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Thai Coconut Sticky Rice With Mango (Khao Niao Mamuang) Recipe | Serious Eats
The problems I had with this recipe were probably my fault:

1. I let the mangos ripen for more than a week after I bought them, to the point where the skins were wrinkled and had begun to darken. When I cut them open, however, the flesh was still over-firm and under-sweet. I guess you have to plan two weeks in advance before making this dish?

2. I can't tell if I didn't steam the rice long enough (4 minutes longer than specified) or too long, but it was on the firmer side of al dente AND firmly stuck to the kitchen towel in which it steamed.

3. If you want the rice and sauce to be snowy white, don't use unrefined cane sugar.

4. Make sure you add at least a few tablespoons (NOT teaspoons) of hot coconut milk to the cornstarch or your "slurry" will solidify into a gel as soon as you add it to the pot.
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may 2019 by danengler
Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls Recipe - Allrecipes.com
1. Thinly slice the lettuce instead of chopping it.
2. Use whole cilantro and basil leaves instead of chopping them.
3. Add julienned carrot.
4. Use 3 shrimp halves instead of 2. (12 shrimp total)
5. Believe them when they say to only soak each wrapper for one second. They will continue to soften as you layer on the toppings.
asian  vietnamese  springrolls  vermicelli  ricewrappers  shrimp  seafood  thaibasil  cilantro  mint  lettuce  fishsauce  lime  garlic  sambal  hoisin  peanut  madethis:excellent 
february 2018 by danengler
Five-Spice Chicken Banh Mi Recipe
The end result of this recipe is very good but the proportions are way off.

1. As written, the recipe produces six cups of pickled vegetables for six sandwiches, which is INSANE. 2 cups is more than enough. If you can't find a small daikon, use jicama or just stick to carrots. (They all have the same flavor and texture after marination regardless.)
2. Unless you have very small limes, only use the juice of HALF a lime. Otherwise, the spicy mayo is too runny.
3. Similarly, unless you have very small shallots, only use two.
4. 2 tablespoons of fish sauce completely overwhelm the flavor of the chicken. Use 1T at most.
sriracha  mayonnaise  lime  chicken  fivespicepowder  fishsauce  garlic  soysauce  vinegar  carrot  daikon  banhmi  sandwich  asian  vietnamese  shallot  madethis:excellent 
march 2012 by danengler
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