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Shakshuka (North African-Style Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce) Recipe | Serious Eats
Don't believe Kenji when he tells you that you can use tomatoes in your cast iron. I had a ridiculously well-seasoned skillet and, after following this recipe, nearly all of the seasoning was stripped.

It's also much easier to handle leftovers if you make the shakshuka without the eggs and cook them on demand in a separate pan.
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june 2018 by danengler
Frijoles Charros (Mexican Pinto Beans With Bacon and Chilies) Recipe | Serious Eats
12 ounces of bacon is too much; use 8 ounces instead.
I used low sodium chicken stock and a scant 1 tsp of salt and it still verged on too salty; using less bacon may help.
mexican  pintobeans  beans  bacon  onion  serrano  jalapeno  garlic  tomato  chickenstock  bayleaf  epazote  cilantro  madethis:excellent 
july 2016 by danengler
Slow-Roasted Bacon-Wrapped-Pineapple Tacos | Serious Eats
I don't have an industrial-strength blender, so I plan to pre-soak the chiles in warm water before blending next time. Pasilla chiles work fine when anchos aren't available.
tacos  texmex  ancho  chipotle  oliveoil  garlic  oregano  cumin  coriander  clove  brownsugar  applecidervinegar  soysauce  fishsauce  pineapple  bacon  tortilla  cotija  jalapeno  cilantro  madethis:excellent 
february 2016 by danengler

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