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Chemists continue to forget safety concerns about sodium hydride
A recent report is bringing chemists’ attention to a longstanding but frequently forgotten hazard in chemistry. Sodium hydride (NaH), when used with certain solvents, can unexpectedly generate heat and gas, leading to a runaway reaction or even an explosion (Org. Process Res. Dev. 2019, DOI: 10.1021/acs.oprd.9b00276).

Synthetic chemists often use NaH to pluck protons from molecules. But to get this ionic base into solution with greasy organic molecules, chemists usually have to use a so-called polar aprotic solvent, such as dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), dimethylformamide (DMF), or dimethylacetamide (DMAc).

Reports that NaH in these solvents can lead to explosions date back more than 50 years, says Qiang Yang, a chemist with Corteva Agriscience who led the team behind the report. Nevertheless, he says, every year chemists publish papers that describe the use of these unsafe combinations. Yang’s team reports that between 2014 and 2018, Organic Letters published 38–62 papers/year with these combinations, the Journal of Organic Chemistry published 28−46 papers/year, and the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry published 67−94 papers/year.

“The most striking feature of this paper is the authors’ data compilation showing the abundance of recent papers that continue to use these hazardous reagent combinations,” says Suzanne Blum, a chemist at the University of California, Irvine.
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Factory fire in Patancherru causes Rs 1 crore loss
HYDERABAD: A fire broke out at a chemical factory in Patancherru in the early hours of Saturday.
According to officials, two workers who were unloading 200 litres of chemical solvents to the storage shed of the Niramal Chemical factory triggered the fire due to a spark. The workers escaped with minor burns.
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Fire breaks out at chemical plant in Pune, no casualties reported
fire broke out at a chemical plant in Kurkumbh MIDC area of Pune district's Daund tehsil on Wednesday night, a police official said.

The fire broke out at the plant Alkyl Amines around 10.15 pm.

"Fire tenders rushed to the spot and doused the blaze around 12 midnight. No casualty has been reported yet," a senior police official said.

"The fire broke out at an area of the plant where the solvents were stored. As a precautionary measure, the other material stored at the company has been separated," the police officer said.
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Carcinogens exceed safe levels at illegal Prairieville dump; DEQ cleanup planned
A variety of cancer-causing chemicals and other noxious material buried at an old, illegal hazardous dump site in Prairieville exceeds safety standards for long-term human exposure — in some cases at concentrations hundreds of times higher — despite a federal cleanup about 30 years ago, new state environmental testing has found.

But Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality officials said their findings show the chemicals, including several volatile organic compounds and chlorinated solvents, aren't at the surface and don't pose a risk for human contact or consumption.

With the results in hand, DEQ officials said they will clean the subsurface to safe levels and seek any lingering barrels of the hazardous chemicals underground.

"There will be a remediation plan developed for it," said Greg Langley, a DEQ spokesman.
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Explosion Hazards of Sodium Hydride in Dimethyl Sulfoxide, N,N-Dimethylformamide, and N,N-Dimethylacetamide
The hazards associated with the thermal decomposition of chemically incompatible sodium hydride solvent matrices are known, with reports from the 1960s detailing the inherent instability of NaH/dimethyl sulfoxide, NaH/N,N-dimethylformamide, and NaH/N,N-dimethylacetamide mixtures. However, these hazards remain underappreciated and undercommunicated, likely as a consequence of the widespread use of these NaH/solvent matrices in synthetic chemistry. We report herein detailed investigations into the thermal stability of these mixtures and studies of the formation of gaseous products from their thermal decomposition. We expect this contribution to promote awareness of these hazards within the wider scientific community, encourage scientists to identify and pursue safer alternatives, and most importantly, help to prevent incidents associated with these reactive mixtures.
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1 dead, 12 hurt in chemical plant blast
One person was killed and at least 12 injured in an explosion in a solvent tank of a chemical plant at Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Limited (PCCPL) on the Mubarikpur road here this morning.

The blast triggered a fire and a thick blanket of toxic smoke engulfed the area. Panic spread in the area as soon as residents heard the loud explosion.
The cause of the fire is unclear, but company officials said a short-circuit might have caused it.
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Credit union evacuated after chemical spill in Kalamazoo
KALAMAZOO, Mich. — A hazmat crew was sent to Alvan Road and a nearby credit union was evacuated after a chemical spill at a trucking company.

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety and members of the Kalamazoo County Hazmat team were called to the Old Dominion Freight Line just before 10 a.m. and found a 55-gallon drum of trimethyl phosphate had been punctured and was leaking in a trailer.

Trimethyl phosphate is a chemical used as a gasoline additive, paint solvent, and in preparing polymers and resins, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine Toxicology Data Network.

The Hazmat team stopped the leak, but not before nearly 25 gallons had leaked into the trailer.
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Chemical spill on Shattuck Street prompts hazmat response from Boston Fire
BOSTON - Boston Fire has responded to reports of a chemical spill at 20 Shattuck Street in the city, according to a tweet from the department. The announcement came at 4:43 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

The spill is considered to be a small chemical solvent spill on the buildings 10th floor. Boston Fire did characterize the event as Level 2 Hazmat and evacuated the floor along with the 11th and ninth for precautionary reasons.

Currently, there are not any injuries or exposures, according to Boston Fire.
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2 injured in Kanjikode factory blaze
Two persons were injured in a fire that gutted a chemical factory on the Kanjikode industrial estate, near Palakkad, on Thursday. The fire engulfed the thinner-making unit and raged for a few hours, keeping the Fire and Rescue Services at bay.

The injured were identified as Benny K. Andrews, a Fire and Rescue Services official, and factory worker Aruna from Kanjikode.

There were nine women workers at the factory when the accident occurred around 11 a.m. While Aruna suffered burns, the other women escaped unhurt. Both the injured were admitted to different hospitals.

The police said a can containing thinner caught fire while being loaded into a vehicle. It soon spread to the factory, burning nearly 40,000 litres of turpentine and causing intermittent blasts. The fire got fanned by wind, gutting two vehicles.
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Fire claims four lives at garment unit in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh
Four died and two suffered minor injuries after a fire broke out at a garment manufacturing unit in central Delhi’s Karol Bagh on Monday afternoon. Of the deceased, one was a specially-abled man and two were women. A case has been registered and the owner of the factory has been arrested.

According to the fire fighters, a blaze sparked when one of the workers was using white solvent. He spilt the solvent while pouring it in a spray machine. The solvent caught fire from a steam iron that was placed close by. White solvent is a chemical used to clean fabric.

According to the fire official, a call about a fire at a garment pressing unit on the first floor of a house in Bidanpura area of Karol Bagh was received at around 12.15 pm. 

“Two fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The fire was not very big, however, the lanes were dingy and the fire brigade couldn’t go inside the lane. We found a house which had a two-faced opening through which the water hose were passed to reach the building,” said Atul Garg, Chief Fire Officer (CFO) from the Delhi Fire Services.
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Several children, adults transported after exposure to paint thinner at Decker Elementary
AUSTIN, Texas — Authorities say at least 19 students and staff reported feeling sick from apparent chemical-related fumes during maintenance at a Central Texas school.
The Austin Fire Department initially blamed paint thinner fumes for Monday morning's incident at Decker Elementary School in Austin. Officials with the Manor Independent School District later said the fumes were from floor sealant.
No serious injuries were reported and all students hospitalized have been released.
Emergency medical personnel say 15 children and four adults were transported to several Austin hospitals, as a precaution, for treatment of minor medical complaints.
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Chemical blast at Thane factory spurs panic
A chemical blast occured in an Ambernath factory in Morivali, MIDC area, on November 5 at around 2pm. There were 13 workers in the factory who were rescued and there were no injuries. As per the Thane district disaster management cell, the fire took place at around 2pm. "There was a blast in the reactor of Persia chemical company," says the official on conditions of anonymity. "Eight fire brigade vehicles from Ambernath municipal council, Ulhasnagar and Kalyan Dombivli reached the spot and the fire has been brought under control," he added.

There were 13 workers inside the company who quickly rushed out and were saved. As the chemical company is near the railway track, train services were delayed in the afternoon. "There were many boilers and solvents inside the company so it took us time to bring the fire under control," says an official from KDMC (Kalyan Dombivli municipal corporation) fire brigade. "The cooling work is on and it will take us two to three hours more," he said.
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Environmental Health & Safety
DEHS responded to two unrelated chemical waste container explosions in laboratory settings. In both cases, incompatible materials were incorrectly added to waste containers. Over time, the waste containers developed pressure causing them to rupture with extreme force. One of the waste containers exploded underneath a fume hood and damaged containers of organic solvents that were stored nearby. The other container exploded in a fume hood. Chemicals and broken glass were blown throughout the laboratory in both cases and required specialized clean-up procedures at a cost of ~$2000.00 each. Although there was great potential for injury in both cases, no one was injured in either, therefore classifying these as near miss accidents.

It is imperative that all chemical waste containers are accurately labeled and properly stored to eliminate mixing of incompatible wastes. All laboratory staff must be trained in chemical waste management and thoroughly understand the waste streams generated from their experiments.

Liquid chemical waste should be stored in sealed plastic "LDPE Nalgene Carboys" or plastic coated glass containers in secondary containment bins. DEHS no longer recommends reusing glass reagent chemical bottles. For more information and training opportunities, please visit our web site at http://www.udel.edu/ehs or contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer at 831-8475. In the event of a laboratory emergency or if incompatible materials are mistakenly added to a waste container, immediately contact DEHS at x8475 or University Police at 911 after hours.
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Fire razes Ondo factory, destroys N100m worth of products
CHEMICAL products and other valuables worth over N100 million were razed by an inferno in a company, Megadot Nigeria Limited, Akure, Ondo state capital.

The company, located within the premises of the state Trade Fair Complex, Akure, housed chemicals used for the production of paints, wood finishers and  thinner lacquer, among others.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the fire incident started around 10pm on Friday as a result of alleged power surge.

An eye witness account, Kolawole Bello, said that high voltage from public power source  caused the inferno, adding that” the timely response of  Fire Service men saved the Trade  Fair Complex from burning”.

Bello said the inferno started from the chemical company before extending to other places.
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Five Injured in Explosion and Fire at Pennsylvania Army Depot
An apparent explosion and resulting fire injured five people at an Army depot in southern Pennsylvania on Thursday, a military spokeswoman said. The cause of the blast was being investigated.

The explosion took place in the morning at the Letterkenny Army Depot, an 18,000-acre site in the borough of Chambersburg, Lisa Hunter, a spokeswoman for the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command, said in a statement.

It set off a fire in the “paint shop” of a building at the site, where paint and thinner are stored and mixed to eventually be sprayed on parts and other products, she said.
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Railcar leaking dangerous chemicals contained, Highway 30 reopen
Fire crews responded to reports of a railcar leaking a chemical similar to paint-thinner Tuesday afternoon in northwest Portland. 

Firefighters rushed to Northwest Yeon Avenue, also known as Highway 30, just after 3 p.m. and closed the road to traffic. 

The road was temporarily closed between Northwest Kittridge Avenue and Northwest 35th Avenue and reopened around 5:30 p.m. Nearby buildings were evacuated, Portland Fire & Rescue said.

A hazmat team also responded. The team stopped the leak a bit before 5 p.m
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Hazmat situation displaces four families in Manchester
Manchester fire crews responded to a hazardous materials situation at a home on Merrimack Street Saturday night.

At about 9:40 p.m., firefighters arrived at 289 Merrimack St. to find an unknown odor throughout the three-story home. Air monitoring indicated high levels of volatile organic compounds.

The building was evacuated, and five gallons of an unknown solvent spill was discovered in the basement. The building was ventilated and the contaminated soil removed, but the odor and VOC levels could not be reduced to safe levels.

Four families were displaced, and one resident went to Elliot Hospital to check higher levels of carbon monoxide in his blood.

The Red Cross was notified and the families provided temporary housing until the contaminated soil could be removed by a hazardous waste company.
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Explosion, fire sends 2 men to local hospital with burns
WACO, Texas (KWTX) Two men who suffered 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns in an explosion and fire at a house in which they were working were taken to a Waco hospital early Friday afternoon.

The two men, who are both in their 30s, were using lacquer thinner on a hardwood floor when the chemical stripper exploded and ignited, a fire official said.

First responders received the call at around 12:45 p.m. Friday at 639 Baker Lane, which is on the edge of Waco’s Cameron Park.

Both men were taken to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center.
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Hazmat Crews Called to Altoona Trucking Company on Possibility of Chemical Explosion
ALTOONA, Iowa  --  Des Moines hazmat crews were called to an Altoona trucking company on Friday afternoon, worried chemicals could explode.

The incident happened at approximately 2 p.m. at Majestic Trucking. A worker say a 55-gallon drum of paint and gun solvent started to expand.

Crews closed 1st Avenue from Adventureland Drive to 4th Street and evacuated people in a 500-feet radius around the business.

Nobody was injured, and the road has been reopened.
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Two workers injured in chemical unit blazein Vapi GIDC
Surat: Two workers suffered serious burns when a fire broke out in a chemical unit located in phase-2 of Vapi GIDC on Saturday.
Vapi GIDC’s fire department sources said the fire broke out at about 12 noon at Anand Enterprise located in phase-2. Three fire tenders were pressed into service to control the fire in the chemical unit.
The fire, according to fire officials, broke out following an explosion in the solvent barrel in the unit due to a short-circuit. The fire spread rapidly in the entire unit, forcing the workers to rush out. However, two workers were trapped inside the unit and later rescued by firefighters.
Assistant fire officer of Vapi GIDC phase-2 D N Waghela told TOI, “The fire was in the chemical unit and it may be due to a short-circuit and explosion in the solvent barrel. It took more than two hours to cool off the entire unit.”
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Chemistry safety experts and government agencies warn schools to stop unsafe science demonstrations
The science experiment that caused a flash fire, injuring 17 children and a teacher at Merrol Hyde Magnet School on Wednesday was not a surprise to chemical safety experts across the country. They have been warning schools about unsafe lab demonstrations for years. 

Word traveled fast to members of the American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Samuella B. Sigmann, a lecturer and Chemical Hygiene Officer at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, monitors chemical safety incidents. She has documented 32 similar incidents at school labs across the country, that injured at least 164 children and teachers. 

The experiments used in schools have names like Green Flame, Rainbow Flame, Whoosher Bottle, and Alcohol Cannon, and all involve alcohol-fueled flame tests. 

Sigmann says, "Safety professionals have been watching and trying to figure out how to prevent teachers from using flammable solvents in classroom experiments and demonstrations without proper ventilation and preventative controls in place."  


Exactly how the fire started on Wednesday has not been released by Sumner County Schools. But it involved a chemical reaction caused by mixing boric acid and ethyl alcohol, according to Dr. Berchaun Nicholls, the Emergency Room physician who decontaminated and treated half a dozen children for burns at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center.

Safety alerts have come from the American Chemical Society, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, the National Science Teachers Association and the National Fire Protection Agency, among others. For years, they have been warning teachers to use alternatives to alcohol- based flame tests or at least use safety equipment like fume hoods.  

(Photo: U.S. Chemical Safety Board) 
Dr. Ken Roy, Chief Safety Compliance Advisor at the NSTA, says, “schools have a legal responsibility, under duty or standard of care, to make sure teachers are trained in how to work with, store and dispose of chemicals in a safer way before working in school science labs with students.”

He says before any experiment or demonstration, teachers must do a hazard analysis, a risk assessment and a review of safety actions with equipment like safety goggles and gloves on hand. And there should be a dry run first, without students in place. The NSTA provides many resources like its safety portal and safety blog to help teachers.

Roy is also Director of Environmental Health and Chemical Safety for Glastonbury Schools in Connecticut. He warns teachers should never do an experiment involving alcohol and an active flame or sparks out in the open on a demonstration desk.  If they must use alcohol, instead of a safer alternative, do it under a lab fume hood.
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A chemical spill, unchecked eyewash stations, poor training: Audit details Cal State's lax lab safety
In May 2016, two bottles tumbled off a poorly supported shelf and broke, leading to a chemical spill in a Sacramento State University lab.
The liquid got onto one student's legs and soaked another's feet.
Five employees cleaned up the mess, even though no one knew for sure what it was and whether it was dangerous. They called fellow employee Kim Harrington, their union representative, to let her know what happened.
The spill initially was thought to be all acetone — a solvent used in many nail polish removers that can irritate the nose, throat, eye and skin at moderate to high levels of exposure. The campus did not identify the liquid until the next day, when staff determined that the broken bottles contained not only acetone but another more harmful solvent called dimethylformamide, a known liver toxin that can cause abdominal pain, dizziness, skin problems and nausea.
"No one knew exactly what it was so they cleaned it up the wrong way," Harrington said. "Two students were burned, and our staff was exposed to it. That started us down the road of trying to figure out … how safe is this environment?"
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Chemical that caused evacuation of warehouse is identified
The evacuation of a warehouse in the industrial section of Kearny this morning was caused by a spill of a 5 percent solution of dimethyl sulfide, a spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said.

A drum at St. George Logistics, a shipping and distribution company at 5 Logistics Way, was punctured by a forklift at 8:20 a.m., DEP spokesman Larry Hajna said. Logistics Drive is south of the Pulaski Skyway and between the Hackensack and Passaic rivers.

Dimethyl sulfide is an organic compound that contains sulfur, and in diluted forms is used for industrial solvents. Contact with it can cause irritation of the eyes and skin.

Some 50 workers were evacuated and water from the sprinklers went into a storm drain and into the nearby Passaic River, officials said. The spill drew a massive response, with the Kearny Fire Department, hazmat units from Jersey City and the county and fire boats from Newark, Jersey City and Bayonne, Kearny Fire Chief Steven Dyl said.
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One dead in chemical plant fire
One worker was killed in the series of blasts and the fire that ripped through a chemical plant at Behra village here on Monday night. The loss has been estimated to be around Rs 4-5 crore, said sources.
Rakesh Kumar (50), who had suffered over 70 per cent burn injuries, was taken to a private hospital in Dera Bassi from where he was referred to the PGI. His condition deteriorated on the way to the PGI and was taken to the GMCH, Sector 32, where he was declared brought dead.
Rakesh Kumar, a resident of College Colony, Dera Bassi, was working as a production manager at the Maggu chemical plant. Sources said seven people were working in the chemical plant and standard operating protocol lapses might be the cause of the explosion.
Dera Bassi fire personnel were on their toes even on the second day on Tuesday as the containers containing solvents kept smouldering. Two fire engines were stationed on the spot to sprinkle water at regular intervals to check recurrence of the blaze, said a fire official.
The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. Initial reports suggest that high pressure and temperature reportedly led to an uncontrolled and unstable solvent reaction, causing an explosion in a chemical reactor. There were a series of blasts in chemical containers, leading to high flames. The entire plant was gutted.
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Sacramento State had lead and chemical safety problems. Does CSU have systemwide issues?
Lead exposure and a chemical spill at Sacramento State are expected to feature prominently in a state audit scheduled for release Tuesday examining whether the California State University system has health and safety deficiencies.

As The Sacramento Bee reported last year, Sacramento State chemistry lab employees said they became infertile or had other health problems because they were exposed to chemicals in badly ventilated rooms and were required to clean up a solvent more hazardous than they realized. The university also shut off drinking fountains last year after a professor found high levels of lead in the water.

The audit was requested last year by Assemblyman Jim Wood, D-Santa Rosa, at the urging of the university employees union. The California State Auditor is reviewing the adequacy of safety equipment, regulations and training at CSU campuses in Sacramento, San Diego, Sonoma and the Channel Islands.

The auditor is looking specifically into the Sacramento State drinking water issue and protocols at the four campuses for handling chemicals.
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Fire, Explosions Rock North Texas Chemical Recycling Company
TARRANT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A massive fire at a recycling center in Tarrant County shot flames sky high early Friday morning and was still burning into the afternoon.

Clean Solvent Recycling, near the city of Mansfield, went up in flames just after 1 a.m. and caused explosions that rocked a nearby residential area.

After more than five hours firefighters decided to let the blaze at the chemical recycling company burn itself out. The business is a paint and paint thinning recycling facility.
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Tarapur chemical factory blast: Inquiry report points to series of violations by Novaphene
An inquiry report by the Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health (DISH) on the chemical factory blast in Tarapur’s Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has pointed towards a series of violations by Novaphene Specialties Pvt Ltd that led to an uncontrolled fire which killed three and injured 15 factory workers. The report, submitted on Monday to the Boisar MIDC police and Palghar district collector, shows that Novaphene violated the Maharashtra Factories Rules, 1963, provision 4(1)(d) that does not allow an occupier to run a premises as a factory until an approval by the chief inspector of factories has been taken for changing a manufacturing process.
“The company did not have permission to conduct a certain manufacturing procedure from our department,” an official from DISH said. The factory was also found violating Rule 73(H)(1)(B) — labourers appointed were not trained in handling hazardous chemical material and enough safeguards were not kept for treatment of chemical and reactive material.
“The supervisor should be a chemical engineer. In this case, the supervisor was not qualified,” an investigating officer said. The factory did not have an automatic steam cut-off valve that could have prevented the blast, the inquiry report found. The blast that started in the Novaphene factory late on Friday night gutted five other factories apart from shattering windows and ripping apart electric wiring on street in the neighbourhood. Local people claimed the intensity of the blast was massive enough to confuse them to think it was an earthquake. The explosion and subsequent fire led to multiple blasts in tankers storing chemical solvents of the six factories.
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3 killed, 14 hurt in blasts in Boisar chemical factories
Fire started in chemical unit and soon spread to 5 neighbouring plants. In all, 35 to 40 blasts reported.

Three people were killed and 14 reported injured in multiple blasts that gutted six chemicals factories in Tarapur MIDC, Boisar, on Thursday night.

The 14 injured were admitted to a nearby hospital, of which at least two are said to be critical, and may have to be shifted to Mumbai. In all, six factories were completely gutted in the fire, which witnessed around 35 to 40 blasts in all. A couple of blasts were so severe, locals said, that the tremors were even felt in Palghar and Mahim.

Preliminary reports suggest that the blasts occurred in 25 drums of 200-litre capacity belonging to Novaphene Speciality Limited, in their factory at Plot E-107, Boisar MIDC. These drums were said to have housed flammable chemical solvents, although final reports were awaited.

One of the locals of a residential complex in the vicinity said the doors and glass panes of nearby houses were shattered by the impact of the exlosions. The Boisar cops have registered an offence in this regard and will file a final case once officials from the Director of Industrial Safety and Health, Vasai, file their final findings after conducting a detailed panchnama.

District Collector Dr Prashant Narnaware was at the spot, along with fire brigade officials from Vasai, Bhiwandi, Palghar, the Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS), Reliance Thermal, Dahanu, Thane and Palghar, said Manjunath Singe, superintendent of police.

At least four foam tenders and four water tenders were seen fighting the blaze between the blasts throughout Thursday night and early into Friday morning.
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Fire destroys chemical factory in DJ Halli
A massive fire broke out in a three-storey building in DJ Halli's Sugar Mandi, East Bengaluru, on Monday evening, police said.
Constructed on a 20x40 plot, the building stocked barrels and containers of paint thinner, polish, varnish and glues used in the furniture fabrication, a local resident said.
Twelve fire tenders are at work to douse the blaze that broke out around 6 pm and continued to rage even after 11.30 pm. The second floor and a shed on the terrace are still ablaze. Since the locality is thickly populated and the roads are narrow, firefighting from the adjacent structures proved quite a task.
Firefighters have evacuated local residents and are drilling holes in the adjacent structures to access the building on fire. At the time of going to press, firefighters didn't come across any casualty.
The cause of the fire remains unclear but firefighters suspect a short circuit.
A local resident said the building housed a furniture fabrication unit where several people worked. The factory closes by 6 pm and all the employees leave. Local BBMP officials and the police are looking into the factory's trade licence and registration certificates and whether the building owner complied with fire safety regulations.
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march 2018 by dchas
Is this why Facebook is such a toxic dump? HP, HPE sued for 'leaking chems' into office site
Stanford University is suing the descendants of Hewlett-Packard and Agilent for allegedly contaminating a property in Palo Alto, California, with toxic chemicals.

The Silicon Valley uni has demanding the IT giants pick up its hazmat cleaning bill to scrub the site of industrial solvents and other pollutants.

The property, 1601 S. California Avenue, was leased by the school to HP from 1970 through 2005. Agilent, a HP spinoff, used the building beginning in 1999 until 2005. In 2015, HP split into HP Inc and HPE.

After HP left, the building was inhabited by Facebook for two years before Zuck and Co landed at their Menlo Park facility in 2011. Facebook is not named in the lawsuit, and there is no suggestion Facebook caused or added to the chemical mess, but funnily enough, it turned into a toxic hell hole anyway.

Upstarts in solvent
Some time over the course of those three and a half decades, Stanford claimed, the building, while in use by HP, leaked polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and trichloroethylene (TCE) into the soil. PCBs are used in things like coolant fluid, dielectrics, and carbonless-copy paper, while TCE is an industrial solvent.

When, in 2015, Stanford sought to build new faculty housing on the plot, they found the land contaminated with the two hazardous materials, and were forced to bring in a cleanup crew that cost it "millions of dollars."
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february 2018 by dchas
One in serious condition after truck explodes in Fairfield County
LANCASTER, OH (WCMH) — A chemical truck explosion sent two men to the hospital in Lancaster on Wednesday morning.

Fire captain Craig Murdock of Berne Township Fire Department says one of the men injured ran and hid behind this Jeep, but the other man was burned badly and taken by helicopter to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Justin Lane was in the middle of work when he heard the blast and saw the smoke.

“We hear a big old boom and we almost thought it was a truck or something hitting our building. It hit really hard. I felt it–I had my headphones in and I heard it.”

Fire Captain Craig Murdock says the chemical truck was on its way to Columbus from West Virginia. Murdock says the 3,000-gallon truck as about half full and it stopped to thaw out some valves.

“During the process of thawing the truck, they had bled off a valve that released hydrocarbons into the air. The diesel engine was running on the truck, it sucked in those fumes so the truck was running off the gas fumes coming from the tank.”

Then the explosion happened, causing workers to run and even blowing out windows from the building next door. Debris went flying hundreds of feet away.
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Oil sheen spotted in Vermilion River dissolved
Lafayette fire investigators say the oil sheen detected in the Vermilion River yesterday dissolved overnight.

Firefighters responded to a report of an oil sheen on the river between University Avenue and Pinhook Road Saturday at 4:38 p.m. They later called off the search for the source of the oil sheen due to a lack of lighting. 

Crews resumed their investigation this morning to find the river clear of the oil. A spokesman with the Lafayette Fire Department says fire investigators were not able to locate the origin and source of the sheen, but hazmat crews will continue to monitor the river over the next few days. 

A sampling of the residue taken last night indicated a light hydrocarbon solvent compound, the spokesman says. 

Absorbent booms, placed across the river near the Pinhook Road bridge, will remain in place for now.
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2 Workers Severely Burned in Chemical Explosion in Yonkers: Fire Officials
Two workers suffered severe burns in a chemical explosion in Yonkers Friday, fire officials say.
The flash explosion happened at the Greystone Bakery on Alexander Street. Firefighters who arrived on scene were met by a heavy, acrid smoke.
The two workers were using solvent-based cement in a confined space at the time. Fire officials said the space lacked proper ventilation, which may have led to the explosion.
The two workers were rushed to Westchester County Medical Center. Fire officials described their burns as severe but didn’t say how much of their bodies were burned.
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Barrel containing chemical explodes at Vashi godown, 2 nabbed for negligence
Navi Mumbai: One barrel filled with highly inflammable chemical solvent exploded due to improper storage at the godown of a transport company located in sector 19, Vashi near the truck terminal.
The incident had occurred at the Okara Trade Parcel Carriers godown on Wednesday evening. The APMC police have arrested the godown manager, Deepak Vishwas and a supplier of chemical solvents, Chandrabhan Kanojiya, for their alleged negligent act.
There was panic among transporters and traders in the locality as barrel pieces flew in the air due to the explosion and one huge piece fell on a new SUV belonging to another transporter, damaging his vehicle. Also, the chemical solvent spilled over the road and the passersby complained of pungent smell and burning eyes.
The explosion occurred near a petrol pump but thankfully, more such chemical filled drums stored at the godown, were not affected. A fire engine from Vashi fire brigade has been stationed near the godown for the past two days to prevent any untoward incident.
Assistant inspector, Ram Chopade said, "Reportedly, the lid of one of the six barrels was not sealed properly and rainwater seeped into it and caused an chemical reaction and led to the explosion."
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december 2017 by dchas
French Lick Man Dies From Injuries In Huntingburg Explosion
(IUNDATED) - A French Lick man burned during a chemical explosion at a Huntingburg business has died.
54-year-old John Deel of French Lick passed away at an Indianapolis hospital on Tuesday.
The explosion happened November 27th at Styline Services Center on West 6th Street.
Huntingburg Fire Department spokesperson John Smith says Deel was cleaning in a service pit when fumes from a solvent-based cleaner he was using ignited fumes that had built up.
He said after the explosion occurred Deel exited the service pit with his clothes a blaze and a fellow employee used an extinguisher to put out the flash fire out before others offered first aid.
He was taken by ambulance from the scene to Memorial Hospital in Jasper and was eventually transferred to an Indianapolis medical facility for further treatment.
No other injuries were reported in the accident and no apparent damage was sustained to the Styline facility.
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december 2017 by dchas
Action Resources Chemical Fire Requires Foaming Agent Application
Action Resources on County Road 517 was the scene of a significant chemical fire today.
Cullman e911 dispatched four different firefighting agencies to tackle the tenacious blaze.
First on the scene was Assistant Fire Chief Doug Farley of Colony Volunteer Fire Department. Farley had worked a fire at the same location last week; his department fully extinguish the blaze at that time.
This morning the could not suppress the renewed fire with water alone:
“I ran through an engine full of water, and I couldn’t get the thing put out. At that point, I had to call Hanceville for foam.”
Soon after that request, Hanceville Fire & Rescue and Blount County’s Mountain High Fire Department arrived along with the Cullman County Hazardous Materials Team.
Dion Taylor of County HazMat provided insights into the chemical accelerants they had to deal with:
“We determined we were working with paints, paint thinners, and paint clean-up supplies. Water alone won’t get it done. We used copious amounts of foaming agent.
This stuff was incredibly flammable, dangerous, and hard to extinguish.”
The over 4-hour firefight concluded just before 2 pm this afternoon.
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december 2017 by dchas
Fire breaks out at chemical godown
A fire broke out at chemical godown where thinner was stored behind Bapu Dham Colony in Sector 26 here this evening. A major tragedy was averted as the godown was next to an LPG cylinder store and residential area.
Four persons, who were at the godown at the time of the incident, rushed out and saved themselves from the blaze.
Firemen said they were yet to ascertain the cause of the fire. It seemed to be a short circuit or somebody might have thrown a burning ‘bidi’ causing thinner to catch fire, said Ishwar Dass, a fire sub-officer from the Industrial Area Fire Station present at the spot.
According to the Sector 17 Station Fire Officer, ML Sharma, the fire broke out at 5.26 pm at the fish market, located near Bapu Dham Colony.
It took almost two hours and a half for eight fire tenders, including water boozers, to control the fire.
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november 2017 by dchas
Cause of chemical inferno on I-495 probed by officials
The tractor-trailer that caught fire Monday — paralyzing Interstate 495 for hours — had a “cornucopia” of hazardous materials onboard, including sulfuric acid, cleaning supplies and pesticides, according to officials, who are now probing how the volatile materials were secured before the truck burst into flames.

State environmental officials also returned to the scene in Andover yesterday to look for any “possible environmental impacts” after the fire burned through the truck’s trailer, completely shutting the highway for seven hours during the evening commute.

“It was a cornucopia of different types of hazardous materials,” said Andover fire chief Michael Mansfield, adding that the 50-gallon drums included paint, thinners, and pesticides. A state police spokesman said sulfuric acid and other cleaning supplies were also on the truck.

“Anything from any hazard group you can imagine was onboard, with the exception of radioactive materials,” Mansfield said. “There obviously was some sort of reaction to create the heat within the trailer itself.”

State police are still investigating what specifically started the fire, and how the chemicals “were stored and secured,” spokesman David Procopio said. No one was injured.

The driver was not cited, and Procopio said state police performed a “visual inspection” of the truck and the driver’s records, finding no immediate “violations of federal motor carrier law.”

State officials did not immediately release a copy of the truck’s manifest yesterday.
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Norwegian study finds harmful chemicals in house dust
A 2016 screening study of compounds in the environment carried out in Norway, has found that samples of house dust gave the most positive results for the chemicals it was looking for.

Furthermore, the Norwegian Environment Directorate research concluded that house dust and indoor air can serve as an early warning tool, because they are closely connected to the original product that caused them and they can reflect its composition.

The study looked at the occurrence of selected solvents, siloxanes, flame retardants, bisphenols and other PBT compounds in:

sewage sludge;
surface water;
house dust;
indoor air; and
With the exception of pesticides and some purely industrial chemicals, the study noted, most of the detected chemicals are either part of products used in an indoor environment or are easily transported into houses.

The chemicals were selected for screening because of their potential harm to the environment and relevance to EU regulation.
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Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
A major fire broke out in a chemical solvent godown in Narol on Saturday, killing the owner of the godown and injuring around ten firefighters. The godown was illegal and did not have required fire safety measures in place, according to official sources.

Jayesh Khadia, Divisional Fire Officer, said, "The reason behind the fire has yet to be ascertained. The FSL department is investigating further. We have found one body inside the godown."

The owner of the godown, which belonged to Vishnu Enterprises, located in Parshottam estate, behind Cozy hotel, has been identified as Pokar Ram Benoy, 40. A native of Rajasthan, Benoy used to reside in Ghodasar here.

The fire broke out around 1 pm at the godown. Five teams of the Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Service department were deployed to douse the flames. The fire spread quickly because of solvent and thinner containers stored in the godown. Soon, more fire engines were dispatched to the spot, while a police team reached the spot to manage crowds. It took six hours and 21 firefighting vehicles to bring the fire under control and douse the flames. Firefighters were still trying to put out the burning embers till late night.
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october 2017 by dchas
Small fire extinguished at River Park Square Mall
SPOKANE, Wash. -
The Spokane Fire Department responded to the River Park Square Mall on a report of a fire on the third floor just after 1 a.m. Tuesday. 

Crews found smoke in the food court area and found a small fire in a plastic bucket that was full of rags in the kitchen area of the restaurant Classic Burger. Fortunately the fire did not spread and was contained to the bucket of cloths.

Investigators with the Spokane Fire Department Special Investigation Unit says kitchen rags recently laundered served as the cause for the fire. The towels (used to wipe out the restaurant’s fryers) were washed, dried and then tightly stored in a bucket which caused a chemical reaction and for the towels to ignite without an external heat source.

“This could happen to anyone and happens more often than you think,” says Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer. “These types of fires often occur after items with remnants of oil or cleaning solvents are cleaned and removed from dryers and placed in containers or piled on tables or in closets.”

Fire damage was limited to a five-gallon plastic bucket and the rags within it along with minimal smoke damage to the restaurant establishment and surrounding food court area. 
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october 2017 by dchas
Explosion reported at Hebron area business
HEBRON, Ohio (WCMH)– Multiple fire crews and a hazmat crew are responding to a large structure fire in Hebron, Ohio.

The two-alarm fire was reported at 581 Milliken Drive just before 12:30 am.

The Hebron Solvent Recycling Services, part of the Clean Harbors Environmental waste management service, is housed in the building.

According to their website, the plant works with recycling “spent industrial solvents.”

They also provide fuel blending and wastewater treatment.

According to Hebron Fire Captain Ryan Wyse, there was an explosion and fire at the plant. He said the fire took about 15 minutes to contain, and crews did find a little remaining fire after sweeping the building.

The building reportedly has adequate fire suppression systems, including foam.

Fire crews have been backed out and the hazmat team has been sent in to investigate. Officials believe there is no danger to the public at this time, but say firefighters are taking all precautions necessary to avoid dangers from chemicals and structural damage caused by the fire and explosion.
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Trees with a probiotic boost clean up a carcinogen
Planting poplar trees that harbor a secret weapon—pollutant-busting microbes—could help clean up sites contaminated with the carcinogen trichloroethylene, a new study shows (Environ. Sci. Technol. 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.7b01504). In the first field trial of this approach at a Superfund hazardous waste site, poplar trees boosted by bacteria within their tissues brought groundwater concentrations of TCE to below the maximum contaminant level for drinking water set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
TCE is used as a solvent and degreaser in industrial processes, and was recently declared a human carcinogen. It contaminates the soil or water of more than 1,000 Superfund sites around the U.S. Current methods to remove it from groundwater include sorbing it onto activated carbon or driving the pollutant out of water with a stream of air. But these methods are so expensive, says Sharon L. Doty of the University of Washington, that many site managers choose to monitor and isolate polluted areas instead of cleaning them up. Now she and her colleagues have developed a much cheaper approach.
Using plants to soak up pollutants—a method called phytoremediation—can remove a variety of contaminants from soil and groundwater. Introducing symbiotic, pollutant-destroying bacteria to the plants has shown even more promise in lab tests, because carrying the bacteria seems to help plants stay healthier during the process and remove more pollutants. But so far, this probiotic approach has had mixed results in the field, sometimes because the introduced bacteria are outcompeted by naturally present soil microbes.
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Manufacturers Share Chemical Data With EPA to Make Safety Case
The BASF Corp., the Dow Chemical Co. and Honeywell International Inc. are sharing chemical data with the EPA in a bid to persuade agency scientists that the compounds they make or use are safe and should stay on the market.

During the next few years, the Environmental Protection Agency will study and consider regulations for the 10 compounds that are under review if the agency determines they are unsafe—part of the agency’s implementation of last year’s amended toxics law. At stake are hundreds of uses of chemicals in factories, households, and construction sites that hinge on EPA’s upcoming reviews.

Faye Graul, executive director of the Halogenated Solvents Industry Association (HSIA), said industry’s goal for providing information about the 10 chemicals to the EPA is to “to make our case that they should stay on the market.”

Sept. 19 Deadline

In meeting with the EPA, some companies are making the case that certain chemicals are small impurities in the manufacturing process and thus can be safely ignored. Others are providing use and exposure information on major industrial products such as solvents used in manufacturing. Still others are opting not to share data with the EPA, instead waiting to learn more about the process based on this first group of 10 reviews. All have an EPA deadline of Sept. 19 to submit information for this first round of chemical risk reviews.

By the end of the year, the EPA will craft blueprints for studying the health and ecological risks of 10 chemicals that will rely in part on the companies’ use, exposure, and toxicity data they share with the agency. The EPA will augment this data with studies in its own databases, the scientific literature, and other sources. Those 10 blueprints also will include the relevant exposure scenarios, human populations, and environmental conditions of interest.
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september 2017 by dchas
12 Dock Workers, One Firefighter Injured Following Chemical Spill at Port of Long Beach
Twelve dock workers and one firefighter were treated for injuries related to an exposure after a chemical substance leaked from a container ship Sunday morning at the Port of Long Beach.

Of the 12 longshoremen who suffered minor injuries when they were exposed to the leaked concentrated industrial solvent, 11 were treated and released while one was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. A firefighter was injured in a fall, but details were not available.

The exposure happened at about 9:45AM at Pier G, Berth 232, where a flammable liquid leaked from a 6,000 gallon tank on the container vessel, Harbour Bridge, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard captain in charge of the Port then set up a safety zone of 150 yards around the ship for assessment and clean-up operations. The Long Beach Fire Department Hazardous Materials team and Patriot Environmental Services cleaned up the spill.

Authorities identified the chemical as propyl acetate, a solvent that in small doses smells of pears and is used as food flavor. In large amounts and concentrated form, however, it can severely irritate eyes, skin and lungs.
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august 2017 by dchas
New York Introduces Household Chemical Disclosure Requirement
ALBANY - New York plans to require manufacturers of home cleaning products to make a complete detailing of their ingredients to consumers through the companies' websites, the state said Tuesday.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the "Household Cleaning Product Information Disclosure Program" is a health initiative he first promised in his 2017 State of the State message earlier this year. The state-mandated disclosure would be the first imposed such program in the country, he said.
Also Tuesday, Cuomo said the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) plans to impose stricter limits on the permissible release into the atmosphere of perchloroethylene and other dry-cleaning solvents, which would bring the discharges into line with current federal requirements. According to the DEC, perchloroethylene is a suspected human carcinogen.
The state standards went into effect in 1997, and officials said the standards have not kept pace with improvements in dry-cleaning technology and in the introduction of effective, less-powerful solvents.
Cuomo said in a statement that the combination of household cleaning supply disclosure and lessened discharges of solvents from professional dry-cleaning establishments will "help protect New Yorkers and give them the peace of mind of knowing what's in their homes and in their communities."
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april 2017 by dchas
CAS Metcalf Center evacuated after chemical spill
A chemical spill occurred on the fifth floor of a laboratory located at the College of Arts and Sciences’ Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering on Thursday evening, Boston University spokesperson Colin Riley said.

The BU Environmental Health and Safety Office, along with the Boston Fire Department Hazardous Materials Unit, responded to the incident, Riley said.

The building was evacuated once the alarm was sounded, Riley said. Responding units inspected the scene to identify the substance, and will follow protocol before reopening the Center.

“We’re responding to a [chemical] spill, so they’re checking to see what the substance is, and they’ll identify it, check the air quality, clean it up and open the building again, once that’s taken care of,” Riley said. “This always entail a very large emergency response, only because of the building and the fact that it’s a school.”

Riley said the chemical was a solvent, similar to nail polish remover, that had been used in an experiment and had been cleaned up within an hour.

“It was just a spill of a solvent, they come in four-liter bottles and the chemical spilled,” Riley said. “They [The BFD Hazmat Unit] put material down that absorbs it and then they disposed of it properly.”
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april 2017 by dchas
Chemical spill reported at Tesla Gigafactory near Reno
Several Tesla employees were hospitalized Monday after a chemical spill was reported at the Tesla Gigafactory east of Reno, according to Tesla officials.  

The Storey County Fire Department's hazardous materials team responded to the spill of a standard construction cleaning solvent at about 12:45 p.m. Monday, according to Joe Curtis, the county's emergency operations director.

"There's no threat to the public, there's no plume, it's in an isolated area near a vehicle," Curtis said. 

The chemical was contained in a 55-gallon drum that toppled over at one of the loading docks on-site. 

Per Tesla's safety protocols, a small portion of the Gigafactory was evacuated and "a couple of employees who may have been exposed are being transferred to the local hospital," a local spokesperson said in an email late Monday afternoon.

About nine factory employees reported symptoms such as upset stomachs after being exposed to the chemical, according to Curtis. The clean up effort was expected to take several hours, but officials did not believe that it would affect production. 
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april 2017 by dchas
Businessman charged with storing chemicals without permit
ARCHBALD — Jessup businessman Eric Spatt stood silently while his attorneys made small talk with the state prosecutors.

He had been there before.

Judge Laura M. Turlip, sounding stern but compassionate, told him: “I hope this is the last time we have to be here.”

Nearly three years after Spatt’s business, the former Scranton Cooperage in Jessup, went up in a column of smoke and flames, the state attorney general’s office Thursday filed another round of criminal charges against him.

Spatt’s attorney, William Peters, declined to comment because he said he only saw the charges Wednesday night and needed more time to study them.

The accusations stem from an investigation after a 2014 fire at Scranton Cooperage.

In 2016, the attorney general’s office charged Spatt with improperly storing sodium chlorite, a volatile chemical blamed for starting the fire after an employee punctured a drum of it with a forklift.

During the investigation, agents found Spatt used solvents, which he was permitted to have on site to clean industrial drums and other containers, but did not have an adequate plan or state permits to store and dispose of the hazardous wastes created during their use.

At Scranton Cooperage, 1264 Mid Valley Drive, Spatt stored hazardous waste — material called “gack” — Special Agent Donald A. Hentz Jr. wrote in an affidavit of probable cause, explaining the charges.
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Environmental Criminal Charges Pursued in 2014 Industrial Fire -
JESSUP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) -- A Lackawanna County man faces new charges in connection with major industrial fire nearly three years ago. The State Attorney General held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to explain the latest alleged crimes.

Just last year, the former owner of the Mid Valley business Scranton Cooperage was charged by state environmental regulators with mishandling chemicals But the Attorney General's office took a fresh look at the 2014 case and determined that what was gong on there was actually criminal.

"The regulators didn't know, DEP didn't know and that's the way Spatt wanted it to be." State Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced Wednesday that 53-year-old Eric Spatt, the former owner of Scranton Cooperage, now faces several new charges for allegedly improperly storing hazardous waste. "In reality, he became a storage site for dangerous chemicals that could ignite and repeatedly did."

The business that reconditioned industrial storage containers became a raging inferno along Mid Valley Road in June 2014. The fire forced hundreds from their nearby homes and businesses. Investigators later determined Mr. Spatt stored the volatile chemical sodium chlorite on site even though he did not have a DEP permit. 

The Attorney General's Environmental Crimes Unit recently took another look at the case and discovered Mr. Spatt bought nearly 30,000 gallons of two different chemicals, which were legal, but not in the way he was using them. "When they were used as solvents they produce a hazardous waste which must be managed properly to protect the public and to protect our environment... except Spatt didn't do this," said Mr. Shapiro.
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april 2017 by dchas
Silent but toxic, chemical vapors contaminate hundreds of properties across Minnesota
You can’t see it. You can’t smell it.

But toxic vapor rising from soils contaminated decades ago by industrial solvents is creating new and expensive headaches for property owners across Minnesota.

Pollution officials have identified hundreds of sites across the state that are contaminated by “vapor intrusion,” and this month they began rolling out a new set of rules requiring property owners to test for vapors and address them before transferring property.

Even as state officials scramble to understand the scope of the problem, business owners are facing millions of dollars in new costs to make their buildings — and their neighbors’ buildings — safe from the carcinogenic fumes that collect inside from widely used solvents long since discarded.
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february 2017 by dchas
Toxic cleaning chemical sparks evacuation of Motueka transfer station
A highly toxic cleaning chemical dumped at the Motueka Transfer Station sparked an emergency evacuation after staff fell ill and birds died.

The fire service responded to a suspected chemical spill at the transfer station in Robinson Rd about 10am on Thursday.

They were alerted by two staff who had become ill on site.

Staff receive medical attention after a at the Tasman District Council's transfer station near Motueka.

Motueka Deputy Fire Chief Mike Compton said staff had also seen several dead birds which indicated something might be wrong.

Staff were treated by St John paramedics at the scene.

The entrance to the transfer station was cordoned off while firefighters wearing chemical suits investigated the dump site.

Compton said they found a hazardous chemical in the pit.

"Once they identified it, we isolated it into a sealed unit. It was only a small amount, it was probably about 500mls," Compton said.

"And any product that had been contaminated around it was also put into the unit."

Tasman District Council spokesman Chris Choat said the chemical was a "very strong solvent" used for industrial-grade cleaning. It was most likely dumped on Thursday morning.

"It was just a small amount left in a drum, but it was enough to have an effect," Choat said.
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february 2017 by dchas
Giant Chemical Plant Explosion Caused by 'High-Boiling-Point Solvents' Leaves 2 Injured in China
Two people were reportedly injured in a massive boiler explosion near a Hengxing Chemicals plant located in Tongling in China’s Anhui Province on Wednesday night.

The huge fireball and mushroom cloud erupted at around 10:50 p.m. in a suburban area and lasted for a few seconds, according to Tongling’s fire department.

Local authorities added that there were no hazardous chemicals involved in the explosion, reported Shanghaiist.

The fire has been brought under control and no casualties have been reported.

However, two people were slightly injured in the incident, suffering only minor cuts from flying fragments of glass, and were immediately sent to the hospital.

Zou He, director of the public security bureau of Tongling, stated that the blast was the result of “fuel oil burning,” according to CRI English.

Video footage of the blast, which was reportedly caused by “high-boiling-point solvents,” have gone viral on Chinese social media.
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february 2017 by dchas
Metropolitan Fire Service crews battling chemical fire at George St, Wingfield
FIREFIGHTERS have contained a chemical blaze that erupted at a business in Wingfield, north of Adelaide.

Metropolitan Fire Service crews were called to George St about 11.40am on Wednesday following reports of a fire at a chemical treatment plant.

The fire was burning in an outdoor sludge pit containing solvent and saw dust.

Up to 32 MFS firefighters from eight appliances, with support from CFS firefighters, worked to contain the blaze in about 40 minutes.

At the height of the fire, black smoke poured over Wingfield and surrounding suburbs and residents were advised to stay indoors and close all doors and windows.
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february 2017 by dchas
Lebanon Middle School Dismissing Early After Hazmat Spill
Lebanon Middle School is dismissing early Monday because of a hazmat situation, according to the superintendent.
Superintendent Robert Angeli said that over the weekend a solvent in a container rusted through in a custodial closet. When administrators and students arrived at the school, located at 891 Exeter Road Monday, they noticed an odor.
Students were moved to the high school on the same campus so officials could investigate.
Angeli said the solvent is not toxic but can cause eye and respiratory irritation with prolonged exposure. School is being dismissed for the day so crews can clean up.
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february 2017 by dchas
Fire in chemical factory: 3 workers charred to death in Udaipur
Three workers were charred to death and seven others received burns after a chemical factory caught fire in Udaipur’s Sukher industrial area on Monday evening.
Fire could be extinguished by midnight. Two charred bodies were found on Monday night and another on Tuesday morning, Udaipur Additional SP Sudhir Joshi said.
Of the seven injured two are serious; all of them were admitted to local MB government hospital there.
Deepak Chemical Factory producing chemicals and solvents used for marble treatment caught fire around 3 pm, and the fire tenders were called.
There were a series of blasts in the chemical containers leading to high flames. The entire factory was gutted.
Officials from four police stations mounted the rescue operation; Collector Rohit Gupta supervised the rescue teams. 
India  industrial  explosion  death  solvent 
january 2017 by dchas
Three chemical clean-ups across Melbourne
Hazmats crews in Melbourne have been kept busy cleaning up three separate chemical incidents around the city.
An illegally dumped collection of chemicals was found in unmarked bags in Thomastown on Thursday, forcing the evacuation of nearby homes on Lockwood Grove.
The chemicals were sent off to Victoria Police's forensic unit to identify.
In another part of Thomastown, a factory had to be evacuated after an explosion on Thursday afternoon sparked a fire that caused extensive damage.
The factory contained a high fuel load, including solvents and chemicals, so the 24 occupants had to rush to safety.
The cause of the blast and resulting fire is being investigated by the MFB Fire Investigation unit and Worksafe was notified.
Clean-up crews also had to handle litres of a potentially dangerous chemical spilled at the port of Melbourne on Wednesday night.
An exclusion zone was put in place after 10 to 20 litres of a chemical called ferric chloride solution spilled from a barrel at a container site at DP World before 7pm on Wednesday.
It took more than four hours for firefighters to contain, the MFB said, adding there were no injuries and it posed no threat to the public.
Australia  industrial  explosion  response  ferric_chloride  solvent 
december 2016 by dchas
Strong chemical odor on East Side was non-toxic, fire department says
A strong paint thinner smell on the East Side Wednesday brought out the hazardous incident team, but the chemical was non-toxic and no illnesses or injuries were reported.

The incident started at about 12:40 p.m. in the 800 block of East Johnson Street, the Madison Fire Department said.

"Someone smelled a vapor comparable to paint thinner coming from a storm drain," said spokeswoman Cynthia Schuster. "Area business owners said the smell was also permeating into their basements."

A white haze that was unidentifiable on monitoring equipment was seen coming out of a storm sewer drain, so firefighters called in the hazardous incident team.

"Air samples identified the chemical as styrene," Schuster said. "The level of styrene in the air, including in the basements, was not harmful."

The styrene was traced to a company that was lining sewers in the neighborhood; the chemical is a component of the work.
us_WI  public  release  response  solvent  styrene 
november 2016 by dchas
Cleanaway Operations Pty Ltd facing $1.5 million fine over chemical blaze that injured worker
A WASTE company has been sent to the District Court after admitting responsibility for a 2013 chemical fire that injured an employee, and now faces a maximum $1.5 million fine.

On Tuesday, the Adelaide Magistrates Court ruled Cleanaway Operations Pty Ltd’s offending was too serious to remain in its jurisdiction.

Magistrate Brett Dixon said he was satisfied the company should face a penalty greater than the maximum $150,000 he could impose, and ordered it face the District Court instead.

The company, which has pleaded guilty, was charged over a fire at a Wingfield chemical processing plant in July, 2013.

One of its workers was knocked to the ground, and sustained burns, when a flash-fire was sparked in a large distillation tank.

Federal workplace health and safety regulator Comcare alleged the company had been attempting to distil industrial solvent from chemical waste at the time of the fire.

On Tuesday, the company was ordered to face the District Court in January, when a date will be set for sentencing submissions.
Australia  industrial  follow-up  injury  solvent  waste 
november 2016 by dchas
Crews clean up chemical spill after train derailment near Superior
Hazardous materials workers from three major railroad companies secured the scene of a train derailment and resulting spill of a combustible chemical south of Superior on Tuesday morning.

“We have contained the single leaking rail car, which was hauling octene, a liquid solvent used in plastic production,” Union Pacific spokeswoman Calli Hite said in a statement to the News Tribune early Tuesday afternoon. Union Pacific owns and operates the train that derailed.

No injuries were reported as the result of the incident that started late Monday adjacent to Greenwood Cemetery, a few miles south of Superior on State Highway 35. Authorities closed a portion of Highway 35 while local fire departments responded to the four-car derailment and subsequent octene spill.

A coupler on one of the cars punctured a derailed tanker, causing the spill, said Town of Superior Volunteer Fire Department Chief Darryl Fiegle.
us_MN  transportation  release  response  solvent 
october 2016 by dchas
Fatal explosion hits BASF’s Ludwigshafen site
A huge explosion and fire at BASF’s Ludwigshafen, Germany, site—one of the world’s largest chemical complexes—killed two company firefighters. Another employee is missing. Eight other BASF staffers were seriously injured and 17 slightly injured from the fire, which broke out on the morning of Monday, Oct. 17.
The explosion and resultant fire occurred among pipelines that connect the firm’s harbor on the Rhine River to the Ludwigshafen complex. Maintenance work was being carried out on the pipelines, some of which carry ethylene and propylene, at the time of the explosion. The fire burned for more than 10 hours before it was extinguished.
BASF shut down the site’s two steam crackers and closed or reduced output from a further 18 or so other plants. BASF uses ethylene and propylene at the site to make a broad range of products including insulating materials, solvents, and paints.
“We are deeply saddened that employees have died and several have been injured. Our deepest sympathy lies with the affected people and their families,” site manager Uwe Liebelt said.
Another explosion occurred at BASF’s Lampertheim, Germany, plastics additives plant on the same morning. Four workers were injured. BASF says the cause of that incident is not yet known. Production at the plant has been suspended.
Process safety incidents at BASF occurred at a rate of 2.1 and 2.2 per million working hours in 2014 and 2015, respectively, according to the firm.
CEFIC, a European chemicals trade association, has pledged its full support to BASF. “Given the sheer scale of operations and people involved at such plants, unfortunately incidents can still happen from time to time,” Director General Marco Mensink says.
Germany  industrial  explosion  death  solvent 
october 2016 by dchas
Chemical spill in Willow Marsh Bayou damaged natural resources, killed wildlife
Texas environmental investigators might take days to determine the severity of a chemical spill into the Willow Marsh Bayou west of Beaumont that damaged natural resources and killed wildlife, according to local and state officials.
A solvent spill into the bayou by General Electric: Betz Water and Process Technologies, an industrial water processing facility, on Thursday night killed creatures that call the bayou home and prompted Jefferson County emergency management officials to order a shelter in place for nearly 100 nearby homes Friday morning.
Monica Gonzalez, who lives near the facility, said she was awakened Thursday night by a strong smell of gasoline.
Gonzalez initially thought someone was outside of her trailer stealing fuel.
"You can still smell it inside of my trailer," Gonzalez said Friday from her front porch. "We weren't able to get much sleep last night."
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september 2016 by dchas
Update: Officials build dirt dam to contain solvent spill
The Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management, City of Beaumont Office of Emergency Management, Beaumont Fire Department and Jefferson County Sheriff's Office were on the scene of a solvent spill that led to a shelter in place order for about 100 households west of Beaumont.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will continue to monitor air and water quality as well as oversee cleanup in the Willow Marsh Bayou. 
The solvent product was identified as a "premium solvent mixture with a heavy aromatic."
People are asked to stay away from Willow Marsh Bayou as cleanup continues.
Update: 1:30 p.m.: Officials have confirmed that  a dirt dam has been built across Willow Marsh Bayou south of Brooks Road to prevent the flow of the spill to any other areas.
Officials said spill booms have been placed across the bayou in multiple locations to slow the flow of the product and contain it.
us_TX  industrial  release  response  solvent 
september 2016 by dchas
2300 gallons of cleaning solvent spilled through Cobb Co. neighb
Thousands of gallons of automotive cleaning solvent had to be cleaned up by hazmat crews Saturday.

Apollo Technologies alerted the Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services to a chemical spill that originated at 1850 South Cobb Industrial Blvd.  

Neighbors who live near a creek that flows alongside Heather Road said the water turned white and looked like milk. They complained of a harsh chemical smell resembling paint thinner or insecticide.

Denell Boyd with the Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services told CBS46 that 2,300 gallons of automotive cleaning solvent spilled out of their facility and into the creek that passes by the area.  

Two hazmat teams were deployed to the scene and were able to contain the spill at a distance of 0.75 miles. 

Fish were found dead and the EPA was notified. 
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august 2016 by dchas
EPA Order to protect homes in Washington, Mo., from chemical vapors
WASHINGTON, MO. - WASHINGTON, MO - The EPA is warning people who live in central Washington, MO of the possibility of contaminated soil and shallow groundwater.

The organization said 25 homes could be eligible to have free protective vapor mitigation systems installed. This is part of an order issued to SV Land, LLC, where industrial chemical solvents polluted soil and shallow groundwater.

The EPA said a polluted groundwater plume could have a negative impact in nearby areas, which includes residential properties. The organization went  on to say that the contamination came from the solvents the Sporlan Valve Company used.

The EPA contacted the owners of the areas that were potentially affected and assured them that any work that must be done to solve the issue will be at no cost to the homeowners. 
us_MO  industrial  discovery  response  solvent 
august 2016 by dchas
One dead, two hurt in blast at pharma unit
In an explosion at Hetero Drugs unit at Nakkapalli in Visakhapatnam, one worker died on the spot and two were seriously injured, on Wednesday evening. The incident happened when the workers were cutting an empty chemical plastic drum at the scrap yard. As per the initial investigation by the Joint Chief Inspector of Factories, the drums were being cut without being cleaned. There must have been some remnants of the chemical solvent with some static energy and the friction generated from the cutting tool would have activated the static energy resulting into the blast, said Deputy Joint Chief Inspector of Factories Chinna Rao. The deceased was S. Appa Rao (34) from Nakkapalli and the injured were A.

Simhachalam and Rehman. All the three were contract workers and the injured have been shifted to a corporate hospital in the city for treatment. As per the standard procedure, the empty chemical drums are to be cleaned before being cut and disposed of. But in this case, the cleaning part was overlooked..
India  industrial  explosion  death  solvent  waste 
june 2016 by dchas
3 treated after solvent leak at Reno printing company
RENO, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) — The Garlock Printing and Converting warehouse on Woodland Avenue was evacuated after a solvent leak Tuesday morning, according to the Reno Fire Department.

RFD first tweeted about the possible HazMat situation.

Officials said three people needed medical attention after equipment failure caused the solvent to be released into the air.
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june 2016 by dchas
Panchkula: Fire in Derabassi factory, no casualty reported; 7 fire tenders take 3 hours to douse flames
Summary: The Derabassi unit manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), which are the central component of pharmaceutical drugs. The incident happened on Friday night around 9, when workers saw flames bursting from the company’s solvent recovery plant in unit 2. Residents of Haripur Hinduan village too gathered outside as they heard several blasts from inside the factory unit. There was a thick plastic vest and drums insulating the recovery plant from outside. Photo by Harjeet Singh Fire at Nectar Life Science factory in Derabassi on Saturday, June 04 2016.
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june 2016 by dchas
Sunbaked pavement sealcoat may release toxic compounds
New research adds to a growing body of evidence that a pavement sealcoat made from coal tar emulsions—commonly used east of the Rocky Mountains to give parking lots and driveways a smooth, finished sheen—could harm the environment and human health (Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.6b00116).
Earlier studies have shown that compounds in the sealcoats known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), many of which are known or suspected carcinogens, can volatilize in warm weather or enter the soil and waterways from rain runoff. As a result, some communities have banned these sealcoats. Staci L. M. Simonich of Oregon State University and colleagues set out to examine not only a wider array of PAHs than those previously investigated, but their derivatives, too. They found that despite their presence in small concentrations, these compounds pose major risks.
The researchers measured concentrations of 34 PAHs and 56 PAH derivatives in two coal-tar-based sealcoats and an asphalt-based sealcoat, a type more commonly used in the western U.S. They obtained dried sealcoat samples from the U.S. Geological Survey that were collected for a previous study. To measure changes in PAHs and PAH derivatives over time, they also painted each sealcoat product onto a University of Texas, Austin, parking lot and scraped off samples after 1.6 hours, one day, 45 days, and 149 days. They then extracted the PAHs and PAH derivatives with a series of increasingly polar solvent mixtures and analyzed the 11 resulting fractions using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry.
public  release  environmental  asphalt  solvent 
may 2016 by dchas
Woman killed, three injured in fire in chemical godown
A 22-year-old woman was charred to death while three men sustained burn injuries when a fire broke out in a chemical godown in Seegehalli on Friday. The godown had been rented out by its owners to Ramlal, a city-based businessman, to store inflammable material such as paint thinners, solvents and other chemical used to prepare toilet cleaners. It also had a small manufacturing unit. There were around 10 employees working in the godown when the fire broke out around 10. 30 a.m.

A few employees rushed out of the unit even as the fire, fuelled by the inflammable products, spread rapidly. It took six fire tenders four hours to put out the fire. Gayathri, a worker who was trapped in the godown, was unable to escape. The police have registered a case of death due to negligence, and efforts are on to trace Khaniram and Kailish, the owners of the godown. The police are also verifying whether the owners had got permission to store the chemicals in the first place. According to the police, Gayathri and three other employees were unloading chemical barrels when one of them slipped and rolled into a drain nearby.
India  industrial  fire  death  flammables  solvent 
april 2016 by dchas
Paint store, godowns go up in flames
A major fire broke out at a paint store near Manju Cinema around 2 pm here today.
Thinner and chemicals kept in the shops and godowns worsened the situation as flames went out of control and spread to nearby godowns and shops.
The fire brigade team led by senior fire officials reached on the spot. Ten fire tenders made 50 rounds to douse the flames. The firefighters had a tough time controlling the fire as water was ineffective on thinner and chemicals spread there.
Moreover, when the chemical drained into the sewerage, it produced smoke and gas. Also, cracks emerged in the manholes.
Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria and senior police officials visited the spot.
According to the information, there are two shops named Friends Paint and Amber Paint, which belong to two brothers. They have godowns at the back of the shops where they had kept the chemicals and thinner.
India  industrial  fire  response  solvent 
april 2016 by dchas
Fire in chemical godown
Fire broke out in a private chemical godown, located at Kondapalli Industrial Development Area (IDA), on the city outskirts on Saturday. Material worth about Rs. 25 lakh was gutted in the mishap. However, nobody was injured.

According to sources, fire broke out in the warehouse in unit which manufactures thinners and wood polish. On being alerted, four fire tenders from Ibrahimpatnam Fire Station and Lanco Company rushed to the spot and put off flames after a few hours.

The cause for the fire is under investigation.
India  industrial  fire  response  solvent 
april 2016 by dchas
Toward more judicious solvent selection
Scientists at AstraZeneca have taken solvent selection guides to a new level by developing an interactive software tool. Several pharma companies have created tabular guides over the years for their internal use to aid scientists in considering safety, human health, environmental impact, and regulatory concerns when choosing a solvent for a process. The ACS Green Chemistry Institute’s Pharmaceutical Roundtable offers a solvent guide based on those efforts on its website and as a mobile app. As AstraZeneca’s Louis J. Diorazio, David R. J. Hose, and Neil K. Adlington point out, the limitation of these guides is that they are static and tend to be prescriptive, focusing on avoiding certain solvents and barely considering the main purpose of a solvent, which is to help facilitate a chemical process (Org. Process Res. Dev. 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.oprd.6b00015). In developing the new guide, the AstraZeneca team started with 272 solvents and experimental and computational data. Using Microsoft Excel, the researchers developed a system to create statistical maps that allow researchers to still focus on safety and environmental impact while selecting reaction parameters to zoom in on the best solvent options to increase reaction rates, reduce reaction steps, steer product selectivity, and improve yields. To make the approach user-friendly, they built a data manipulation tool using the software package Spotfire. AstraZeneca is using the new software tool internally and plans to make it available through the Pharmaceutical Roundtable.
laboratory  discovery  environmental  solvent 
february 2016 by dchas
Crews hosing down rubber plant after containing chemical leak
LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Emergency crews are on the scene of a chemical leak in Louisville.

It was reported just after 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, at American Synthetic Rubber, 4500 Camp Ground Rd, next to The Dow Chemical Company.

Officials are not sure how much solvent leaked, but confirm it is under control at this time.

They have not released the name of the chemical.

Crews evacuated the building closest to the leak. They remain on scene, and can be seen spraying water on a concentrated area from Air 3.
us_KY  industrial  release  response  solvent 
february 2016 by dchas
Plans call for EPA to cover costs of chemical cleanup in Derry building
DERRY — Plans call for the Environmental Protection Agency to cover the costs of removing numerous solvents and other flammable chemicals from a vacant building at 19 Elm St., town officials said Friday.

In a phone call Thursday from the EPA, town officials learned that the agency will cover the estimated $15,000 to $25,000 cost of removing the chemicals, said Public Works Director Michael Fowler.

Calling it a disaster waiting to happen, town councilors voted last month to demolish the building after an inspection found it filled with containers of flammable chemicals. The councilors also voted unanimously to appropriate $150,000 from the capital reserve fund for demolition.

Fowler said officials are taking a careful approach in addressing the chemicals.

“Before we can proceed, obviously, with a demolition, we have to get that removed,” Fowler said. “We want to do this properly, and we’ve brought the EPA in.”

The chemicals consist mainly of solvents used to clean marble-top fixtures, Fowler said. Officials believe the chemicals were left at the site by former owners and tenants.
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february 2016 by dchas
A Spiffy Way To Clean NMR Tubes
Life in a chemistry lab isn’t always fun and games—chemists must also do their chores, including cleaning out used NMR tubes. Although commercial devices are available for the task, they are expensive glassware and typically only clean one tube or a few at a time. To remedy that problem, Thanh Binh Nguyen of the CNRS Institute of Natural Product Chemistry has devised an NMR tube cleaning system that can handle dozens of tubes at once and only requires a small amount of solvent and equipment already at hand in most labs (Org. Process Res. Dev. 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acs.oprd.6b00001). First, Nguyen empties NMR tubes and places them upside down in a beaker containing solvent or cleaning solution. Nguyen then puts the beaker in a vacuum desiccator, which he evacuates and vents with air several times. The liquid rises and falls with each vacuum cycle, cleaning out the tubes. A final rinse with fresh acetone completes the cleaning. Nguyen says he came up with the idea when his research funds were short. “I had to optimize everything—time, chemicals, human power—and here is one of my solutions.” Early responses on Twitter to Nguyen’s OPR&D paper were mixed: Some commenters questioned publishing the work in an industrial process chemistry journal, noting that industrial chemists often consider NMR tubes as a onetime consumable and toss them out. Plus cleaning them creates more lab waste. But most admit it’s a clever idea.
laboratory  discovery  response  acetone  cleaners  solvent  waste 
january 2016 by dchas
3 hurt in explosion at top DRDO unit, one critical
Three contractual workers have received severe burn injuries in an explosion which led to a fire in the Igniter Complex of the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL), a premier research laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) located in Pashan. The incident took place around Tuesday noon.
The condition of one of the injured, who received 75 per cent burn injuries, is critical, according to doctors.
An inquiry has been ordered to probe the causes of the incident, officials said.
A press release issued by the HEMRL through the Defence PRO said, “An accident has taken place in Igniter Complex of HEMRL Tuesday, around noon, during a mixing operation. The operation was being carried out under the supervision of HEMRL officials. Three contract workers got burn injuries. of the three, two were involved in the mixing operation and had more than three years of experience in this field. The third person went to hand over a solvent bottle to them. All the three workers were taken to medical emergency room immediately for preliminary treatment and afterwards they were shifted to a hospital in the city. HEMRL officials stated that prima facie all safety norms were adhered to. However, to find out the exact cause of accident, DRDO HQ has ordered an inquiry committee.”
In a similar incident in 2002 at the facility, six persons, two lab technicians and four contract workers, were killed in a blast in the solid rocket propellant section.
In another accident in 2009, ceiling of one of the labs was completely blown away after an explosion.
HEMRL one of the premier laboratories of DRDO where research and development on high energy materials like propellants and high-power explosives and on pyrotechnics is carried out. The laboratory has played a key role in development of the missile systems of India ranging from Prithvi, Agni, Akash, Nag and many others. The lab also carries out testing of prototypes of the missiles for test use of propellants. The laboratory is spread over 800 acres of the land in Pashan and Sutarwadi area.
India  laboratory  explosion  injury  explosives  solvent 
december 2015 by dchas
Chemical mix causes fire at Kannapolis home
KANNAPOLIS — An accidental mixture of solvents caused a minor fire at a Kannapolis home Friday night.

The Kannapolis Fire Department was called to a North Cannon Boulevard home shortly before 9 p.m. Friday, according to a press release. Rowan County EMS also responded.

On arrival, they found family members “complaining of a strange odor and irritation to their eyes,” according to a press release.

Monitoring by fire crews found elevated and potentially harmful chemical readings which began to worsen during the next hour.

A small fire broke out, which was immediately extinguished through an exterior window.

Haz-mat crews found several rags with various solvents, which were believed to have been the source of the problem.

“This was a unique call in the fact that there were initially no outward reasons or cause for the odor and subsequent fire,” Battalion Chief David Winecoff said.
us_NC  public  fire  response  solvent 
november 2015 by dchas
Cranston Local News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News
WESTERLY, R.I. — An early morning explosion and fire ripped through an apartment building in Westerly on Friday.

Neighbors narrowly escaped the flames.

The NBC 10 I-Team learned that a hash oil cook lab caused the incident. Hash oil is a potent marijuana resin that is extracted with chemical solvents, which often explode.

"It just looks like a bomb hit it," said Robert Fleming, a neighbor. "The whole thing is blown out in the front there, you know?"

Fleming said the people responsible put everyone in the apartment complex, which is located on Apache Drive, in danger.

The fire reportedly began on around 4:00 a.m. and grew to two alarms before the flames were put out.
us_RI  laboratory  explosion  response  drugs  solvent 
november 2015 by dchas
2-alarm fire burns Woodland auto business
WOODLAND, Wash. – A two alarm fire at an automobile sales and repair business gutted the repair shop, and destroyed at least a dozen vehicles.

The fire at I & P Auto on Old Pacific Highway was called-in shortly after 3:30 a.m. About 50 firefighters from Woodland, Clark County Fire and Rescue and Vancouver kept the fire from spreading.

Solvents and other chemical solutions fed the fire and added to the challenge for fire crews, according to a battalion chief on scene, who added that no firefighters were hurt.

No damage amount was available Tuesday morning, as investigators tried to determine a cause for the blaze.
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november 2015 by dchas
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