Stiles Stilinski, Disaster Chef by Guede
The zombie apocalypse forces Stiles to learn how to cook.
teenwolf  non-crossover  via:dievillain 
november 2016
flawedamythyst - Legal Wincest'verse
The FBI catches Sam & Dean in the act and incest is one of the few charges they've got solid proof of. Sam & Dean challenge the law in the supreme court.
Supernatural  pairing:deanwinchester/samwinchester  character:supernatural:victorHenricksen  theme:prison/captivity  Fic  Non-Crossover  theme:incest 
november 2014
Port in a Storm
Section Chief Corinne Brauer of the FBI's DC office is having a very strange day. Set after the end of season five; spoilers for 5x13.
fic  tagme  WhiteCollar  non-crossover  read:2014  via:kuiskata 
october 2014
Legacy Undone
Madara wins and Team 7 sends Naruto back in time to fix it. Naruto thinks they are all going, but there is only enough chakra to send him. He wakes up in a world very unlike his past. Naruto is four, Jiraiya died fighting Hanzo, Tsunade is still in the village as Dan is alive, the sharingan died out with Madara and Orochimaru hasn't defected. The time travel killed the Kyuubi. The Hokage and Inoichi believe Naruto was attacked and his memories were altered. Naruto joins the Academy early and Orochimaru becomes his sensei.
fic  tagme  naruto  read:2014  theme:timetravel:deaging  theme:earlygraduation  from delicious
april 2014
slipping through the years
The plane crash and subsequent ice might have killed him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still around, haunting those he cares about. And since the only person who can see him is Tony Stark, death sure isn’t going to be boring.
fic  tagme  non-crossover  marvel  avengers  read:2013  from delicious
december 2013
Been There Done That
Stiles is constantly trying to protect his father from the supernatural, even if that means keeping him in the dark. The thing is, John Stilinski has more than a few skeletons in his closet, and when something is threatening his son, well...he might just have to step in. | John Stilinski used to be Dean Winchester.
fic  tagme  crossover:yes  teenwolf  supernatural  read:2013  theme:characterwelding  from delicious
december 2013
His Fate Will Be Unlearned
Tony Stark spent his childhood making weapons, filling the hole his father left in the world when he succumbed to alcohol, grief, and his own demons. At the age of fifteen, he ran away from home, and made it as far as MIT before all of his responsibilities caught up to him. Now seventeen, he just wants to finish his degree and escape from everything connected to the Stark name.

Steve Rogers crashed into the icy North Atlantic in the 1940's, sacrificing himself to save the world. He never expected to wake up, and now that he has, he's not sure he's glad. The US Army has other plans for him, but for now, Steve is slowly learning to live life in the 21st century, and taking classes at Boston College. He's beginning to suspect that there is no escape.

Boston College is on the T's Green Line. MIT is on the Red. The two lines meet at the Park Street Station, and so will Steve and Tony.
fic  avengers  tagme  non-crossover  read:2013  pairing:steverogers/tonystark  marvel  from delicious
december 2013
The Pride of Konoha
A group consisting of the twelve and their romantic interests travels back from 10 years after Naruto's genin exam.
theme:timetravel  non-crossover  naruto  lastupdate:2013  lastupdate:2013April  read:2013  from delicious
november 2013
Taste of Home
Phil Coulson grew up in Night Vale. Somehow SHIELD is both more terrifying and easier to survive than his childhood home.
character:marvel:philcoulson  fic  avengers  marvel  crossover:yes  read:2013  tagme  nightvale  from delicious
august 2013
Humming Along
Howard spliced Tony's genes with a humingbird's. Nobody knows except Pepper, who finds Howard's journal about it. Pepper POV.
fic  marvel  non-crossover  read:2013  ironman  tagme  from delicious
august 2013
Hell, High Water and Amnesia
Following an explosion, Reese loses parts of memory including everything to do with Finch and the Machine. Not sure who to trust, John evades the FBI, CIA and Carter as he attempts to remember who he's become and why he's drawn to this strange man with a limp.
fic  non-crossover  personofinterest  read:2013  tagme  theme:amnesia  from delicious
june 2013
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