Designing Distributed Systems [Book]
Author Brendan Burns—Director of Engineering at Microsoft Azure—demonstrates how you can adapt existing software design patterns for designing and building reliable distributed applications. Systems engineers and application developers will learn how these long-established patterns provide a common language and framework for dramatically increasing the quality of your system.
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21 days ago
Retro Wifi SI
Internet and Wifi networking for retro computers and rs232 serial port devices such as Amiga, Amstrad, Acorn, BBC, Apple, Atari, Commodore, IBM XT compatible PCs, MSX, Sinclair Spectrum
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21 days ago
Output Enablers
Output Enablers makes clock accelerators for Macintosh computers. Most of our products are based on the RocketSocket, a device that slips over the oscillator on your computer's motherboard. Installation is a snap! There is no aligning or guessing about clip placement. Installation takes less than 5 minutes on most machines. The RocketSocket works on many different Macintosh models. If you get a new computer, simply buy the appropriate oscillators and CPU fan from us and away you go!
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21 days ago
Apple Rescue of Denver
We are the Life Preserver of your Mac – Both old and new!
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4 weeks ago
Thomas P. Heckmann live At Lokad 5.4.19 by RS94109 | R S | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Recorded live at a warehouse rave in San Francisco on 5.04.19. Thomas P. Heckmann's first set in the United States in 18 years. @troperecordings
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11 weeks ago
ADK64 Group Buy | Keyboards
Just Pinned to Keyboards: ADK64 Group Buy - Album on Imgur
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april 2019
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