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Seal Pool Equipment
Will Smith's pool chlorinator business
pool  chlorinator  work  contact 
december 2015 by danielpi
[SOLVED] Help reset UPS Masterguard
Instructions for how to reset a master guard UPS alarm.
ups  work  chloride  masterguard  battery  alarm  reset 
may 2012 by danielpi
Monarch Instrument
Tachometers, Stroboscopes, Recorders, Fiberscopes
instruments  strobe  tachometer  work  industrial 
april 2012 by danielpi
A Book Apart, Design Is a Job
Boo by Mike Monteiro, looks interesting, widely recommended.
book  design  job  work  advice  business  books  recommended 
april 2012 by danielpi
Single Board Computers | Embedded Controllers | Antero ARM 7 Board
These guys make the controller board for the machine that one of our customers uses.
work  dahall  controller  microcontroller  sbc 
april 2011 by danielpi
The SMD Code Book
Book of codes for SMT devices.
smd  smt  work  pcb  electronics  electronic  part  code  pinouts 
november 2009 by danielpi
Techsol’s Medallion System
OEM ARM based computers with integrated touchscreens. Could be a good option if the prices are reasonable.
hardware  arm  linux  embedded  diy  qt  board  touch  lcd  work 
november 2009 by danielpi
2E Systems
Possible supplier of connectors for our SCRs
igbt  scr  connector  cable  electronics  mechanical  work 
september 2009 by danielpi
Network UPS Tools: Phoenixtec UPS Communication Protocol
UPS communication protocol that is used by SOLA UPSs
ups  commands  sola  work 
july 2009 by danielpi
Control panel - WebFaction
the login for our django webhost provider
webfaction  hosting  panel  admin  work  web  website  webhost 
may 2009 by danielpi
LSI CSI - Design and Production of Full Custom and Standard Integrated Circuits
14 pin incremental encoder counter that uses SPI to communicate with the micro.
encoder  counter  spi  microcontroller  electronics  ic  edm  work 
may 2009 by danielpi
Laws Laser - Sign Systems and Laser Cutting Services
Looking at using these guys for the current controller covers.
laser  cutting  make  material  fabrication  work 
march 2009 by danielpi
Langford Metal Industries
Langford Metal Industries,sheetmetal Brisbane,sheet metal,C.N.C. controlled laser cutting, punching, pattern developments, general sheet metal work,Queensland,Qld,Australia
laser  metal  fabrication  make  work 
march 2009 by danielpi
Harwin - R40-661 Product Family - Partnumber R40-6613000
Spacers that would be suitable for our current control cards... if they were available for a reasonable price.
work  spacer  plastic  204 
november 2008 by danielpi
Sonnenschein Batteries
Replacement batteries for electric vehicles.
sonnenschein  conrad  treasury  battery  batteries  work  gel 
november 2008 by danielpi
Yoggie Security Systems - Hardware-based Internet Security
Small inline firewalls that could be of use for industrial installations.
yoggie  virus  work  appliance  embedded  networking  network  firewall  vpn  security 
november 2008 by danielpi
Python XULRunner application
Tutorial style look at using XULRunner from Python to create an application
programming  python  gui  scripting  xulrunner  firefox  xpcom  xul  work  framework  crossplatform 
october 2008 by danielpi
Laurel Electronics Home Page for Digital Panel Meters, Counters, Timers ...
company that sells displays, meters and transmitters that can use modbus as an input.
modbus  work  meters  transmitters  displays  industrial 
september 2008 by danielpi
Distributed Network Protocol
This is something of a competitor to Modbus. It was designed for SCADA systems.
dnp  standard  specification  industrial  automation  protocol  work 
august 2008 by danielpi
Modbus and DNP comparison
Document comparing the Modbus and DNP protocols. Modbus is simpler, DNP is more thorough.
modbus  dnp  protocol  industrial  automation  work  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2008 by danielpi
What You should know about Modbus
Good, quick read for general information about Modbus
modbus  industrial  automation  protocol  information  work 
august 2008 by danielpi
Libmodbus : Modbus tools for Linux
C library for linux to interact with a modbus network
modbus  protocol  library  opensource  linux  automation  industrial  work 
august 2008 by danielpi
Lynn's Industrial Protocols over IP
Blog from an interesting engineer that has a lot of information about industrial protocols.
log  industrial  automation  ip  tcp  udp  modbus  protocol  work 
august 2008 by danielpi
Lynn's Industrial Automation Protocol Tips Wiki
Wiki with useful information about industrial automation protocols.
industrial  automation  protocol  modbus  serial  ethernet  gsm  plc  work 
august 2008 by danielpi
Peukert's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
expresses the capacity of a lead-acid battery in terms of the rate at which it is discharged
battery  work  theory  charge  discharge  lead-acid  capacity 
june 2008 by danielpi
OKI C5400
Informative site about our printer. Why do .uk sites tend to be of higher quality than .com or .au?
print  printer  oki  c5400  office  work 
june 2008 by danielpi
Electronic Innovations Basecamp page
Online project organisation for the pHmeter
basecamp  organise  office  work  ei  phmeter 
april 2008 by danielpi
The Official SheepShaver Home Page
Should set this up on the new iMac at the office
classic  Apple  emulator  os9  Work  mac  sheep  sheepshaver 
january 2008 by danielpi
Embedded Artists AB, Embedded Systems Development - made Easy
UK based electronics store. Have some very interesting prototype boards especially the bluetooth, ethernet and USB 2.0 (functionality part of an LPC2000 chip)
arm  hardware  bluetooth  electronics  work  uPro  lpc2100 
november 2005 by danielpi
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