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paper cranes (upstairs, downstairs)
"Oh my God," Rodney says, stricken. "This is—this is one of those British costume dramas Ronon always wants to watch and I'm the uncouth American!"
author:verity  fandom:sga  feelings:fluff  length:10k-20k  pairing:John/Rodney  rating:M  genre:get-together 
august 2017 by darthjamtart
never seen a man with so much dimension
"I'd like to hoard you," Derek said.

(Derek is a dragon. Lydia organizes his library. Stiles fails to rescue her.)
author:verity  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:loltastic  genre:fusion  genre:crack  length:<5k  pairing:none  rating:G 
december 2013 by darthjamtart
set your spirit free (it's the only way to be)
"I can't believe I'm having sex with you," Derek says, covering his face with a hand, voice weirdly and newly… fond?

Stiles has feelings about this. That is also a new development.
author:verity  fandom:teen+wolf  length:<5k  rating:E  genre:get-together  feelings:fluff  pairing:derek/stiles 
june 2013 by darthjamtart
Up All Night
"See if I ever cuddle you if you get ghost hypothermia," Stiles said.
author:verity  fandom:teen+wolf  feelings:fluff  genre:genderfuck  length:<5k  pairing:derek/stiles  rating:T 
october 2012 by darthjamtart

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