Our nation, in numbers.
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2 days ago
Weekend edition—Life after Lehman, fashion’s new look, inside Alexa – Quartz Daily Brief — Quartz
Since the financial crisis, there has been a drop-off in self-employment among 20- and 30-somethings.

Children of the Great Depression were wary of the stock market for their entire lives. The same seems true for millennials, at least so far. The data show that they choose to put less of their money into stocks than previous generations—much less.
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5 days ago
How Cars Divide America
Transportation infrastructure has been a necessary condition of large-scale suburban growth and partisan change, facilitating migration into rural areas that were previously unoccupied and inaccessible to metropolitan commuters and workers.” In other words, the car and the infrastructure that enables it had a huge influence on the disparities that vex us today.
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14 days ago
Our streets make us unhappy. They don’t have to. - The Washington Post
When would you dedicate 85% of a finite resource towards something that goes against most of your stated goals?

City streets and cars.
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20 days ago
Want to make the most of AR? Heres how consumers actually use it
1. Product trials or experiences
2. To help people by saving time or by improving a process
3. To entertain and make an experience or process more fun
5 weeks ago
How peer-to-peer lending turned middle-class Chinese dreamers into angry protesters
Lack of transparency regarding how the platforms were using pooled money for loans made it hard for investors to judge what was happening—and the controlled nature of China’s internet may also have played a role.

“Because of the Great Firewall there is just less information—that’s not just a judgement, that’s a fact.”
“The average Chinese citizen is operating without complete information and that fuels a lot of what we see as very risky behavior,”

Protesters in China are taking enormous risks, such as facing detention, and constant scrutiny in the future—even if they don’t manage to hold their protest. WeChat and other chat app groups formed by investors were identified and blocked, and participants were barred from purchasing air and train tickets. Yet accounts from multiple news reports and social media suggest thousands may have managed to make it to Beijing.
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5 weeks ago
How to give your kids everything but a sense of entitlement — Quartz
She told me kids eat horrible diets today because they are just being “fed.”

As parents, despite wanting to give our kids everything, one of the greatest gifts we can give is to literally give less, to force decision-making and awareness among all their choices. We need to have more faith in them and let them be challenged. It’s not easy to watch your kids struggle—but in the end, it does breed gratitude. And there is no question that these lessons are most effective if you start early and consistently through every child’s primary occupation: play.
5 weeks ago
Event  |  Search  |  Google Developers
Mark up your organized events so that users can discover events through Google Search results and other Google products like Google Maps.

You can add all types of events through markup — from performances by famous artists, to a neighborhood salsa class. Adding markup to your events makes it easier for users to discover and attend your event.
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8 weeks ago
How Sweden's 'Latte Papas' Are Changing the Face of Modern Fatherhood | Fatherly
The push to get more fathers to take more time off is working, albeit slowly. Last year about a quarter of parental leave benefits were paid to men, compared to half that in 1999, according to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.
10 weeks ago
Who owns augmented realities? | VentureBeat
And it’s not just a matter of consuming the AR cloud, but also creating it. That can happen through a sort of crowdsourced approach, where all of these outward facing cameras capture data to create a  visual map. So it perpetually builds over time, sort of like Google’s web index but for the real world.
12 weeks ago
Make the Most of Your NYC Outdoor Space: Guide to Maintenance, Planting, Decorating and Grilling | StreetEasy
• All grills (propane gas or charcoal) must be kept in an open area, at least 10 feet from the building, deck railings and out from overhanging eaves.
• All grill areas must be accompanied by a garden hose or bucket of sand to extinguish flare-ups
• You cannot use or store propane grills on the roof of any building
• You cannot use charcoal grills on the roof of any building
• You cannot store or use a propane grill on the terrace or balcony of any building
12 weeks ago
The NBA’s Minor League Could Soon Transform Pro Basketball
The NBA is cruising at a time when other U.S. sports leagues have begun to sputter. Revenue for its 30 teams is expected to hit $8.5 billion for the just-completed season, up more than 7 percent from 2016-17. Ratings for nationally televised NBA games rose 8 percent from last season, while NFL ratings fell almost 10 percent in 2017, according to Nielsen Holdings Plc. The NBA’s median viewer is 43, compared with 51 for the NFL and 57 for MLB. The NBA doesn’t have the player safety problems that plague the NFL, nor has it faced—and fumbled over—player protests during the national anthem; its fast-paced games fit better into the social media age than baseball’s slow-building drama; and it has international popularity the NFL, MLB, and NHL can only dream of.

This year’s NBA Finals, the fourth consecutive matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, averaged 17.6 million viewers in the U.S. despite ending in a ho-hum Warriors sweep. The last time the Finals ended in four games, in 2007, average viewership was less than 10 million.
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june 2018
VR And AR Mark The Greatest Revolution In The History Of UX/UI Design
"The designer’s job in creating immersive experiences that are rewarding for audiences—be they apps, advertisements, web sites, or otherwise—is to know how to reverse engineer story from space."

"sort of thesis for UX/UI in XR: successful efforts will be those that exhibit an intimate understanding of storytelling principles—not necessarily in terms of deploying linear narrative, but in activating the narrative aspects of our minds with spatial information."
june 2018
YouTube video to 3D model - soccer
Abstract We present a system that transforms a monocular video of a soccer game into a moving 3D reconstruction, in which the players and field can be rendered interactively with a 3D viewer or through an Augmented Reality device. At the heart of our paper is an approach to estimate the depth map of each player, using a CNN that is trained on 3D player data extracted from soccer video games. We compare with state of the art body pose and depth estimation techniques, and show results on both synthetic ground truth benchmarks, and real YouTube soccer footage.
sports  AugmentedReality  ar 
june 2018
Chartmetric | A modern music data tool for the streaming age
Monitor Spotify / Apple Music / Deezer playlists, social media, and charts.
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june 2018
Reuters Institute Digital News Report
This year's report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 74,000 online news consumers in 37 countries including the US and UK.

The report focuses on the issues of trust and misinformation, new online business models, the impact of changing Facebook algorithms and the rise of new platforms and messaging apps
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june 2018
"Today’s Masculinity Is Stifling"
Reading this, I thought about the amazing one-step process for getting a bikini body I read recently: “Put a bikini on your body.” It’s not perfect and this is a lot to ask of society, but perhaps an analogous definition for masculinity is that when a man or boy or someone who identifies as male does something, that’s masculine. Chugging a beer is masculine. Wearing a dress is masculine. Being brave is masculine. Crying is masculine. Playing sports is masculine. Not playing sports is masculine. Comforting a friend whose team lost before celebrating with his team is masculine. Anything and everything is masculine. You might argue that broadening the definition of the word to this degree diminishes its power to denote anything meaningful. And you’d be right, that’s the point.
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june 2018
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