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Do we communicate honestly at all times, or do we tend to hide non-flattering work?
What complicates our work (processes, code areas, etc.), and how can we simplify?
Are there opportunities for feedback that we are missing?
Do we truly allow for courage, or are team members overly careful in speaking their mind?
Do we always exhibit respect for each other, or do we sometimes make fun of people behind their backs?
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28 days ago by david.foster
Epic Games' Fortnite
The primary MCP database is comprised of 9 MongoDB shards, where each shard has a writer, two read replicas, and a hidden replica for redundancy. At a high level user specific data is spread across 8 shards, whereas the remaining shard contains matchmaking sessions, shared service caches, and runtime configuration data.
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february 2018 by david.foster
Installing Ruby the right way on OS X using rbenv – Alberto Grespan
brew install rbenv ruby-build rbenv-default-gems rbenv-gem-rehash rbenv
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october 2017 by david.foster
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