maine Paper for Cutting Book Reviews, It Gave Readers a ‘Scary Good’ Offer - The New York Times
The Portland Press Herald in Maine said it would bring back its local book reviews if the author and his followers brought in 100 new subscriptions. They brought in twice that.
maine  book  king  newspaper 
5 weeks ago
NSA to release its GHIDRA reverse engineering tool for free
The United States' National Security Agency (NSA) is planning to release its internally developed GHIDRA reverse engineering tool for free
nsa  cyber  tool 
6 weeks ago
NZ father, son ‘holiday’ launches drug cartel, massive investigation
Ryszard Wilk and his son Ralph arrived in New Zealand in September 2016, telling immigration officials they were here for a holiday. They’re unlikely to have attracted much attention — it was a record month for visitors, with almost 250,000 holiday-makers stepping onto New Zealand soil.
cocaine  extradition  drug 
6 weeks ago
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