SSH Port
Anyway, I designed SSH to replace both telnet (port 23) and ftp (port 21). Port 22 was free. It was conveniently between the ports for telnet and ftp. I figured having that port number might be one of those small things that would give some aura of credibility. But how could I get that port number? I had never allocated one, but I knew somebody who had allocated a port.
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Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic
oogle’s secret effort to scan every book in the world, codenamed “Project Ocean,” began in earnest in 2002 when Larry Page and Marissa Mayer sat down in the office together with a 300-page book and a metronome. Page wanted to know how long it would take to scan more than a hundred-million books, so he started with one that was lying around. Using the metronome to keep a steady pace, he and Mayer paged through the book cover-to-cover. It took them 40 minutes.
5 days ago
Stats and Stories: Episode 30: Do's and Don'ts of Data Journalism
Andrew Flowers (@andrewflowers) is a freelance data journalist and a former quantitative editor at FiveThirtyEight.com . He writes about economics, trade, welfare, sports and more.
6 days ago
Edward Tufte forum: PowerPoint and Military Intelligence
I work at the Office of Naval Research. A colleague there attended a briefing at the Pentagon, and according to him, it ended with the following statement made by the military officer who requested the briefing: "You're not going to win the next war by using PowerPoint. You're going to win by making the other dumb bastard use PowerPoint."
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6 days ago
TOP SECRET POLO STEP - Iraq War Plan Assumed Only 5,000 U.S. Troops Still There by December 2006
Washington D.C., February 14, 2007 - The U.S. Central Command's war plan for invading Iraq postulated in August 2002 that the U.S. would have only 5,000 troops left in Iraq as of December 2006, according to the Command's PowerPoint briefing slides, which were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and are posted on the Web today by the National Security Archive (www.nsarchive.org).

The PowerPoint slides, prepared by CentCom planners for Gen. Tommy Franks under code name POLO STEP, for briefings during 2002 for President Bush, the NSC, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, the JCS, and Franks' commanders, refer to the "Phase IV" post-hostilities period as "UNKNOWN" and "months" in duration, but assume that U.S. forces would be almost completely "re-deployed" out of Iraq within 45 months of the invasion (i.e. December 2006).
6 days ago
Hilary: the most poisoned baby name in US history | Not So Standard Deviations
I’ve always had a special fondness for my name, which — according to Ryan Gosling in “Lars and the Real Girl” — is a scientific fact for most people (Ryan Gosling constitutes scientific proof in my book). Plus, the root word for Hilary is the Latin word “hilarius” meaning cheerful and merry, which is the same root word for “hilarious” and “exhilarating.” It’s a great name.

Several years ago I came across this blog post, which provides a cursory analysis for why “Hillary” is the most poisoned name of all time. The author is careful not to comment on the details of why “Hillary” may have been poisoned right around 1992, but I’ll go ahead and make the bold causal conclusion that it’s because that was the year that Bill Clinton was elected, and thus the year Hillary Clinton entered the public sphere and was generally reviled for not wanting to bake cookies or something like that. Note that this all happened when I was 7 years old, so I spent the formative years of 7-15 being called “Hillary Clinton” whenever I introduced myself. Luckily, I was a feisty feminist from a young age and rejoiced in the comparison (and life is not about being popular).
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6 days ago
The Most Regional Names in US History | FlowingData
It was a challenge to choose a name for my son, someone who wasn’t born yet, because I didn’t know where to start amongst hundreds of thousands of choices. So I approached the decision the best way I knew how, through data. That brought me back to Hilary Parker’s analysis on the most poisoned name in history, which led me to the most trendy, and then the most unisex. I wanted a name that wasn’t automatically associated with a fad or gender ambiguous.
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6 days ago
Where Refugees Come From - The New York Times
President Trump signed a new executive order on Monday to ban all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days. The order also cuts the refugee program in half, capping it at 50,000 people for the 2017 fiscal year, down from the 110,000 ceiling put in place under President Obama.
7 days ago
Competitive Programmer's Handbook
The purpose of this book is to give the reader a thorough introduction to competitive programming. The book is especially intended for students who want to learn algorithms and possibly participate in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) or in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).
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11 days ago
We found 827 people shot by police. Browse their stories. | Why cops shoot | Tampa Bay Times
The Tampa Bay Times compiled data on every Florida police shooting from 2009 to 2014 and tracked more than 30 different details about the 772 incidents in which 827 people were shot.

Throughout our stories, each piece of data we tracked is a link that will show you matching cases. For example, click on this → Pinellas County to see every shooting in Pinellas County.
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20 days ago
Kyle Halladay - GBA By Example - Drawing and Moving Sprites
Last week, we were working in video mode 3, which is one of the “bitmap” video modes. These modes are named so because they use the GBA’s 96K of video memory (VRAM) to store a representation of the screen as an array of colour values. If you want to draw to pixel (0,0), you simply set the first element in the screen buffer array to the colour you want, and when the hardware draws, it reads the value at that location, and draws it to the screen.
21 days ago
The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization: In praise of connected scatter plots
The doubt I have when seeing or designing graphics like these is if they are more effective than two stacked line charts, each encoding the change of a single variable across time. As a reader, I believe they are, as they don't force my eyes to move back and forth between two different displays. But we could argue that, first, I am not an "average" reader of graphics and, second, that I don't have any evidence to back up my hunch. Maybe this could be a good topic for a small research project.
21 days ago
Same Diff: Trump's Budget Proposal - Features - Source: An OpenNews project
The White House budget proposal was released on March 16, and while the document itself was “skinnier” than in years past, news organizations’ efforts in parsing it were as robust as ever.
22 days ago
Democrats in Trump territory in no mood to deal - POLITICO
The 12 Democrats who represent House districts won by Donald Trump were supposed to be easy marks for the deal-making new president.

Instead, they’re giving him the stiff-arm.

“I do come from a district that did flip to Trump this time, but I don’t think they should be reading that as a slam dunk,” said Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.). “I’m not going to support crazy up here.”
25 days ago
Training Your Brain So That You Don’t Need Reading Glasses - The New York Times
By middle age, the lenses in your eyes harden, becoming less flexible. Your eye muscles increasingly struggle to bend them to focus on this print.

But a new form of training — brain retraining, really — may delay the inevitable age-related loss of close-range visual focus so that you won’t need reading glasses. Various studies say it works, though no treatment of any kind works for everybody.
health  computer-vision 
25 days ago
The Health Inequality Project
In order to facilitate further research and reporting on health inequality in the United States, we are providing 14 formatted data tables in Excel and Stata format, along with documentation for each table. These tables contain life expectancy estimates by income and sex at various levels of geographic and temporal aggregation. In addition to life expectancy estimates, we provide estimates of trends in life expectancy by geographic area and an extensive set of commuting zone and county-level covariates.
25 days ago
No-Fault Evictions in San Francisco
In 1998 the loopholes for owner-move-in (OMI) evictions were altered via a ballot measure. Now only one owner is allowed to move into a building and they must live there for three years before they can re-rent. A building that has evicted either a senior with ten plus years of tenancy and/or a disabled tenant can never become a condo. Due to public pressure, there is now a ten year waiting period for condo converstion if the Ellis Act was used. Public pressure and local legislation can make a difference during speculative booms.
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26 days ago
The UC Berkeley Foundations of Data Science course combines three perspectives: inferential thinking, computational thinking, and real-world relevance. Given data arising from some real-world phenomenon, how does one analyze that data so as to understand that phenomenon? The course teaches critical concepts and skills in computer programming and statistical inference, in conjunction with hands-on analysis of real-world datasets, including economic data, document collections, geographical data, and social networks. It delves into social issues surrounding data analysis such as privacy and design.
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28 days ago
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