How Buzzcocks invented indie (with help from the Sex Pistols, a Renault and the Quo)
It’s 40 years since the Manchester band’s first release reshaped pop music. With no industry support, they pressed and sold the EP themselves, and kickstarted a revolution
Buzzcocks  SexPistols  Sex  Pistols  Manchester  EP  SpiralScratch  Spiral  Scratch 
january 2017
N for Northampton: Alan Moore celebrates his hometown with a 1,200-page fantasy
For his epic new novel Jerusalem, V for Vendetta author Alan Moore has turned his imagination to a town better famed for Errol Flynn, fetish gear and a lift-testing tower
AlanMoore  Alan  Moore  Northampton  Jerusalem  VForVendetta  V  For  Vendetta 
january 2017
Germany's chess village hopes heritage listing proves 'leap of joy' move
Residents feared population decline might put end to quirky version of game that has been at heart of Ströbeck life for centuries
Germany  Chess  Rules  Strobeck  Heritage  UNESCO 
january 2017
You look familiar: on patrol with the Met’s super-recognisers
A groundbreaking UK police unit is recruiting officers who have extraordinary powers of recognition, with amazing results
SuperRecognisers  Super  Recognisers 
january 2017
Derren Brown: ‘You’re only sad if you tell yourself you’re sad’
After the breakup of a long relationship, the magician found himself pondering how to be happy – and he’s found that it’s simply a trick of the mind
DerrenBrown  Derren  Brown  Happy  Happiness  Sad  Happy:WhyMoreorLessEverythingisAbsolutelyFine 
january 2017
Raymond Briggs: ‘Don’t call me the king of Christmas. I don’t like children, I try to avoid them’
As a version of Fungus the Bogeyman is about to hit our TV screens, the author explains why he hates the festive period
RaymondBriggs  Raymond  Briggs  Christmas  Children  Author  FungusTheBogeyman  Fungus  The  Bogeyman  TheSnowman  Snowman 
january 2017
Alan Partridge: Nomad review – bathos is everywhere, it’s glorious
In his latest book of memoirs, written by Rob Gibbons, Neil Gibbons and Steve Coogan, Partridge embarks on a walk from Norfolk to Dungeness
AlanPartridge  Alan  Partridge  Nomad  RobGibbons  Rob  Gibbons  NeilGibbons  Neil  SteveCoogan  Steve  Coogan  Norfolk  Dungeness  Bathos 
january 2017
A brief encounter at Britain’s least-used railway station
Shippea Hill station in Cambridgeshire is used by a grand total of one person a month. It’s certainly not a place that feels full of life today, but it wasn’t always this way
ShippeaHill  Shippea  Hill  Cambridgeshire  RailwayStation  Railway  Station  LeastUsed  Least  Used 
january 2017
Typecast as a terrorist
As my acting career developed, I was no longer cast as a radical Muslim – except at the airport
Typecast  Terrorist  Muslim  RizAhmed  Riz  Ahmed 
october 2016
Footballers' £400m social housing dream unveiled
Brighton’s Bobby Zamora, West Ham’s Mark Noble and Rio Ferdinand, now retired, present project to build 1,300 homes near Luton
SocialHousing  Social  Housing  BobbyZamora  Bobby  Zamora  Brighton  WestHam  West  Ham  MarkNoble  Mark  Noble  RioFerdinand  Rio  Ferdinand  Luton 
october 2016
Liquid assets: how the business of bottled water went mad
How did a substance that falls from the air, springs from the earth and comes out of your tap become a hyperactive multibillion-dollar business?
Water  BottledWater  Bottled 
october 2016
Ladybird Books and the Future Past of Modern Britain
What do the much loved Ladybird Books of our childhood reveal about who we are, how we dream and how we live in the age of irony?
LadybirdBooks  Ladybird  Books  ModernBritain  Modern  Britain  Future  Past 
october 2016
Alan Partridge on Noel Edmonds – ‘He is a total wazzock and I cannot stand him’
In an exclusive extract from his new book Nomad, Alan Partridge unpicks the many insults of his TV nemesis, from humiliation at the Our Price Christmas party to the shame of a BBC safety tutorial
AlanPartridge  Alan  Partridge  NoelEdmonds  Noel  Edmonds  Nomad  Comedy  Books 
october 2016
Jimmy Cauty: 'I'm an outsider artist'
Infamous for flaming a million pounds in the KLF, Jimmy Cauty is now smashing miniature windows in model villages. As the artist tours his tiny riot scenes, we caught up with him in Tottenham to talk Stonehenge and substandard graffiti
JimmyCauty  Jimmy  Cauty  KLF  ModelVillage  Model  Village  TheAftermathDislocationPrinciple  The  Aftermath  Dislocation  Principle 
july 2016
With the Good Life over, how can suburbia regain its place in the sun?
It was where the interwar generation aspired to, but suburbs today are a tale of dying high streets and creeping poverty
Sububia  Suburb  RowanMoore  Rowan  Moore 
july 2016
Caitlin Moran: how to start – and win – an argument online
Shun cynicism, give champagne socialists a break and, above all, be nice. The internet ninja shares her hard-won rules
CaitlinMoran  Cailtlin  Moran  Arguments  Argument 
march 2016
The Ministry of Nostalgia by Owen Hatherley review – a curse on the Mumfords, Jamie Oliver and beards
It’s not just the mania for Keep Calm and Carry On … Britain’s most provocative writer on architecture targets the fashionable revival of mid-20th century aesthetics
KeepCalmandCarryOn  Keep  Calm  and  Carry  On  OwenHatherly  Owen  Fatherly 
march 2016
'The guilt I feel is huge': Mother of Columbine killer Dylan Klebold breaks silence
In her first interview since the 1999 school massacre, Sue Klebold tells the Guardian she loves her son but felt ‘self-loathing’ for failing to anticipate his actions
Columbine  DylanKlebold  Dylan  Klebold 
march 2016
Photographer Martin Parr captures the eccentricity of the City of London – in pictures
Given unparalleled access for two years, Parr showcases the bizarre rituals at the heart of the Square Mile
MartinParr  Martin  Parr  Photography  Photographer  London 
march 2016
From towers to Toast Rack: the brutalists with concrete plans for Britain
Long maligned as eyesores and an offence to human values, modernist architecture is enjoying a passionate upsurge in interest. John Harris visits Manchester and Sheffield to talk to the enthusiasts campaigning for these urban landmarks
Brutalist  Brutalism  JohnHarris  John  Harris  Manchester  Sheffield  ToastRack  Toast  Rack 
march 2016
'Winning, winning, winning': the genius of The Donald’s Trumpspeak
Donald Trump’s dazzlingly vague speeches are a far cry from the carefully engineered soundbites of most political rhetoric. So what exactly is he doing?
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  Trumpspeak  Winning  Language 
march 2016
Will Self meets Stewart Lee: ‘Are you really, ultimately embittered, or not?’
As his TV series returns to our screens, comedian Stewart Lee talks to Will Self about his prickly stage persona, how social media is changing comedy and why you won’t see him on Mock the Week
WillSelf  Will  Self  StewartLee  Stewart  Lee 
march 2016
Overwhelmed? 10 ways to feel less busy
You can’t do it all, so try Oliver Burkeman’s tips to reclaim your time and your sanity
Secret office diaries
OliverBurkeman  Oliver  Burkeman  Busy 
march 2016
Guilty pleasure: how Making a Murderer tapped into our weakness for true crime
The Netflix documentary series that casts doubt on a Wisconsin man’s conviction has become an phenomenon, turning viewers into armchair sleuths. So what does it mean when real-life whodunnits become such addictive entertainment – and what happens next?
Netflix  MakingaMurderer  Wisconsin  StevenAvery  Steven  Avery  Murder  Murderer 
january 2016
For the record: Jonathan Freedland on his sister’s farewell Desert Island Discs
Jonathan Freedland always turned to his older sister Fiona for advice. When she knew she was dying, she turned to him for one last favour: would he record her Desert Island Discs?
JonathanFreedland  Jonathan  Freedland  Fiona  DesertIslandDiscs  Desert  Island  Discs 
january 2016
David Morrissey: 'I told my parents I wanted to be an actor. It was like saying I wanted to be an astronaut’
The actor and producer on leaving school at 16, speaking out on politics and finding the humour in playing a hangman
DavidMorrissey  David  Morrissey 
january 2016
Keep Calm and Carry On – the sinister message behind the slogan that seduced the nation
It is on posters, mugs, tea towels and in headlines. Harking back to a ‘blitz spirit’ and an age of public service, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ has become ubiquitous. How did a cosy, middle-class joke assume darker connotations?
KeepCalmandCarryOn  Keep  Calm  and  Carry  On  OwenHatherley  Owen  Hatherley 
january 2016
How we made Pingu
‘They were looking for someone who could speak Penguinese. I needed the money’
Pingu  Penguinese 
january 2016
Worktown: The Astonishing Story of the Project that Launched Mass Observation, by David Hall – review
In the late 1930s a group of young idealists documented working-class life in Bolton. Their work laid the foundations for the welfare state
Worktown  MassObservation  Mass  Observation  Bolton 
january 2016
'The wickedest road in Britain': the photos that told the truth about red light Birmingham
Varna Road caused moral panic in 1960s Britain. But Janet Mendelsohn set out to tell the truth about the red light district’s pimps, prostitutes, streetkids and slums
Photography  Photographer  JanetMendelsohn  Janet  Mendelsohn  Birmingham 
january 2016
Richard Denyer obituary
Photographer whose work was rooted in the people and landscape of East Anglia
RichardDenyer  Richard  Denyer  Photographer  Photography  EastAnglia  East  Anglia 
january 2016
Work-life balance: flexible working can make you ill, experts say
Practices such as working from home could do more harm than good, research finds, as many employees never ‘switch off’
Work  Work-LIfeBalance  Life  Balance  FlexibleWorking  Flexible  Working 
january 2016
Norman Engleback obituary
Architect who played a significant role in the making of the Queen Elizabeth Hall complex in London and the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace
Architect  NormanEngleback  Norman  Engleback  QueenElizabethHall  Queen  Elizabeth  Hall 
january 2016
Jo Cownie, photographed by Martin Parr, Somerset, 1988
‘You can’t see my face properly, which was a relief. But it takes you aback, seeing yourself like that, lifesize or more’
MartinParr  Martin  Parr  Somerset  Photograph  Photography 
november 2015
London garden bridge users to have mobile phone signals tracked
People visiting partly taxpayer-funded structure could have items such as kites confiscated under strict security measures
Londongardenbridge  London  garden  bridge  GardenBridge 
november 2015
Alan Bennett: ‘I didn’t see the point of coming out'
Socialist, royalist, show-off, shy ... in life and in his fiction, Alan Bennett is a bundle of contradictions. He talks about the ‘totalitarian’ Tories, why he doesn’t go to the theatre, and a lifetime of being contrary
AlanBennett  Alan  Bennett  Socialism  Socialist  Royalist 
november 2015
Roland Collins obituary
Painter with a feeling for the unusual and overlooked detail of the British landscape
RolandCollins  Roland  Collins  Painter  Landscape  Obituary 
october 2015
Hilla Becher obituary
Artist-photographer who with her husband created a unique record of vanishing industrial structures
HillaBecher  Hilla  Becher  Artist  Photographer  Obituary 
october 2015
The flyaway success of the Ladybird art prank
We Go to the Gallery, a Peter and Jane-style satire of modern art, won Miriam Elia fans around the world – and a legal warning from Penguin. But that hasn’t stopped the artist-provocateur and her new imprint, Dung Beetle
LadybirdBooks  Ladybird  WeGoToTheGallery  We  Go  To  The  Gallery  MiriamElia  Miriam  Elia  Penguin  DungBeetle  Dung  Beetle 
october 2015
Who killed Elsie Frost? How one Radio 4 show could solve a murder ‘cold case’
Investigations by Radio 4’s iPM have caught listeners’ imaginations – and 50 years after the teenager’s death, new lines of inquiry are opening
ElsieFrost  Elsie  Frost  Murder  1965 
october 2015
Modernism in Britain: did it stand the test of time?
Britain’s postwar estates fell rapidly from grace, yet for many today they are much-loved homes. Douglas Murphy looks back at an architectural utopian dream
Modernism  Britain  PostWar  Estate  DouglasMurphy  Douglas  Murphy  StefiOrazi  Stefi  Orazi  BalfronTower  Balfron  Tower 
september 2015
Beautiful Northumberland, off the beaten track
Author Ann Cleeves describes the draw of her native Northumberland – and the parts most visitors miss in its former industrial corner. Plus more lovely but quiet bits of Britain
Northumberland  AnnCleeves  Ann  Cleeves 
september 2015
Promised You a Miracle: UK 80-82 review – how Britain came back to life
An account of England’s rebirth after the grim reality of the 1970s throws up constant parallels with life in 2015
PromisedYouAMiracle  Promised  You  A  Miracle  England  UK  1970s  AndyBeckett  Andy  Beckett 
september 2015
Joy of goth: how sad music can help your mental health
Headlines saying that young goths are at risk of depression is missing the point – that joining the goth tribe can be an incredibly positive influence
SimonPrice  Simon  Price  Goth  Depression 
september 2015
Typewriter, you're fired! How writers learned to love the computer
When Amstrad launched its word processor 30 years ago, writers were initially resistant – processing was for peas, not words. But many soon saw the benefits of life without Tipp-Ex
JoeMoran  Joe  Moran  Amstrad  AlanSugar  Alan  Sugar  PCW8256 
september 2015
Danny Baker: 'People assume I must be hiding some dark secret'
While the irrepressibly upbeat presenter’s talents have earned him a shelf full of awards, his willingness to speak his mind often lands him in hot water
DannyBaker  Danny  Baker  AlasdairGlennie  Alasdair  Glennie  Radio 
september 2015
Reggie Perrin – a suburban everyman who captured the essence of his era | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | The Guardian
The death of his creator, David Nobbs, reminds us of the genius of the best TV comedy: its characters define their age
ReggiePerrin  Reggie  Perrin  DavidNobbs  David  Nobbs  TVComedy  TV  Comedy 
august 2015
Shane Meadows, chronicler of England's public and personal stories | Film | The Guardian
The director’s This is England ’90 may be the last in his series exploring Thatcher’s children; his work invites comparison to Ken Loach and Mike Leigh
ShaneMeadows  Shane  Meadows  ThisIsEngland90  This  Is  England  90 
august 2015
The family behind the Iran is Great van: 'what happened to us was serendipity'
Counter-terrorism police were called this week to investigate a family van parked in central London, with ‘Iran is Great’ emblazoned on its sides
IranisGreat  Iran  is  Great 
august 2015
Go tell the boss: let me work less and I’ll produce more
The five-day work week is an artificial and outmoded idea. A shorter working week can boost efficiency and an employee’s happiness
OliverBurkeman  Oliver  Burkeman  FiveDayWeek  Five  Day  Week  FourDayWeek  Four  Productivity 
august 2015
Blame the nudge theory for your unbearably cute smoothie
iTwee road signs, folksy labelling. It’s the latest kind of manipulation – and it’s not only maddening, but useless
NudgeTheory  Nudge  Theory  Packaging 
july 2015
Our coastal punk poet: John Cooper Clarke on his love of seaside towns
The National Trust has commissioned the poet to write verse in praise of the coastline he has circumnavigated ‘thousands of times’ and where he first experienced the wonder of rock’n’roll
JohnCooperClarke  John  Cooper  Clarke  TheNationalTrust  The  National  Trust  TheCoast  Coast  Seaside  Sea 
july 2015
Why we love the Ladybird books | Life and style | The Guardian
The Ladybird logo was created 100 years ago. Anna Moore meets some of the artists and models who featured in the first books to look at the world solely through a child’s eyes. Plus, a gallery selection of vintage covers
AnnaMoore  Anna  Moore  LadybirdBooks  Ladybird 
july 2015
Fracketeering: how capitalism is power-hosing the last drops of value out of us all | Money | The Guardian
Once you’ve mined the earth and milked the service industries, what is there left to frack? Us, that’s what – with everything from admin charges and estate agent fees to blockbuster premiums and ‘cakeage’
IanMartin  Ian  Martin  Fracking  Frackerteeing  Scams 
july 2015
Jeremy Deller exhibition draws links between Victorian factories and zero-hours contracts | David Batty | Society | The Guardian
Venice Biennale exhibition compares the harsh conditions of 19th century labourers with controversial modern working practices such as zero-hours contracts and workplace surveillance
JeremyDeller  Jeremy  Deller  VeniceBiennale  Venice  Biennale  Art 
july 2015
The innovators: hexagonal homes could give first-time buyers a hive of their own
A three-unit Hivehaus, on sale for £55,000 with options to extend the honeycomb design, offers an alternative way on to the property ladder
Hivehaus  Hexagon  Hexagonal  Housing 
july 2015
Me and my Cortina: drivers in the 1980s – in pictures
On a May morning in 1987, photographer Chris Dorley-Brown set out from Hackney, London, on a mission to record the sell-off of the Rolls-Royce company, which was taking place in the City that day. He ended up taking photographs of people in cars. Almost 30 years later, his alternative project has become a new book, Drivers in the 1980s
1980s  Photography  ChisDorley-Brown  Chris  Dorley-Brown  Hackney 
april 2015
The eeriness of the English countryside
Writers and artists have long been fascinated by the idea of an English eerie – ‘the skull beneath the skin of the countryside’. But for a new generation this has nothing to do with hokey supernaturalism – it’s a cultural and political response to contemporary crises and fears
RobertMacfarlane  Robert  Macfarlane  EnglishCountryside  English  Countryside 
april 2015
In the All-Night Café by Stuart David review – a love affair with Belle and Sebastian
The band’s former bassist chronicles their rise from a world of greasy spoons and community music courses in a moving, amusing account
Cafe  StuartDavid  Stuart  David  BelleandSebastian  Belle  Sebastian  InTheAll-NightCafe 
april 2015
The secret history of Monopoly: the capitalist board game’s leftwing origins
In 1903, a leftwing feminist called Lizzy Magie patented the board game that we now know as Monopoly – but she never gets the credit. Now a new book aims to put that right
Monopoly  History  LizzyMagpie  Lizzy  Magpie 
april 2015
Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London by Matthew Beaumont – review
‘The lost, the lonely, the sleepless, the homeless’ … a lively and learned study of those who roam the city’s streets at night, skulking in the margins
Nightwalking  Night  Walking  MatthewBeaumont  Matthew  Beaumont 
april 2015
Coastlines: The Story of Our Shore by Patrick Barkham review – a tour of the shoreline
A journey around the British coast reveals the effects of world war, work and art on a fragile, ever-changing environment
Coastlines  PatrickBarkham  Patrick  Barkham  Britain  Coast 
april 2015
David Graeber: ‘So many people spend their working lives doing jobs they think are unnecessary’
The anarchist author, coiner of the phrase ‘We are the 99%’, talks to Stuart Jeffries about ‘bullshit jobs’, our rule-bound lives and the importance of play
DavidGraeber  David  Graeber 
march 2015
Grammar Wanker: Sleaford Mods 2007‑2014 by Jason Williamson – review
Drug comedowns and fist fights – an angry and uncompromising collection of lyrics. Who else in modern English music is doing anything quite like this?
GrammarWanker  Grammar  Wanker  SleafordMods  Sleaford  Mods  Lyrics 
march 2015
Media blackout: would I be happier if I didn't read the news?
Writer Jesse Armstrong couldn’t go even a few minutes without checking the headlines. So he set himself a challenge: no news for a month. Would he feel better about the world – or just out of the loop?
JesseArmstrong  Jesse  Armstrong  News 
march 2015
England’s uncertain future
Rescuing the English – what will become of England now that imperial Britishness has departed and global capitalism is eating the nation’s soul? Will it be discussed at all during the general election? It is time to retell the country’s story involving everyone, argues Paul Kingsnorth. And it’s time for the left to rediscover ‘Little England’
PaulKingsnorth  Paul  Kingsnorth  England  UK 
march 2015
Bill Bryson: ‘When I came here the UK was poorer but much better looked after’
The author speaks to Nicholas Wroe about his childhood, the need for higher taxes in Britain and how he never wanted to be a travel writer
BillBryson  Bill  Bryson  NicholasWroe  Nicholas  Wroe  UK 
march 2015
So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed review – Jon Ronson on rants and tweets
This terrifying study of social media fury is another superb product from brand Ronson, humorous journalist and moralist par excellence
JonRonson  Jon  Ronson  SoYou'veBeenPubliclyShamed  So  You've  Been  Publicly  Shamed  SocialMedia  Social  Media  Twitter 
march 2015
How I made: Raymond Briggs on Father Christmas | Culture | The Guardian
‘I saw parallels between Father Christmas’s job and my father’s – he was a milkman. On Christmas morning I’d get up very early to help him’
RaymondBriggs  Raymon  Briggs  FatherChristmas  Father  Christmas  Milkman 
december 2014
Ralph Baer obituary
Inventor of the home video game console whose brilliant idea created an industry
RalphBaer  Ralph  Baer  MagnavoxOdyssey  Magnavox  Odyssey 
december 2014
Nairn’s London by Ian Nairn review – each entry is a masterpiece of construction
Compact yet enormous in scope, this reissued guide to the capital has never been bettered
IanNairn  Ian  Nairn  London  Nairn'sLondon  Nairn's 
november 2014
Paying the price of war: Britain makes good on historic debts
Debts from bonds issued in 1927 by Winston Churchill going back to the South Sea Bubble, Napoleonic and Crimean wars
WarLoans  War  Loans  WarLoan  Loan 
november 2014
My hero: Robert Wyatt by Jonathan Coe
Oblique and eccentric, Wyatt’s songs provide the voice of sanity during insane times
RobertWyatt  Robert  Wyatt  JonathanCoe  Jonathan  Coe 
november 2014
Concrete playgrounds: Rom and the Southbank undercroft are just two of many skateparks to celebrate
Rom in Essex this week became Europe’s first listed skatepark. Iain Borden, who has skated there since it opened in 1978, traces the ups and downs of a now-thriving subculture
Concrete  IainBorden  Iain  Borden  Rom  Essex  Southbank  Skatepark 
november 2014
The return of the pauper’s funeral to austerity Britain
In austerity Britain life for many is a struggle – and now, so is death: a combination of dwindling state support and soaring funeral costs is leaving hard-pressed families dependent on the council to bury their loved ones
Pauper'sFuneral  Pauper  Funeral 
october 2014
BBC Television Centre: A nostalgic wander through the sets, studios and ghosts of programmes past
The scene of countless moments that are hard-wired into the nation's heart is about to be handed over to developers
BBCTelevisionCentre  BBC  TelevisionCentre  Television  Centre 
october 2014
Suited and booted: Martin Parr’s chronicles of the Great White Male
Martin Parr’s vision is simultaneously a celebration of the nuances of tribal behaviour and a gimlet-eyed stab at pretension and earnestness.
MartinParr  Martin  Parr  GreatWhiteMale  Great  White  Male  Photograph  Photographs  Photography  NewStatesman  New  Statesman 
october 2014
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