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#EatTogether (YouTube, 12/31/2016)
We're on a mission to get Canadians to eat together. Because so much good happens when we do. Learn more at http://eattogether.presidentschoice.ca/
eattogether  eating  food  community  canada  presidentschoice 
february 2017 by davidkoren
Other People’s Dollars, and Their Place in Global Economics by Paul Krugman (NYT, 9/4/2015)
The countries behind greenbacks, Aussies, loonies and kiwis all weathered economic storms better than most of the rest of the world.
australia  canada  newzealand  unitedstates  dollar  money  currency  paulkrugman 
september 2015 by davidkoren
WSP to buy Canadian engineering firm, MMM, for $425M (Canadian Manufacturing, 8/26/2015)
WSP Global Inc. has agreed to acquire MMM Group Ltd. for $425 million. It will sell shares both publicly and privately to fund to purchase
wsp  mmm  merger  engineering  canada 
august 2015 by davidkoren
Why Canada wants Scotland to vote 'yes' by Stephen Marche (Guardian, 9/16/2014)
Tea and biscuits, James Bond, the queen – Britishness is a cover for ruthless conquest. And the end of Britishness can’t arrive soon enough
canada  scotland  independence  dissolution  devolution  thequeen  empire  Britain  Britishness 
september 2014 by davidkoren
Genivar-city bridge dispute yields lessons for engineering firms (Ottawa Business Journal, 11/21/2013)
It said the two sides had a productive meeting at the end of August to decide on a design that would satisfy the city, only to have municipal staff inform the company the next day it was ending the relationship.
ottawa  genivar  wsp  canada  engineering  lawsuit 
november 2013 by davidkoren

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