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the dogfather
“I’m not a reverse werewolf either,” says the man. “I’m your godfather.”
author:hollimichele  fandom:HarryPotter  rating:T  length:20k-50k  pairing:none  feelings:fluff  genre:fix-it 
october 2018 by darthjamtart
The Dark is Light Enough
“You’re young,” Alex says bluntly. “Younger than me, even, and no one thought me any good until I’d proven myself in battle. And those of us who study the sword have many more opportunities to prove ourselves publicly--you lot are all shut away in your cloister, how would anyone even know?”

“It’s not like they thought anything of me there either until the first Trials,” Thom says, a touch bitter. “I am so tired of proving myself.”

“I would be too,” Alex says. “I’d look for something decisive. That’s not to say you have to do what Delia says, of course.”

“You don’t seem to doubt me,” Thom says, something odd in his voice. He knocks his shoulder against Alex’s, carefully.

Alex means to use Thom of Trebond to further his own plans. It doesn't turn out that way at all.
author:harborshore  length:20k-50k  fandom:Tortall  pairing:Alex/Thom  rating:M  feelings:hmm  genre:AR  genre:backstory  genre:fix-it 
august 2017 by darthjamtart

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