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How the best piano players deliberate-practice less often and more intensively
What kind of hours those 10,000 hours are: deliberate-practicing only the hardest parts, introducing complications to test their weaknesses, moving toward a vision of perfection

howto  practice  improve  skill  mastery  piano 
june 2019 by dandv
Henselmans Sleep Optimization Guide preview version.pdf - Google Drive
1. Get bright light exposure, especially in the morning
2. Limit bright light exposure at night
3. Tweak meal composition 2-4 hours before bed, high carb vs. high fat
4. Supplement melatonin .3 - 5g
5. Make bedroom cool, 19C/66F
6. Sleep on the same bed, harder than you'd intuitively select
sleep  optimize  howto  improve  increase  quality 
april 2019 by dandv
What are the best blue-light blocking glasses? : DSPD
Spectra479, Uver Skyper. Swannies let too much peripheral light in.
Dascalescu  sleep  improve  glasses  reviews  block  blue  light 
february 2019 by dandv
(2012) Brain Implant Improves Thinking in Monkeys - The New York Times
[[To test the device, the team relayed this “correct” signal into the monkeys’ brains when they were in the middle of choosing a possible picture match, and it improved their performance by about 10 percent.

The researchers then impaired the monkeys’ performance deliberately, by dosing them with cocaine. Their scores promptly fell by 20 percent.

“But when you turn on the stimulator, they don’t make those errors; in fact, they do a little better than normal”]]
neuro  neural  prosthesis  improve  intelligence  augmented  cognition 
june 2017 by dandv
Feeling Self-Critical? Try Mindfulness - Mindful
"those that participated in the mindfulness meditation had higher scores in mindfulness and in self-esteem after meditating, while there was no change in these dimensions for those that read the Venus fly-trap plant story."
improve  self-esteem  self-confidence  meditation  advantages 
may 2017 by dandv
BBC - Future - The most promising route to ‘mental superpowers’
"Amazingly, in just a single 13-minute session participants learned to easily control the size of the flame and were able to reduce their pain by over 50%."
visual  real_time  neurofeedback  improve  cognition  speculation  future 
may 2017 by dandv
Silicon Valley's Best-Kept Productivity Secret: Psychedelic Drugs | Inc.com
Fadiman, featured briefly in Tom Wolfe's book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, says he has received around 100 surveys and the reports are overwhelmingly positive.

"People report an overall increased capacity and productivity. It seems to be in the realm of having a good breakfast--your day will be better if you micro-dose," Fadiman tells Inc.
psychedelic  microdosing  cognitive  creativity  enhancement  improve  LSD  mushrooms 
may 2017 by dandv
Memory Implant Gives Rats Sharper Recollection (2011)
"the implant demonstrates for the first time that a cognitive function can be improved with a device that mimics the firing patterns of neurons"

Also: http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-06/artificial-memory-chip-rats-can-remember-and-forget-touch-button
memory  augmentation  improve  implant  chip  neuro  2followup  exomemory 
august 2016 by dandv
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Loved and Appreciated - Verily
Obvious, but good checklist:

Thank them for the usual
Surprise them for no reason
Go on an adventure
Ask a thoughtful question
Perform acts of service / do something nice
relationship  gratitude  improve 
june 2016 by dandv
Two Items That Aren't On Your Meeting Agenda, But Should Be | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Start meetings with 5 minutes of pleasantries, and end with a quick recap of what went well
meeting  agenda  improve  hack  social  time 
march 2016 by dandv
The effects of L-theanine, caffeine and their combination on cognition and mood - PubMed - NCBI
In addition to improving Rapid Visual Information Processing accuracy and 'mental fatigue' ratings, the combination (L-theanine 250 mg + caffeine 150 mg) also led to:

* faster simple reaction time
* faster numeric working memory reaction time
* improved sentence verification accuracy
* 'Headache' and 'tired' ratings were reduced
* 'alert' ratings increased.
* There was also a significant positive caffeine x L-theanine interaction on delayed word recognition reaction time.

L-Theanine is an amino acid found naturally in tea. L-Theanine [alone] increased 'headache' ratings and decreased correct serial seven subtractions.

Theanine also slowed overall reaction time on the visual probe task - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17891480/
caffeine  l-theanine  nootropics  improve  cognition 
march 2015 by dandv
Herbal Extracts and Phytochemicals: Plant Secondary Metabolites and the Enhancement of Human Brain Function
In terms of human cognitive performance, a number of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, balanced-crossover trials of single doses of GE have demonstrated consistent improvements in the accuracy of memory task performance (161–163), improvements in the speed of performing attention tasks (163), and decreased latency of evoked potentials and topographical modulation of electrical activity as measured by electro-encephalography (164). Reay et al. (165, 166) also demonstrated that GE improved the performance of difficult mental arithmetic tasks and the resultant mental fatigue in fasted individuals.

A number of double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, balanced-crossover studies in healthy humans have demonstrated improved memory (174–176), attention/executive function (176, 177), and mood (175, 177) following single doses of cholinesterase-inhibiting sage extracts or essential oils. The most recent study investigated the effects of a monoterpenoid SL essential oil with high levels of 1,8-cineole and an IC50 for AChE inhibition at one-tenth of the concentration previously seen. Single doses administered to healthy adults were shown to improve attention, memory, and working memory/executive function task performance and to increase subjective alertness (106). A single, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in a small cohort (n = 30) of AD patients also demonstrated improved cognitive functioning (Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale, cognitive subscale) and behavioral function (Clinical Dementia Rating) following a16-wk administration of a Salvia officinalis alcoholic tincture (178).
panax  ginseng  salvia  sage  nootropic  advantages  improve  cognition  mind  neuro 
march 2015 by dandv
Go Ahead and Feed the Trolls, Says New Research on Internet Comments
Researchers have found how to cut incivility by 17 percent. It’s... a start. Have the article author respond in the comments.

Original study at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jcc4.12104/abstract
community  management  comments  howto  improve 
december 2014 by dandv
StackOverflow consensus - good to edit answers to incorporate others
Give attribution. It is better to have all the information in a single answer on a single question so that the next person arriving from Google doesn't have to search the site any further.
StackOverflow  edit  answer  policy  improve 
december 2014 by dandv
Creatine Experiment
Minor improvement: 8%.

2015 update: "creatine has not improved my intelligence".

Mirror: https://web.archive.org/web/20160417034349/http://careyryan.com/creatine/
creatine  Quantified  Self  improve  cognition  intelligence 
may 2014 by dandv
self improvement - What is the single most effective thing you did to improve your programming skills? - Programmers Stack Exchange
878 upvotes, 338 stars, 12 pages of answers

WTF: "locked by Yannis Rizos♦ Mar 13 '12 at 20:38

This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site"
advice  career  coding  programming  howto  improve  StackExchange  against  locked  stupid 
february 2014 by dandv
Should You Change Your Sexual Habits for Your Partner? | Psychology Today
[[A recent study suggests that, at times, changing sexual habits (or making sexual transformations) for a partner can benefit the relationship.3 Specifically, researchers asked romantic couples how often they made sexual changes for their partners (e.g., had sex more frequently than personally desired or engaged in activities that were not their preference), and how they felt about making these sexual changes. People who made more frequent sexual changes for their partners had partners who reported being more satisfied in their relationships. In addition, people who felt more positive about changing their sexual habits for a partner felt happier in their relationships and had partners who reported greater happiness as well.

It is not clear from these findings why making sexual changes for a partner is beneficial. It may be that people who make more frequent sexual transformations are simply engaging in more frequent sex, which is linked to relationship satisfaction. It is also possible that people may sense their partner’s efforts to meet their sexual needs, and feel more relationship satisfaction because their partner is making those efforts. ]]
sexual  habit  change  improve  sex  life  relationship 
september 2013 by dandv
Men's creativity is improved after interacting with attractive women - Quora
<<The Science of Lust, a documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel. One interesting experiment on the program demonstrated the effect sexual attraction seems to have on creativity in men. They had several men individually brought into a waiting room and were either greeted by an attractive secretary (a paid actress), or they'd just wait in the room alone. The man would then be called into another room (by the male experimenter) and be asked to paint something (anything they wanted); and at the end of the experiment, these paintings were all put up on a wall in 2 rows (one by the men who met the secretary, the other by men who waited alone). They then had a professional artist/art instructor come in and guess which row was which. But it was very clear to anyone looking at the paintings which row was by artists with a "muse". All of the paintings in that row were more flamboyant, more expressive, more agitated, more creative, colorful, etc.>>
creativity  attractive  beautiful  women  enhance  stimulate  improve  drawing  Quora 
january 2013 by dandv
How can you learn to be more charismatic? - Barking up the wrong tree
Is it something that can be learned? Yes:

Managers who underwent training saw their charisma ratings significantly grow, relative to those who didn't.

What are the techniques that make someone more charismatic?

-framing through metaphor
-stories and anecdotes
-demonstrating moral conviction
-sharing the sentiments of the collective
-setting high expectations
-communicating confidence
-using rhetorical devices such as contrasts, lists, and rhetorical questions
together with non-verbal tactics such as body gesture, facial expression, and animated voice tone.
influence  business  psychology  improve  howto  charisma 
march 2012 by dandv
Could rosemary scent boost brain performance?
[R]esearchers writing in Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology, published by SAGE, have shown for the first time that blood levels of a rosemary oil component correlate with improved cognitive performance

The investigators tested cognitive performance and mood in a cohort of 20 subjects, who were exposed to varying levels of the rosemary aroma. Using blood samples to detect the amount of 1,8-cineole participants had absorbed, the researchers applied speed and accuracy tests, and mood assessments, to judge the rosemary oil's affects.

Results indicate for the first time in human subjects that concentration of 1,8-cineole in the blood is related to an individual's cognitive performance – with higher concentrations resulting in improved performance. Both speed and accuracy were improved, suggesting that the relationship is not describing a speed–accuracy trade off.
smarter  become  get  howto  cognition  improve  smell  rosemary 
february 2012 by dandv
Why Sugar Makes Us Sleepy (And Protein Wakes Us Up) | Wired Science | Wired.com
Foods consisting of largely sugar and corn syrup are eaten for the energy boost, but they cause sleepiness and depression. Adding protein cancels these effects.

According to a new paper in Neuron led by scientists at the University of Cambridge, consuming foods high in protein can increase the activity of orexin neurons. This, in turn, leads to increased wakefullness and bodily activity, helping us burn off the calories we just consumed. Furthermore, eating protein in conjunction with glucose – adding almonds to Frosted Flakes, in other words – can inhibit the inhibitory effects of sugar on orexin. The sweetness no longer makes us tired.

The importance of this research is that it reveals how the details of a meal – and not just the sheer amount of energy consumed – can dramatically influence the response of the body and brain. Not all calories are created equal; our mental gas pedals are controlled by factors we’re only beginning to comprehend.
protein  sugar  food  nutrition  improve  research  health 
december 2011 by dandv
Carbohydrate to protein ratio in food and cognitive performance in the morning
"Our findings suggest that the carbohydrate to protein ratio in food specifically influences higher cognitive functions in the morning. Except for a transient positive effect of rising blood glucose after a carbohydrate-rich meal, a protein-rich or balanced meal seems to result in better overall cognitive performance presumably because of less variation in glucose metabolism and/or higher modulation in LNAA (large neutral amino acids) ratios indicated by the overall glucagon to insulin ratio (GIR)."

Mirror at http://webcitation.org/63kau108B
cognitive  improve  brain  function  health  food  meal  protein  breakfast  nutrition 
december 2011 by dandv
The Cognitive Benefits Of Chewing Gum | Wired Science | Wired.com
"While previous studies achieved similar results — chewing gum is often a better test aid than caffeine — this latest research investigated the time course of the gum advantage. It turns out to be rather short lived, as gum chewers only showed an increase in performance during the first 20 minutes of testing. After that, they performed identically to non-chewers."

"scientists at Coventry University found that people chewing mint gum showed a dramatic decrease in feelings of sleepiness."

"gum chewers were more attentive than non-chewers, with elevated heart rates and cortisol levels. They also had much faster reaction times, especially on more difficult reaction tests. They even appeared to be in a better mood."

"chewing decreased performance on tests of short-term memory that involve serial recall. Tapping with the hands achieved the same results, suggesting that the rhythmic pulse of bodily movement might interfere with the memorization of ordered lists."
improve  brain  performance  cognition  chewing  gum  nootropics  psychology  alertness  memory 
november 2011 by dandv
How to Improve as a Graphic Designer
Links to the best graphic design tutorial websites. Advocates using paid resources (higher quality, less used, hence more novel).
graphic  design  tutorial  tutorials  improve  howto 
november 2011 by dandv
Diet Of Walnuts, Blueberries Improve Cognition; May Help Maintain Brain Function
In previous research, Joseph and his colleagues showed that old rats maintained for two months on diets containing two percent high antioxidant strawberry or blueberry extracts exhibited reversals of age-related deficits in the way that neurons function and in motor and cognitive behavior. In the brain, antioxidant molecules wage war against molecules known as free radicals, which can harm brain cells and brain function. The present research extends these findings and shows that walnuts can have a similar effect.

A 6% diet is equivalent to a person eating 1 ounce of walnuts each day, which is the recommended amount to reduce harmful low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol, while a nine percent diet is equivalent to people eating 1.5 ounces of walnuts per day. [...] the addition of walnuts, berries, and grape juice to the diet may increase 'health span' in aging by reducing the incidence and delaying the onset of debilitating degenerative disease."
neurogenesis  health  brain  neuro  cognition  improve  blueberries  walnuts 
november 2011 by dandv
Getting forgetful? Then blueberries may hold the key
"Blueberries are a major source of flavonoids, in particular anthocyanins and flavanols. Although the precise mechanisms by which these plant-derived molecules affect the brain are unknown, they have been shown to cross the blood brain barrier after dietary intake. It is believed that they exert their effects on learning and memory by enhancing existing neuronal (brain cell) connections, improving cellular communications and stimulating neuronal regeneration."
study  neuro  neurogenesis  improve  brain  neurons  blueberry  blueberries  memory 
november 2011 by dandv
Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga | Gaiam Life
Light article on how yoga practice would improve sex. Links to studies showing how yoga improves sleep and reduces weight gain with age.
sex  yoga  improve  better  advantages 
october 2011 by dandv
Amazon.com: S. Yung's review of Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
1-star Amazon review of "Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!" by Tom Quackenbush, an alleged synthesis of William Bates' work.
improve  vision  eyesight  natural  see 
september 2011 by dandv
Human semen enanhces female mood
Lesbians don't synchronize menstrual cycles. Semen contains mood-enhancing hormones: cortisol (increases affection), estrone & oxytocin (elevate mood), prolactin & thyrotropin-releasing hormone (natural antidepressants), melatonin (sleep-inducing), serotonin (antidepressant neurotransmitter). 2002 study (www.springerlink.com/content/wrkl9lc5ueu43rh8): women who had sex without condoms were less depressed than those who used condoms (and had a lot of sex) or those who abstained from sex. Some tribes have semen-ingestion rituals involving boys aged 11-12. In theory, the testosterone could speed up their masculinization. Semen-exposed women perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks; women’s bodies can detect “foreign” semen that differs from their recurrent sexual partner’s signature semen; women who were regularly inseminated by their ex-partners experience more significant depression on breaking up, and they also go on the “rebound” faster in seeking new sexual partners.
sex  semen  mood  happy  women  study  improve  cognition  concentration  focus  health 
april 2011 by dandv
N-back FAQ, and other IQ topics
Dual N-back user reports, list of available IQ tests etc.
dual  n-back  IQ  test  list  improve  working  memory  brain  train 
november 2010 by dandv
PLoS ONE: Sexual Experience Promotes Adult Neurogenesis in the Hippocampus Despite an Initial Elevation in Stress Hormones
[[Negative stress also suppresses adult neurogenesis and restricts dendritic architecture in the hippocampus, a brain region associated with anxiety regulation.

Adult male rats were exposed to a sexually-receptive female once (acute) or once daily for 14 consecutive days (chronic) and levels of circulating glucocorticoids were measured.

We found that acute sexual experience increased [...] the number of new neurons in the hippocampus. Chronic sexual experience [...] continued to promote adult neurogenesis and stimulate the growth of dendritic spines and dendritic architecture. Chronic sexual experience also reduced anxiety-like behavior. These findings suggest that a rewarding experience not only buffers against the deleterious actions of early elevated glucocorticoids but actually promotes neuronal growth and reduces anxiety.]]

Layman's: http://www.livescience.com/culture/sex-boosts-brain-cells-100728.html = http://webcitation.org/5snNmjNrp
sex  improve  neurons  brain  neuro  neurogenesis  memory  study 
september 2010 by dandv
Naps May Boost Memory | LiveScience
Karni, who co-authored the study in a recent issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience, instructed participants to learn a complex thumb-tapping sequence, then split the study subjects into two groups: one that napped for an hour, and one that didn't. The people who took an afternoon snooze showed sizeable improvement in their performance by that evening.

"After a night's sleep the two groups were at the same level, but the group that slept in the afternoon improved much faster than the group that stayed awake," Karni said.

"Daytime sleep can shorten the time 'how to' memory becomes immune to interference and forgetting," Karni said. "Instead of 6 to 8 hours, the brain consolidated the memory during the 90-minute nap."
nap  sleep  improve  memory  better  brain  neuro  study 
september 2010 by dandv
Forget Brain Age: Researchers Develop Software That Makes You Smarter
34 test subjects improved their IQ test score by 40% after 19 days of n-back task training for 25 minutes a day. Study published in PNAS. Free Double n-back software: http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net/. See http://www.gwern.net/N-back%20FAQ.html
"Transfer is tough to get," Geary said. "Training in task A doesn’t typically improve performance on task B."


the n-back task improves working memory -- how many pieces of information subjects can keep in their head -- as well as the ability to control the brain's attention. Fluid intelligence tests require those types of thinking, and the training improved performance in these underlying skills.

In the experiment reported in PNAS, the researchers did not find the upper-limit for improvement, suggesting that more training could yield even better mental performance gains.

"The improvement seems to be dosage dependent," Buschkuehl said. "We saw a linear increase in performance with increase in training time."
improve  brain  smarts  performance  intelligence  increase  IQ  train  mental  fitness  exercise  focus  download  free  software  dual  n-back 
september 2010 by dandv
Skull electrodes give memory a boost - 13 August 2010 - New Scientist
Photographic memory improved by 110% with transcranial direct current stimulation, by decreasing the influence of context. Unclear timespan. Remains to be seen if this actually helps *learning*, as opposed to *remembering*. More commentary at http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2010-08/inhibiting-one-brain-region-also-implicated-autism-can-boost-your-visual-memory-110-percent
thinking  cap  improve  photographic  memory  brain  stimulation  enhance  cognition  human  enhancement  neuro  research  learning 
august 2010 by dandv
Reading Kafka Improves Learning, Suggests Psychology Study
According to research by psychologists at UC Santa Barbara and the University of British Columbia, exposure to the surrealism in, say, Kafka's "The Country Doctor" or Lynch's "Blue Velvet" enhances the cognitive mechanisms that oversee implicit learning functions. [...] Thus far, the researchers have identified the beneficial effects of unusual experiences only in implicit pattern learning. It remains to be seen whether or not reading surreal literature would aid in the learning of studied material as well. "It's important to note that sitting down with a Kafka story before exam time probably wouldn't boost your performance on a test,"
Kafka  surreal  learning  improve  psychology 
october 2009 by dandv
Spaced repetition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In case Wikinazis delete [[Anki]], it seems like a very good software for spaced repetition learning.
improve  memory  learn  flashcard  learning  spaced  repetition 
march 2009 by dandv

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