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Walmart's Food Safety Solution Built on the IBM Blockchain Platform - YouTube
Walmart Food Safety video recommended by Sid to illustrate blcokchain story when presenting Agri-biz beat
iot  walmart  blockchain  ibm  video  Sid  Agri  Food  safety  YouTube 
november 2017 by dave.nightingale
Unilever & MetroPulse @ IBM CIO Leadership Exchange - video
Discussion of MetroPulse by Unilever VP of Information & Analytics
ibm  metro  pulse  city  analytics  scape  Unilever  YouTube  VP 
september 2016 by dave.nightingale
IBM Watson IoT Platform Demo - YouTube
Chris O'Connor (GM Offering mgr IBM IOT ) presents an IOT demo using TI sensors and
ibm  watson  iot  demo  YouTube  texas  ti  chris  O'Connor  bluemix 
june 2016 by dave.nightingale
Paul Zikopoulos: PowerPoint - 5 Minutes that will save you 50 Minutes - YouTube
Great 5 min tip from Paul, how to modify a complex slide very easily !
Summary of main steps: On "Home" tab, click on "Arrange" icon, then select "Selection pane". To the right of each line/object, click to flag/deflag the object, in order to hide it and see underlying objects...
ibm  powerpoint  Hints_and_tips  tips  tricks  Paul  Zikopoulos  YouTube  selection  pane 
april 2016 by dave.nightingale
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