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Ham and Grits with Red Eye Gravy | Serious Eats : Recipes
[Photograph: Sydney Oland] About the author: Sydney Oland lives in Somerville, Mass. Find more information at sydneyoland.com (or read eatingnosetotail.com) Every recipe we publish is tested, tasted, and Serious Eats-approved by our staff. Never miss a recipe again by following...
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february 2013 by danengler
oat and maple syrup scones | smitten kitchen
The recipe recommends baking for 20-25 minutes, but the bottoms were on the cusp of burning after 20 minutes. Check after 15.

Halved the recipe. Substituted more oats and flax meal for the whole wheat flour. Didn't bother with the egg wash.

Glaze made with 3 parts powdered sugar to 1 part maple syrup and the tiniest splash of milk.
bread  scone  breakfast  oats  oatmeal  wholewheat  superfinesugar  butter  maplesyrup  milk  buttermilk  egg  madethis:excellent 
april 2011 by danengler
Banana Bread Recipe | Simply Recipes
Add a shot of espresso to the batter, as called for in their otherwise identical banana muffin recipe. Also: walnuts are obligatory.
bread  loaf  banana  breakfast  madethis:excellent  walnuts 
april 2010 by danengler
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