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Fomantic-UI is a maintained community fork of Semantic-UI
Positioned somewhere between "admin" and "web"
* autocomplete
* sticky
* transitions, reveals

Tables don't have resizable columns
UI  components  framework  widgets 
11 days ago by dandv
[Feature Request] Enforce mandatory email verification · Issue #21 · firebase/firebaseui-web
More and more amazing the basic features that Firebase Auth Web UI lacks:
* no 2FA
* can't separate Sign In from Sign Up
* no UI for sending verification emails
* Social login 5x slower than auth0
* 120kB bundle size
against  Firebase  Auth  Web  UI 
september 2018 by dandv
kamranahmedse/driver.js: A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript engine to drive the user's focus across the page
highlight any (literally any) element on page
create powerful feature introductions for your web applications
Everything is controllable by keyboard
demo  tour  JavaScript  UI  library  popover  popup 
july 2018 by dandv
Components - Material Components for the Web
The successor to Material Design Lite (see https://github.com/material-components/material-components-web)

How does this compare to Polymer Paper Elements?
Material  Design  web  components  UI 
may 2017 by dandv
Style guide - UI patterns and examples
Real life pattern libraries, code standards documents and content style guides
webdesign  UI  patterns  examples  style  guide  library 
december 2016 by dandv
Webix Designer
Prototype business apps with Webix. Generates code on the fly.

Tons of business-oriented components: grids, charts, trees, treetable, complex layouts, resizer, file picker, export to Excel; plus the basics: menu, list, accordion, window etc.

Some components aren't available, e.g. Side menu.
Webix  design  prototype  UI 
june 2016 by dandv
Getting Started with UI Test Automation
UI automation is a software development task, and it takes time. Some of the impacts will include:

* Time on the schedule to evaluate what tools to use
* Time on the schedule to get the tooling set up in your environment
* Time on the schedule to get your team’s skills up to speed on the new tooling
* Significant time (and patience!) on the schedule to adjust your development processes
* Time on the schedule to get your UI automation work done

You’ve got to balance this decrease in velocity with understanding the wins you’re getting in other areas: time freed from repeating senseless manual regression tests, clearer information on your system’s overall risk to business value, and an increase in confidence around your automation safety net.

Selecting a tool is a significant effort. Your team needs to make sure they’re comfortable as a group that the chosen tool will help bring value to your software efforts, not just turn into yet another technology time sink.
howto  think  about  web  UI  automation  questions  philosophy 
august 2015 by dandv
Meteor Composability
How to build a modal component with Blaze
Meteor  UI  components  Blaze  view 
march 2015 by dandv
Removing User Interface Complexity, or Why React is Awesome
Building a UI components framework from scratch shows why separation of concerns (HTML separate from JS) has actually been separation of technologies. Requires an open mind.

You can easily test components by rendering them with a specific state to an HTML string and comparing the output. Prerendering on the server is as trivial as it sounds: render the top-level component to a string and serve it up.

More advocacy for ReactJS and countering concerns at https://www.reddit.com/r/javascript/comments/2uvz0x/whats_so_great_about_reactjs/
ReactJS  advocacy  JavaScript  UI  components  framework 
february 2015 by dandv
jQuery UI vs Kendo UI
A feature comparison between jQuery UI and Kendo UI.
Kendo  UI  jQuery  comparison  components  framework 
january 2015 by dandv
Ionic components for Meteor. No Angular!
Ionic is arguably the most comprehensive, polished, cross-platform mobile framework available. But unfortunately a large portion of its functionality comes from Angular directives. I'm not a fan of trying to force-fit Angular into Meteor, so I wanted to see if I could rewrite Ionic specifically for Meteor.
Meteor  mobile  UI  framework 
january 2015 by dandv
Kendo UI grid - Exporting to MS Excel
Material Design-like theme for grids looks nice
Kendo  UI  JavaScript  grid  demo  Material  Design 
december 2014 by dandv
Webix DataTable - fast, powerful, modern grid component
Incredibly fast and lightweight JavaScript grid widget Webix DataTable shows high performance on both desktop and mobile devices and can be styled with CSS.
JavaScript  UI  component  widget  grid  table 
december 2014 by dandv
DHTMLX Layout & Skins demo
Shows the power of using UI widgets in organizing layouts. Wish it had a resizer/divider/splitter.
web  UI  widget  component  demo  layout 
december 2014 by dandv
ExtJS vs AngularJS
Comparison over 30+ points around benefits, architecture, testing, mobility, performance, build and deployment among other things.
ExtJS  Angular  comparison  UI  front-end  framework 
november 2014 by dandv
Sortable lists in meteor using jquery ui
Most of the time in a Meteor project you want to avoid handling the DOM directly and instead rely on Meteor's reactivity to do the work for you. There are times though when you have to take matters into your own hands like handling element animations or in our case for this blog post: sorting a list of objects. This post is inspired by the Meteor.com blog post that does the same thing but no longer works due to API changes: https://www.meteor.com/blog/2013/09/13/previewing-meteors-new-rendering-engine-reactive-sortable-lists
Meteor  sortable  lists  UI 
november 2014 by dandv
Why is reddit so famous despite such a boring interface?
Content arguably draws visitors more than UX, and is certainly a good place to start. No estimate of how much more successful Reddit, Google, Wikipedia etc. would be if they had great design.
against  UI  UX  content  ugly  website 
october 2014 by dandv
cezary pietrzak · The rise of mobile cards
Mobile card: a small, rectangular container of information that is glanceable and interactive
mobile  UI  guidelines  cards 
may 2014 by dandv
Moqups · wireframing in the browser
"Moqups is a nifty HTML5 App used to create wireframes, mockups or UI concepts, prototypes"
rapid  prototyping  wireframe  mockup  UI  online 
march 2014 by dandv
Chrome Web Store - Gliffy Diagrams
Chrome app for wireframing/diagramming. No word on collaboration.
draw  diagram  wireframe  mockup  UI 
september 2013 by dandv
Do you know about this undocumented Google CDN feature? » Encosia
[[All 24 of the standard ThemeRoller presets are also hosted on the CDN. these themes aren’t minified

While it’s technically not very difficult to download and set up local ThemeRoller themes, there’s more friction to it than I care for. Boiling the entire process down to a single CSS reference removes all of that friction.
Even if you don’t like the idea of relying on a CDN hosted theme for production sites, this is great for prototyping. Anything that makes prototyping faster is a big win, because it allows you to try more ideas in the same amount of time.]]
hosting  CDN  Google  themes  UI  jQuery 
october 2012 by dandv
Free Twitter Bootstrap GUI Mockup and Design Templates - Keynotopia
Prototype Bootstrap-based apps using your favorite presentation tool. The following vector UI components have been designed from scratch in Apple Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress, and are fully editable and customizable without needing any additional design tools.
Impress  Keynote  PowerPoint  template  free  mockup  UI  wireframe  prototype  Bootstrap 
october 2012 by dandv
Spectrum - The No Hassle jQuery Colorpicker
Small-footprint no-images-used color picker.

Very nice styling of the documentation too.
UI  plugin  jQuery  mobile  colorpicker  picker  color  JavaScript 
august 2012 by dandv
Office Next - Using the new Office with touch
Microsoft's process of developing an ergonomic touch-based user experience for Windows 8 and Office applications.
UI  UX  HCI  touch  Microsoft 
august 2012 by dandv
The $144,146,165 Button ◇ notes.unwieldy
The default 20%, 25% and 30%, tip buttons added to taxis since they were forced to accept credit cards generated $144M per year in additional tips.

Research by http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/08/nyregion/08taxi.html
interface  user  UI  UX  cool  taxi  button  default  nudge  startup 
may 2012 by dandv
UsabilityHub - crowdsourced usability tests
Have random users test your mockups or screenshots.

Five second test: user sees the image and is asked your questions.

Click test: see where users first click when they see your landing page image.

Navflow: How do people navigate around your website?
crowdsourcing  usability  click  navigation  test  UX  testing  UI  web  design  feedback 
october 2011 by dandv
Feature Richness and User Engagement (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
The user engagement level with websites is incredibly low, as dictated by information foraging: people don't commit easily to any individual site, because it's so easy to get to other sites. Skimming the cream from each site is usually the superior browsing strategy.

As studies in my recent book document, users visiting a new site spend an average of 30 seconds on the homepage and less than 2 minutes on the entire site before deciding to abandon it. (They spend a bit more time if they decide to stay on a site, but still only 4 minutes on average.)
usability  user  engagement  web  site  application  design  simple  features  right  click  UI 
may 2009 by dandv
Coding Horror: Avoiding The Uncanny Valley of User Interface
Very interesting explanation (if a bit of a stretched analogy) of why one is more likely to prefer GMail over Yahoo! Mail, and generally web-looking web applications vs. desktop-like web applications. One could extrapolate to jQuery over ExtJS.
uncanny  valley  simulation  GMail  Yahoo  web  application  look  feel  UI  interface  human  perception  analogy 
december 2008 by dandv
Prototyping with XHTML - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
Counterarguments (in comments): "Prototyping complex interactions, such as drag & drop, video scrubbers, dynamic animated interactions is next to impossible to represent XHTML." and "If we had built this as an XHTML prototype and needed to make a simple navigation change, it seems like a nightmare. I’d have to update the XHTML prototype on every page that it occurs, where as on the wireframe its all in one template file."
web  UI  design  prototype  XHTML 
december 2008 by dandv
User Experience Design pays off | Fast Company
"Research from Peer Insight has calculated a tenfold advantage in stock-market returns versus the S&P 500 for companies focused on consumer-experience design"
design  user  experience  usability  advantage  stock  revenue  UI 
november 2008 by dandv
WordPress Comments System built with Yahoo! UI
Cool blog comment system built with the Yahoo! UI library
WordPress  blog  comment  Yahoo  UI  AJAX  GUI  COOL  webdev 
october 2006 by dandv
GUUUI - The Interaction Designer's Coffee Break
A large collection of tips on user interface design
design  usability  UI  GUI  user  interface  web  tips  guidelines 
september 2006 by dandv

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