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String manipulation micro optimisation using IO lists in Elixir - Binary Consulting
Why IO lists Nathan Long recently published Elixir and IO Lists, Part 1: Building Output Efficiently where he described using IO lists to make your own code more efficient. He gives an example of
lists  optimization  performance  elixir  benchmark  string  io 
october 2016 by danhodos
bear-metal/tunemygc: TuneMyGC - optimal MRI Ruby 2.1+ Garbage Collection
TuneMyGC - optimal MRI Ruby 2.1+ Garbage Collection The Ruby garbage collector has been flagged as the crux of Ruby performance and memory use for a long time. It has improved a lot over the last
memory  ruby  gc  optimization 
september 2016 by danhodos
Optimizing Sidekiq
Sidekiq has a reputation for being much faster than its competition but there
optimization  performance  sidekiq 
november 2015 by danhodos
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