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Upper Chesapeake Bay Pride
Join us at the 1st Annual Upper Chesapeake Bay Pride Festival!

Saturday, June 22, 2019
3:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Concord Point
Havre de Grace, Maryland
for art, music, food, and culture at the area’s only PRIDE festival!

Sponsors still welcome.

Allied Showcase – Meet our friends and allies who will be offering free activities, information or goods for sale in a field of outdoor exhibits!
Live music, performances & DJ on stage all day! Click here to see Stage Performance schedule
Promenade on the Promenade – Show your PRIDE. Celebrate life and love as you walk in our region’s first pride parade.
Drag Queen Performances
Art Demonstrations & Family Friendly Activities
Local Fare & Food Trucks
Face Painting Sponsored by Gabe Smith Tattoos and Hannah Ezell
FREE Mom Hugs!
Queer  MD  Pride  Have  De  Grace  Harford  County  Activism 
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Baltimore Black Paper
The Baltimore Black Paper's purpose is to support efforts to bring about a new \ vision of the city that is less tied up in standard ideas of development, which focus narrowly on entrepreneurialism and top-down creative solutions, and more tied up in ideas that increase the capacity of Baltimoreans to exert their fundamental right to the city, and all that such a right should convey. And we believe it can best fulfill this purpose not by acting as a blueprint for specific actions or approaches that we expect everyone to follow, but by giving any other interested organizers and activists on the ground a shared vision of the interrelatedness of political tendencies for any other interested organizers and activists on the ground to use, to orient or coordinate their individual projects. What’s happened to Freddie Gray, Tyrone West, and by extension Korryn Gaines, is deeply related to what’s going on with young people trying to gain access to education or jobs, or what’s going on in Port Covington, which is likewise deeply related to Baltimore’s relationship to its (segregated) arts community.
Baltimore  Whites  Blacks  Racism  History  Activism  MD 
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Bisexuals and AIDS
Learn about how bi men were blamed for the epidemic by both straight and gay people, and especially for its “leap” to those innocent straight people.

Learn about how Newsweek publicly blamed bi men for the epidemic in 1987, calling them “the ultimate pariahs” and “amoral and duplicitous and compulsive.” How Cosmo did the same two years later, promoting the popular stereotype of bi men as dishonest spreaders of AIDS.

Learn about how bisexual activists like David Lourea and Cynthia Slater were at the cutting edge of safer sex education, bringing it into bathhouses and BDSM clubs in San Francisco in 1981, when doctors were still calling it “a rare gay cancer”. Or like Alexei Guren, in Florida, organizing healthcare outreach to Latino married men who have sex with men.

Learn about how it took two years of campaigning to get even the San Francisco Department of Public Health to recognize bisexual men in their official AIDS statistics (the weekly “New AIDS cases and mortality statistics” report),

Learn about the women who got HIV, both cis and trans, who often had no resources or support. And the incredibly high risk trans women faced for HIV even in the late 1990s, and how difficult it still was for them to access healthcare.

Learn about how bisexual activists like Venetia Porter, of the Prostitute’s Union of Massachusetts and COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics), were the ones who first advocated for both cis and trans women, and injection drug users, with AIDS.

Learn about how Cynthia Slater, who by then was HIV-positive, organized the first Women’s HIV/AIDS Information Switchboard in 1985. About how bi activist Liz Highleyman started one of the first needle exchanges in the US in 1991, and bi author/activist Lani Ka'ahumanu and Cianna Stewart started the Safer Sex Sluts to do safer sex outreach to young high-risk lesbian and bi women in 1992.

Learn about how bisexuals are still erased from HIV/AIDS history. How frequently we are told that we were not affected by the epidemic, that we are less oppressed as a result, that we did not participate in this movement or in the larger movement for gay rights. That we were not demonized, that only gay men were disowned or refused cemetery plots for having AIDS. How our erasure is used against us.
Bi  Bisexual  Queer  AIDS  History  Activism 
december 2018 by dbourn
Cursed: witches are planning a public hexing of Brett Kavanaugh
A coven of witches will gather in an occult bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday to place a hex on the supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh. Tickets to the event, which cost $10, with half the proceeds going to women’s and LGBT charities, have already sold out.

The event is not out of the ordinary for Catland Books, which describes itself as “Brooklyn’s premier metaphysical boutique and event space”. They have previously held ceremonies to hex Donald Trump as well as a “hex your ex” ceremony on Valentine’s Day.
Bracciale says that the store also organises more traditional protests and voter registration drives, but using the language of occult has been more effective in riling up their opponents. “It strikes fear into the heart of Christian fundamentalists. That’s one of the reasons that we do it. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. We don’t subscribe to this bullshit, pacifist, love and light, everybody just get along thing. If you want to hijack the country, if you want to steal the election, if you want to overturn Roe v Wade, if you want to harm people who are queer, well guess what, we’re not doing civility. If you’re going to be these awful bullies, you have to understand someone is going to punch you back and it might as well be a bunch of witches from Brooklyn.”
Some have been critical of those declaring themselves witches, claiming that the subculture is based more on consumerism than spiritualism. But Bracciale differentiates what happens in the bookstore from more basic witches.

“I don’t recognise the supposed witchcraft of $80-Lulu-Lemon-Yoga-pant-wearing white women with chai lattes who rub crystals on themselves, read The Secret and send out good thoughts into the universe. To me that’s not witchcraft. Witchcraft has a deeply rooted history as a tool of resistance and resilience, to survive oppression, disenfranchisement, and being an outcast of society.”
NYC  Witches  Activism  Politics  Magic  Brooklyn 
october 2018 by dbourn
Young Americans are Turning to Witchcraft for Spiritual Connection
Witches are real and their ranks are growing. Amid the rise in political activism across the country, young American women have been drawn to witchcraft as a sign of feminism and community building. Salem, Massachusetts, is engrained in the mythos of witches and draws many women curious about the movement. Some of these witches come from families that have practiced witchcraft for generations, while others are new to the world of spells. But one thing they all have in common: they see it as a feminist practice.
Salem  MA  Witches  Activism 
october 2018 by dbourn
How to Increase (and Sustain) Your Political Engagement
1. Choose political actions that fit your identity
2. Take action with others
3. Engage in political actions that make you feel good
4. Take advantage of winning momentum
Applying behavioral science to political engagement offers a new perspective through which to identify and address the many obstacles that citizens face in sustaining meaningful political participation. By considering the social, emotional, and psychological factors that influence political engagement, we can develop better tools to help everyday citizens improve the political system.
Activism  Psychology 
august 2018 by dbourn
James Baldwin - An Open Letter to My Sister Miss Angela Davis (1970)
Or, to put it another way, as long as white Americans take refuge in their whiteness—for so long as they are unable to walk out of this most monstrous of traps—they will allow millions of people to be slaughtered in their name, and will be manipulated into and surrender themselves to what they will think of—and justify—as a racial war. They will never, so long as their whiteness puts so sinister a distance between themselves and their own experience and the experience of others, feel themselves sufficiently human, sufficiently worthwhile, to become responsible for themselves, their leaders, their country, their children, or their fate. They will perish (as we once put it in our black church) in their sins—that is, in their delusions. And this is happening, needless to say, already, all around us.
James  Baldwin  Angela  Davis  Blacks  Activism  Whites  Racism  Vietnam  War  1970  1970s 
august 2018 by dbourn
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience is the only global network of historic sites, museums and memory initiatives that connect past struggles to today’s movements for human rights. We turn memory into action.
Public  History  Activism  Museums 
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How to Participate in Politics
How to Vote
How to Lobby Lawmakers
How to Show Up
How to Talk About Politics
How to Give Money
How to Run for Office
Ian  Prasad  Philbrick  David  Leonhardt  Politics  Activism 
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Salem's Witching Hour Political Action Calendar
It’s subject to change depending on the news and needs of our city, nation, and the world, but better to make a plan and then deviate when necessary, right?

If you see something you’d like to get more involved in, lead, or help plan please reach out!

Each meeting will be on the first Wednesday of the month from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.
Salem  Witches  Politics  Activism  MA 
march 2018 by dbourn
Hours of Lectures by Michel Foucault: Recorded in English & French Between 1961 and 1983
Tucked in the afterward of the second, 1982 edition of Hubert Dreyfus and Paul Rabinow’s Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics, we find an important, but little-known essay by Foucault himself titled “The Subject and Power.” Here, the French theorist offers what he construes as a summary of his life’s work: spanning 1961’s Madness and Civilization up to his three-volume, unfinished History of Sexuality, still in progress at the time of his death in 1984. He begins by telling us that he has not been, primarily, concerned with power, despite the word’s appearance in his essay’s title, its arguments, and in nearly everything else he has written. Instead, he has sought to discover the “modes of objectification which transform human beings into subjects.”

This distinction may seem abstruse, a needlessly wordy matter of semantics. It is not so for Foucault. In key critical difference lies the originality of his project, in all its various stages of development. “Power,” as an abstraction, an objective relation of dominance, is static and conceptual, the image of a tyrant on a coin, of Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan seated on his throne.
Foucault  Philosophy  Activism  Queer  France  Ethics  Post-Structuralism 
february 2018 by dbourn
Profile of John Stuban, queer activist in Baltimore
AIDS activist John Stuban's grating, gravelly voice disrupts meetings, dominates public demonstrations and spears City Council members, political appointees, doctors and friends alike with the precision and sometimes the pain of a dart hitting its target.

Since 1987, when Mr. Stuban whirled into town from New York, a cyclone of anger and outrage at what he decried as discrimination against people infected with HIV, those involved locally in AIDS programs have, like it or not, listened.

As founder of ACT UP Baltimore, a member of the Greater Baltimore HIV Planning Council and chairman of the city's People With AIDS Coalition, the 37-year-old's jeans-clad figure sometimes seems to be everywhere at once.
John  Stuban  Baltimore  Queer  AIDS  Activism  ACT  UP 
january 2018 by dbourn
Biblioteca Vivente
Nata in Danimarca negli anni Ottanta è un metodo innovativo per promuovere il dialogo, ridurre i pregiudizi e favorire la comprensione reciproca.
È riconosciuta dal Consiglio d’Europa come buona prassi per il dialogo interculturale e come strumento di promozione dei diritti umani.
Consente di affrontare gli stereotipi e sfidare i pregiudizi più comuni in modo positivo e costruttivo.
Nella realtà, infatti, le categorie non esistono, esistono solo le persone con le loro storie personali, le loro scelte e i motivi che le hanno determinate.
Grazie a Biblioteca Vivente, i “lettori” possono entrare in contatto con persone con le quali nella quotidianità non avrebbero occasione di confrontarsi.
Libraries  Activism  Racism  Queer  Italy  Italian 
december 2017 by dbourn
White Marxism: A Critique of Jacobin Magazine
As long as the emergent Jacobin-centred public sphere refuses to seriously engage with what they have derisively termed “identity” politics, it will alienate the most vital sections of a twenty-first century Marxist coalition and repeat the mistakes made by white socialist movements in the Western core throughout the twentieth century. As I will discuss in the conclusion, both Corbynism in the UK, and the Jacobin-centred public sphere more broadly, have much to gain from a serious engagement with what the latter have derisively termed “identitarian Leftism”. Foregrounding the histories, victories, and struggles of indigenous, Black, queer, feminist, disabilities, and migrant movements and how they have successfully theorized and contested patriarchal, racial, capitalist, and imperialist hierarchies only deepens a socialist analysis and ensures that the failures of exclusionary, one-dimensional forms of organising are not repeated.
Socialism  Marx  Marxism  White  Whites  Jacobin  Activism 
october 2017 by dbourn
Siamo stati a una 'Festa Antispecista'
L'antispecismo militante, in Italia e nel resto del mondo, si pone un fine: dilvulgare una riflessione politica, filosofica e culturale sulla necessità di sradicare lo specismo dalla società occidentale, storicamente fondata sull'antropocentrismo. Come ogni presa di posizione che si interfacci con la realtà politica di una data società, vive dell'intersezione con ciò che le minoranze di quest'ultima portano avanti in termini di autodeterminazione e liberazione.
Activism  Italian  Animal  Rights  Milano 
september 2017 by dbourn
Jason Hickel and Martin Kirk - Are You Ready to Consider that Capitalism is the Real Problem?
There is an imperative to grow GDP, everywhere, year on year, at a compound rate, even though we know that GDP growth, on its own, does nothing to reduce poverty or to make people happier or healthier. Global GDP has grown 630% since 1980, and in that same time, by some measures, inequality, poverty, and hunger have all risen. People want health care and education to be social goods, not market commodities, so we can choose to put public goods back in public hands. People want the fruits of production and the yields of our generous planet to benefit everyone, rather than being siphoned up by the super-rich, so we can change tax laws and introduce potentially transformative measures like a universal basic income. People want to live in balance with the environment on which we all depend for our survival; so we can adopt regenerative agricultural solutions and even choose, as Ecuador did in 2008, to recognize in law, at the level of the nation’s constitution, that nature has “the right to exist, persist, maintain, and regenerate its vital cycles.”
Jason  Hickel  Martin  Kirk  Capitalism  Socialism  Activism  Economics 
july 2017 by dbourn
Queer Italia In Rete (QuIR)
Su Twitter: https://twitter.com/queeritalia?lang=en
Il Queer Italia Network/la Queer Italia Rete-che gioca con la sintassi italiana e utilizza l'acronimo QuIR-è finanziato da una borsa erogata dall' Arts and Humanities Research Council (Ahrc). Il nostro obiettivo principale è costruire una rete internazionale di studios*, attivist* e artist*, che analizzino in maniera produttiva le sessualità, le identità, le culture, gli studi e le politiche queer in Italia, e stabilire scambi e collaborazioni tra studios* e chi lavora fuori dell’ambito universitario.
Italian  Queer  Italy  Italy  Queer  Activism 
july 2017 by dbourn
Turning away from street protests, Black Lives Matter tries a new tactic in the age of Trump
Activists say they’re no less aware of those statistics than in years past. But like most of the political left, they were stunned by Trump’s electoral victory in November, and in the months since, they’ve grappled with the role of an anti-racism movement at a time when political threats to other groups — immigrants, Muslims and women — have gained urgency and pushed more progressives into the streets in protest.
BLM  Alicia  Garza  Activism  Politics 
may 2017 by dbourn
Alicia Garza on the state of BLM
Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza gave a keynote speech at Campbell Hall last Wednesday for UC Santa Barbara’s BLM Week, discussing the grassroot’s origins and “unwarranted reputation and myths” about the movement. She said the U.S. needs “really courageous white people” to realize white supremacy does exist, adding that economic struggles are national concerns.

“White folks need this movement,” she said. “They’re being fed a lie, too.”
BLM  Alicia  Garza  UCSB  Activism  Politics 
may 2017 by dbourn
Richmond, CA - How to Turn Neighborhoods Into Hubs of Resilience
The first step was to activate community power. A coalition of local nonprofits including the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), the Richmond Progressive Alliance, and Faith-Works brought residents together to devise solutions to community problems.

The coalition organized forums and rallies, held regular learning institutes for decision-makers, and encouraged public participation at planning commission meetings. In this way, residents reshaped their city’s General Plan to make Richmond less reliant on Chevron. The new General Plan emphasizes green industries, anti-displacement policies, and better mass transit systems. Now, the coalition is at work translating the plan into projects, programs, and laws. At the same time, the Our Power campaign in Richmond is working to build community control over essential resources, such as food, land, water, and energy. Our Power partners with Cooperation Richmond, a local co-op incubator and loan fund that helps low-income residents create their own cooperatively owned businesses. The group holds the annual Our Power Festival, which brings together residents, small businesses, and the public sector to envision a transition to local energy management.

Despite this groundswell of community organizing, Chevron continued to hold sway on the City Council. So the organizers switched to electoral tactics to supporting progressive candidates who would stand up to the oil giant. And it worked. In 2014, despite millions of dollars invested in the election by Chevron, residents voted in candidates aligned with community values and renewable energy.

“Winning political power, especially in this political moment, is critical for communities at the intersection of poverty and pollution,” says APEN Action executive director Miya Yoshitani. “If we are going to win back our democracy from the hands of corporations, and win the powerful vision we have for living local economie
Richmond  CA  Activism 
april 2017 by dbourn
Maximillian Alvarez - The Accidental Elitist: Academia is too important to be left to academics
One positive thing I see at this conference panel filled with unending streams of disciplinary jargon is proof that deeply critical and sophisticated communities can emerge out of specialized languages that were, at different points, new to everyone in the room. The learning and using of these languages expanded the critical capacities of everyone in this room, which is the power of language and culture itself, not of specialized academic terms alone. But academics, by profession, have far more practice in it than most people. That same creative spirit of learning, the same strength for using different cultural and conceptual material to build communities and stances that are, from the start, critical and demanding—this, more than any specific terms, traditions, or specialized knowledge, is what academics in general bring to the fight.
Maximillian  Alvarez  Academia  Activism 
april 2017 by dbourn
DiDi Delgado - Whites Only: SURJ and the Caucasian Invasion of Racial Justice Spaces
Last fall, the Charlotte chapter of SURJ disbanded and released a statement. The statement, unlike other initiatives and calls-to-action from SURJ, was shared so widely among Black organizers. Sex worker and activist, Laura LeMoon, put it best when she wrote, “An ally should be personally gaining NOTHING through their activism. In fact, if you are an ally, you should be losing things through your activism; space, voice, recognition, validation, identity and ego.” You cannot be a member of an oppressive group without inflicting harm on those you oppress. The objective for allies should be to inflict as little harm as possible. And the way to do this is through accountability. If there’s one thing white people DON’T need, it’s more spaces reserved for their comfort at the expense and exclusion of people of color. I’d suggest focusing on pre-existing white spaces: their homes, their office buildings, and every other space designed exclusively with them in mind. By creating bubbles within white supremacy where it’s “safe” to practice anti-racism, we’re implying there are places where racism can remain unchallenged. I believe a big reason many organizers are reluctant to criticize white anti-racism groups is because white-led groups have significant financial resources at their disposal. Money coming from white communities is essentially reparations (i.e. back pay). Reparations cannot buy our silence. Reparations do not warrant civic immunity or even thanks. Isolating yourself from the parts of white supremacy that make you feel “icky,” surrounding yourself with like-minded white people, and blocking your racist Facebook friends is primarily done to ensure your own comfort. What I’m asking is that you make yourselves uncomfortable at every opportunity. Because unlike your discomfort, mine is not optional.
DiDi  Delgado  Whites  SURJ  Allies  Activism  Charlotte  Laura  LeMoon 
april 2017 by dbourn
Susan B. Goldberg and Cameron Levin - Towards a Radical White Identity
In this paper we endeavor to share the work we do to “teach different
ways of being white,” by offering the idea of a Radical White Identity. This identity offers white people a racial and cultural identity that directly addresses white supremacist history in this country. We center our work in racial identity development and from this foundation we build a clear analysis and practice for creating radical white culture. Our aim is twofold: 1) To create an alternative to the dominant white culture through building a community of white anti-racist people who represent a sub-culture of whiteness; and 2) to offer a form of white
identity that is explicitly anti-racist and allows white people to acknowledge and embrace our histories and cultures. Through this evolving cultural/racial identity we will create our antiracist practice, our racial identity model, and our role in the process of creating radical social transformation.
Whites  Activism  Cameron  Levin  Susan  B.  Goldberg 
march 2017 by dbourn
Zola Ray - How I'm Using My Light-Skinned Privilege to Fight for Racial Justice
When I meet people who seem to only trust me because of my skin color, I use the opportunity to speak to these people about the oppression of people of color in this country. When people make racist comments around me because they think I’m white, I speak out against what they say. I don’t just say “Actually, I’m black.” I let them know where their harmful ideas come from and how perpetuating them contributes to an oppressive system.
Zola  Ray  Blacks  Colorism  Activism 
march 2017 by dbourn
Sonya Renee Taylor on Activism and Humility
I promise this whole journey gets easier when you realize we are ALL fucked up. We all have the tools of oppression buried inside of us. We all use them on each other because we have been raised in the soil of fear. Stop being shocked that people are oppressive. YOU ARE OPPRESSIVE. We have all been indoctrinated into a system of violence and marginalization, a system of body terrorism. None of us have escaped. Nope not you!Now stop meeting this truth with judgement and shame. Meet it in yourself with some damn compassion and commitment to grow (cause that's a different tool), then go out into the world and meet it there with the same. The question is not, "am I an agent of systemic oppression." OF COURSE YOU ARE! The question is, "to what lengths am I willing to go to stop being and to what lengths am I willing to go to help others do the same." THAT IS HOW WE GET FREE.
Sonya  Renee  Taylor  Activism  Allies 
march 2017 by dbourn
Resources to leverage for racial justice
1. Money—direct donations, hosting house parties 2. Time—support work, administration, research, filing 3. Skills—fundraising, web-based, outreach, childcare, writing, music, art, carpentry 4. Connections—to journalists, politicians, decision-makers, funders 5. Space—providing space in your house, office bldg., religious or community organization for meetings, living room gatherings, workshops, or art builds 6. Organizational leverage—working for organizational change where you work, where you go to school, where your children go to school, at your religious or community center.
Activism  Allies 
march 2017 by dbourn
Center for Story-Based Strategy
The Center for Story-based Strategy (CSS) is a national
movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change. We offer social justice networks, alliances and organizations the analysis, training and strategic support to change the story on the issues that matter most. Since 2002, we've trained over 5,000 change-agents to be transformative storytellers. Through partnerships and direct-support services, we've collaborated with over 300 organizations to win critical campaigns.
Activism  Narrative  Storytelling  Allies  Advertising 
march 2017 by dbourn
Building mutual support and organising in our communities
What is good support? 1. Listening (being a good listener, a resource; providing encouragement to share experiences; allocating enough time for adequate support; recognition/validation of someone’s anger, pain, fatigue,
frustration, etc.) 2. Empowering (identifying options and choices; facilitating problem solving; building analytic skills by weighing consequences of decisions;
showing respect; promoting equality & anti-oppression principles; building self-esteem. 3. Caring & Encouraging (being understanding of difficult situations;
giving praise for a person’s strength; helping a person develop skills and self-esteem. 4. Focused & Structured (clear boundaries and time-frames;
being honest about what support you can offer and what you can’t:
being reliable.
Activism  Allies 
march 2017 by dbourn
How to Be a Racial Justice Hero
The deepest racism lies not just in the hearts and minds of individuals, but in the roles and rules of big institutions--like schools, courtrooms and corporations. That's their primary focus of change--these familiar systems of power, churning out deep and deadly racial inequities by the day. Begin by thinking about the institutions you routinely interact with--stores, banks, media outlets, health facilities, schools, your workplace, community or religious organizations, city government and so on. Pick one and ask:

Are the policies and practices, and their impacts, racially inclusive and fair?
Who are the stakeholders and how can they be engaged in making change?
What concrete equitable changes can you envision and propose?
How can you focus your collective power to influence the power-holders?
What purposeful action steps could lead to real change and when can you begin?
Activism  Allies  Graphics  Institutions 
march 2017 by dbourn
24 Actions to Help Trans Women of Color Survive
Books capture the brilliance and raw emotion of academics and artists. Redefining Realness by Janet Mock is strongly recommended. Decolonizing trans/gender 101 by b. binaohan. Trauma Queen by Lovemme Corazon. Seasonal Velocities by Ryka Aoki. I Rise by Toni Newman. Cooking in Heels by Ceyenne Doroshow. Other writers include Morgan Collado, Micha Cardenas, Dane Figueroa Edidi, TS Madison, and soon Laverne Cox!
POC  Trans  Black  Trans  Latina  Trans  Activism  Books 
march 2017 by dbourn
Robin Kelley on Communism and the Civil Rights Movement
Robin Kelley talks about his book "Hammer and Hoe: Alabama Communists During the Great Depression" about how the communist party tried to secure racial, economic, and political reforms.
Robin  Kelley  Civil  Rights  Movement  Communism  Activism  AL  History 
march 2017 by dbourn
Why Black Queer Men Must Fight Misogynoir
As men living in a world that really hates Black women, we have to show our love, not just tell it. We have to reduce the amount of emotional labor that we ask of the Black women in our lives. We need to stop regurgitating Black women’s words online and abusing Black women at home. We need to cite our sources, let go of our pride, and acknowledging the harm we have done to Black women. Let me say that again: we need to cite our sources. If Gloria Steinem can cite her sources years too late, I think we can cite ours in realtime.
Misogynoir  Black  Queer  Activism 
february 2017 by dbourn
Rage against Yvette Felarca mounts after Fox News interview
Felarca teaches at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School. A former King student set up the online petition at Change.org in July after he saw a video of Felarca yelling at a neo-Nazi at a Sacramento rally. On the video, Felarca is seen punching the man in his face, yelling “Get the fuck off our streets,” then punching him several times in the stomach and pulling his backpack. Felarca was at the Feb. 1 rally where a group of about 150 black-clad protesters removed metal barricades, threw rocks and incendiary devices at UC police, smashed windows at the MLK Student Union building, and later rampaged downtown, breaking bank windows and setting ATM machines on fire. Yet she has never stated directly that she and other members of BAMN were part of the violence.

Despite glossing over the specifics of her action, Felarca has taken credit for “shutting down” Yiannopolous.
Yvette  Felarca  Berkeley  UC  Berkeley  Antifas  Activism 
february 2017 by dbourn
Charlene Carruthers on Black Organizing Intersectionally
Recs the work of BLM, Mijente, and Muslims for Progressive Values:
"In telling more complete stories we're able to develop more complete solutions.'[
Charlene  Carruthers  Black  Queer  Intersectionality  BLM  Mijente  Activism  Muslims  for  Progressive  Values 
february 2017 by dbourn
Why the Women’s March may be the start of a serious social movement
The Women’s March movement has something that Black Lives Matter and Occupy haven’t been able to harness (although the LGBT movement did): crosscutting mainstream appeal to the moderate and the wealthy. People who didn’t feel threatened didn’t mobilize for Black Lives Matter or Occupy, leaving those movements isolated in society at large. But those moderate and wealthy people feel threatened now, ready to go into the streets for principles they hold dear.
Women's  March  on  Washington  White  Feminism  Activism 
february 2017 by dbourn
Queer Muslim Refugee Ahmad Qais Munhazim on Activism
You’ve done work advocating for LGBTQ Muslims, too. How does that intersect with what you’re doing now?

Right now I’m putting that aside. I identify as a Muslim and a gay man, but at the same time, when I’m in a Muslim community, I’m not much more accepted as a gay man. When I’m in a majority-white community that accepts my gay identity, they don’t accept my Muslim identity, so I’m torn between the two, and the different kinds of activism. So right now, I try to minimize my gay identity a bit.

But in general we have to understand and protect each other. And we have to show up for each other because this is going to get violent in the near future.
Ahmad  Qais  Munhazim  Activism  Muslims  Muslim  Queer  QTPOC 
february 2017 by dbourn
Colin Kaepernick's "Know Your Rights" camps
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS CAMP is a free campaign for youth fully funded by Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness on higher education, self empowerment, and instruction to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios.
Colin  Kaepernick  Football  Sports  Activism  Oakland  NYC 
february 2017 by dbourn
In Defense of the Violence at Berkeley
The doxing the Breitbart editor attempted to do was a malicious outing of some of my peers to a physical and online audience of White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and Alternative Right fascists. Though he has attempted to keep his name away from these gang of extremist, it's not difficult to associate him with them given that they utilize his events to recruit and organize the most hateful group of white men they can gather. Given that a radicalized white man had recently committed acts of terrorism against the Muslim community at a Mosque in Quebec, and another shot an Anti-Fascist protestor at the University of Washington, placing our private information on their hands shook me to my core.
Berkeley  UC  Berkeley  Activism  Antifas  Black  Block 
february 2017 by dbourn
Intersectional Queer Justice Organizations
Transgender Law Center: https://transgenderlawcenter.org/
Southerners On New Ground: http://southernersonnewground.org/
Audre Lorde Project: http://alp.org/
Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP): http://srlp.org/
Black and Pink: http://www.blackandpink.org/
Trans Pride Initiative: http://tpride.org/about/
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january 2017 by dbourn
Kirsten West Savali - The Radical Uses of Anger: All White Women Aren’t the Enemy, but White Supremacy Always Is
I urge those white women who are angry in response to black women’s anger to be angry. I urge those white women who are hurt to be hurt. I urge those white women who are frustrated to be frustrated. They need to own their discomfort, become familiar with it, trace its patterns and discover its origin, then decide what they want to do with it. And they need to do so clear in the knowledge that time does not solely belong to them. They need to be clear that all white women are not the enemy, but whiteness always is.
Kirsten  West  Savali  White  Feminism  White  Fragility  Women's  March  on  Washington  Activism  Structural  Racism  Racism 
january 2017 by dbourn
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