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Google model identifies restaurants that could give you food poisoning
Model detected 52% of unsafe restaurants, while random inspections detected 23%.

" machine-learned model in Chicago and Las Vegas to identify user search queries such as "stomach cramps" or "diarrhea", and then cross-referenced them with saved location history data -- in particular recently-visited food establishments -- from the smartphones used to make those searches"
Google  predict  food  disease  illness  infection  restaurant 
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Are there toxins in your fast food packaging? Some contain PFOA, PFOS fluorinated chemicals - CBS News
Yes, still. 20-50% of fast food packaging contains PFOAs even though they aren't actively used in manufacturing, due to using recycled materials.
chemical  food  toxin  health  danger 
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Stewart Alsop on adapting to a ketogenic diet
Moderate protein, high fast. Up the sodium to prevent keto flu.
diet  ketogenic  keto  food  health 
8 weeks ago by dandv
So Should I Eat Apples, or Not? – NEO.LIFE – Medium
DayTwo is more transparent about its research
Viome won't give you the raw data
alternative  against  Viome  microbiome  review  gut  flora  diet  food 
august 2018 by dandv
AICR's Foods that Fight Cancer™
Per food (fruits and vegetables only) research on what cancers they (may) prevent. Most common: colorectal cancer, due simply to fiber.
prevent  cancer  food  diet 
june 2018 by dandv
How to Make Eggs in the Microwave - Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave
Microwaved eggs taste better in blind tests than stove top cooked ones, when poached or hard boiled

Testers couldn't guess which was egg was poached in the microwave at a first glance. After tasting, they agreed that the flavor was the same, but the texture of the microwave-poached eggs was actually BETTER.

They loved how the microwave boiled egg developed that "fudgy yellow yolk" and actually preferred it to the stovetop egg.
microwave  eggs  food  hack 
july 2017 by dandv
Skip the Oven—Microwave Your Fish « Food Hacks Daily
3-5 minutes with a teaspoon of liquid in a covered microwave dish so no steam escapes
food  hack  microwave  fish 
november 2016 by dandv
Antioxidants: In Depth | NCCIH
Rigorous scientific studies involving more than 100,000 people combined have tested whether antioxidant supplements can help prevent chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and cataracts. In most instances, antioxidants did not reduce the risks of developing these diseases.

+ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antioxidant
against  antioxidants  debunk  food  myth 
july 2016 by dandv
SmartyPans - pan that tracks what you cook in it
Tell the app what you're adding, and the plate weighs it and tracks nutrition information
Quantified  Self  track  nutrition  food  smart  pan  cooking 
march 2016 by dandv
SmartPlate™ is the world's first intelligent plate that instantly analyzes everything you eat. Shipping Fall 2016
Quantified  Self  food  smart  plate  analyze  nutrition 
march 2016 by dandv
MyFitnessPal | Report inaccurate food information in the database
"Currently in our mobile apps, many of these features are not yet available - you can't view how many times an item has been confirmed, or edit items to provide the correct information. We hope to add these features in the future, along with additional methods to ensure that our nutritional information is both accurate and complete."
MyFitnessPal  mobile  app  limitations  report  incorrect  food  database  nutrition  data 
february 2016 by dandv
Five huge myths about working in fast-food - Business Insider
The average age among fast food workers is 29
1/3 of the workforce has college experience
1/5 of the workers' families are below the poverty line

3.7 million fast food employees in 2013 - http://www.statista.com/statistics/196630/number-of-employees-in-us-fast-food-restaurants-since-2002/
fast  food  industry  USA  statistics 
may 2015 by dandv
Kitchen hacks for preservation and preparation - Quora
Lots of tips, e.g.

"After cutting into a cake, use toothpicks to cover the exposed portion with piece of bread. The bread will get hard and stale, but the cake will stay nice and soft."

Wrap banana crowns in plastic wrap. They’ll keep for 3-5 days longer than usual.
kitchen  food  hack  tips  cool 
april 2015 by dandv
Search by satiety nutritional completeness - NutritionData.com
Very cool search for most filling or nutritious foods.

http://nutritiondata.self.com/tools/nutrient-search searches for foods highest in X and lowest in Y, among categories.
nutrition  food  database  search  nutrient  calorie  fullness 
march 2015 by dandv
Against local food, from an economic POV
A study of Britain's food system found that nearly half of food-vehicle miles (ie, miles travelled by vehicles carrying food) were driven by cars going to and from the shops. Most people live closer to a supermarket than a farmer's market, so more local food could mean more food-vehicle miles. Moving food around in big, carefully packed lorries, as supermarkets do, may in fact be the most efficient way to transport the stuff.

What's more, once the energy used in production as well as transport is taken into account, local food may turn out to be even less green. Producing lamb in New Zealand and shipping it to Britain uses less energy than producing British lamb, because farming in New Zealand is less energy-intensive.
economics  local  food  against 
october 2014 by dandv
IgG Food Allergy Testing by ELISA/EIA What do they really tell us?
IgG ELISA/EIA panels to determine food allergies are convenient, but questionable in both its theory and validity. It is also costly and may not be reliable. It does give a "printed proof" that the patient is allergic to X, so the physician can coax them to eliminate it.
food  allergy  allergies  testing  against  health 
october 2014 by dandv
Meet Mellow, The smart sous-vide machine.
Starts shipping sometime in late 2015. Pre-order for $400.
cool  kitchen  sous  vide  gadget  food  2buy 
april 2014 by dandv
The Price of my Dreams – $60 a Week
Brilliant: hire someone to cook for you as well as for their family, and never have to deal with cooking again!

Original post in the 4-hour workweek forum:

The Craigslist ad was:
Not sure what the appropriate description is, as it's not really a true housekeeper. I am trying to make some more time in my life, and I want someone to take care of some very specific tasks for me which are especially time consuming, preferably during the 4-7 p.m. time frame 2-3 times per week. What would be great is if you could come over and handle the tasks while I then try to catch up on business/reading or go work out.

1) Cook a large amount of food that will last for 4-8 meals. Typically this should be some sort of meat based dish (chicken curry, baked salmon or chicken, some vegetables etc) and rice. I have a lot of tupperware/pyrex and the ideal situation would be for the food to be cooked and then individually packed (sans rice). Nothing too fancy, just plentiful and it should keep for a few days in the fridge.

2) Unload/load the dishwasher, hand wash items that cannot go in the dishwasher (some of my knives and frying pans).

3) Wash and fold/hang up laundry. I can throw the load of laundry in before you come over, the folding and especially the hanging is the tedious part.

4) Purchase the food required for cooking. You will be compensated for time and of course reimbursed for the purchase.

So I am looking for about 2 hours of work, 2-3 times a week. Does anyone out there offer these kinds of services? The time I have specified is flexible. One weekend day is possible though I prefer mostly weekdays.
outsource  cooking  food  lifehacks  productivity  time  management 
march 2014 by dandv
Dietary cholesterol does NOT actually increase the risk of coronary heart disease
"The European countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Korea and India among others do not have an upper limit for cholesterol intake in their dietary guidelines. Further, existing epidemiological data have clearly demonstrated that dietary cholesterol is not correlated with increased risk for CHD."

"Although numerous clinical studies have shown that dietary cholesterol challenges may increase plasma LDL cholesterol in certain individuals, who are more sensitive to dietary cholesterol (about one-quarter of the population), HDL cholesterol also rises resulting in the maintenance of the LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio, a key marker of CHD risk."

Earlier study by Fernandez: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20683785

NB: I've personally consumed between 2 and 4 eggs per day (clearly over the 300mg daily limit) between the ages of ~5 and ~23, and my cholesterol levels were perfectly normal.
debunk  cholesterol  heart  disease  health  food  diet  myth  debunked 
december 2013 by dandv
StillTasty: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide - Save Money, Eat Better, Help The Environment
Bullshit. Key lime pie can allegedly be kept in the refrigerator for only 2-3 days.

Cheesecake, only 1 week. Well I ate several them over two weeks and was perfectly fine.
food  storage  duration  shelf  span  expired  when  expiration 
september 2013 by dandv
How Capitalism Explains Why Processed Food is Bad for You | The Billfold
Food giants start to make their products healthier, but when competition causes them to lose market share, they revert to the old tricks of more sugar, fat and salt.
against  capitalism  food  processed  health 
august 2013 by dandv
EHP – Organic Food Conclusions Don’t Tell the Whole Story
Attacks some points of the Stanford meta-analysis that declared organic produce not much better than conventionally grown ones.

Children appear to benefit from the lower pesticide risk.

" Using data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Data Program,4 Benbrook calculated a 94% reduction in health risk attributable to eating organic forms of six pesticide-intensive fruits.3"
against  Stanford  organic  food  study  pesticide  children  nutrition  health 
july 2013 by dandv
Stanford Organic Food Study and Vagaries of Meta-Analyses - NYTimes.com
Original Stanford study basically states that the differences in nutrients and pesticide content between organic and conventional produce are negligible - http://med.stanford.edu/ism/2012/september/organic.html

It has been attacked, though not very convincingly, at http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/02/that-flawed-stanford-study/

http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/16/science/stanford-organic-food-study-and-vagaries-of-meta-analyses.html concludes:

[[ The Stanford and Newcastle studies agree on many points. For most vitamins and minerals, both studies found no large difference between organic and conventional produce. The Newcastle study found that organic produce had a modest 9 percent increase in vitamin C; the Stanford study did not.

Both studies also found that organic produce contained more of the compounds known as phenols, believed to help prevent cancer and other diseases. But the Stanford study questioned whether the phenol increase was real, because the magnitude of the increase varied widely among studies. ]]
against  organic  food  study  Stanford 
july 2013 by dandv
Kyle Smith: Liberals say they care about the poor but drive up their cost of living - NYPOST.com
Excellent article against the locavore and anti-corporatist crowd.

[[What is “the cheapest, most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history” Hint: It has 390 calories. It contains 23g, or half a daily serving, of protein, plus 7% of daily fiber, 20% of daily calcium and so on.

Also, you can get it in 14,000 locations in the US and it usually costs $1. Presenting one of the unsung wonders of modern life, the McDonald’s McDouble cheeseburger.

But we all know fast food makes us fat, right? Not necessarily. People who eat out tend to eat less at home that day in partial compensation; the net gain, according to a 2008 study out of Berkeley and Northwestern, is only about 24 calories a day.

Junk food costs as little as $1.76 per 1,000 calories, whereas fresh veggies and the like cost more than 10 times as much, found a 2007 University of Washington survey for the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. A 2,000-calorie day of meals would, if you stuck strictly to the good-for-you stuff, cost $36.32, said the study’s lead author, Adam Drewnowski.

Organic doesn't have any health benefits, as last year’s huge Stanford meta-study showed.

If the macrobiotic Marxists had their way, of course, there’d be no McDonald’s, Walmart or Exxon, because they have visions of an ideal world in which everybody bikes to work with a handwoven backpack from Etsy that contains a lunch grown in the neighborhood collective.

That’s not going to work for the average person, but who cares if they go hungry because they can’t afford a burger anymore? Let them eat kale!]]
libertarian  against  organic  leftist  food  anticorporatists  pro  Walmart  McDonalds 
july 2013 by dandv
The "Starving Marvin" argument for open borders
Suppose that, through no fault of mine, Marvin is in danger of starvation. He asks me for food. If I refuse to give him food, I thereby fail to confer a benefit on Marvin and, at the same time, allow Marvin to go hungry. If Marvin then starves to death, those who accept the doing/allowing distinction would say that I have not killed Marvin, but merely allowed him to die. And some believe that this is much less wrong than killing, possibly not even wrong at all. But now consider a different case. Suppose that Marvin, again in danger of starvation, plans to walk to the local market to buy some food. In the absence of any outside interference, this plan would succeed—the market is open, and there are people willing to trade food for something that Marvin has. Now suppose that, knowing all this, I actively and forcibly restrain Marvin from reaching the market. As a result, he starves to death. In this situation, I would surely be said to have killed Marvin, or at least done something morally comparable to killing him.

The actions of the federal government of the United States are more analogous to the case in which I restrain Marvin from reaching the market, than to the case in which I merely decline to provide him with food. The government’s immigration policy is not a merely passive one—the government does not, for example, merely fail to assist people in coming to the United States. Rather, the government hires armed guards to stop people from coming in and to forcibly expel people who are already here. The federal government spends almost $13 billion a year on actively excluding or expelling unauthorized immigrants.The United States is like the market where would-be immigrants could satisfy their needs. There are Americans willing to hire immigrants, to rent them living spaces, and in general to engage in all other kinds of needed interactions with immigrants. My charge is not that the U.S. government fails to give Third World inhabitants what they need. It is that the government actively and coercively prevents many Third World inhabitants from taking a course of action that they otherwise would undertake and that would in fact succeed in enabling them to meet their needs. This is much closer to inflicting a harm than it is to merely allowing a harm to occur.
argument  open  borders  starving  Marvin  analogy  food  supermarket 
april 2013 by dandv
Modern Meadow
"Modern Meadow applies the latest advances in tissue engineering to develop novel biomaterials to address some of our most pressing global challenges. We develop cultured leather and meat products which require no animal slaughter and much lower inputs of land, water, energy and chemicals."
food  leather  meat  printing  print  bioprinting 
february 2013 by dandv
Europe Worries about Health Hazards of Cheap Food from China - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"By [2012-Oct-12], 262 reports on Chinese products had been received in Brussels for 2012 alone. They included noodles infested with maggots, shrimp contaminated with antibiotics, foul-smelling peanuts and candied fruit with an excessively high sulfur content. Chinese producers have also sold peas dyed green, which lost their color when cooked, fake pigs' ears and cabbage containing carcinogenic formaldehyde. In 2008, some 300,000 infants in China were harmed by milk and baby formula products adulterated with the chemical melamine."

"According to calculations by the Institute for Applied Ecology, shipping frozen products has only a minor adverse effect on our environmental footprint. Transporting 10 tons of product by ship from China generates only 1.3 tons of CO2 emissions. When trucks carry the same amount of product from the Spanish city of Alicante to the northern German city of Hamburg, they emit 1.56 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere."
local  environmentalism  debunk  health  contamination  safety  food  China 
october 2012 by dandv
Lots of apparently sound scientific arguments against GMOs.
debate  debunk  truths  myths  foods  food  organisms  modified  genetically  GMO 
june 2012 by dandv
Is there really a safe, over the counter pill that can increase muscle and get rid of fat? Yes.
6 wk of supplementation with FO significantly increased lean mass and decreased fat mass.

[[Subjects were healthy and active, but not engaged in consistent, systematic exercise training. In total, 44 individuals volunteered to participate. Subjects were asked to maintain their current diet and exercise practices throughout the study.

Fish oil (FO): 4 g/d concentrated fish oil (o3mega extra strength, Genuine Health Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, CA) administered in 4 enteric-coated capsules (each capsule provided 400 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA).

Subjects took 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with dinner for a 6 wk period.

Body composition was assessed by whole body densitometry using air displacement via the Bod Pod®

Additionally, they found that young men taking the fish oil supplements had a significantly greater reduction in waist circumference compared to the control group, or the group that increased their dietary intake of fish.]]
paradigm-shift  food  supplements  health  fat  decrease  muscle  build  howto  DHA  oil  fish  fish_oil 
march 2012 by dandv
Why Sugar Makes Us Sleepy (And Protein Wakes Us Up) | Wired Science | Wired.com
Foods consisting of largely sugar and corn syrup are eaten for the energy boost, but they cause sleepiness and depression. Adding protein cancels these effects.

According to a new paper in Neuron led by scientists at the University of Cambridge, consuming foods high in protein can increase the activity of orexin neurons. This, in turn, leads to increased wakefullness and bodily activity, helping us burn off the calories we just consumed. Furthermore, eating protein in conjunction with glucose – adding almonds to Frosted Flakes, in other words – can inhibit the inhibitory effects of sugar on orexin. The sweetness no longer makes us tired.

The importance of this research is that it reveals how the details of a meal – and not just the sheer amount of energy consumed – can dramatically influence the response of the body and brain. Not all calories are created equal; our mental gas pedals are controlled by factors we’re only beginning to comprehend.
protein  sugar  food  nutrition  improve  research  health 
december 2011 by dandv
Carbohydrate to protein ratio in food and cognitive performance in the morning
"Our findings suggest that the carbohydrate to protein ratio in food specifically influences higher cognitive functions in the morning. Except for a transient positive effect of rising blood glucose after a carbohydrate-rich meal, a protein-rich or balanced meal seems to result in better overall cognitive performance presumably because of less variation in glucose metabolism and/or higher modulation in LNAA (large neutral amino acids) ratios indicated by the overall glucagon to insulin ratio (GIR)."

Mirror at http://webcitation.org/63kau108B
cognitive  improve  brain  function  health  food  meal  protein  breakfast  nutrition 
december 2011 by dandv
Feed your genes: How our genes respond to the foods we eat
"Both low-carb and high-carb diets are wrong," says Johansen. "But a low-carb diet is closer to the right diet. A healthy diet shouldn't be made up of more than one-third carbohydrates (up to 40 per cent of calories) in each meal, otherwise we stimulate our genes to initiate the activity that creates [metabolic] inflammation in the body."

"Genes that are involved in type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and some forms of cancer respond to diet, and are up-regulated, or activated, by a carbohydrate-rich diet,"

A healthy diet is about eating specific kinds of foods so that that we minimize the body's need to secrete insulin. The secretion of insulin is a defense mechanism in response to too much glucose in the blood, and whether that glucose comes from sugar or from non-sweet carbohydrates such as starches (potatoes, white bread, rice, etc.), doesn't really matter."

We shouldn't eat too much saturated animal fat"
genetics  diet  influence  genes  food  health 
october 2011 by dandv
Is organic food better for you, and what dangers do pesticides pose? - Quora
Quora debate citing studies on how pesticides increase risk of neurodegenerative diseases likes Alzeimer's and Parkinson's.
organic  conventional  food  debate  quora  neuro  disease 
august 2011 by dandv
Microwave oven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
My Wikipedia edit, with referenced published studies, debunking the paranoids who claim that microwave cooking destroys nutrients in food.
microwave  cooking  safety  effects  food  vitamins  nutrients 
july 2011 by dandv
Printing Food - Predictions | Cornell Creative Machines Lab
Speculations on how food printing will revolutionize the way we eat:

"Laypeople don’t have to know the first thing about musical notation, valve/key/fret fingering, or tonal theory to be able to utilize a stereo system to deliver a distilled version of a live musical performance directly into their home. Likewise, a layperson would not necessarily need to possess even basic culinary skills to employ an SFF system to create geometrically complex, multi-material food items. Culinary knowledge and artistic skill of world renowned chefs can be abstracted to a 3D fabrication file and then used by laypeople to reproduce famous chefs’ work in the home. Also, expert knowledge of the world’s leading nutritionists can be abstracted and encoded in 3D fabrication files to help laypeople eat more healthily, without necessarily having to learn healthy cooking techniques or even understand nutritional principles such as caloric intake and protein balance."
food  printing  future  philosophy  cool  2followup 
july 2011 by dandv
Whole Health Source: Food Reward: a Dominant Factor in Obesity, Part III
Four diets compared: low-fat, low-carb, vegan, paleo. Paleo had the best weight loss vs. time (11lbs in 12 weeks), despite not limiting calorie intake.
diet  paelo  fat  loss  weight  health  food 
may 2011 by dandv
Court rulings depend partly on when the judge last had a snack
8 Israeli judges followed for 10 months as they ruled on over 1000 applications made by prisoners to parole boards to be allowed out on parole or to improve their incarceration conditions.

After controlling for sex, ethnicity, length of sentence already served, recidivism and membership in a rehabilitation programme, "The team found that, at the start of the day, the judges granted around two-thirds of the applications before them. As the hours passed, that number fell sharply (see chart), eventually reaching zero. But clemency returned after each of two daily breaks, during which the judges retired for food. The approval rate shot back up to near its original value, before falling again as the day wore on."

Most promising hypothesis for the rise in grumpiness: the psychological load of decision making is taxing, and the judges look for easy answers (denying the prisoner's request) as they are forced to keep deciding things. Meal breaks may help just because they are breaks.
psychology  mind  body  judge  court  decision  law  food  intake  meal  blood  sugar  manipulation  cool  fun 
april 2011 by dandv
5 Complaints About Modern Life (That Are Statistically B.S.) | Cracked.com
"Everything is so expensive" (not; a TV cost half a year's income in the 50s, and the number of cars per capita was half of today's). "People are getting stupider" (not; see the Flynn effect). "Processed food is killing us" (not; there weren't even ingredient labels before 1966). "Crime is out of control" (not; Crime, property crime, theft and burglary have actually been dropping since about 1993, and homicide is at its lowest since the 1950). "Today's Music Is All Derivative Trash." (not; what you hear as classics is cherry-picked among a large amount of junk music, over 30-40 years).
complaints  modern  life  debunk  misconceptions  Cracked  crime  music  food 
april 2011 by dandv
Restaurants and Dining - Chowbaby.com
Nutrition info for restaurant meals. Better than dietfacts.com, which hasn't updated Outback Steakhouse since 2007, when they didn't have nutritional information.
restaurant  nutrition  info  meal  food  health  diet 
january 2011 by dandv
Time-series statistics on all types of crops from all countries: harvested area, yield, production quantity, seed. Also statistics on crops processed, livestock, forestry, fisheries, prices and food supply.
agriculture  food  statistics  world  country  crops  livestock  fish  UN  FAO 
november 2010 by dandv
Observations: Health insurers make big bucks from Big Macs
See also the linked tobacco article:

[[Why is it a big deal? "If you own a billion dollars [of tobacco stock], then you don't want to see it go down", says Himmelstein, "You are less likely to join anti-tobacco coalitions, endorse anti-tobacco legislation, basically, anything most health companies would want to participate in.">>

<<Alternatively, one could see this as a form of hedging... If people consume more fast food, the profits of the fast food companies go up, making up for the increased costs on the health delivery side.]]
health  life  insurance  tobacco  fast  food  industry  investments  stocks  conflict  interests  economy 
april 2010 by dandv
Bombay Dabbawalas go high-tech
For over 115 years these lunch deliverymen who were subsequently started to be called Dabbawalas have been collecting lunch packed [...] from subscribers' homes and delivering them to their workplaces.

Today the 5,000 Dabbawalas make about 200,000 lunch deliveries in the city and have become famous for their clockwork precision and efficiency. Reportedly their mistake rate is just 1 in 16 million deliveries
Dabbawalas [...] collect lunch boxes from homes in the morning and take them to the nearest railway station. From there each of the boxes that is coded according to the station of origin, the Dabbawala team at the collection and delivery point, and the destination, are sorted out and taken to the next intermediary stations, where they are sorted out again for area-wise distribution and delivery. So a single lunch pack could change hands three to four times in the course of its daily journey, "yet they get delivered without a mistake since they are so well coded,"
human  Internet  India  food  lunch  delivery  system  cool  organize  information  route 
february 2010 by dandv
Are Frozen Vegetables Less Nutritious Than Fresh?
"When most people talk about fresh vegetables, they mean vegetables purchased at their nearby supermarket, an aisle or two away from the frozen vegetables. These vegetables aren’t nearly as fresh as those from your own garden. In many cases they’ve spent days or weeks in transit, and then some time in the produce aisle. Over that time, vitamins and minerals have leeched out, and by the time you buy them and prepare them, they are far from their peak ripeness.

Frozen vegetables have been picked at the peak of their ripeness, and immediately flash frozen. As a result, all of the minerals and vitamins are locked in, ready for your benefit. This means that in some cases, frozen vegetables might be more nutritious than vegetables purchased from the produce aisle which have been sitting for weeks."
debunk  food  myth  frozen  vegetables  nutrition  fresh  canned 
january 2010 by dandv
Belmont Greek Festival - Labor Day Weekend
A food festival from the Holy Cross church, while "Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes--one child every five seconds." -- http://www.bread.org/learn/hunger-basics/hunger-facts-international.html
events  food  festival  BayArea 
august 2009 by dandv
Information Foraging: Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster (Alertbox)
Summary: The easier it is to find places with good information, the less time users will spend visiting any individual website. This is one of many conclusions that follow from analyzing how people optimize their behavior in online information systems.
web  site  content  design  information  hunting  food  analogy  natural  selection  evolution 
may 2009 by dandv
Daily Red Meat Raises Chances Of Dying Early - washingtonpost.com
Original study at http://archinte.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/full/169/6/562. Abstract at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19307518. The study conclusion reads "Red and processed meat intakes were associated with modest increases in total mortality, cancer mortality, and cardiovascular disease mortality", but please see the "Adjusted model" results in the results tables of the study. For example, cancer mortality in men in the highest quintile of consumption is increased 22%, and the cardiovascular disease mortality in women consuming the highest quintile of processed meat is increased 38%.
red  processed  meat  diet  food  health  cancer  cardiovascular  disease  death  rate  mortality  vegetarian  nutrition 
march 2009 by dandv
HowStuffWorks "Multivitamins Medical Research"
Have a balanced diet, as multivitamins can't make up for it. Target your vitamin intake instead of taking multivitamins - too much of a vitamin can cause problems (excess of vitamin A weakens bones in children; too much folic acid is linked to colorectal cancer). Research the vitamins manufacturer on ConsumerLabs.com.
multivitamin  vitamin  health  supplement  food  diet 
march 2009 by dandv
BMJ :: debunking health myths - eating at night, hangover cures
Eating at night does not make weight gain more likely, sugar intake does not cause hyperactivity in children, and there is no cure for hangover
health  food  myth  debunk  misconception  hangover  eat  late  night  time  day  nutrition  weight  gain  sugar  children 
february 2009 by dandv
Wikipedia :: Food energy - per gram: fats 9 cal, protein and carbs 4 cal
"Fats and ethanol have the most calories per gram, 9 and 7 kcal/g (38 and 30 kJ/g), respectively. Proteins and most carbohydrates have about 4 kcal/g (17 kJ/g)"
food  energy  calorie  fat  carbs  protein  diet  health  nutrition 
january 2009 by dandv
SpringerLink - Heating cooking oil: microwave vs. conventional
Microwaving (for 12 minutes!) is less healthy. "A comparative study was performed to evaluate the effects that microwave (12 and 15 min at 1,100 W) and conventional heating (36 and 45 min at 230 °C) have on olive oil (refined+virgin). [...] Significantly higher amounts of polar compounds, of triglyceride oligopolymers - known to have adverse effects on human health - and of oxidised triglycerides were found in microwaved than in conventionally heated oils, indicating a higher extent of oxidative degradation."
food  oil  cook  heat  microwave  stove  health  safe  safety 
november 2008 by dandv
Search Safeway
Safeway has ALL the information on the product label, online. Nutrition information, ingredient list, organic certification, manufacturer's blurb, everything.
safeway  online  search  product  nutrition  label  food  ingredient  organic  grocery 
october 2008 by dandv
Fahrenheit Results Forum - 10 Food Labeling Lies
Deceitful, yet still technically true, food labeling in the US
food  label  lies  deceit  gimmick  USA  nutrition  health 
october 2008 by dandv
Backwards Hamburger
The path from the cow to your burger, reversed
fast  food  truth  video  satire  campaign  meat  health  sustainability 
august 2008 by dandv
Australian Food and Grocery Council - Food Myths (2001 study)
Debunked food myths: processed foods are actually more nutritious than fresh foods; oysters are not an aphrodisiac; sugar does not cause diabetes; additives are safe and necessary; eating late at night doesn't make you fatter, it's safe to refreeeze meat after it has been thawed etc. Beware of the lycopene vs. prostate cancer claim - it hasn't been certainly established (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lycopene#Antioxidant_properties_and_potential_health_benefits)
food  diet  myth  debunk  survey  salt  sugar  diabetes  fat  MSG  health  eat  late  weight 
july 2008 by dandv
Full stomach best for making big decisions - Telegraph
People are more compliant on a full stomach, as evidenced by acceptance rate in the "Ultimatum Game" social psychology test. So take your date to dinner first.
eat  diet  food  psychology  test  study  calm  cranky  mood  full  stomach 
june 2008 by dandv
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