Tessellation method accessible to all: Free online - Nicolas
a simple and complete method accessible to all and free with more than 350 original tessellations.
design  non-periodic  tessellation  tiles  tiling  aperiodic  art 
8 hours ago
Haunt is a simple, functional, hackable static site generator that gives authors the ability to treat websites as Scheme programs.
lisp  scheme  blog  generator 
16 days ago
Mark Kleiman, who changed how we think about crime and drugs, dies at 68 - Vox
RIP Mark Kleiman, one of our best criminal justice scholars and my friend.
crime  policy 
26 days ago
Deploy code faster: with CI/CD and Kubernetes  |  Kubernetes Engine  |  Google Cloud
Deploy code faster, protect against outages, and save money using continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).
kubernetes  k8s  containers 
29 days ago
Developing on Kubernetes - Kubernetes
Authors: Michael Hausenblas (Red Hat), Ilya Dmitrichenko (Weaveworks)
How do you develop a Kubernetes app? That is, how do you write and test an app that is supposed to run on Kubernetes? This article focuses on the challenges, tools and methods you might want to be aware of to successfully write Kubernetes apps alone or in a team setting.
We’re assuming you are a developer, you have a favorite programming language, editor/IDE, and a testing framework available.
kubernetes  k8s 
29 days ago
Music for the Dark: The 33 Best Industrial Albums of All Time | Pitchfork
Throbbing Gristle, Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy: These bands brought the heat
8 weeks ago
Gödel's System T in TypeScript · Denis Kyashif's Blog
Experimenting with a rudimentary type system that ensures the programs always terminate.
typescript  types  type-theory 
9 weeks ago
Over the last few months I have been working on yet another new language, this time for programming FPGAs. This post will provide a short introduction to Fairylog by way of building some custom hardware to read a pair of Nintendo pads. Realtime 24bit co...
racket  fairylog  fpga 
9 weeks ago
Home | Nannou
An open-source creative-coding framework for Rust
art  generative  graphics  rust 
10 weeks ago
The Kale Salad That Started It All | TASTE
An online magazine for today's home cook, reporting from the front lines of dinner.
10 weeks ago
Gochujang Pork Shoulder Steaks Recipe | Bon Appetit
The centerpiece of Korean barbecue is the meat, but it doesn't have to be steak; Seattle chef Rachel Yang recommends grilling this gochujang pork shoulder.
gochujang  korean  recipe 
10 weeks ago
The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting - The New York Times
A chart showing how much money families of different income groups have spent on childcare in recent years.
12 weeks ago
Strong Opinions Loosely Held Might be the Worst Idea in Tech - The Glowforge Blog
"Strong opinions, loosely held" is a tech mantra that deserves to be re-examined. Communicating uncertainty will improve your results.
may 2019
On Recursive Functions · Denis Kyashif's Blog
How to define a recursive function in a language which doesn't support recursion using the Y combinator.
programming  algorithms  tutorial  lambda 
may 2019
TypeScript 3.0: The unknown Type — Marius Schulz
TypeScript 3.0 introduced a new unknown type which is the type-safe counterpart of the any type.
typescript  javascript 
may 2019
Top 10 Application-Design Mistakes
Application usability is enhanced when the UI guides and supports users through the workflow.
readlater  Design  GUI  application 
may 2019
A Hardware Accelerator for Tracing Garbage Collection
Abstract—A large number of workloads are written in
garbage-collected languages. These applications spend up to 10-
35% of their CPU cycles on GC, and these numbers increase
further for pause-free concurrent collectors. As this amounts
to a significant fraction of resources in scenarios ranging from
data centers to mobile devices, reducing the cost of GC would
improve the efficiency of a wide range of workloads.

We propose to decrease these overheads by moving GC into a
small hardware accelerat...
paper  hardware  gc  garbagecollection 
may 2019
My Take on Property-Based Testing – Erlang Battleground – Medium
A few months ago, Fred gave me a copy of his latest book (Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir) so I could review it. So, here I am, returning the favor. But I’ll also use this…
testing  property-based  erlang  programming  review  readlater 
may 2019
Riposte—Test your JSON API
Riposte is a scripting language for testing JSON-based HTTP APIs.
json  racket  testing  tools 
may 2019
AI & Architecture – Towards Data Science
Artificial Intelligence, as a discipline, has already been permeating countless fields, bringing means and methods to previously unresolved challenges, across industries. The advent of AI in…
ai  architecture  design  generators 
april 2019
A Gentle Introduction to Divide and Conquer Algorithms
An easy to understand introduction to divide and conquer algorithms
algorithms  programming  concurrency 
april 2019
Squash the work - A Workflow for Typing Untyped Programs that use Ad-Hoc Data Structures
We present a semi-automated workflow for porting untyped programs to annotation-driven optional typesystems. Unlike previous work, we infer useful types for recursive heterogeneous entities that have “ad-hoc”representations as plain data structures like maps, vectors, and sequences.Our workflow starts by using dynamic analysis to collect samples from program execution via test suites orexamples. Then, initial type annotations are inferred by combining observations across different parts of theprogram. Finally, the programmer uses the type system as a feedback loop to tweak the provided annotationsuntil they type check.Since inferring perfect annotations is usually undecidable and dynamic analysis is necessarily incomplete,the key to our approach is generating close-enough annotations that are easy to manipulate to their final formby following static type error messages. We explain our philosophy behind achieving this along with a formalmodel of the automated stages of our workflow, featuring maps as the primary “ad-hoc” data representation.We report on using our workflow to convert real untyped Clojure programs to type check with TypedClojure, which both feature extensive support for ad-hoc data representations. First, we visually inspect theinitial annotations for conformance to our philosophy. Second, we quantify the kinds of manual changesneeded to amend them. Third, we verify the initial annotations are meaningfully under precise by enforcing them at runtime.We find that the kinds of changes needed are usually straightforward operations on the initial annotations,leading to a substantial reduction in the effort required to port such programs.
paper  pdf  research  types 
april 2019
Testing in Production, the safe way – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
I'm more and more convinced that staging environments are like mocks - at best a pale imitation of the genuine article and the worst form of confirmation bias. It's still better than having nothing - but "works in staging" is only one step better than "works on my machine".
april 2019
Why You Need a Software Delivery Machine – The Composition
Many teams have a clear vision of how they want their software delivery to work. For example, what checks and staging deployments should occur on commits; what approval steps are required before…
april 2019
Hunter S. Thompson's Letter on Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life
Hunter S. Thompson's letter to his friend, Hume Logan, on finding your purpose and living a meaningful life. The most profound advice I've ever come across.
april 2019
IRONY POLITICS & GEN ZJoshua Citarella
Joshua Citarella explores Gen Z's use of TikTok, seeing young Americans' gravitation to the online Right as a downstream effect of neoliberalism.
politics  readlater 
april 2019
Sharding & IDs at Instagram – Instagram Engineering
With more than 25 photos and 90 likes every second, we store a lot of data here at Instagram. To make sure all of our important data fits into memory and is available quickly for our users, we’ve…
database  distributed  sharding 
april 2019
Abortion, gun control: How special interest groups push legislation
An investigation by USA TODAY, The Arizona Republic and the Center for Public Integrity
readlater  politics 
april 2019
Inside the Democrats’ Plan to Fix Their Crumbling Data Operation | WIRED
Inside the Democrats’ Plan to Fix Their Crumbling Data Operation
politics  readlater 
april 2019
A Neutral Home for the Next Generation of Continuous Delivery Collaboration | CD Foundation
The Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) serves as the vendor-neutral home of many of the fastest-growing projects for continuous delivery.
devplatform  devops  cd  ci 
april 2019
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