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Posole Verde with Chicken Recipe | Bon Appetit
1. If you can't find Cubanelles, Anaheim/Hatch chiles are a good substitute.
2. Remove the seeds and ribs from the Serranos before roasting; it's difficult to do afterward.
3. Err on the side of using more hominy rather than less.
4. The photos show diced avocado which are omitted from the recipe. Some slices on top would be a great addition.
mexican  soup  stew  oliveoil  onion  garlic  coriander  cumin  oregano  mexicanoregano  chicken  tomatillo  poblano  serrano  cubanelle  hominy  cilantro  redonion  lime  madethis:excellent 
6 weeks ago by danengler
Trinidadian Doubles (Curried Chickpea Flatbread Sandwiches) Recipe on Food52
2 teaspoons of salt is WAY too much for the chana, especially when using kuchela. Use 1 scant teaspoon.

To shorten the overall prep time and the hassle of deep frying, combine 2 tbsp melted butter with the curry powder/cumin/black pepper, grill store-bought flatbread or naan, and brush it with the butter.

Fresh cilantro would probably be a great addition.
trini  vegetarian  vegan  deepfried  currypowder  cumin  yeast  sugar  canolaoil  vegetableoil  garlic  onion  chickpeas  hotsauce  madethis:good 
january 2019 by danengler
Silky-Smooth Vegetarian Pâté With Roasted Cauliflower and Pecans Recipe | Serious Eats
Twice now, when following the recipe as written, the heavy cream is absorbed almost immediately by the cauliflower and there's nothing to simmer as a result. Add 1/4 cup of water before the cream to loosen it up.
appetizer  spread  pate  vegetarian  pecan  cauliflower  oliveoil  butter  onion  garlic  cayenne  brandy  heavycream  cream  thyme  soysauce  madethis:excellent 
december 2018 by danengler
Shakshuka (North African-Style Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce) Recipe | Serious Eats
Don't believe Kenji when he tells you that you can use tomatoes in your cast iron. I had a ridiculously well-seasoned skillet and, after following this recipe, nearly all of the seasoning was stripped.

It's also much easier to handle leftovers if you make the shakshuka without the eggs and cook them on demand in a separate pan.
african  onion  redpepper  jalapeno  serrano  fresnochile  garlic  paprika  smokedpaprika  cumin  tomato  cilantro  egg  olive  feta  artichokehearts  madethis:excellent 
june 2018 by danengler
Dinner Tonight: Cauliflower-Potato Curry (Aloo Gobhi) Recipe | Serious Eats
1. The masala as written is pretty bland. Use an extra 1/2 tsp of chili powder, turmeric, salt, mustard seed, and cumin, along with 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper.
2. If using a 28 oz can of San Marzano tomatoes, chop the tomatoes and add all of the juices to the pot.
3. Allow the cauliflower to cook 30-40 minutes instead of 20.
indian  vegetarian  vegan  cinnamon  clove  ginger  garlic  cilantro  chilipowder  turmeric  mustardseed  cumin  cauliflower  potato  carrot  onion  tomato  pea  madethis:excellent 
march 2018 by danengler
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe - Allrecipes.com
1. Thinly slice the lettuce instead of chopping it.
2. Use whole cilantro and basil leaves instead of chopping them.
3. Add julienned carrot.
4. Use 3 shrimp halves instead of 2. (12 shrimp total)
5. Believe them when they say to only soak each wrapper for one second. They will continue to soften as you layer on the toppings.
asian  vietnamese  springrolls  vermicelli  ricewrappers  shrimp  seafood  thaibasil  cilantro  mint  lettuce  fishsauce  lime  garlic  sambal  hoisin  peanut  madethis:excellent 
february 2018 by danengler
New Orleans-Style Red Beans and Rice Recipe | Serious Eats
As with all SeriousEats recipes, following the "cover with 2 inches of water" instruction results in way too much liquid left when the beans are done cooking. USE LESS WATER.
cajun  beans  rice  kidneybeans  andouille  sausage  onion  greenpepper  celery  garlic  cayenne  sage  hamhock  thyme  bayleaf  hotsauce  cidervinegar  madethis:good 
may 2017 by danengler
Creole-Style Red Jambalaya With Chicken, Sausage, and Shrimp Recipe | Serious Eats
The recipe says the oven prevents scorching and the need to stir mid-cooking, but I checked at 35 minutes and all the liquid had been absorbed BEFORE adding the shrimp. Next time, check at 30.
cajun  tomato  chickenstock  chicken  chickenthighs  andouille  sausage  onion  greenpepper  celery  garlic  tomatopaste  hotsauce  thyme  oregano  cayenne  garlicpowder  bayleaf  rice  shrimp  scallion  madethis:excellent 
may 2017 by danengler
Frijoles Charros (Mexican Pinto Beans With Bacon and Chilies) Recipe | Serious Eats
12 ounces of bacon is too much; use 8 ounces instead.
I used low sodium chicken stock and a scant 1 tsp of salt and it still verged on too salty; using less bacon may help.
mexican  pintobeans  beans  bacon  onion  serrano  jalapeno  garlic  tomato  chickenstock  bayleaf  epazote  cilantro  madethis:excellent 
july 2016 by danengler
Channa Masala | Serious Eats
1. If substituting Serrano chiles for Thai chiles, use two Serranos at most.
2. The recipe doesn't explicitly say so, but include the liquid from the tomatoes. Also, add a cup of water instead of ½ cup and simmer longer to make the chickpeas more tender.
indian  masala  channamasala  garlic  ginger  thaichili  lemon  blackmustardseed  cumin  onion  coriander  turmeric  garammasala  tomato  chickpeas  cilantro  madethis:excellent 
april 2016 by danengler
Slow-Roasted Bacon-Wrapped-Pineapple Tacos | Serious Eats
I don't have an industrial-strength blender, so I plan to pre-soak the chiles in warm water before blending next time. Pasilla chiles work fine when anchos aren't available.
tacos  texmex  ancho  chipotle  oliveoil  garlic  oregano  cumin  coriander  clove  brownsugar  applecidervinegar  soysauce  fishsauce  pineapple  bacon  tortilla  cotija  jalapeno  cilantro  madethis:excellent 
february 2016 by danengler
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