Review: Viel Tools S5 Belt Grinder
S5-M belt sander/grinder from Lee Valley
sharpening  woodworking 
Gretchen Rubin - Four Tendencies Quiz
What kind of person are you re: habits
advice  habits 
7 days ago
Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders
Local fly fishing group that fishes the potomac
dc  fishing  flyfishing  maryland 
25 days ago
A backcountry coffee company and roaster run by hunters/outdoorsman
camping  backpacking  food  from iphone
27 days ago
Great Feathers Fly Shop
Local MD fly shop that guides/teaches tenkara
tenkara  fly_fishing 
27 days ago
Purple Lizard Maps
High quality maps for WV and PA
maps  hiking  outdoors 
5 weeks ago
Local Stream Reports - Little Seneca Creek
Suggestions for fishing on Little Seneca Creek.
5 weeks ago
Agile project management | Top 15 books
Some recommendations on what to read for agile
software  agile  work 
6 weeks ago
Big Life Journal for kids
growth mindset journal for kids
kids  parenting 
june 2018
Sticking Point Throwing Science Page
Website dicussing proper throwing distance
knife_throwing  knives 
june 2018
By Land
lightweight backpacking website
june 2018
A 52km race in Spain that Jon Extegoien told me about
race  running  trails  from iphone
may 2018
Instant Pot Steel-Cut Oats | Lefty Spoon
An overnight slow cooker version of steel cut oats in the instant pot
oatmeal  cooking 
april 2018
A Neural Network Playground
An interactive tool for visualizing NNs.
neural_network  machine_learning  AI 
march 2018
Internet speedtest
Internet speed test that checks bufferbloat
tools  internet 
february 2018
Samsung DA97-07603B Assy Support-Ice Maker;a -
DA97-07603B. This is the assembly that broke in our freezer (I think)
january 2018
[no title]
Manassas area lumberyard
wood  from iphone
january 2018
Homemade Ukulele
Article about building a ukulele
ukulele  music  wood  from iphone
january 2018
Fran Hoepfner Classical Music
Classical music writing from Fran Hoepfner
music  classical  from iphone
january 2018
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