Sauk City building evacuated after employees felt ill
SAUK CITY, Wis. - Sauk City officials were called to the 700 block on Carolina Street Friday after receiving a report that multiple employees in a building there felt ill, according to a news release from the Volunteer Fire Department. 

When firefighters arrived around 11 a.m., employees were already evacuating the building. Firefighters and fire personnel evaluated the air quality and did not find any level of carbon monoxide or other hazardous gases in the building. 

Sauk Prairie EMS examined 11 employees who were complaining of headaches. All of the employees were treated at the scene. 
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16 hours ago
Chemical spill forces closure of Sauk Avenue in Baraboo
Baraboo firefighters and an ambulance crew responded at 1:46 p.m. Friday to a chemical spill in the 1200 block of Sauk Avenue.

Fire Chief Kevin Stieve said a 5-gallon drum of hydrochloric acid spilled but was contained in the semi trailer that was hauling it. Portage Fire Department’s hazardous materials team was called to mitigate and investigate.

The road was closed to traffic for more than two hours during the response and was reopened at 4:20 p.m. The area of Sauk Avenue affected includes several manufacturing companies.
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16 hours ago
Fire department called to hazardous material spill at LLCC
The Springfield Fire Department was called to Lincoln Land Community College Friday for a hazardous material spill.

Fire Chief Allen Reyne said the spill occurred inside a box truck that was delivering an oxidizer that is highly flammable in the open air.

“Ten Springfield Fire Department members are on scene. They donned hazmat suits and entered the truck where a chemical had spilled inside. ... Once the spill is mitigated, an environmental cleanup company will handle cleanup of the box truck,” Reyne said in an e-mail to media outlets.

Initial reports indicated that there was one injury associated with the incident. However, no one was transported from the scene after being evaluated by the ambulance crew, the fire chief said.
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16 hours ago
Neighbors in Frankfort want to see fires at an abandoned recycling facility stopped
Frankfort, IND. (WLFI) - A fire at an abandoned recycling plant in Frankfort is the second fire to happen in the past four years.

People of the town are ready to see these fires put to an end.

Frankfort Fire Department Chief John Kirby gave praise to his team of firefighters and the collaboration with police and the street department.

Even when they were alerted by a passerby that fire had reignited around 7:00 AM on Friday, they were able to contain it in under an hour.

While it is still unknown how the fire started, officials are very aware of the environmental impacts these fires have on health and the environment.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management was on the scene today, and the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to get involved as well.
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16 hours ago
Machine operator injured in explosion at Kauai recycling yard
A heavy machine operator was seriously injured on Friday after an explosion at a recycling yard in Puhi, according to the Kauai Fire Department.

The victim, a 38-year-old man, sustained severe burns to his arms and torso and was transported to the Wilcox Memorial Hospital. 

A fire department spokesperson says the blast was first reported at around 8:30 a.m. The victim, an employee at Puhi Metals, was operating an excavator when a metal box ruptured and exploded.

Authorities say the man jumped off the excavator to say and remained conscious during the ordeal. Other employees at the facility used dry chemical extinguishers to bring the fire under control.
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16 hours ago
CSB releases update of deadly drilling rig fire investigation
natural gas well blowout and fire on Jan. 22 killed five workers at a Pryor Trust gas well located in Pittsburg County, Okla. The incident occurred while workers were attempting to remove a drilling pipe and replace a worn drill bit.
Pressure from adding drilling mud and weighted liquids were insufficient to offset and block explosive natural gas from exiting the 4,000 m well, the U.S. Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) said on Aug. 16 in a factual update of its ongoing investigation.
CSB notes that workers were unable to fully activate a blowout preventer and block the gas, oil, and mud as it exited the well. The accident occurred one week after drilling began and the fire burned for eight hours until crews were able to activate the preventer. The well was operated by Red Mountain Operating and the drilling was done by Patterson-UTI Drilling Company.
CSB released a video animation of the accident, but a report is likely to be a year away. CSB is increasing factual updates it releases, notes board spokesperson Hillary Cohen. “We want to update stakeholders, the public, and industry, throughout the course of the investigation,” she says.
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16 hours ago
U.S. agency struggling with organohalogen flame retardants in consumer products
From laptop computers to babies’ high chairs, hundreds of everyday household goods contain chemicals intentionally added to prevent or slow the items from igniting. These compounds can end up in a home’s dust and ingested by children and adults. Federal biomonitoring data show that most U.S. residents have measurable quantities of flame retardant metabolites in their blood. This finding raises red flags because many commonly used flame retardants are linked to health concerns including endocrine disruption, reproductive problems, cancer, and harmful developmental effects.

Flame retardant manufacturers phased down use of decabromodiphenyl ether because of health concerns and substituted decabromodiphenyl ethane, which has similar physical and chemical traits and potentially similar toxicity.
To protect consumers, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is struggling with potentially banning an entire class of these substances: organohalogen flame retardants. CPSC, a federal agency with less than 600 employees, has never before considered regulating an entire category of chemicals. Meanwhile, flame retardant manufacturers and electronics makers are dead set against a ban affecting the dozens of organohalogens used in consumer products.
Now, CPSC is turning to the National Academies of Science (NAS). The agency wants help determining whether and how to implement a scientifically sound ban on products containing organohalogen flame retardants, a group of chemicals that includes brominated or chlorinated phosphate esters.
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Chemical on eastern MI slide that burned 2 kids identified
LAPEER, Mich. (AP) — Police say a laboratory has identified the substance left on a slide at a municipal park in eastern Michigan that burned two children.

The Lapeer Police Department says the chemical was identified as sodium hydroxide, which is used in a variety of household cleaning products.

Police say a 1½-year-old boy got the substance on his legs while going down the slide at Cramton Park in downtown Lapeer on Aug. 2, and a 14-year-old girl who went to help him also got some on her legs.

Police say both went to a local hospital, and the toddler was transferred to the burn unit at Hurley Medical Center in Flint.
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Acid spill cleaned up at Oxnard garbage facility
OXNARD - Fire crews contained an acid spill at an Oxnard garbage and recycling site Thursday morning that forced about 250 people from the facility, officials said.

The incident was reported just before 11 a.m. at the Del Norte Regional Recycling & Transfer Station at 111 South Del Norte Blvd., authorities said.

Oxnard and Ventura County fire crews responded to the incident. City officials who handle hazardous-material incidents also were called to investigate.
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Hazmat team responds to ammonia leak at Manhattan water treatment plant
MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) — An ammonia leak sparked a hazmat response to Manhattan's water treatment plant Thursday morning.

City officials say workers doing a routine check of the facility just after 11 a.m. noticed a smell. They discovered a small leak in a 12-foot-deep pit where ammonia is injected with the water treatment process.

The Manhattan Fire Dept. was called to vent the area and dilute the ammonia.

City officials say they will complete repairs Friday. For now, they are using a backup line, so there is no disruption in service or effect on the water quality.
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Neighborhoods evacutated due to gas leak in Skiatook
SKIATOOK - Tulsa fire and Hazmat have been requested to assist Skiatook Fire Dept. on propane gas leak.

Officials said they are heading to 4793 West Rogers Boulevard to assist on a propane gas leak.

Skiatook Fire says possibly two neighborhoods have been evacuated.
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Blast Reportedly Occurs at Rio de Janeiro University
An explosion has hit a laboratory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) around 10:30 local time, globo.com website reported Wednesday.
According to the officials, three people — two students and one teacher have been injured in the incident. The blast occurred on the second floor of the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering (Coppe), which is the largest engineering research and learning center in Latin America.
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Letterkenny commander: Unspecified chemical sparked explosion, fire that killed two
CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — An explosion and fire at Letterkenny Army Depot on July 19 came from an accident with a chemical in the paint shop of Building 350, depot Commander Col. Stephen Ledbetter said Thursday.

The chemical was being used in normal processes, Ledbetter said, declining to name the chemical.

Two employees died from their injuries from the 7:20 a.m. industrial accident. Another man continues to be treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

"We're certainly prayerful for his full recovery," Ledbetter said.

The depot has taken initial corrective action, including additional training and signs, he said. More steps are in the works to minimize the risks associated with chemical use.

Building 350 is an industrial-style, 320,000-square-foot building used for maintenance and upgrades on military vehicles.

The building itself did not sustain structural damage in the accident, Ledbetter said.
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Regulators propose to drastically reduce legal limit for cancer-causing chemicals in artificial sports pitches 
ancer-causing chemicals in artificial grass pitches could be slashed to almost than one sixtieth of current levels under plans drawn up by regulators.

Europe’s leading authority on chemical safety, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), announced on Thursday that it had prepared a proposal in co-operation with the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) that would drastically reduce the legal limit for carcinogenic substances in the infill used in so-called ‘third generation’ (3G) surfaces.

The announcement was made just over two months after a Daily Telegraph investigation revealed the UK Government and country’s sports authorities had failed to properly warn millions of footballers and rugby players - including children - to limit their exposure to 3G pitches coated in granules made from used car tyres.
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CSB Releases Factual Update on Blowout and Fire at Pryor Trust Gas Well in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, August 16, 2018: Today the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released a factual update into its ongoing investigation of the January 22, 2018, blowout and fire at the Pryor Trust Gas Well located in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, that killed five workers.  
The CSB has determined the incident occurred shortly after drilling crew members removed the drill pipe from the well in a process known as “tripping.” To date, the CSB’s investigation has determined the following timeline related to the blowout and fire: 
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Chemical spill closes CSU Biology building, injures student
The Colorado State University Biology building was evacuated for almost two hours following a potentially hazardous chemicals spill on August 15.

Poudre Fire Authority responded to the call at 4:03 p.m. at 251 W. Pitkin Street on the University’s campus, PFA Communications Manager Madeline Noblett said.

A female student working in a biology lab on the second floor was handling diethyl pyrocarbonate, which is made up of carbon dioxide and ethanol Noblett said. A CSU staff member told PFA that diethyl pyrocarbonate is commonly found in microbiology labs.

“It’s likely the glassware shattered due to a buildup of carbon dioxide,” said Noblett.

The student received medical treatment for non-lifethreatening injuries.

At around 5:40 p.m., PFA turned the property back to CSU and allowed people back into the building after a hazmat team monitored the air quality of the building and determined normal readings.

“It appeared that the chemical had dissipated,” said Noblett.
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2 days ago
Increasing Enthusiasm and Enhancing Learning for Biochemistry- Laboratory Safety with an Augmented-Reality Program
ABSTRACT: According to the most recent data from the federal Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, between 2001 and 2011, more than 120 university laboratory
accidents have caused injuries (including one death) and millions of dollars in damages. Laboratory-safety lessons normally comprise lecture slides alongside occasional movies
and tours of laboratory facilities. This approach limits the realism of safety instruction within the laboratory. In addition, enthusiasm for laboratory-safety lectures is often low for both
instructors and participants. To address these issues, we have developed an augmented-reality (AR) program to increase enthusiasm and enhance the learning experience for
laboratory safety using Microsoft HoloLens. AR is an emerging field that uses computer technologies to generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that replicate a real environment. When compared with static or one-sided laboratory lectures, our approach creates an interactive learning environment where students must physically move around the laboratory to learn about laboratory safety. As each of the images and holograms for this open-source program can be placed in any location for any laboratory configuration, our program is designed to be used in any laboratory around the globe.
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2 days ago
Bartlett student injured in science experiment gone wrong; teacher suspended
BARTLETT, Ill. — A teacher at a suburban high school was suspended Friday after a student was injured in a science experiment.

The science teacher at Bartlett High School was reportedly showing students an experiment with liquid nitrogen. The student was lying on the floor as part of the demonstration.

“[A small amount] was meant to be poured on his chest,” senior Casper Tokarz said. But "he poured all of it on him, and it instantly just burned him.”

Sources tell WGN News the student was severely burned in his groin area after the teacher poured the liquid nitrogen on him. The teacher has been with the school a long time and has done this experiment in the past, sources said.

The district said the teacher involved was put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.
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2 days ago
Missouri S&T – News and Events – Cleanup continues after minor fire at S&T’s McNutt Hall
Crews are cleaning up today after a small fire broke out in a second-floor laboratory in McNutt Hall on the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus.

The fire started at about 8:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 13, and automatically triggered the building’s sprinkler system. The sprinkler system suppressed the fire, and Rolla firefighters extinguished the remaining fire. The lab was not occupied at the time, and no one was injured.

Damage was confined to a desk area with no fire damage to the building. Due to the activation of the sprinkler system, there was isolated water damage.

Because of the water damage and cleanup, S&T closed the north section of the second floor of McNutt Hall until cleanup is completed.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, but investigators have not found anything suspicious related to this fire.
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3 days ago
Overturned truck leaking chemicals closes Route 18 in Monmouth County
An overturned truck leaking chemicals has closed the southbound side of on Route 18 in Monmouth County.

The truck flipped over near exit 22 (Route 537) in Colts Neck, according to 511nj.org, the state department of transportation's traffic website. 

The truck has a chemical leak, according to a tweet from the Robertsville Fire Department in nearby Marlboro. 
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3 days ago
Chemical-Fueled Explosion Causes Fire at Marijuana Facility
COOLIDGE, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities are investigating a fire that happened at Arizona Development Services, a marijuana cultivation facility.

The Casa Grande Dispatch reports the Coolidge Fire Department responded to the facility around 6:51 p.m. on Sunday.

Fire Chief Mark Dillon says the call initially came in as a fire caused by a lightning strike, but crews later discovered that the fire was actually coming from an internal source.

Fire officials say the materials led to an explosion within the building.

No one was inside the building at the time of the incident.

Crews managed to put out the fire shortly after 7:30 p.m., but that was not before it managed to do significant damage to the structure.
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3 days ago
Early Morning Explosion Related to Truck Fire in Carpinteria
Carpinteria residents heard an explosion early Tuesday morning that was related to a semi-truck fire.

The California Highway Patrol reported a hazardous chemical spill due to a vehicle fire at 2:34 a.m. at Via Real and Santa Ynez Avenue. Local residents reported evacuations due to hazardous chemicals. 

As hazmat crews investigated the chemical spill, which was later deemed to be non-hazardous, traffic was severely congested in the area this morning due to construction on Highway 101 on and off ramps. 
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3 days ago
All lanes of I-75 reopened after chemical leak
A 15-mile stretch of Interstate 75 in Lee and Charlotte counties was reopened Monday night after being shut down for nearly 12 hours due to a truck leaking a poisonous chemical.

Florida Highway Patrol closed the southbound lanes at Tuckers Grade (Mile Marker 158) and the northbound lanes at Bayshore Road (Mile Marker 143) at around 10 a.m. Southbound lanes of I-75 at Tuckers Grade reopened shortly before 2 p.m.

The northbound lanes of I-75 remained closed until 9:55 p.m., due to containers having to be inspected and offloaded onto a second refrigeration truck, the FHP said.

During a traffic stop, troopers smelled an odor coming from the truck and saw
something leaking from the right rear door.

It was determined that the truck was transporting over 15,000 pounds of a highly flammable resin solution.

The FHP said the carrier involved was Insituform Technologies LLC out of Chesterfield, Montana. The company was cited for a violation of 49 Hazmat regulations covering securing packages in a motor vehicle.
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4 days ago
Man killed in explosion at UK military plant
ONE man has been killed and another seriously injured in an explosion at a military hardware plant near Salisbury, UK.

The incident occurred at around 17:00 on 10 August at a facility run by Chemring Countermeasures that manufactures military flares. Wiltshire Police have confirmed that a 29- year old man died in the explosion. A second man aged 26 was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

"We are working closely with the Health and Safety Executive on this investigation to determine the cause of the explosion,” said detective inspector Simon Pope. Six fire crews attended the incident at the plant in Netton.

"We would like to reassure the public that this incident was contained as soon as possible and there is no risk to those living in the local area.”
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4 days ago
Wayne State University chemical lab scene of small fire
DETROIT - A small fire broke out at Wayne State University on Sunday.

According to Wayne State University officials, students were conducting an experiment in the chemistry building when the fire started. It was quickly extinguished.

Due to the contents of the chemical lab, a hazmat crew from the Detroit Fire Department was called to assist and confirm of a proper clean up.

There were no injuries or property damage reported.
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5 days ago
Deputies respond to report of explosion, find meth lab
LIMINGTON, Maine (WMTW) - York County sheriff's deputies arrested a Limington woman on charges of manufacturing meth.

Deputies said they responded to a report of a possible explosion at a home on South Road in Limington on Tuesday.

The homeowner, Sarah Goodwin, 38, told deputies nothing had exploded, but deputies said they discovered meth manufacturing materials.

The next day, deputies found "numerous precursor ingredients used to manufacture methamphetamine" and "partially processed ingredients," they said in a news release.

Police say two small children were at the home when the incident occurred.

Goodwin was arrested on a charge of aggravated maintaining a methamphetamine laboratory.
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5 days ago
An Overlooked Dry Ice Danger Can be Fatal
The cold hazard presented by dry ice is well recognized. A recent event highlights a second, more-dangerous hazard that is experienced less frequently - asphyxiation.

Ice cream deliveryman left dry ice in the back seat of his car. It may have asphyxiated his mother.
Around 4 a.m. on Friday morning, police in Tacoma, Wash., got a frantic call: A 51-year-old man had just found his wife and his mother unconscious inside his car. The man, whose name has not been released, runs a business delivering ice cream and had left four coolers full of dry ice on the back seat of the car, local authorities told the News Tribune. He smashed the car’s window with a rock and dragged out his wife, who was taken to the hospital in critical condition. But he was too late to save his mother.
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5 days ago
PubChem chemical structure standardization
Standardization of chemical structures is complicated by the diversity of chemical information and their representations approaches. The PubChem standardization is an effective and efficient tool to account for molecular diversity and to eliminate invalid/incomplete structures. Further development will concentrate on improved tautomer consideration and an expanded stereocenter definition. Modifications are difficult to thoroughly validate, with slight changes often affecting many thousands of structures and various edge cases. The PubChem structure standardization service is accessible as a public resource (https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/standardize), and via programmatic interfaces.
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6 days ago
4 employees treated after toluene spill in Newburyport
NEWBURYPORT — Fire officials responded to a hazardous materials incident late Thursday afternoon at a local business, sending four workers to the hospital.

Around 4 p.m., Newburyport Fire Chief Christopher LeClaire said firefighters were dispatched to Innocor Foam Technologies, at 122 Parker St., for a report of a chemical spill.

When they arrived, firefighters determined four employees needed to be decontaminated at the scene after coming into contact with toluene. About about 10 to 15 gallons of the chemical spilled from a pipe, LeClaire said. According to its website, the company produces innovative foams for bedding materials, furniture and packaging.

The four employees were taken to an area hospital with injuries that are not believed to be life threatening, LeClaire added.
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7 days ago
Radiation scare sparks hazmat response at Seattle Goodwill warehouse
SEATTLE - A hazardous materials team is responding after a radioactive material was found inside the Goodwill warehouse in Seattle. Officials later said there does not appear to be any risk to the public.
Emergency officials said the hazardous material was determined to be radium 226, which is considered dangerous mostly when it is ingested or inhaled. However, Seattle Goodwill spokeswoman Katherine Boury said the amount found was very low in radiation.
Firefighters at the scene said the item is metal - possibly a dial - contaminated with radium, and it is inside a metal container.
The contaminated metal was dropped off at the Goodwill as a donation, and the radioactivity was discovered when a scrap metal recycler came to pick it up. The recycler, like all others, scans metal for radiation before it is picked up and processed.
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7 days ago
Hydrochloric acid leaks near businesses in Dubuque
DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Hydrochloric acid leaked near businesses in Dubuque early Friday afternoon.

Wayne Dow, who serves as EMS Supervisor for the Dubuque Fire Department, said they were able to get the leak under control quickly, but they were on scene for hours to ensure the acid was neutralized.

Fire officials on scene said the leak came from a storage tank behind the business, where they were dealing with "about 200 gallons" of hydrochloric acid.

Members of the Dubuque Fire Department used a white powder to cover and contain the spill and keep it from leaking any further.
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7 days ago
Three Days After Mercury Spill, Still No Mail for Some in DFW
If you checked your mail Friday and the box was empty, you are not alone.
People across the metroplex have told us, they are still not getting mail three days after a hazmat spill shut down the U.S. Postal Service distribution and processing center in Coppell.
It all started Tuesday morning when a mailed package containing mercury spilled. Our media partners at KRLD report that it was four gallons worth of mercury, but the USPS currently will not confirm.
That day, employees were told to get screened when leaving the building and to put their clothes and shoes in a plastic bag outside their home, while they waited for further instruction. Mail was temporarily redirected and workers were assigned to different locations nearby.
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7 days ago
OSHA investigating Wausau chemical lab explosion
After a chemical explosion at a local lab, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is looking deeper into the matter.

The small explosion and fire happened July 31 during a chemical process being done in a laboratory at Dietary Pros Inc., a company on Wausau's west side that makes dietary supplements, according to the Wausau Fire Department.

A worker suffered third-degree burns in addition to a broken hip from the explosion.

OSHA has six months to complete the inspection, issue citations and propose penalties due to violations of safety and health regulations.
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7 days ago
Fire at Hanford radioactive lab sends 2 to hospital
A Hanford laboratory was evacuated and two workers went to the hospital after a small fire shortly before noon Thursday.

A worker at the 222-S Laboratory in central Hanford put out the fire with a hand-held fire extinguisher while other employees pulled the fire alarm and called 911, according to a message to employees of Washington River Protection Solutions.

The Hanford Fire Department responded and confirmed the fire was out. Surveys were done to verify that no radioactive material was involved.

About 250 laboratory employees evacuated the lab facilities, with all employees accounted for at 12:11 p.m. and sent to air-conditioned office buildings.
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8 days ago
EPA silent on case against chemical barrel plants months after violations
Months after issuing violations against a chain of industrial barrel refurbishing plants, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has said nothing publicly about the case. U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin is asking why.

Citing a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation that documented danger in the plants to workers and residents in surrounding neighborhoods, Baldwin (D-Wis.) sent a letter to the EPA this week calling for action.

"While multiple agencies have found dozens of violations at the site, the EPA has not completed its investigation or provided the public confidence that the illegal practices have ended," Baldwin wrote in a letter Monday to EPA Acting Secretary Andrew Wheeler and Regional Administrator Cathy Stepp.

"I am deeply concerned the EPA has not taken swift, substantial action to protect residents by addressing the company's negligence."
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8 days ago
RivCo Warns Of Dangers Of Cleaning Up 'Toxic' Ash From Holy Fire
RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — As the massive Holy Fire continues to grow, forcing thousands of Southwest Riverside County residents from their homes, another danger lurks: ash. Riverside County health officials issued a warning Thursday to area residents to "take precautions as they clean up the ash that has fallen on their cars, homes and driveways."

"Just because it's burned up doesn't make it safe," said Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County public health officer. "Ash can be toxic even in small quantities depending on where it came from."

And as eager as you may be to get that ash off your property, health officials urged residents to wait. They said "residents should not begin the clean-up while ash is still falling and the situation is unpredictable."

What's more, the county health department said to try your best to avoid skin contact with the ash.

"Ash from burned homes and other items will likely contain potentially toxic materials if breathed in or touched with wet skin, such as metals, chemicals, and potentially asbestos," the agency said. "If you do get ash on your skin, wash it off immediately. Some wet ash can cause chemical burns."

us_CA  public  release  response  metals 
8 days ago
New docs reveal more of DA's criminal case against Arkema
CROSBY, Texas (KTRK) -- Court documents filed Wednesday in Harris County's criminal case against Arkema appear to show the stark differences between how it and another chemical company prepared for Harvey's torrent of rainfall.

Prosecutors filed documents from AkzoNobel's Pasadena plant, including a hurricane preparedness plan, emails that detail the days before and after Hurricane Harvey and packing slips that show the company shipped hundreds of thousands of volatile chemicals to New York before the storm moved in for safekeeping.

Similar to Arkema, Akzo houses chemicals that must be refrigerated at all times or will begin to degrade and catch on fire.

The documents show Akzo plant managers ordered the plant be emptied on Thursday, Aug. 24, twelve hours before Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas.
us_TX  industrial  follow-up  response  other_chemical  illegal 
8 days ago
US manufacturing plant explosions injure four
An explosion on August 6 at the Arconic Fastening Systems plant in Rochester, New York State, created a fireball that left two men with critical injuries, police and fire officials told local news organisations. The blast is thought to have occurred when fluid from a leaky hydraulic press touched an ignition source. 

First responders arrived at the facility to find a 29-year-old man and a 33-year-old man with severe burns, local media reported. The fire department said that three other people received minor injuries from the fireball.

The plant in Rochester produces aircraft engine and industrial gas turbine components, according to the company’s website.
us_NY  industrial  explosion  injury  unknown_chemical 
8 days ago
Industrial activity has left Mahul village in Mumbai with toxic air, polluted water
Residents of Mahul Village are still in shock after Wednesday's explosion at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited's (BPCL) Refinery.
People do not want to live in the vicinity as they fear for their lives now. This is because their health has been deteriorating because of these refineries and chemical factories. The recent blast has only added to the tension.
Local residents are having a tough time daily dealing with toxic air and contaminated water.
Mahul, which is a small village in Mumbai, came in the limelight after an explosion took place here on Wednesday afternoon. Tremors of the explosion were so strong that local residents are still in shock.
In 2015, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) announced Mahul was a highly polluted area however, the BMC still rehabilitated more than 1,000 slums to Mahul.
India  industrial  follow-up  environmental  petroleum 
8 days ago
Three years after Tianjin explosion killed 173 people, filmmaker probes tragedy’s troubling aftermath – Shanghaiist
On the night of August 12th, 2015, a massive chemical explosion ripped through Tianjin’s Binhai New Area district, killing 173 people, injuring hundreds more, and causing an estimated $1.1 billion in damage.

Three years later, with many of the traces of that catastrophic blast fading from public memory, Chinese filmmaker Zhou Na has published a short documentary looking at the aftermath of the tragedy from the perspective of those survivors whose lives will never be the same.

“I have spent three years collecting accounts and examining how survivors and families have coped since that traumatic event,” Zhou writes. “I document the lingering pain, to resist public forgetting and indifference. Hundreds of photographs bear witness to the broken windows, scorched facades, and environmental contamination, attesting to the mass destruction and disruption of the private spaces that were once called home.”
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8 days ago
Playing with fire: Avoiding toxic exposures in structure fires
When property claims adjusters are assigned a fire loss, they are often on scene within hours of the fire being extinguished. The claims process typically begins with the adjuster meeting with the insured, taking photos of the damage, sketching the building layout, writing a repair estimate, compiling an inventory of lost or damaged personal property, and other tasks. This requires adjusters to spend hours and sometimes days walking amongst the ash and fire debris. However, what insurance professionals may not realize is that entering a fire-damaged structure, especially one that has recently been boarded up, can pose a serious health risk.

Although the flames are out, the smoke has cleared, and the fire department has removed the yellow tape, the fire scene is not as safe as one might think. Toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) created by the vast array of materials and products, that burned are in a state of off-gassing, saturating the indoor air with poisonous gases and particulates.

Beware of toxic substances

The combination of the lack of ventilation after a board-up and the toxicity of the combustion byproducts, classifies this environment as immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH). The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) states that a respiratory hazard exists when a toxic contaminant is present in the air at a sufficient concentration to cause harm when inhaled. The damage may occur immediately, or it may take days, weeks, months or years for effects to surface.

The types and quantities of materials and products that combust, their chemical reactions, heat, time and other factors make each post-fire environment unique. The vast array of toxic chemicals, VOCs and particulates are limitless, and exposure to them by inhalation, ingestion or absorption through the skin can have immediate or long-term health effects. Fire investigators know all too well the dangers of post-fire environments and many have been sickened or died from exposure to fire toxins.

One example of this occurred when a fire chief in California walked through a residential fire to assess the damage. A short time later, as he was returning to the fire station, he became ill and his aide transported him to a local hospital. The hazardous material response team was called to the scene and located several glass containers of a substance later identified as liquid sodium cyanide. The chief was transported to a medical facility equipped with a hyperbaric chamber for treatment and fully recovered. Physicians and investigators eventually determined that he had inhaled near-lethal doses of sodium cyanide from a jewelry refinishing business operating from the home.
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9 days ago
Sheffield Road closed after lawn chemical spill due to overturned truck
MANCHESTER, NH – Manchester Fire Department responded to Sheffield Road just before 7 a.m. on Aug. 8 for a rollover accident involving an overturned lawn care truck.

Upon arrival crews found that a TruGreen service truck full of lawn chemicals had overturned on the roadway and the chemicals were spilling onto the roadway.
The spill was located east of 85 Sheffield Road, according to Manchester District Fire Chief James Michael.
The truck was carrying 200 gallons of a pesticide known as bifenthrin, with an initial reported concentration of 7.9 percent. Approximately 50 gallons of the pesticide spilled from the truck when it oveturned. It was determined that the company’s “recipe” for application of bifenthrin was a concentration of .057 percent.
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9 days ago
43 injured in fire at Mumbai oil refinery
At least 43 people were injured in a massive fire that broke out at the Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL) refinery in Mumbai yesterday afternoon, officials said.
The refinery is located at Mahul in Chembur, in the eastern Mumbai suburbs.
According to locals and eyewitnesses, the fire was followed by a loud explosion and a thick black smoke which was visible from several kilometres away.
A BPCL official later said that the fire erupted in the compressor shed of a hydrocracker plant within the plant complex after a leak of an oil-water mixture in an adjoining plant.
“The incident, which occurred around 2.45pm and the resultant raging fire, was initially handled by the BPCL’s in-house firefighters. The affected plant has been shut down, though other operations in the complex are functioning normally,” the official said.
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9 days ago
Orlando office building near airport evacuated after chemical...
ORLANDO, Fla. - A six-story office building near Orlando International Airport was evacuated Wednesday afternoon after roofing chemicals got into the building's ventilation system, according to Orlando Fire Department officials.

Fire officials said the Citadel building at 5850 T G Lee Blvd. was undergoing some roofing work when a chemical bonding agent got into the building's HVAC system.
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9 days ago
Preservatives challenge awards cash prizes
Under the auspices of the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3), a group of consumer product companies, major retailers, and preservative makers have awarded $175,000 in prize money to seven developers of new green preservative technologies.
The challenge, which officially got underway in April 2017, was created to encourage and support development of new preservatives that could be used to prevent microbial growth and spoilage of personal care and household cleaning products. The number of preservatives available to product makers has shrunk in recent years as many ingredients are suspected of being endocrine disruptors, cancer-causing agents, and skin irritants.
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9 days ago
EPA Investigates Contaminated Soil in Burlington's Old North End
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is investigating soil vapors in the Old North End in Burlington after elevated levels of chemicals were detected in a home.

In July, testing at a house on the northern part of Elmwood Avenue revealed two chemicals at levels above federal limits, according to Michael Nahmias, an environmental analyst for the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. The department has not yet found the source, he added.

The chemicals are known as perchloroethylene (PCE) and trichloroethylene (TCE). PCE and TCE are commonly used for dry cleaning and can also be found in cleaning products and grease removers. The neighborhood was formerly home to two dry-cleaning businesses.

Exposure can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness and irritation, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Longterm exposure to PCE can lead to changes in memory and mood, and potentially to cancer.
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10 days ago
Four questions and answers after deadly Bologna truck explosion
A tanker truck exploded after a collision with another truck on Monday afternoon, sending a fireball flying across a busy motorway.

It took place in the Borgo Panigale area, close to Bologna airport, and the entire area was filled with flames and black smoke, with the high temperatures and heavy debris destroying cars at a nearby dealership and smashing windows of nearby buildings.

"I was here (at a nearby restaurant) for work... at a certain point we heard a violent blast, i thought it was a terrorist attack," Marco Rosadini, whose car was trapped under the flyover, told the daily La Repubblica. "After the explosion the roof of the restaurant started to collapse. I looked outside and I felt like I was looking at a wall of fire."
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10 days ago
Firefighters contacted after bucket of rags at paint store starts smoking
Emergency crews are on the scene of a reported fire that turned out to be a minor incident Monday morning.

It happened at the Sherwin Williams paint store on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge.

The store said a bucket of rags used to wipe up paint started smoking, so workers took it outside and contacted authorities.

The St. George Fire Protection District and a hazmat team responded to the scene.
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11 days ago
3 people overcome by fumes from burst pipe at Detroit factory
DETROIT (WJBK) - A burst chemical pipe at a Detroit factory caused a HAZMAT situation Monday.

Three people including two Detroit police officers were rushed to the hospital because of fumes.

"We were scared, we got dressed and we were ready to go," said Charmaine Ford. "Especially when we saw it was a HAZMAT 2 situation."

At about 9 a.m. Monday there was an explosion at Intrastate Distributors right across the street from Ford's house on Exeter Street near State Fair on Detroit's east side.

"It's a distribution company, so you have dry products that come in and then transfer those products from one location to another location," said Lt. Clarence Watts, Detroit Fire Department.

One of those products is Towne Club Soda. The burst pipe caused ammonia to leak at high levels and employees were evacuated.

Two Detroit policers and a 57-year-old male employee taken to an area hospital due to fumes.
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11 days ago
Fire Breaks out in Laboratory Room at Tom Ridge Environmental Center
Firefighters were called to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center to put out a fire in a laboratory room Sunday morning.

It was reported around 5:41 a.m.

An aquarium system caught fire, creating smoke in the east wing of the building, according to West Lake Fire Department.

The fire activated a sprinkler, but firefighters had to extinguish what was left of the fire, the fire department said.

Several turtles and a garpike were rescued.
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11 days ago
Students design bracelet to measure poison air from wildfires
A group of high school students attending the SHAD program at the University of P.E.I. this summer came up with a carbon monoxide bracelet that could save lives in the face of a wilfdfire.

It’s only a prototype, but the design, theory and potential for it was enough to win the top prize for the SHAD product design challenge.

Matias Totz of St. Michaels University School was on the team that came up with the invention, part of the prestigious SHAD residence that promotes academic studies, and careers, in sciences and technology.

The beauty of the bracelet is how simple it is. If you breathe on it, it changes colour to show the user much of the poison is in their body.
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11 days ago
Arkema indicted for fires, chemical releases following Tropical Storm Harvey
A grand jury in Houston indicted Arkema and two of its executives Friday on criminal charges that they “recklessly” failed to prevent fires and releases from a chemical plant near Houston last year during catastrophic flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey.
Reactive organic peroxides decomposed and caught fire after floodwaters knocked out power and disabled refrigeration at Arkema’s Crosby, Texas, plant. The chemicals must be kept cool to remain stable.
In addition to the company, the indictment names Richard Rowe, CEO of Arkema’s North America operations, as well as plant manager Leslie Comardelle. If convicted, Arkema could face $1 million in fines and the executives could face five years in prison.
“Companies don’t make decisions, people do,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, whose office sought the indictment, said in a statement. “Responsibility for pursuing profit over the health of innocent people rests with the leadership of Arkema.”
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11 days ago
Sharps and Latent Shards, Learning from Past Events
As more activities are being released for normal operations, it is important to review past sharps related events. Sharp tools have the potential to contribute to personnel contamination incidents resulting from glovebox glove breaches/punctures. The heightened awareness is necessary to reinforce safety behaviors and practices while performing glovebox work. Proper hazard identification and controls are crucial to the safety of the worker. The sharps hazards include the use of hand tools and portable power tools. Incidental, or latent, sharps may include items that were not intended for cutting but nevertheless have the potential to cause a wound or glove breach with potential contamination and/or nuclear material uptake. This article includes several examples of significant glove breaches that have occurred at LANL's PF-4 facility.
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12 days ago
Acid Splash to Face; Aged and Degraged Container Allowed Liquid to Pool in Secondary Container
A worker felt liquid droplets contact his face when he set down a secondary containment bin containing one-gallon high-density polyethylene bottles of a nitric and hydrofluoric acid solution. A small amount of acidic liquid was observed in the bottom of the secondary transportation bin. One of the containers had a vertical crease on the side of the container that was weeping and was compromised when it was moved. The requirement that waste in a Satellite and Generator Accumulation Area may be stored up to one year does not take into account container degradation for a particular waste stream over time. External forces exerted on the compromised container during transport is believed to have contributed to the pooling liquid.
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12 days ago
Natural gas leak forces evacuations
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Oklahoma Natural Gas is working to fix a cut natural gas line.

Around 9:15 a.m. Saturday morning, fire crews were called when a small cut was made to a natural gas line by a track hoe.

This happened in a neighborhood near NW 122nd and N Rockwell Ave.

Residence in three of the homes closest to the leak were told to evacuate by authorities.
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13 days ago
Barrels Containing Radioactive Chemical Discovered Near Mobile Home Park
BELLFLOWER (CBSLA) – Hazmat crews cleaned up barrels containing a radioactive metallic chemical liquid found in an abandoned building in Bellflower earlier this week, forcing nearby residents to evacuate.

The barrels were discovered in an outbuilding in the 9600 block of East Alondra Boulevard Tuesday.

Environmental Protection Agency officials, along with a Los Angeles County Fire Department hazmat team, responded and determined the barrels contained a chemical known as Thorium 232.

The EPA said the danger is minimal, but determined that while the barrels were being cleaned up, 15 units of a nearby mobile home park needed to be evacuated.
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14 days ago
Five officers taken to hospital after hazmat situation
Pensacola, Florida - PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) - Five Pensacola Police officers were taken to the hospital this morning after being exposed to an unknown substance, original feared to be the highly dangerous drug fentanyl.

Authorities say officers stopped a stolen vehicle around 5 a.m. They found a white powdery substance. Officers took the substance to the police department like they usually would and the package opened.

Authorities say officers started to feel dizzy. The five officers were treated at Baptist Hospital. The Pensacola Police Department closed for three hours while the hazmat team checked the interior. 
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14 days ago
Three people treated for chemical exposure in southwest Wisconsin
DARLINGTON, Wis. (KDTH) -- Three workers at a cheese factory in Darlington were treated at a local hospital after being exposed to a chemical at the plant.

The incident happened at around 7:15 a.m. August 1 at Wisconsin Whey Protein located in the 100 block of Christensen Drive.

The employees were exposed after two cleaning solutions were inadvertently mixed and inhaled by the workers.

They were taken to Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County where they were decontaminated.
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15 days ago
Chemical Hazmat Situation At Silicon Valley Company
SANTA CLARA VALLEY, CA — City of Santa Clara firefighters responded to a hazardous chemical incident at a circuit board manufacturing company this afternoon, according to fire officials. The incident was reported at 1:09 p.m. Thursday at TTM Technologies at 345 Mathew St., according to fire officials. The company is located next to Mineta San Jose International Airport.

Two incompatible chemicals reacted after being mixed during a chemical treatment process, prompting the emergency response, fire officials said.

The hazardous materials team entered the building to assess the situation, and affected employees are being evaluated as a precaution, fire officials said.
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15 days ago
Controlled burn at Akron chemical plant that exploded last month ended early Thursday
Local and state agencies early Thursday morning finished intentionally burning off a chemical where a massive explosion and fire erupted last month at a South Akron chemical plant.

The Akron Fire Department supervised the process at the Emerald Performance Materials plant, which wrapped up about 1 a.m.

The controlled burn involved three tanks of butadiene and lasted about 10 hours, a couple of hours less than expected.

The fire department said the process did not require anyone to be evacuated because they expected no health risks.

Emergency personnel were there throughout the operation and officials monitored air quality.
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15 days ago
Miller Fireworks Recalls Fireworks Due to Violation of Federal Standard; Explosion and Burn Hazards
Name of Product: Fireworks

Hazard: The recalled fireworks are overloaded with pyrotechnics intended to produce an audible effect, violating the federal regulatory requirements for this product. Overloaded fireworks can result in a greater than expected explosion, posing burn and explosion hazards to consumers. The fireworks are banned hazardous substances and are prohibited from being sold under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA).

Remedy: Refund

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled fireworks and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.
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15 days ago
San Francisco moves to ban food containers made with fluorinated chemicals
In what is perhaps a first-of-its-kind action, San Francisco is close to enacting a ban on single-use food containers, such as carryout boxes, that are made with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs).
Many paper-based containers designed for contact with food are coated with fluorochemicals that make them resistant to grease and liquids. San Francisco’s >pending ordinance cites concerns about the persistence of fluorinated substances and their ability to leach from containers into food.
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15 days ago
CSB issues video, factual update of Husky Superior refinery explosion
The U.S. Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) has released a factual update and video animation of an April 2018 explosion and fire at the Husky Superior refinery in Superior, Wis. The incident occurred in the refinery’s fluid catalytic cracking unit at the start of a maintenance shutdown. A mixture of hydrocarbons and oxygen was released and ignited, leading to an explosion that sent debris 61 meters. Some of the debris punctured a large storage tank containing about 8,000 m3 of asphalt, spilling the hot liquid into the refinery. The asphalt caught fire and burned for nine hours. The fire generated potentially toxic smoke and risked compromising other process equipment containing hazardous chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid, used in the alkylation unit. An evacuation notice was issued covering a 5-km radius around the refinery plus a rectangle extending 16 km south. Overall, 36 people sought medical attention, including 11 refinery and contract workers. In its update, CSB offers several scenarios for what might have caused the incident. The agency expects to issue its final causal determination within 18 months.
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15 days ago
Non-recyclable causes fire at Chittenden County recycling facility
fire at Chittenden Solid Waste District’s recycling facility on Monday night highlights the dangers of improper recycling, officials say.

The fire started at around 5 p.m. in a pile of material on the tip floor — where recyclables are “tipped” out of trucks to be sorted — of the district’s material recovery facility (MRF) in Williston, said Jonny Finity, communications manager for the district. The MRF sorts most of northern Vermont’s single stream, or “blue bin,” recyclables.

Although no staff were present at the facility, the alarm system alerted the local fire department, which put out the fire by 6 p.m., said Finity. The fire damaged an exterior wall of the building, but did not create other noticeable damage, he said. The fire department turned off the power until noon Wednesday, when operations resumed.

Finity said the district cannot determine what in the pile of recyclables caused the fire, but said “batteries are a likely suspect.” He noted that lithium batteries have caused fires at the facility before. “We cannot 100 percent control what people put in their recycling,” he said.

There are two classes of people that create problems for the employees sorting recyclables at the MRF, said Finity. “Some people don’t care at all, they’re just looking for a hole to toss their stuff in.”
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16 days ago
OPD: 20 vehicles damaged in Odessa explosion
An explosion late Tuesday night rocked Catalyst Chemical, 12030 E. Highway 158 in Odessa, according to an email from the Odessa Police Department’s public information officer.
The investigation revealed that a fire caused damage to approximately 20 vehicles, including tractor trailers and rigs, said Cpl. Steve LeSueur in an email. About 40 totes of chemicals were destroyed, causing 13,000 to 14,000 gallons to spill.
The responding agencies were Odessa Fire Rescue, Ector County Sheriff’s Office, Ector County Environmental Enforcement, Midland Fire Department, Goldsmith Volunteer Fire Department and Gardendale Volunteer Fire Department.
The cause of the fire was unknown as of Wednesday afternoon. There were no injuries reported.
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16 days ago
Akron OH Firefighters Supervise Controlled Chemical Burn
Aug. 01 -- The Akron Fire Department will supervise the controlled burning of a chemical this afternoon at the site of last month’s explosion and fire at the Emerald Performance Materials plant on West Emerling Avenue.

The chemical, butadiene, which is used at the South Akron plant, will be removed and then burned in a process that will take 24 to 48 hours, the fire department said. Under a best-case scenario, the burn will last 12 hours.

The controlled burn is expected to start at 3 p.m. and will involve disposing of three tanks of the chemical. A fire department spokeswoman on Wednesday said she was unsure how much butadiene will be burned.

No evacuations in the surrounding area will be necessary today, the Akron Fire Department said in a news release.

“No one is confined to their home,” fire department spokeswoman Sierjie Lash said.

While no evacuations are needed, the public will be prevented from getting close to the burn site, Lash said.
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16 days ago
Two injured in chemical incident at Waterford laboratory
Two female employees have been injured in a chemical incident at Sanofi laboratory in Waterford, that occurred on Wednesday afternoon.
At approximately 11.20am a chemical incident occurred at the laboratory, and the emergency services were called to the site.
“Two members of the Waterford site team were injured and brought by ambulance to University Hospital Waterford,” a spokesman for Sanofi labs said.
One of the staff members was admitted for treatment, and the other employee was discharged after a precautionary examination.
It is understood the employee still in hospital was in a serious condition, and may need to be transferred to another hospital in the coming days.
“The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) have also been informed in line with established protocols and a thorough investigation will be conducted,” the spokesman said.
Sanofi are a pharmaceutical manufacturing lab, who also have an office based in Dublin.
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16 days ago
Mercury spill inside Bourne condo prompts hazmat response
BOURNE, Mass. - Bourne firefighters and a hazardous materials team are on the scene of a mercury spill at a condo complex Tuesday night. 

First responders were called around 6 p.m. to 9 Ships Way after a vial of mercury spilled. 
The unit was immediately evacuated and secured.  

Bourne Fire requested a Tier 1 hazmat response. Bourne Fire is part of Department of Fire Services Hazmat District #1, which consists of 110 cities and towns. Each department has firefighters who are trained hazmat technicians. A Tier 1 response calls for 5 firefighters from surrounding cities and towns to respond to the scene. Bourne Fire Chief Norman Sylvester, a hazmat technician, is the incident commander. 

The hazmat team is trying to collect as much of the mercury as possible. 

When spilled, mercury breaks apart in beads instead of clumping in a puddle. These beads can be very tiny, making them hard to find. Mercury also evaporates at room temperature and its fumes do not have a smell, which makes it difficult to detect without sensors or other specialized instruments.

Bourne Fire Deputy Joseph Carrara told Boston 25 News the mercury spilled on a hardwood floor, which is harder to clean up than a tile or linoleum surface. The spaces in the hardwood floors make it harder to remove all of the mercury.  

Mercury can turn into poisonous vapors that can have dangerous health effects, especially for children and pregnant women. 
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17 days ago
One worker sent to hospital after explosion, fire in Wausau labo
WAUSAU (WAOW) - An explosion and fire in a Wausau lab Tuesday sent one worker to the hospital and fire investigators identified magnesium as one of the chemicals involved.

The small explosion and fire happened about 11 a.m. during a chemical process being done in a laboratory at Dietary Pros Inc., a company on Wausau's west side that makes dietary supplements, according to the Wausau Fire Department.

Battalion Chief Alan Antolik said smoke was coming from the side of the building when crews arrived. All workers were evacuated.

Fire officials and Wausau police remained on the scene for hours, monitoring air quality, removing some of the products and chemicals and talking to workers.

Investigators say they don't know exactly what went wrong in the laboratory. Magnesium, an abundant mineral in the body, is naturally present in many foods, added to other food products, available as a dietary supplement and present in some medicines, such as antacids and laxatives.
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17 days ago
DuPont to pay $3.1 million penalty for Texas accident
DuPont will pay a $3.1 million civil penalty under an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Justice for violations of EPA’s risk management program (RMP) provisions. The violations led to an accident that killed four workers in Texas in late 2014.
The accident occurred when nearly 11,000 kg of methyl mercaptan were released at a pesticide manufacturing unit at DuPont’s La Porte plant. Because of a series of maintenance errors, a jerry-rigged piping system transferred the flammable and toxic compound to plant areas where it should not have been. Two unsuspecting workers died when they attempted to clear a vent that they didn’t realize contained methyl mercaptan; two others died when coming to their aid.
According to EPA’s complaint, DuPont’s actions violated 22 separate provisions of the Clean Air Act’s RMP. The alleged violations include failing to develop and implement written operating procedures, adequately implement management of change procedures, and implement safe work practices. The citations also include alleged violations of mechanical integrity regulations.
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17 days ago
EPA’s ENTACT Study Breaks New Ground with Non-Targeted Research
EPA scientists are leading a multi-phase project to evaluate the ability of non-targeted analysis laboratory methods to consistently and correctly identify unknown chemicals in samples. EPA’s Non-Targeted Analysis Collaborative Trial (ENTACT) was formed in late 2015 and includes nearly 30 academic, government, and industry groups. Non-targeted analysis involves analyzing water, soil and other types of samples to identify unknown chemicals that may be present, without having a preconceived idea of what chemicals may be in the samples.
“One of our main goals is to figure out what scientists are doing with non-targeted analysis as a group at large, particularly which chemicals we correctly identify and why,” says Elin Ulrich, an EPA scientist who co-leads ENTACT with EPA’s Jon Sobus.
ENTACT samples
To conduct the study, the ENTACT team used about 1,200 chemical substances from EPA’s ToxCast library to make 10 liquid mixtures containing 100-400 compounds each. Three types of samples were also used in the study: house dust, human serum (a component of blood), and silicone wristbands. The samples were each spiked with one of the 10 liquid mixtures.
The dust and serum samples were obtained from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and are certified standard reference materials. Oregon State University prepared the wristbands by uniformly exposing them to outdoor air to allow them to absorb airborne environmental pollutants.
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18 days ago
Four injured in chemical spill at Hillsboro American Crystal plant
HILLSBORO, N.D.—Four people were injured this weekend at the American Crystal Sugar factory in Hillsboro after chemicals accidentally spilled from a tank.

Emergency crews responded shortly after 8:30 a.m. Saturday to the sugar plant 2 miles north of Hillsboro. American Crystal workers were pumping nitric acid from a chemical container into a tank inside the plant when a fitting on the pump failed, Traill County Sheriff Steve Hunt said. Nitric acid spilled from the pump, sending four workers to the hospital, Hunt said.

The workers were taken to Sanford Hillsboro Medical Center by private vehicle but were released shortly after medical staff determined the injuries were minor, Hunt said.
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18 days ago
OSHA Issues Citations, Fines In Fatal Towboat Blast
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited five contractors for safety and health violations after three contract employees were killed and two others critically injured in an explosion January 19 onboard the mv. William Strait, which was docked at the time on the Tennessee River in Calvert City, Ky. The five companies collectively received notices of 55 violations, with proposed penalties totaling $795,254.

OSHA cited ship repair contractor First Marine LLC; insulation contractor Thermal Control & Fabrication Inc.; temporary staffing companies Hutco Inc. and Day Help LLC (doing business as Wise Staffing Group); and blasting and painting contractor Joe Rupcke. First Marine has been placed in the agency’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

OSHA’s investigation determined that the explosion occurred when employees were cutting and welding in an atmosphere containing flammable gases. OSHA issued citations for failing to test confined spaces before entry; failure to train workers on confined space entry operations; failure to label chemical containers; exposing employees to asphyxiation, fire, explosion, chemical, trip and drowning hazards; and allowing hot work/welding to be performed without testing for an explosive atmosphere.

First Marine’s fines totaled $639,857. The company had 17 out of 24 violations labeled “serious.” The first listed was use of a forced-air propane heater in the engineroom that produced carbon monoxide fumes. OSHA recommended prohibiting such heaters aboard vessels in the future. First Marine was also cited for not properly labeling hazardous mateirals; it had been previously cited for this in 2015.
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18 days ago
Crews clear chemical leak off Airline Highway; evacuated residents allowed to return home
BATON ROUGE - Crews are responding to reports of a tanker leaking a gaseous chemical near a trailer park Monday.

The leak was reported just after noon Monday near the intersection of Airline Highway and Evangeline Street. Authorities say residents are being evacuated from the nearby Once Around trailer park as HazMat officers work to clear the pressurized tanker truck leaking acrylamide 50, a mixed chemical.
us_LA  transportation  release  response  other_chemical 
18 days ago
EPA settles with DuPont on safety issues related to Texas mishap that killed 4
The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice have entered into a Stipulation of Settlement with DuPont to address alleged accident prevention violations at its former La Porte, TX chemical manufacturing facility.

DuPont will pay a $3.1 million civil penalty. The company, now known as DowDuPont,shut down the plant.

“Accidental releases of methyl mercaptan can be extremely dangerous,” said EPA Region 6 Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Director Cheryl Seager. “This settlement ensures the rule of law is being followed by DuPont and emphasizes the importance of implementing risk management programs to protect our communities and our workers.”

On November 15, 2014, an incident occurred and nearly 24,000 pounds of methyl mercaptan was released within the Lannateunit at its La Porte, Texas facility. Methyl mercaptan is a highly toxic, highly flammable chemical that can cause asphyxiation. The release resulted in the deaths of four persons inside the Lannate manufacturing building. The four employees died from a combination of asphyxia and acute exposure to methyl mercaptan.
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18 days ago
Several employees taken to hospital following reported ammonia leak at Birds Eye in Darien
Walworth County authorities say 15 people have been taken to a local hospital after they were exposed to an ammonia leak in the Bird's Eye Food plant in Darien this morning. At this time there is no information on the type of injuries suffered or the conditions of the employees.

Walworth County Sheriff Kurt Picknell said the leak was reported around 5:15 AM Sunday. He said there were 140 employees in the plant at the time of the leak. Besides the 15 injured employees, Sheriff Picknell said 75 employees were evaluated at the scene and determined to be okay.

According to Sheriff Picknell, the ammonia leak occurred in one area of the building. The cause of the leak has not been determined, said Sheriff Picknell. Ammonia, he said, is used for refrigeration in the plant.

About 100 emergency personnel from multiple agencies responded to the early morning hazmat call. Sheriff Picknell said crews are going through the building now to determine when it will be safe to return. He said there was no fire and the leak posed no threat to the community.
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19 days ago
Cleveland Fire Department releases new information about gas lea
The Cleveland Fire Department released more information about Thursday's gas leak on West 150th Street and Puritas Avenue.

The fire department said crews uncovered a line, the line broke apart at the seam.

Investigators said they are in the process of replacing all the lines over there.

Cleveland first responders and utility workers rushed to a major gas leak Thursday on Cleveland's West Side.

The leak was detected in the area of West 150th Street and Puritas Avenue
us_OH  public  release  response  natural_gas 
19 days ago
State of emergency in west Michigan, local rep. pushes for chemical ban
(WJBK) - The state of emergency is freeing up resources to find the source of the harmful manufacturing chemical known as PFAS which has gotten into the drinking water. Samples show levels 20 times what is considered acceptable.

About three thousand people in Parchment and Copper Township in Kalamazoo County are affected by the state of emergency. A drinking water ban is currently in effect.  

Last Thursday, water testing revealed levels of PFAS were 20 times what is considered acceptable by federal guidelines.

Residents have been told not to drink or cook with their tap water and instead drink only bottled water. The state is funneling in bottled water and other resources. 

“So how bad is this epidemic that we have, and how far does it go throughout our state,” Peter Lucido said.

State Representative Peter Lucido nearly two hundred miles away in Harrison is calling for the substance to be banned all together.
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19 days ago
Two years on, committee proposals for Dombivali factory blast still on paper
It has been almost two years since the Probase chemical company blast took place in Dombivali, which killed 12 and injured over 200 people and one year since the inquiry committee submitted its report and recommendations to the government. Apart from compensating the dead and the injured, none of the recommendations have been implemented yet. 

On May 26, 2016 a blast took place at Probase chemical company in Dombivali’s MIDC area. The explosion was due to a huge stock of Propargyl chloride which got ignited due to sparks from on-going welding work in the company’s premises. It not only affected those working in and around the company, but also the residential area which is hardly 100 metres away.

An inquiry committee under the chairmanship of Thane Collector Dr Mahendra Kalyankar submitted its report in July 2017 and made several recommendations. Some of the recommendations made by the committee include shifting the chemical companies in Dombivali to a designated zone. Other recommendations include creating a buffer zone between major accident hazard companies and residential areas.
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19 days ago
Gas leak erupts fire at chemical lab
COLOMBO (News 1st) – A fire erupted this morning (July 28)  at a Chemical Laboratory located at a construction site of the Wattala – Kerawalapitiya expressway.

The Fire Service Department at the Colombo Municipal Council said, three fire engines were dispatched, adding that the fire has now been contained.

According to the Colombo Municipal Council, the fire had erupted at around 9:30 this morning as a result of a gas leak.
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20 days ago
Activist questions transparency of nuclear plant officials after chemical leak
COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) -- Environmental activist Tom Clements with the group Friends of the Earth questions how transparent officials with the Westinghouse Nuclear plant are being with people who live close by. People who live there said they haven't been notified about any safety concerns after a uranium leak.
One of the biggest concerns of Clements is the long-term effects uranium could have on the environment. "I haven’t learned anything over the past days since we learned about this incident about how much material was released how long it had been leaking into the soil under the plant,” Clements said.
Officials reported to DHEC that a large amount of uranium leaked through a 3-inch hole and seeped 6 feet into the soil underneath the plant. Uranium is known to cause long-term kidney damage and respiratory problems.
Right now, officials with DHEC said the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is in charge of inspecting the plant. Roger Hannah said NRC inspectors plan to visit the facility in the fall. "At this point, we are confident that the leak is localized to that area there was no exposure to plant workers and there appear to be no environmental consequences at this point," Hannah said. "The amount of material and the size of the leak did not meet the safety thresh hold that we would have reported to the NRC."
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20 days ago
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