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Take, for instance, the couple she’s consulting with this afternoon, for their upcoming October ceremony. Seemingly mismatched in every respect. The plump, fair-haired one looks like a parody of an absent-minded professor, as sketched by someone who didn’t bother to do much actual research; his clothes are so outdated it teeters on costume. He’s wearing a bow tie, and not in that reinvented hipster way. This is a bow tie unacquainted with the cycles of fashion, a bow tie that has never heard the word irony.

His partner is a rangy, black-clad ginger in snakeskin boots. He has the look of a hungover rocker about him, and would somehow, even without the sunglasses he has fully committed to wearing indoors on a cloudy afternoon. He’s sprawled almost defiantly in his chair and keeps throwing dubious glances around Dr. Blackwell’s office, as though expecting a lightning bolt to strike him down for merely daring to be within spitting distance of a church.
author:idiopathicsmile  fandom:GoodOmens  pairing:Crowley/Aziraphale  rating:G  length:<5k  feelings:fluff  genre:continuation 
july 2019 by darthjamtart
Birds of a Feather
“Isn’t this nice?” says Aziraphale with badly feigned casualness the next time Crowley stops by for a late night drink.

Crowley is all set to reply, words lined up in his mouth waiting to go, when Aziraphale adds,

“I mean, all of the books and furniture and bottles of wine and things?”

Aziraphale nests. Crowley relearns some crucial facts about angelic courtship rituals.
author:idiopathicsmile  fandom:GoodOmens  rating:T  length:<5k  feelings:fluff  genre:get-together  pairing:Crowley/Aziraphale 
july 2019 by darthjamtart
An Artless Proposal
Aziraphale left the shop and promptly tripped over the doorway step, which he hoped was not a bad omen.

The ring sat heavy in his front pant pocket, settled in a little velvet bag.
author:raeldaza  fandom:GoodOmens  pairing:Crowley/Aziraphale  rating:G  length:<5k  feelings:fluff  genre:get-together 
june 2019 by darthjamtart
nothing but the wild rain
"The internet, Aziraphale!" Crowley says. "This is what the internet is for. This is, quite literally, what the internet is for."

"Oh," Aziraphale says, and Crowley knows, he just knows, that Aziraphale is going to say something about how it's jolly useful for hard-to-find first editions and tickets for the Last Night of the Proms.

or, Aziraphale and Crowley find sex confusing.
author:singlecrow  fandom:GoodOmens  rating:M  length:<5k  genre:continuation  genre:get-together  feelings:fluff  pairing:Crowley/Aziraphale 
june 2019 by darthjamtart
Not A Word
“Yes,” the goblin said. He sounded mournful. “Emrys serves king. Big waste, you ask me. Us following you all day. Emrys say, ‘Goblins watching.’ King tramp all over making noise. Emrys say, ‘look out trap.’ King go in trap.” He and several of the other goblins all shook their heads disapprovingly, while Arthur seriously contemplated cutting the rope at once and swinging himself onto their heads and seeing how many of them he could take out. “Once and future king, not all he cracked up to be. Emrys not want king anymore, Emrys say so, goblins figure out something else. Goblins have queen, she smart, she not go in trap. You want serve queen?” he asked Merlin.

“Er, no thanks, really,” Merlin said.
author:astolat  fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  length:<5k  genre:action/adventure  feelings:loltastic  rating:M 
february 2019 by darthjamtart
(although it’s always crowded) you still can find some room
When Harold invited her for a drink Zoe had the feeling he was setting up John for some R&R, so she brought some toys along.

Set after 'Booked Solid'.
author:Toft  fandom:PoI  rating:E  genre:porn  feelings:unf  length:<5k  pairing:Harold/John  pairing:Zoe/John 
september 2017 by darthjamtart
Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You!
“You’re not the least bit disturbed by this?” John asked. Rodney shrugged. “Well, I’d have preferred a Coffee Bean, but...”
author:trinityofone  fandom:sga  feelings:loltastic  genre:crack  pairing:none  rating:T  length:<5k 
may 2015 by darthjamtart
Your Highnessness
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far a—

Yeah, I know that’s not when it happened, but that’s how you start this kind of—

I don’t know, do I look like George Lucas?

No, he made the movie. No, it doesn’t have Kevin Bacon. Not everything has Kevin Bacon!

Of course it’s still good!

Fine, you dicks. If you think you know better than one of the greatest stories of the human race:

A short time ago, in this galaxy...
author:shadydave  fandom:GuardiansoftheGalaxy  fandom:JupiterAscending  genre:crossover  feelings:loltastic  rating:G  length:<5k  pairing:none 
march 2015 by darthjamtart
Yet Their Hearts Are Not Changed
It's Enjolras who finds Grantaire, but Grantaire is the one who can't let go.

[the one where Grantaire was a genie]
author:ester_inc  fandom:LesMiserables  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  feelings:hmm  genre:angst  length:<5k  rating:M 
november 2014 by darthjamtart
No Unworthy Aim
Hook should, perhaps, have died in England and awoken in Hell. Instead, he died in Neverland and awoke in the trenches of 1916 France.

While trying to aid the boys of England, Wendy Darling found herself confronted with a man who had lost his right hand, his past, and his ability to dream.
fandom:PeterPan  feelings:hmm  genre:sequel  pairing:wendy/hook  rating:T  length:<5k 
december 2013 by darthjamtart
never seen a man with so much dimension
"I'd like to hoard you," Derek said.

(Derek is a dragon. Lydia organizes his library. Stiles fails to rescue her.)
author:verity  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:loltastic  genre:fusion  genre:crack  length:<5k  pairing:none  rating:G 
december 2013 by darthjamtart
You may have my number, you can take my name
It's Eve. Her hands are shaking and her mascara is smudged down her cheek and he isn't the best at reading people but even he can figure this one out. His mind runs though everyone who might be in danger. Bond, but she wasn't this bad when she killed him before. Mallory, who turned out to be not as bad as he could've been. Any number of runners, guards, that boy in Conventional Weapons who shares his lunch with Eve while simultaneously sending Flirty Eyebrow Looks at Q's desk.

"M is dead," Eve says, bringing his mental Rolodex of faces and half-remembered names to an abrupt halt. "They need you upstairs."
author:lc2l  fandom:skyfall  pairing:none  rating:G  length:<5k  feelings:hmm  genre:mostly-filler 
august 2013 by darthjamtart
Next Year's Words
Sometimes Bond has to seduce someone for the job. Occasionally he needs help with the details. Q enjoys giving directions. Bond likes taking them, sometimes, from the right person.

“Does she like long walks at sunset or is she more of a ‘fuck me against a wall’ girl?” Bond breathes quietly into the mic, following the glimpse of crimson silk flitting its way through the dark bar.
author:cathalin  fandom:skyfall  pairing:bond/q  rating:E  length:<5k  genre:porn  feelings:unf 
august 2013 by darthjamtart
This Ill-Fitting Skin
In which Bond is turned into a woman by a Bond villain's device, and Q is out of his depth. (He's not really sure what to do about the machine, either.)
author:TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel  fandom:skyfall  pairing:bond/q  rating:M  feelings:loltastic  genre:genderfuck  length:<5k 
august 2013 by darthjamtart
“Maybe he’s the kind of straight that doesn’t think it counts when a gay boy sucks him off?” she suggests sotto. He kind of really wants to punch her, but she’s the kind of lady who can crack walnuts with her thighs, so he restrains and feels his entire face go pink instead.
author:beaubete  fandom:skyfall  rating:E  length:<5k  genre:porn  genre:get-together  pairing:bond/q/moneypenny  pairing:OT3  feelings:unf  feelings:loltastic 
august 2013 by darthjamtart
set your spirit free (it's the only way to be)
"I can't believe I'm having sex with you," Derek says, covering his face with a hand, voice weirdly and newly… fond?

Stiles has feelings about this. That is also a new development.
author:verity  fandom:teen+wolf  length:<5k  rating:E  genre:get-together  feelings:fluff  pairing:derek/stiles 
june 2013 by darthjamtart
no moral compass, pointing due north
“I certainly didn’t suggest anything untoward.” Peter says, honestly perplexed but hiding it by widening his eyes innocently. “I can’t help it if you overreacted to my natural sexual magnetism.”
author:AuntieClimactic  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:loltastic  genre:get-together  rating:E  pairing:peter/stiles  length:<5k 
march 2013 by darthjamtart
Despite no one else being affected by an inconvenient magical soulbond, Tasha would later claim to have been summoned to the scene by Clint’s intense distress.
author:pollyrepeat  fandom:avengers  feelings:loltastic  genre:get-together  length:<5k  pairing:clint/coulson  rating:T 
march 2013 by darthjamtart
Pussy Galore
It's actually bizarrely fitting, when Stiles thinks about it. Derek wasn't that far off from being a cat to begin with. He's well-groomed, but he doesn't always care where he sleeps. He's vicious and mean, but he also sort of wants people to like him. He tries his hardest to make friends with the people who like him the least.
author:kalpurna  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:loltastic  genre:crack  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:T  length:<5k 
february 2013 by darthjamtart
He’s about to curse Gigi for not being more helpful in his hour of need when something hits him in the chest. On instinct, he grabs what turns out to be the garter, and looks around to find Elizabeth Bennet holding the bouquet.

Of course.
author:Jebiwonkenobi  fandom:LizzieBennetDiaries  feelings:fluff  genre:mostly-filler  length:<5k  rating:T  pairing:lizzie/darcy 
february 2013 by darthjamtart
Brutalist Masterpieces
It figures the day Derek finally decides to face the do-it-yourself furniture is the day he breaks the only necessary tool.
author:FireEverything  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:loltastic  genre:mostly-filler  rating:G  length:<5k  pairing:none 
january 2013 by darthjamtart
Trio [You, Me, Her]
"So how often have you seen Beca naked?" Jesse asked Chloe, pouring her a beer from the keg. Exhibition was over, his and Beca's duet -- Katy Perry's Firework -- had gotten a standing ovation, and they were standing around in the empty pool celebrating. He was, at least, grinning while he said it, so Chloe wasn't particularly worried.

She grinned back and said, "Not as many times as I'd like."
fandom:pitch+perfect  feelings:fluff  genre:get-together  pairing:beca/jesse  pairing:beca/chloe  rating:T  length:<5k 
december 2012 by darthjamtart
LA braced itself when Logan Echolls graduated from his no-name small-town college and bought a house in the Hollywood Hills. Finally, some fresh blood for the gossip pages, the nightclubs, the inevitable cokefests and drama that always happened when spoiled kids with too much money and no parents to speak of decided to spend their time with each other instead of real people.
author:crimsonclad  fandom:veronica+mars  feelings:fluff  genre:continuation  pairing:logan/veronica  rating:T  length:<5k 
november 2012 by darthjamtart
A Brief Introduction to Asgardian Dinner Parties
This is the first Earth-Asgard bonding opportunity since that time Loki punched interstellar relations in the face, twice, and the king and queen of Asgard are here, and they are her boyfriend’s parents.

Jane is absolutely not going to get drunk at this party, is the point.
author:jonesandashes  author:pentapus  fandom:avengers  feelings:loltastic  genre:action/adventure  pairing:none  rating:T  length:<5k 
november 2012 by darthjamtart
Wait Wait Don't Eat Me
"We're going to be cutting our show a little short today, because, as you may have heard, there's an apocalypse happening! But we didn't let the election of Barack Obama stop us, and we're not going to let the zombie hordes stop us either."
author:nestra  fandom:NPR  feelings:loltastic  genre:parody  rating:G  length:<5k  pairing:none 
october 2012 by darthjamtart
Up All Night
"See if I ever cuddle you if you get ghost hypothermia," Stiles said.
author:verity  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:fluff  genre:genderfuck  length:<5k  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:T 
october 2012 by darthjamtart
all you're giving me is friction
The alpha pack was nothing like what Derek expected.

First of all, they had zero interest in fighting Derek for his territory. "I have an infinity pool," Brandon said loftily. "You basically haunt this busted up house and live in an abandoned train car."
author:drunktuesdays  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:loltastic  genre:get-together  rating:M  length:<5k  pairing:derek/stiles 
september 2012 by darthjamtart
Wolf Man's Party
In which Dean and Sam Winchester investigate reports of a high school lacrosse team in Beacon Hills, California almost entirely comprised of werewolves, and the expedient application of chocolate chips to the problem first endangers, then saves, several lives.
author:molly  fandom:teen+wolf  fandom:supernatural  feelings:loltastic  genre:crossover  rating:T  pairing:multi  length:<5k 
august 2012 by darthjamtart
Oh, it's love (is it?)
Then there's a period of time where Derek tries to aggressively date Stiles just because while Stiles is blatantly uncooperative.
author:shuttermutt  fandom:teen+wolf  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:G  length:<5k  feelings:fluff  genre:get-together 
august 2012 by darthjamtart

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