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Come trattare osti e camerieri al ristorante, secondo osti e camerieri
Porgere il piatto quando si ha finito oppure no? Beh, ci sono cose peggiori in sala. Ce lo siamo fatti raccontare proprio da quelli che vedono tutto in un ristorante.
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California Cuisine, Long Before Chez Panisse
Dinners start with an informal lecture from Vincent Medina, while his partner, Louis Trevino, who belongs to the Rumsen Ohlone community from the Carmel Valley, plates the food.
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Mera Kitchen Collective in Baltimore
Mera Kitchen Collective is a community-driven, food-based cooperative focused on empowerment of refugee and immigrant women by tapping into their passion for cooking, self-expression and creating community.

We love Baltimore. We also recognize that policies and systems can create structural barriers that make it harder for some individuals to gain access to resources and opportunities -- and easier for others. Our goal as a collective is to amplify the skills and passion of our newest neighbors.

Mera Kitchen Collective hosts pop-up events, and we offer catering services and cooking classes throughout Baltimore City. Our events are hosted in private homes and restaurants, and each event showcases the story and cuisine of a different chef. Mera's chefs come from all over the world and are here seeking refuge; they are eager to put their skills back to use to re-establish an independent, sustainable livelihood. We hope to connect you with our chefs and our chefs with their local community.

Mera Kitchen Collective is a worker-owned cooperative - each chef has ownership in our enterprise that we built together. This allows for each individual to not only strengthen their culinary expertise, but also build equity and have a voice in the operations. Our proceeds go to our chefs, their families, and to support refugees in Baltimore.

Why 'Mera Kitchen'? We chose the name Mera Kitchen because it contains the Greek word meraki, which has no direct English translation. Both a verb and an adverb, it connotes that someone is doing an activity — like cooking — with complete care, devotion, and attention to the task at hand. In a world where our attention is often divided, we believe that there is immeasurable beauty and power in the collective act of creating and sharing food made with love.
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Louie’s Bookstore Cafe is Having a Reunion
The popular dining spot, which was open on Charles Street from 1981 to 1998, is the subject of a pair of art exhibits at the Creative Alliance that will run from March 16 to April 13, providing former patrons and employees an opportunity to get together again.

The first one, in the main gallery downstairs, will be “Jimmy Rouse: The Past Ten Years.” It’s a collection of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures by Rouse, who owned and operated Louie’s while also working as a visual artist. Rouse named the restaurant after his first son. The second show, upstairs in the Amalie Rothschild Gallery, is “Louie’s Bookstore and Café: Back on the Wall” and will contain work by 25 artists who were featured over the years at Louie’s, one of the first restaurants locally to exhibit art for sale on a rotating basis.
Louie's had such a strong following that there is even today a Facebook page devoted to it and its alums, Louie’s Bookstore and Café Goes Global: https://www.facebook.com/groups/22145798990/
Rouse, a son of legendary developer James W. Rouse, helped Creative Alliance track down the artists. He said the exhibits at Louie’s lasted six weeks, and he figures more than 100 artists showed their work there over the years.
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Splinter: The Racist History of...
Medicine, Immigration, Loitering, Chinese Restaurants, and more
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Antonio Restaurant in Seoul
Two Italian brothers, Antonio and Rodolfo Patella, make sure their dishes remain the finest in Seoul.
Price range: 15,000 won and up
Location: Cheongdam-dong
Telephone: (02) 3443-4333
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Rodolfo Patella on Linked In
CEO of Antonio's: 2008-2010
Owner and CEO of Il Sole (in Kangnam): 2010-present
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Attrarre investimenti la Puglia assolda otto imprenditori
Rodolfo Patella è nato a Castellaneta quarantaquattro anni fa. A Seul, nella Corea del Sud, è general manager di una importante società di importazione di prodotti destinati alla ristorazione e alla moda. Non ha mai dimenticato la sua Puglia: nel cuore della capitale asiatica dirige un ristorante italiano, che organizza degustazioni di specialità enogastronomiche del tacco dello stivale. Sarà lui, insieme ad altri otto imprenditori provenienti da tutto il mondo, a promuovere una rete di nuove relazioni imprenditoriali, che diano alla Puglia un nuovo slancio verso l'internazionalizzazione. Attrarre investimenti: è questo infatti l'obiettivo del progetto "Apulia Attraction", l'iniziativa voluta dalla Regione e rivolta a manager e imprenditori di origine pugliese residenti all'estero.
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Photo of Rodolfo ("Rudy") Patella with his daughter in Seoul
This is Rudy, one of the owners of Antonio, the restaurant where my recent food photos were taken. Interesting story about Rodolfo Patella: He used to be a professional Ballet Dancer. He toured all over the world, first came to Korea in 1988 I believe (way before there were any foreign English Teachers here). He was a member of the Atlanta Ballet for years before moving to Korea. He is a good man, with a great restaurant. Go check it out.
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Rodolfo Patella of the Antonio Vinoteca Ristorante Italiano in Seoul, South Korea
Mr. Patella, a former ballet dancer, who has toured the world extensively in his formative years, speaks nearly six different international languages, including his own native Italian, English and Korean. Rodolfo Patella took over the position, as CEO at Antonio Vinotec Ristorante, from his brother Antonio Patella, a few months back, and he is also fully conversant in the language of wine to assist diners in their choice of wine.
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F.i.co: dove il ruolo del pubblico è compiacere il capitale privato
Il 15 Novembre, con una pomposa celebrazione con tutti i membri dell'élite polico-industriale del nostro paese, ha aperto i battenti a Bologna Fabbrica Italiana Contadina: la Disneyland del cibo. Abbiamo chiesto di commentare questa apertura e il suo significato a Wolf Bukowski, autore de La Danza delle Mozzarelle e attivo nel movimento Genuino Clandestino .

Fico è un insieme di negozi, ristoranti e spazi espositivi sulla scorta del modello Eataly, un'opera gigantesca (100 mila metri quadri), con un portato simbolico e materiale molto pesante e un impatto ecologio devastante. Fico è espressione massima del potere di Oscar Farinetti e delle Coop all’interno del settore alimentare.
Bologna  Italy  Food  Capitalism  FICO  Eataly  Restaurants  Italian  Wolf  Bukowski 
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Best Italian Restaurants in the East Bay
Trattoria La Siciliana
Riva Cucina
Food  Italy  Oakland  Berkeley  East  Bay  Italian  Restaurants 
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SF is losing its quality inexpensive restaraunts
On the other hand, San Francisco’s appetite—and budget—for high-priced fine dining spots is solid. Restaurants like Saison, where a dinner can cost $1,000, and Benu, where a tasting menu starts at $285, continue to be packed. In fact, the list might be expanding: We’ll find out on Oct. 12, when Michelin announces their San Francisco star list.
SF  Food  Restaurants  Gentrification 
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Nato Green - Dinnertime for democracy or wage hikes and the death of restaurants
2015 SF Examiner feature by Nato Green: Source’s menu featured “organic locally-sourced 100% vegetarian food prepared with love.” Love perhaps, but not justice. It’s tough getting Source’s signature dosadillas right. If only Source cared as much about busboys’ health as which global culture’s wrap they poached.
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february 2015 by dbourn
Cliff House, and SF's history of dining out
2013 feature by Bob Holloway, Curator, Golden Gate National Recreation Area
SF  Cliff  House  History  Restaurants  Food 
june 2013 by dbourn

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