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Q&A With The CEO Of Yo - Business Insider
But now, months after its meteoric rise to fame, Yo has all but disappeared, dismissed as a novelty app by many of the users who embraced it. Despite the change in its fortunes, Yo has been hiring staff, relocating the company from Israel to San Francisco, and attracting global brands to its platform.
december 2014 by dancall
The first ever Yo powered test ride – featuring the smart electric drive - YouTube
When a simple car and a simple app meet, the result is electric. We told the people of San Francisco to “yo” us for a free ride and picked them up in a smart electric drive.
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october 2014 by dancall
Ethan Is The Top App On Product Hunt - Business Insider
That app idea might sound ridiculous, but the product is real, and its popularity is exploding on startup discovery site Product Hunt right now.
"Ethan" was created by the founder of Rubcam, Ethan Gliechtenstein. Rubcam lets users take photos on their smartphones by rubbing the screen. Gliechtenstein's new app simply lets anyone who downloads it send him a message. 
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october 2014 by dancall
Yo Still Kicking With More Than 100M Yos Sent, Roughly 15 Per Second | TechCrunch
While that rate is down from a peak over the summer when as many as 100 were sent per second, it doesn’t feel like a trough of sorrow. Hogeg said the app has about 1.5 million monthly active users, which appears to be slightly up from a month or so ago. Hogeg, who also co-founded a photo-sharing app Mobli, has proven to be extremely talented at going around traditional Silicon Valley venture capital funding sources and tapping billionaires like Carlos Slim for financing.
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september 2014 by dancall
Yo, The One-Word Messaging App, Updates So It’s Not Quite So Absurdly Simple Anymore | TechCrunch
Yo is growing up, fueled by its recent $1.5 million in seed funding at a $10 million valuation — and driven towards feature creep by an army of Yo clones. The startup has now released an update (v1.1.0) to its iOS app, which introduces a series of new features, including the ability to send more than just the word “Yo.”
august 2014 by dancall
Yo now has some features | The Verge
Yo, the minimalist messaging app that sends nothing but "Yo" alerts to your friends, has launched its first major update for iOS. How do you improve on an app that does nearly nothing? Well, in version 1.1 you're now able to edit your own profile to include a photo and your real name, which should make contact lists more readable. There's a useful-sounding feature that lets you Yo a link when it's saved to your clipboard. There's also a less useful-sounding feature that lets you send a Yo to a hashtag and see how many other users have Yo'd it. You can see the most popular hashtags at http://www.justyo.co/trending/. - via Balázs Ordódi
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august 2014 by dancall
Instead of Yo-ing, you can now Bark at your friends
Yo. Yolo. Oi. If these exclamations aren’t enough for you, here’s the next one-syllable notification app that just surfaced at a hackathon event: bark. Well, at least we’ve finally moved on from human noises. Bark was developed at the recent AngelHack San Francisco Spring 2014 by Notivo founders Sebastian Kim and Sungsoo Moon, the CEO of MyDrives. Here’s the kicker: Yo’s founder Or Arbel was the one of the judges.
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august 2014 by dancall

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