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Brutalist Web Design
Content is readable on all reasonable screens and devices
Only hyperlinks and buttons respond to clicks
Hyperlinks are underlined and buttons look like buttons
The back button works as expected
View content by scrolling
Decoration when needed and no unrelated content
Performance is a feature
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july 2018 by dangeranger
Developer’s Guide - WebAssembly
This page provides step-by-step instructions to compile a simple program directly to WebAssembly.
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march 2018 by dangeranger
Atomic Design | Brad Frost
As the craft of Web design continues to evolve, we’re recognizing the need to develop thoughtful design systems, rather than creating simple collections of web pages.

A lot has been said about creating design systems, and much of it focuses on establishing foundations for color, typography, grids, texture and the like. This type of thinking is certainly important, but I’m slightly less interested in these aspects of design because ultimately they are and will always be subjective. Lately I’ve been more interested in what our interfaces are comprised of and how we can construct design systems in a more methodical way.
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september 2017 by dangeranger
Build web application with Golang - GitBook
Because I'm interested in web application development, I used my free time to write this book as an open source version. It doesn't mean that I have a very good ability to build web applications; I would like to share what I've done with Go in building web applications.
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march 2016 by dangeranger

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