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Why Can’t New York City Build More Gems Like This Queens Library? (NYT, 9/18/2019)
The Hunters Point Community Library is one of the finest public buildings New York has produced this century. But it cost more than $40 million, took a decade and almost died.
newyorkcity  queenslibrary  stephenholl  michaelvanvalkenburgh  davidburney  ddc  nyc  queens 
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Why Are America’s Three Biggest Metros Shrinking? (CityLab, 9/9/2019)
After a post-recession boomlet, the New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago areas are all seeing their population decline.
shrinkingcities  newyorkcity  losangeles  chicago  cities  migration 
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Stuy Town's Landlord, The World's Largest Private Equity Firm, Is Keeping Rent Regulated Apartments Empty (Gothamist, 9/4/2019)
"The city’s housing preservation and development last week said it was 'conducting a thorough review' of a 2015 deal that provided Stuy Town's owner with $220 million in subsidies in exchange for keeping 5,000 of the roughly 11,200 units affordable."
stuyvesanttown  blackstone  stuytown  rentreform  realestate  housing  residential  nyc  newyorkcity 
15 days ago by davidkoren
ER Visits Precede First-Time Entry Into New York Homeless Shelters, Study Shows (WSJ, 9/3/2019)
A study of homelessness in New York City found the number of hospital visits—particularly to the emergency department—began to increase in the months leading up to shelter entry.
homeless  homelessness  shelters  homelessshelters  nyc  newyorkcity  hospitals  hospitalization 
16 days ago by davidkoren
New Food Halls Sprout Up in New York City (NYT, 9/3/2019)
The Deco, in the garment district, will host outposts of popular shops, as expansions come to the Chelsea and Essex markets.
foodhalls  nyc  newyorkcity 
16 days ago by davidkoren
I Scream, You Scream: Museum of Ice Cream to Launch NYC Flagship (NBC New York, 8/21/2019)
I scream, you scream, but soon New Yorkers will be screaming year-round as they celebrate a delectable, cold treat with more sprinkles, selfies and hashtags!
museum  museums  museumoficecream  soho  newyork  nyc  newyorkcity 
28 days ago by davidkoren
Lizarding to lingering: how humans really behave in public spaces (The Guardian, 8/1/2019)
From the donut effect to lizarding, the Field Guide to Urban Plazas looks at how people behave in public space
publicspace  cities  parks  rockefellerfoundation  culture  newyorkcity  nyc 
7 weeks ago by davidkoren
‘It’s Like Watching New York Melt’: As Towers Rise, an Old Neighborhood Fades - The New York Times
Lured in part by Manhattan’s Second Avenue subway, developers are erecting high-rises in Yorkville. Some residents say the buildings are erasing their community’s character.
yorkville  manhattan  newyorkcity  nyc  development  realestate  secondavenuesubway 
7 weeks ago by davidkoren
The Death of a Once Great City (Harper's Magazine, 6/27/2018)
Today, life in New York too often seems like a sci-fi version of itself in which we barely notice as our fellow human beings are picked off by the monsters living among us.
newyorkcity  nyc  gentrification  inequality  culture 
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