The World through the Eyes of the US
This is a chart about the world through the eyes of the US. There is always that one country on our collective conscious, and I wanted to know how that has changed over time. So I turned to the newspaper, since headlines have long been the catalyst for daily conversations about what is going on in the world. Most of that content is still preserved thanks to the New York Times archive. After looking at 741,681 section front headlines, I found out which countries around the world have preoccupied Americans the most each month since 1900.
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20 days ago
Transportation-less Transportation
Waymo’s cars aren’t quite rooms, but that’s where they’re headed: private rooms for hire that also get you from one place to another. It’s WeWork on wheels, a mobile Starbucks, a portable third place. Along the way, you could have a beer or coffee, do karaoke, make some work calls, watch a movie, chat with friends, make out, or answer some emails. C-suite executives with dedicated chauffeured transportion are already doing this with custom vans. Private jets are essentially vacation homes that can travel anywhere in the world. (Cruises offer this experience too.) If Waymo (or someone else) can make this happen for a much larger segment of the population, that’s a compelling service: transportation-less transportation.
23 days ago
We’re Addicted to Our Survival – No Mercy / No Malice – Medium
The unpredictability, immediate feedback, and variability of rewards, coupled with a genetic predisposition to fixate on your kids so the species continues, makes kids an addictive substance to their parents
4 weeks ago
podcast analytics platform
Remote Audio Data (RAD) measures podcast listening across a range of participating clients and platforms, aggregating the data in a publishers’ analytics endpoint. RAD is not intended to replace download statistics as a point of measurement for the on-demand audio industry, but is designed to provide data on listening events to complement this download statistics.
analytics  podcast 
5 weeks ago
Fitness Trends 2018 | ClassPass
Well, we crunched the numbers to reveal some fun facts about how ClassPassers across the country exercised this year.
statistics  sports 
6 weeks ago
2018 round up of 52 Immersive Things – Columbia DSL – Medium
The following is a round up of 52 immersive things from 2018 that mix storytelling, play, design and code.
6 weeks ago
How Apple Music, Spotify broaden our musical tastes
Six months after the switch to streaming, users’ music consumption on digital platforms was still 49% higher than it previously had been, and the number of unique artists that they listened to was 32% higher, according to Bronnenberg.
statistics  Music  spotify 
7 weeks ago
How WeChat faded into the silence in India | FactorDaily
India is divided into three consumer segments: the first 100 million, mainly the urban or affluent Indians and are the main targets of indulgent e-commerce brands; the second 100 million classified as the aspiring class; and the last a little over a billion — three segments he calls the splurgers, strivers and survivors.
india  wechat  statistics  messaging 
11 weeks ago
Microsoft-Powered Volumetric Capture Studio Opens in Culver City – Variety
the facility to take the 10 gigabytes of data it captures per second and shrink it down to 10 megabits,
11 weeks ago
The Future of Digital Product Design is About Human Empowerment
This needs to be our new design mantra — there when you need it, invisible when you don’t. Instead of — there when you need it, incessantly begging you to come back when you don’t.
ux  psychology  design  socialmedia  Facebook 
11 weeks ago
Domino's Pizza + IFTTT
october 2018
Agisoft PhotoScan
PhotoScan — photogrammetric
processing of digital images
and 3D spatial data generation
ar  3d 
september 2018
Our nation, in numbers.
statistics  usa  economics 
september 2018
Weekend edition—Life after Lehman, fashion’s new look, inside Alexa – Quartz Daily Brief — Quartz
Since the financial crisis, there has been a drop-off in self-employment among 20- and 30-somethings.

Children of the Great Depression were wary of the stock market for their entire lives. The same seems true for millennials, at least so far. The data show that they choose to put less of their money into stocks than previous generations—much less.
statistics  millenials 
september 2018
How Cars Divide America
Transportation infrastructure has been a necessary condition of large-scale suburban growth and partisan change, facilitating migration into rural areas that were previously unoccupied and inaccessible to metropolitan commuters and workers.” In other words, the car and the infrastructure that enables it had a huge influence on the disparities that vex us today.
auto  statistics 
september 2018
Our streets make us unhappy. They don’t have to. - The Washington Post
When would you dedicate 85% of a finite resource towards something that goes against most of your stated goals?

City streets and cars.
statistics  urbanplanning 
september 2018
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