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A Peek at David Rockefeller’s Rolodex | Hacker News
It gets its name from James Farley, Franklin Roosevelt's campaign manager:
culture  memory  social  pim  rockefeller 
december 2017 by dano
Is this Japanese concept the secret to a long, happy, meaningful life? | World Economic Forum
Finding the answers and a balance between these four areas could be a route to ikigai for Westerners looking for a quick interpretation of this philosophy. But in Japan, ikigai is a slower process and often has nothing to do with work or income.
culture  life 
october 2017 by dano
Shipping is your company's heartbeat - Inside Intercom
Shipping continuously isn’t an achievement you unlock and then move on. You’ve got to constantly obsess about it. If you believe in the benefits it brings, you’ll be driven to shrink 20 minutes down to 1 minute or less. You’ll consider “ability to ship” as an equal to “does it scale” when building new systems. And you’ll do all of that that because of the life it breathes into your company and your product.
culture  developer  operations 
september 2017 by dano

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