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Console for Safari
r/shortcuts: An app for speeding up actions on Apple platforms.
safari  programming  javascript 
october 2018 by dannydb
cubic-bezier implementation for your JavaScript animation easings
javascript  animation 
april 2018 by dannydb
- Scrollytelling with IntersectionObserver.
javascript  library  scroll 
november 2017 by dannydb
Create badass, fluid and smooth transition between your website's pages.
april 2017 by dannydb
React Training
High quality online and in person resources for learning the React ecosystem from the creators of React Router.
react  javascript  education  tutorial 
march 2017 by dannydb
Isn’t our code just the *BEST* 🙄
I just completely rewrote the Bumpers web app using react. (If you don’t know what bumpers is, it’s this super chill app for recording/sharing audio stories on your phone. Download it, it will…
react  javascript 
january 2017 by dannydb
- A drop-in shim to allow you to use existing html5 drag'n'drop code with mobile browsers
ios  javascript  html5 
october 2016 by dannydb
Phonograph.js: Tolerable mobile web audio
Audio on the mobile web is a mess. The easy way to play sound — creating an <audio> element and calling the audio.play() method — doesn’t…
javascript  audio 
august 2016 by dannydb
: HTML/JS/CSS terminal
javascript  terminal 
july 2016 by dannydb
- A small JavaScript library for scroll-based data-driven graphics.
april 2016 by dannydb
• mo · js •
motion graphics library for the web
javascript  animation  library 
march 2016 by dannydb
- Detects the real width and height of a document. And the real width and height of the browser window.
february 2016 by dannydb
a tiny and isomorphic URL router for JavaScript
javascript  library 
june 2015 by dannydb
- A chrome extension to record your actions into a nightmare script
chrome  development  javascript 
may 2015 by dannydb
Are you sick of clicking 'back to top' buttons on websites, and being lifted to the top without a real elevator experience? Elevator.js is here to help.
javascript  funny 
april 2015 by dannydb
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