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butter bell
Some folks are comfortable leaving out the butter, as-is on the counter for days on end. For those who aren’t, but still want the convenience and pleasure of a steady, safe supply of spreadable-yet-fresh butter: You’ll love the Butter Bell ($16).
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29 days ago by davidvan
“I really love drawing, and I think drawing and writing are really integral to the creative process. I also have children who always need occupying and I’d like to have them not occupied with iPads always, so I’ve taken to carrying a complete drawing and watercolor set with me everywhere. The particular watercolors that I found that is a sort of obscure Japanese brand, called Kuretake, and they just have a great set of colors. You can use a little bit of water and they go on like a tempura paint, which is really nice if you want a really thick, opaque paint, but you can also water them down a lot and get a really lovely, light-flowing watercolor feel to them.”
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29 days ago by davidvan
the female assumption - book about motherhood
The Female Assumption is a raw and honest look at becoming a mother and the pressures on women to reproduce. I couldn’t put it down. Mother of 3, Melanie Holmes interviewed mothers from all over to accurately portray what happens behind the curtain of motherhood. She also includes the stories of women who have consciously chosen to not be mothers. This book is a well-balanced pros and cons list for either path, and a reminder that whatever you decide for yourself is the right choice. Every young woman should read this. — CD
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6 weeks ago by davidvan
Amazon.com: Kuma Chef Knife Multi Purpose - EASY TO USE - Best Razor Sharp 8 Inch Chef's Knife for Carving, Slicing & Chopping - Ergonomic Handle - Professional Kitchen Knives - Enhance Your Cooking Skills Now!: Kitchen & Dining
Everyone can use a perfectly balanced, lifelong kitchen knife. It’s an ideal gift. One I like to gift is the Kuma Chef Knife which gets rave reviews from kitchen knife aficionados who normally review two-hundred dollar knives, yet the Kuma only costs $25. It’s ergonomically optimized for your hand, easy to keep razor sharp, and will last generations. When I lift mine, I smile. — KK
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august 2017 by davidvan
How to Read Water: Clues and Patterns from Puddles to the Sea: Tristan Gooley: 9781615193585: Amazon.com: Books
for marc, doug or dick

from interview:
What’s the most interesting thing you learned from a book recently?

It was from a book called “How to Read Water,” by Tristan Gooley, and it was a section that made an effort to classify breaking waves into three general “families” — “spilling,” “plunging” and “surging” — and then gave their determining characteristics.
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june 2017 by davidvan
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