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portable hammock
I recently went camping in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and was so happy we brought along this Mac Sports portable fold-up hammock. I fell asleep staring up at the giant redwoods and napped so comfortably. It’s really easy to put up and take down, and it comes with a sun shade. — CD
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26 days ago by davidvan
I think one of the favorite purchases I’ve ever made was a pair of really good boots. The boots that I’m wearing these days are Muck boots. I don’t know if you guys are familiar. They come in a variety of different styles. I have a pretty bog standard one, but it’s a boot where it’s rubber on the bottom and neoprene at the top. My wife and I bought a farm when I started residency here in Connecticut and I use them for all of my chores around the farm. Then I use them exclusively when walking in the woods. I stopped wearing anything but boots in the woods. One of the big benefits of them is that, because they go a little bit higher, I can use them to help reduce the tick burden that I end up getting. I have a current pair of what they’re called is the Fieldblazer boots. My wife has a pair that she’s had for about eight years now. They’re amazing for her throughout the fall, winter and spring. Then in the summer she goes a little bit lighter because she spends so much time in the sun. I wear them on a daily basis whether I’m doing chores or whether I’m foraging and I wholeheartedly find them to be a very useful tool.
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5 weeks ago by davidvan
cool travel kits
This Is Ground, is sort of just one of the many, many, many, many companies nowadays, making leather doodads and bags. They’re sort of a proliferation of these, where it’s like toiletry kits, and the tech place for all your cords and a little clasp for your iPhone, headphones and all that stuff. I have a bunch of the Dopp kits. When I’m traveling, what I do is I have one that sort of just has everything in it, like doubles of all of my chords and stuff and it’s just sitting there in my bag always, so that I don’t have to remember to take it. I also have a little briefcase, but that’s for my iPad Pro, and it’s got inside all these little slots for the stylus and notebook and all those little things. I like really things that have pockets where everything goes in its place. And This is Ground bags are those types of bags, where there’s all these little… It’s kind of like the Wall All of the ’60s, where it was like this plastic thing on the wall that has all these little pockets that you put all your stuff in.
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may 2019 by davidvan
workwear overalls
These work pants are a gamechanger for women in trades. They fit really well, have lots of deep and specialized pockets, reinforced knees, and tool loops. They are made of super thick rugged denim that stretches. You can literally do squats in them with full mobility. The other thing I love, apart from the name and the function is the company was founded by three women, and their marketing is really diverse and inclusive of different body types, skin colors, and gender expressions. I have a pair of their Maven Slim Stretch back from when the brand used to be called Moxie and Moss, and it’s pretty much all I wear in the shop. They have other cuts and styles, overalls, shirts, and other gear too. My one complaint is they are always out of stock because they’re in such high demand!
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january 2019 by davidvan
sonos gadget
might need this for "beam"
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january 2019 by davidvan
portable clamping system
“It’s a clamp that is also a vise. I use it in a variety of different ways, and like I said I have a shelf full of tools, a woodworking side and a metalworking side … this is the most versatile tool in my shop. Regardless of what sort of project, whether it be inside my shop or outside on my job site, this tool is always used regardless of what it is. …There’s a pedal on it so that you can suck up to the material with the jaw, turn the Super Jaws into a locking position, and then press down with your foot, and then you can just put as much pressure on whatever it is that you’re clamping that you want to. So it’s essentially a vise that you clamp down with your foot. But, it’s as big as a sawhorse, if that makes sense. And they do fold up so that you can put them away, but since I use them on every single project and it’s just a daily-used tool for me.”
october 2018 by davidvan
butter bell
Some folks are comfortable leaving out the butter, as-is on the counter for days on end. For those who aren’t, but still want the convenience and pleasure of a steady, safe supply of spreadable-yet-fresh butter: You’ll love the Butter Bell ($16).
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october 2018 by davidvan
“I really love drawing, and I think drawing and writing are really integral to the creative process. I also have children who always need occupying and I’d like to have them not occupied with iPads always, so I’ve taken to carrying a complete drawing and watercolor set with me everywhere. The particular watercolors that I found that is a sort of obscure Japanese brand, called Kuretake, and they just have a great set of colors. You can use a little bit of water and they go on like a tempura paint, which is really nice if you want a really thick, opaque paint, but you can also water them down a lot and get a really lovely, light-flowing watercolor feel to them.”
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october 2018 by davidvan
Lately my wife and I have embarked on a low-carb, low-fat, low-meat, small-portion diet consisting of mostly vegetables. In a few months I have lost enough fat weight to go from a tight-fitting size XL to a loose-fitting size L. I found out there was this tool called a spiralizer, which shreds vegetables into noodles, and it interested me because it sounded like vegetable noodles would be a healthier alternative to carb-laden pasta. I did my online research and found that the OXO was, by far, the best made, most functional spiralizer of the many choices available, so I bought one. It has turned out to be a great investment for $40. It is made of a solid, quality plastic. The whole thing packs up into a compact ‘cube’ shape. The suction base holds so rock solidly, it is actually a bit of a challenge to get it to release. It is easy to use and it works well, producing long, consistent noodles. I can make noodles from many different vegetables, the best being squashes such as zucchini, calabacitas, Asian fuzzy squash, and butternut squash. It can do an entire butternut squash, ejecting the large seeds to the side. Green papaya is also a favorite that makes firm neutral tasting noodles. We serve the vegetable noodles with marinara sauce and grated cheese, or mixed into a stir-fry. They are delicious and very healthy and nutritious. It takes about 5-10 minutes to clean to like-new condition. I’m very meticulous about cleaning kitchen tools. I use a toothbrush with a drop of dish detergent to scrub the cutters’ intricate surfaces, and the spiked pusher. Then I rinse and dry everything.
august 2018 by davidvan
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