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Posole Verde with Chicken Recipe | Bon Appetit
1. If you can't find Cubanelles, Anaheim/Hatch chiles are a good substitute.
2. Remove the seeds and ribs from the Serranos before roasting; it's difficult to do afterward.
3. Err on the side of using more hominy rather than less.
4. The photos show diced avocado which are omitted from the recipe. Some slices on top would be a great addition.
mexican  soup  stew  oliveoil  onion  garlic  coriander  cumin  oregano  mexicanoregano  chicken  tomatillo  poblano  serrano  cubanelle  hominy  cilantro  redonion  lime  madethis:excellent 
july 2019 by danengler
Creole-Style Red Jambalaya With Chicken, Sausage, and Shrimp Recipe | Serious Eats
The recipe says the oven prevents scorching and the need to stir mid-cooking, but I checked at 35 minutes and all the liquid had been absorbed BEFORE adding the shrimp. Next time, check at 30.
cajun  tomato  chickenstock  chicken  chickenthighs  andouille  sausage  onion  greenpepper  celery  garlic  tomatopaste  hotsauce  thyme  oregano  cayenne  garlicpowder  bayleaf  rice  shrimp  scallion  madethis:excellent 
may 2017 by danengler
Five-Spice Chicken Banh Mi Recipe
The end result of this recipe is very good but the proportions are way off.

1. As written, the recipe produces six cups of pickled vegetables for six sandwiches, which is INSANE. 2 cups is more than enough. If you can't find a small daikon, use jicama or just stick to carrots. (They all have the same flavor and texture after marination regardless.)
2. Unless you have very small limes, only use the juice of HALF a lime. Otherwise, the spicy mayo is too runny.
3. Similarly, unless you have very small shallots, only use two.
4. 2 tablespoons of fish sauce completely overwhelm the flavor of the chicken. Use 1T at most.
sriracha  mayonnaise  lime  chicken  fivespicepowder  fishsauce  garlic  soysauce  vinegar  carrot  daikon  banhmi  sandwich  asian  vietnamese  shallot  madethis:excellent 
march 2012 by danengler
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