PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version Sith
The overworked project manager on the redesign of the Imperial Lambda-class shuttle gets surprisingly competent feedback from an unknown official on Coruscant. She promptly decides that anyone bored enough to do a technical review of their own free will should be found proper employment for their own good.

Her correspondent has been missing the opportunity to tinker with machinery. It gives him something to do between hunting down rebels.
fandom:starwars  author:bethwinter  fic 
7 weeks ago
Spoonful - Demorra (thebibliosphere) - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]

Crowley’s head jerked up as he twisted round awkwardly in his chair to find a familiar face staring at him through the crowd, the time-altered features torn somewhere between consternation and twitching on the verge of a grin. He stared.

“Warlock?” Crowley he demanded, reaching for his glasses and only just managing to resist the urge to pull them off, “Warlock?”
fandom:goodomens  author:demorra  fic  fluff 
7 weeks ago
Adventures In Attempting To Purchase A Book From That Weird Old Soho Bookshop, A. Z. Fell & Co. - Quandtuniverse - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
A rare book collector posting on a niche internet forum is dismayed to discover the last missing book is only available at the best worst bookshop in London.
fandom:goodomens  author:quandtuniverse  fic  humor  crack 
8 weeks ago
the sublime physical manifestation of divine love
“Not objecting, just a point of uh, theological interest: is this a temptation? I mean are you tempting me here, or is it…uhm?”

Aziraphale opened his mouth as if to protest, closed it again, and finally offered: “Well actually now that you mention it I suppose it is. I mean I am, yes. But temptation seems such a loaded word, doesn’t it? I just thought, in for a penny in for a pound – if they’re even watching they already know we’ve been consorting together, so we might as well make the most of it. Consort to our hearts’ content, so to speak.”
fandom:goodomens  author:deputychairman  aziraphale/crowley  fic  first-time  adult 
9 weeks ago
An Invitation You Can't Decline
“I have standards,” Aziraphale huffed.

“Don’t I know it,” Crowley sighed. And then, like he’d done it a hundred times before, he covered Aziraphale’s hand with his.
fandom:goodomens  fic  author:thehoyden  aziraphale/crowley  adult  first-time 
9 weeks ago
In the (Second) Beginning
As their lunch stretches on Aziraphale slowly comes to realize that Crowley is—enjoying him. Enjoying Aziraphale’s conversation, and company, far more openly than he has in most of Aziraphale’s memory. And Aziraphale knows that he himself is just chattering on, letting conversational tangents carry him along, and—it’s definitely relief, for him, knowing for the first time in a long time that they aren’t being watched, that no one is keeping score for now.
Aziraphale realizes that Crowley's been saying something rather loudly for a week.
fandom:goodomens  author:cherryfeather  fic  aziraphale/crowley 
9 weeks ago
Favourite Uncle by Ben Aaronovitch
Short story by Ben Aaronovitch about Abigail, which came with the Waterstone edition of Lies Sleeping
november 2018
Schrodinger's Wedding
Summary: If a marriage takes place but neither of the parties involved knows it’s real, is anybody really married? Unfortunately for Peter and Nightingale, the answer according to the Registry Office is yes.

All they have to do is get divorced. It’s the twenty-first century. How hard can it be?
fandom:riversoflondon  author:sixth-light  toberead 
september 2018
On Tilt
Summary: The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

Han and Lando understand this about the world—and each other. No hard feelings, right?
fandom:starwars  author:13th-blackbird  fic  han/lando  first-time  fluff 
june 2018
A Break in the Clouds (1/2)
Summary: The end of his nose brushed the back of the man's hood; he smelt of oil and salt and wet canvas. For the first time that evening, Thomas was thankful he was cold and miserable - it provided a distraction from the firmness of the body pressed against his front, and how inconvenient it would be for Thomas to crave it.
In which Thomas is lost in the rain, and rather enamoured with his rescuer.
fandom:blacksails  author:moonflowers  fic  flint/hamilton  genre:au  first-time 
march 2018
Black Sails fic recs
Summary: This is an updated rec list for James/Thomas and James/Miranda/Thomas for Black Sails.
fandom:blacksails  author:redwhale  recs  fic 
february 2018
Somewhere in Boston
Summary: Mr. Wednesday tries to recruit the dread pirate Captain Flint for his war against the New Gods, and runs afoul of Thomas Hamilton in the attempt. Meanwhile, Shadow just wants a new goddamn book to read, is that so much to ask?
Soon after, on the trail of Wednesday and Shadow, Laura and Mad Sweeney find themselves in a charming bookstore in Boston...
fandom:blacksails  author:redwhale  fic  flint/hamilton  crossover  genre:au 
january 2018
Till Death Us Do Part
Summary: And there's that ache, and there's that sweetness, and lord, James really would swear in the eyes of God that he cannot bear to live without him, wouldn't he?

Those whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder: a triptych.
fandom:blacksails  author:palebluedot  fic  flint/hamilton 
december 2017
The Beast of their Stories (1/?)
Summary: Seven years after Thomas is thrown in Bethlem, seven years after he learned James drowned at sea, the ship carrying him to the colonies is waylaid by the cursed ship Cerberus and her dread Captain Flint.
fandom:blacksails  author:KelAlannan  fic  flint/hamilton  genre:au  adult 
october 2017
On Kindly Beaches (1/3)
Summary: Woodes Rogers tries to get Thomas Hamilton to help him persuade Captain Flint to accept the pardons. This does not go well for him.
fandom:blacksails  author:theonenamedafterahat  fic  flint/hamilton  genre:au  wip 
september 2017
Double Blind
Summary: Matt comes to, flat on his back, with Iron Man and Hawkeye hovering over him. “Oh fuck,” Stark says, less than comfortingly.
fandom:daredevil  fic  author:smilebackwards  matt/foggy  teamfic  fluff 
august 2017
An open letter to the pet sitter that we probably won’t send because we’re not monsters and also we don’t want her to run away. | The Bloggess
Next week we’re going on a road trip from Washington to Colorado so we hired a pet-sitter to watch the cats and Lizard Bordan and keep us from being robbed but we weren’t sure if we’d be able to meet with her personally before we left so I decided to write her a letter to leave on the table just in case, and it quickly devolved into insanity because I was drinking.
essay  humor  crack  author:thebloggess 
august 2017
Summary: Flint discovers Thomas is a passenger aboard the Maria Aleyne alongside his father, and events proceed from there.
fandom:blacksails  author:csoru  fic  flint/hamilton  genre:au  toberead 
july 2017
Red Sky At Morning
Summary: They told Thomas that Captain Flint had killed James McGraw. So when Thomas finds himself in Charlestown at the same time as Flint's trial, he can hardly believe his luck.

God help him, but he wants to see this creature suffer, wants to see him condemned, wants to see him hang....
fandom:blacksails  author:comtessedebussy  fic  flint/hamilton  genre:au  toberead 
july 2017
Black Sails fic recs
Mini-fic rec list for James/Thomas and James/Thomas/Miranda
fandom:blacksails  fic  recs 
july 2017
Courtesy Of Thomas Hamilton (1/8)
Summary: Attempt to answer Pirate Prompt of "What if James had been sent to Bethlem instead of Thomas".
fandom:blacksails  author:char7  fic  flint/hamilton  genre:au  multipart  toberead 
july 2017
Working My Way Back to You
Summary: Exactly a week after the war officially ends, Steve Trevor opens his eyes to find himself soaking wet and flat on his back on a very familiar beach, with a large crowd of angry Amazonian women staring down at him.

“Oh boy,” says Steve.

[A post-movie fix-it fic]
fandom:wonderwoman  author:cirnellie  fic  fixit 
july 2017
The Dark Lord and the Library Card
Excerpt: “hello,” the dark lord said, “i need a library card.”
author:knights-who-say-book  shortstory 
july 2017
Visions of Odysseus
Excerpt: It was warm.

The kind of warm that sinks, fills, and comforts. A deep heat that’s centered in one spot, that would dissipate instantly if one moved. The kind of warm that urges a person to stay right where they are.
fandom:blacksails  author:biclasstrash  fic  flint/hamilton  fluff 
july 2017
Taking Care of Business
Summary: Kelly Shiring believed in to-do lists like other people believed in gods, or even elemental constructs. A really good to-do list could get you through anything...
fandom:matthewswift  author:callie_quite_contrary  fic  fluff 
july 2017
Somewhere in Boston, Part 2
Summary: I thought I was temporarily free from American Gods/Black Sails crossover hell, but I realized I was missing the other side of the coin. If the first was Shadow, Wednesday, and Thomas (with a touch of Flint), I realized there needed to be a companion fic with Laura, Mad Sweeney, and Flint (with some added Thomas). It ended up being a lot longer and a tad melancholic without Wednesday chewing through the scenery.

Laura and Mad Sweeney follow Shadow’s trail, and find themselves outside of a quaint bookshop in Boston.
fandom:blacksails  fandom:americangods  author:redwhale  fic  crossover 
july 2017
Treasure Island gods
Sumary: Wednesday tries to recruit Captain Flint for his war, and runs afoul of Thomas Hamilton in the attempt. Meanwhile, Shadow just wants a new goddamn book to read, is that so much to ask?
fandom:blacksails  fandom:americangods  author:redwhale  fic  crossover  flint/hamilton  humor 
june 2017
Unaccommodated Man (1/2)
Summary: It is at this point that, for the first time, Thomas Hamilton begins to consider that he has gone mad.
fandom:blacksails  author:kvikindi  fic  flint/hamilton  h/c  angst 
june 2017
The Sundering Sea (1/8)
Summary: Stepping into the foamy surf, gasping at the force of it, the surprise of it—it had been breathtaking. Thomas had been that for him, his boundless sea, and he wasn’t ashamed.
fandom:blacksails  author:x_art  fic  flint/hamilton  multipart  genre:au 
june 2017
Excerpt: “Tell me about yourself, Lieutenant,” Miranda says, smiling at him over a spoonful of soup. “Thomas says your father was a carpenter. Are you from London?”
fandom:blacksails  author:sea-changed  fic  fluff 
may 2017
Crescent Moon
Summary: One shot of the months following the finale, with a focus on a certain tattoo.
author:sebastianL  fandom:blacksails  fic  flint/hamilton  adult  h/c  angst 
may 2017
Didn't Anyone Tell You How To Gracefully Disappear In a Room?
For the tumblr prompt "I wanted to completely disappear for flinthamilton?"
fandom:blacksails  author:magnetism_bind  fic  flint/hamilton 
may 2017
Nature's Delight
Summary: When they took The Lady Jane, the last thing anyone expected was the human cargo.
fandom:blacksails  author:fyre  fic  flint/hamilton  genre:au  h/c 
may 2017
The Fields of Elysium (1/8)
Summary: A man who has been through bitter experiences and travelled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time. - The Odyssey
fandom:blacksails  author:fyre  fic  flint/hamilton  multipart  toberead 
may 2017
places to be
Summary: Tolstoy was wrong: every happy family is happy in its own way.
fandom:riversoflondon  author:sixth-light  fic  fluff  toberead 
april 2017
An Island of Our Own
Summary: “You’re leaving, aren’t you?”
“I’m coming with you.”
In which Wedge Antilles refuses to let Luke Skywalker wander off the edge of the Galaxy on his own, and goes with him to Ahch-To.
fandom:starwars  author:yunmin  fic  luke/wedge  fluff 
february 2017
binary rituals
Summary: Between the legitimate work Lando had undertaken on behalf of the new interim Republic government and his more circumspect hobby of cooking up cover stories, forging documents, and teaching and training operatives in how to use them, Lando didn’t have much time to spare. Luke didn’t either actually, but Luke’s time was more his own—by need and by design. It was Lando’s that was precious, in demand everywhere.

And so, under less than ideal circumstances, he made his approach, a little worried that if he didn’t do this now, he’d never do it.
fandom:starwars  author:spookykingdomstarlight  fic  luke/lando  fluff 
february 2017
The Game of Kings in Fifteen Minutes
Summary: You know how there was that person who did the "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" summaries?

I, uh, did it to The Game of Kings.
fandom:lymondchronicles  author:russian-blue 
january 2017
four and twenty lovebirds (baked in a pie) (1/?)
Summary: Peter Grant is one of the new contestants of The Great British Bake Off 2016, Thomas Nightingale is its famously inscrutable judge. The nation’s running commentary is their background soundtrack as they flirt onscreen. It’s gonna be a very long ten weeks.
fandom:riversoflondon  author:stardust_rain  fic  wip 
october 2016
Radio Silence
Summary: It should have felt more awkward, maybe, standing this close to Nightingale in public, the two of us staring into each other’s eyes--but all I could feel was that same bone-deep relief I had when I’d heard the Jag approaching--I was still alive, somehow, and Nightingale was here.
fandom:riversoflondon  author:mardia  fic  peter/nightingale  adult  first-time  futurefic  h/c 
august 2016
Miss Fisher, Miss Carter, and the Brackenstall Murder Case
Summary: When Phryne Fisher decides to investigate the death of Sir Eustace Brackenstall, she gets an unexpected assist from the dead man's young relation: ten-year-old Peggy Carter.
fandom:missfisher  fandom:agentcarter  fic  author:jeanetterankin  peggy  phyrne 
august 2016
Locked Rooms
Summary: Kissing Jack had seemed perfectly reasonable at the time -- but now it has made Phryne's life rather more complicated. Can Dot, Hugh, and Aunt Prudence save the day?
fandom:missfisher  author:lefaym  fic  phyrne/jack  fluff 
july 2016
A lack of pretense
Summary: He leans into her hand, and murmurs, “So you found me. Thought you would.”
Phyrne’s throat is too tight for her to speak at first, but she eventually manages to smile. “Yes. Of course I did.”
fandom:missfisher  author:mardia  fic  phyrne/jack  fluff  h/c 
july 2016
Dramatic Arts
Summary: In which Spectre is actually Bond's poorly written attempt at falsifying a mission report. Q wants a flight simulator, Eve wants more lines, and M wants a drink. Everybody's a critic.
fandom:skyfall  author:scioscribe  fic  bond/q  humor  crack 
may 2016
Star Wars/Pretty Woman AU outline
Prompt: …goddammit now I want a Pretty Woman AU
author:leupagus  fic  fandom:starwars  luke/poe 
may 2016
Drunk History (of the Rebellion)
Summary: Okay get this : Poe Dameron does Drunk History (of the Rebellion)
fandom:starwars  crack  humor 
may 2016
this ocean is yours, and mine (1/5)
Summary: It’s a new year, a new semester. Looking out across the classroom, taking in the bright-eyed students in their winter gear, the crowded desks, the aisles choked with backpacks and bags, Luke can’t help but feel that it’s going to be a good year.
“Welcome to Transformative Journeys: Pilgrimage and Practice in Global Buddhisms,” he says, with a smile. “I’m Professor Amidala-Lars."
fandom:starwars  author:rosepetalfall  fic  genre:au  multipart  luke/poe  first-time  adult 
may 2016
Summary: The Millennium Falcon sails into Lando's city and the last ten years of his life go up in smoke.
fandom:starwars  author:wildehack  fic  luke/lando  h/c 
may 2016
Click click click (Goes The Sound of Matt's Life Falling Apart)
Summary: Foggy discovers Matt Murdock/Daredevil fic. Matt boggles.
fandom:daredevil  fic  crack  humor 
may 2016
Star Wars/American President AU
Summary: Man I made the mistake of rewatching the American President the other night and now all I want in this world is an au where President Skywalker meets the feisty lobbyist Poe Dameron from the environmental nonprofit
fandom:starwars  author:leupagus  fic  luke/poe  genre:au 
april 2016
Squad goals
Summary: Five times Poe saves one of his squad and one time they save him.
Poe is the undisputed leader of the pilots' score board, due to a combination of flying almost every mission, a skyload of skill, a reckless streak a parsec wide, and a protective streak even wider than that.
fandom:starwars  author:elenothar  fic  fivethings  fluff  friendship 
april 2016
Morale surveys
Summary: The Resistance's morale department conducts regular surveys on a number of topics, and ever since The Incident With The Uniform Survey where they almost ended up with merkins, everyone is very honest in answering them.
fandom:starwars  author:bomberqueen17  fic  humor  crack 
april 2016
And the Light that Shines in Darkness (1/?)
Summary: “Are you the archbishop or something?”
The priest pulled a face. “I prefer to go by Father Luke, if you don’t mind.”
“Christ,” said Poe, “You are the archbishop?”
“Blasphemy, Commander Dameron,” said Father Luke, looking torn between disapproval and amusement.
fandom:starwars  author:leupagus  fic  luke/poe  genre:au  multipart  wip 
april 2016
BB-8 Knock knock jokes
Prompt: finn trying to teach bb-8 knock-knock jokes or puns, and/or bb-8 attempting to use them with people
fandom:starwars  author:historymiss  fic  bb-8 
april 2016
Blue Skies (1/?)
Summary: WW2!AU. Poe Dameron, the RAF's most daring pilot, is reassigned by Princess Leia to Dacre Airfield to serve as captain for a ragtag crew - including his new navigator, HRH Luke Skywalker.
fandom:starwars  author:dolly-bassett  fic  wip  genre:au  luke/poe  multipart 
april 2016
Luke Skywaker And The Return Of The Rainbow Gaysaber
Summary: What’s that? You have an email for me? An email about the Star Wars novel I wrote, Star Wars: Aftermath, which is both a defacto sequel to both Return of the Jedi and the TV show Perfect Strangers? Sure, sure, I’ll take a look — I get emails every week from adoring fans such as yourself, so here, hand it over, I’ll take a look and –

Chuck Wendig's awesome response to homophobic Star Wars fans.
fandom:starwars  essay 
march 2016
British Invasion
Summary: Something hits Matt square in the forehead, and then he's talking with this weird English accent and he just can't stop.
fandom:daredevil  fandom:avengers  author:thundrbolts  matt  humor  crack 
march 2016
Occupational Safety
Summary: "Like they’re going to make sure no one ever falls down the thermal exhaust shaft."
fandom:starwars  author:shadydave  fic  humor  crack  finn  poe 
march 2016
One Can't Kiss But Toucan
Summary: Matt doesn't get why "Skipper Foggy" is the hottest attraction at Disneyland - until he hears him in action.
fandom:daredevil  author:poisonivory  fic  humor  crack  matt/foggy 
march 2016
Penelope at her loom (1/5)
Summary" “So I hear you’re the best pilot in the Resistance."

The fic where Wedge Antilles mentors the next generation's star rebel pilot, and Poe Dameron finds out what life is like when you might one day be a legend. Along the way, he learns a little bit about love, meets the stormtrooper who just might change his life, and gets a ringside seat to Skywalker family drama. (Also, he gets to know the guy he's been fanboying since he was six, but he's totally cool about that. Totally.)
fandom:starwars  author:azurish  fic 
february 2016
Bits and Pieces
Summary: Collected fragments about To the sky without wings; will probably not make much sense without reading that story first.
fandom:starwars  author:leupagus  fic  luke/poe 
february 2016
Just Our Hands Clasped So Tight
Summary: If there's one thing Foggy Nelson knows about Matt Murdock, it's how tactile he is.
fandom:daredevil  author:poisonivory  fic  matt/foggy  fluff  h/c 
february 2016
Bridal carry
Prompt: Imagine Poe getting injured, so Finn carries him bridal style and Poe is like "look at how strong my boyfriend is".
fandom:starwars  author:janiedean  fic  finn/poe  fluff 
february 2016
No other exile
Summary: “Of course they’d send you,” Phasma says, the first time she’s spoken since they put her in here.
“I volunteered,” FN-2187 tells her.
“What a proud moment for you,” she says.
“I didn’t,” the pilot says with an unpleasant little smirk as he leans against the wall, hand hanging next to the holster on his thigh.
fandom:starwars  author:queerly_it_is  fic  finn/poe  phasma  friendship 
february 2016
A Tiny Trash Fire Offering
Summary: This is just a tiny blurb that was mostly intended as an exercise in figuring out Luke’s headspace, because Why Do You Do The Things You Do, Trash Fire??? Takes place right before the bruised ribs/healing trance scene.
fandom:starwars  author:jellyfishfire  fic  luke/poe 
february 2016
Have you heard (1/?)
Summary: "I heard FN-2187 was a Stormtrooper." Or Finn sparks a revolution.
fandom:starwars  author:peradi  fic  finn  angst  toberead  wip 
february 2016
Tomorrow (there'll be more of us)
Summary: “FN-2187 was real, right?” She sounds very young again. “Please tell me he was real."
"I'm real,” said Finn, who was on his first patrol since his back healed. “And my name’s Finn now.”
Her eyes widened. “You have a name?

Or: The resistance is starting to get stormtrooper defectors. Finn helps them out.
fandom:starwars  author:dimircharmer  fic  finn  fluff 
february 2016
Dots and dashes
Summary: Finn learns droidspeak and love (with varying degrees of success).
fandom:starwars  author:gretahs  fic  finn/poe  fluff  h/c 
february 2016
We are all stardust
Summary: Finn wakes up. He wakes up slow, the rising tide of consciousness making him aware, firstly, of how stale his mouth tastes. Then it's the general stiffness of his body, the foreign feeling of a pillow beneath his head, the softness of the clothes he's wearing. Finn doesn't think he's ever worn clothes so soft.
fandom:starwars  finn/poe  fic  author:synergenic  first-time  adult  h/c 
february 2016
Just like it should
Summary: "You're the Resistance's best pilot, and he's wearing your jacket. Just go talk to him!"
fandom:starwars  author:fabrega  fic  finn/poe  fluff 
february 2016
I fixed it
Summary: The *real* ending for Leupagus' To the sky without wings
fandom:starwars  author:thedevilsarehere  fic  crack  humor 
january 2016
Snow day
Prompt; your otp snowed in, the lights are flickering; the city's shut down and the government declared a state of emergency for your state.
fandom:starwars  author:margotkim  fic  fluff  humor 
january 2016
Do not take love advice from sweary droids
Summary: “Why did Finn just beep at me? Does he speak Droid when he’s upset?”
“It seems so,” says BB-8. He’s never been so proud of the coat-stealing dickmonkey.
Finn learns Droid. BB-8 makes a friend. Poe is confused, and everything ends up happily.
fandom:starwars  author:peradi  fic  finn/poe  humor  fluff  first-time 
january 2016
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academy adult angst annie(bh) aphrodisiac ariadne ariadne/yusuf arthur arthur/eames author:1297 author:_seven_crows author:abigail89 author:acetronitrile author:adina-atl author:aelora author:affectingly author:andrealyn author:angelgazing author:anne-higgins author:aredblush author:astolat author:aubreyli author:audrarose author:aviss author:blackbird_song author:blcwriter author:blue-fjords author:bookshop author:breakthecitysky author:canis-takahari author:captanddeastar author:ceres-libera author:chambergambit author:china-shop author:common-sense author:crayon-scrawls author:cymbalism219 author:d8rkmessngr author:dancinbutterfly author:devonwood author:dsudis author:eldritchhorrors author:eleveninches author:emilianadarling author:emiliglia author:emmagrant01 author:enjambament author:entangled-now author:exiled_mind author:fahye author:fairhearing author:ffodder author:flaming-muse author:florahart author:foxxcub author:franticsga author:futureperfect author:fyre author:gadgetorious author:giddygeek author:graceandfire author:gyzym author:hackthis author:hedgerose author:hollycomb author:icedwhitemocha author:idoltina author:ifeelbetter author:iknowitainteasy author:immoral-crow author:inell author:jibrailis author:ken-ichijouji author:kiyala author:laceymcbain author:laughter-now author:legibleflowers author:leupagus author:lifeasacloud author:lindmere author:linelenagain author:londondrowning author:longleggedgit author:lookninjas author:louiex author:luckie-dee author:luthien82 author:mardia author:mclachland author:mijan author:mirabella author:misslucyjane author:misspamela author:misswinterhill author:mixtapestar author:moonythestrals author:mrasaki author:near-family author:neifile7 author:neveralarch author:northatlantic author:onthecount author:out-there author:pennyplainknits author:peradi author:philomytha author:pocky_slash author:pogrebin author:poisonivory author:preciousmellow author:pyrimidine author:qthelights author:r_becca author:rageprufrock author:rainjoyswriting author:recrudescence author:red-rahl author:redwhale author:regala-electra author:remuslives23 author:sam_storyteller author:saucy-kate author:schweinsty author:scioscribe author:shandyall author:shrift author:sirona-gs author:sixth-light author:skintightsocks author:skyblue-reverie author:slightestwind author:smallacts author:smallwaldo author:smilebackwards author:smilla840 author:sotto-voice author:sparking-off author:sparky77 author:st_xi_kink author:stoney321 author:strangecreature author:sullacat author:syllic author:tailoredshirt author:tanarian author:tearstolaughter author:tequilideas author:thalialunacy author:the-dala author:the-ragnarok author:thebloggess author:thehoyden author:thistlerose author:threepwillow author:toastedtea author:toomuchplor author:tortillafactory author:tosca1390 author:veronicaluv author:villageidiot author:water-nix author:weatherfront author:what-larks author:whatiknew author:whenidance author:winterover author:wordplay author:xtricks author:xxxraquelita author:zinfic aziraphale/crowley bond/q burthummel chekov chris/darren cobb consentissues crack crossover domestic eames elizabeth(wc) episode:coe episode:countrycide episode:cyberwoman episode:gbg episode:kkbb episode:meat episode:tkks esposito/ryan essay family fanart fandom:agentcarter fandom:alias fandom:americangods fandom:avengers fandom:beinghuman fandom:blacksails fandom:brooklyn99 fandom:castle fandom:daredevil fandom:discworld fandom:doctorwho fandom:glee fandom:gleerpf fandom:goodomens fandom:guardians fandom:inception fandom:ironman fandom:marvel fandom:matthewswift fandom:merlin fandom:missfisher fandom:oxfordtimetravel fandom:riversoflondon fandom:skyfall fandom:sleepyhollow fandom:startrek fandom:starwars fandom:topgear fandom:torchwood fandom:trekrpf fandom:twelfthnight fandom:whitecollar fic finn finn/poe first-time fivethings flint/hamilton fluff friendship futurejack gaila genre:au genre:dark genre:datefic genre:fixit genre:friendship genre:futurefic genre:meta genre:studentau george/mitchell gwen(tw) gwen/rhys h/c holidays humor ianto jack/ianto joannamccoy karl/chris karlurban kink kirk kirk/mccoy kurt/blaine luke/lando luke/poe luke/wedge mal martha matt/foggy mccoy mccoy/chekov merlin/arthur mindreading multipart neal neal/peter neal/peter/elizabeth owen peter(wc) peter/nightingale pets phyrne/jack picspam pike prepairing pwp recs retcon/amnesia rhys robert saito santana scotty shortstory spock spockprime steve/sam steve/tony sulu sulu/chekov teamfic thedoctor threesome timetravel toberead tomhardy tosh uhura uhura/spock wip yusuf

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