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Secondhand Shopping Becoming a First Choice in China | Alizila.com
China has a nascent but fast-growing secondhand market. According to the China Center for Internet Economy Research, a Beijing-based research think tank, the size of that market reached RMB 500 billion (US$71.1 billion) in 2017, with the number set to double by 2020. And monthly active users on re-commerce platforms in China grew 46.4% in 2018, almost double the growth rate of the users in the overall e-commerce sector, U.S. research firm Nielson reported.
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Macy's summer campaign heads outside with Pinterest Pincodes | Marketing Dive
Macy’s launched an out-of-home experiential campaign that calls on consumers to use their phones at summer gathering places around the nation, according to information shared with Marketing Dive. Pop-up stations in places including Central Park, The Brooklyn Heights Promenade and the Santa Monica Pier feature Pinterest Pincodes that consumers can scan with their phones to be directed to a board with outfits curated for that specific location.
The Pinterest boards then link to shoppable pages, where users can purchase the suggested items. The effort, which was developed by BBDO New York, also includes Facebook and Instagram content showcasing summer moments via short stories. 
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How Subscriptions Disrupt Alcohol Distribution | PYMNTS.com
Online marketplaces like Drizly mostly stand outside the system, by aggregating prices across a variety of retail sellers. Wine flash sale sites build relationships with lots of distributors – still within the three-tiered system – but act as a force that exerts downward pressure on wine pricing. Shots Box CEO JC Stock noted in a recent interview with PYMNTS that despite the fact they had originally conceived of their distilled products delivery business as an online-only endeavor, they had to open a single physical store just to get the licensing they needed to sell online.
“We had to buy a retail store to fulfill this dream. It was a learning process, and a very expensive one,” Stock told Karen Webster.
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Facial Recognition Biometrics Finds Friend In 5G | PYMNTS.com
According to the report, the “goBox will make a facial recognition scan to identify the customer before they open the door of the refrigerator. After that, sensors and cameras will make note of the items the customer removes from the machine, at which point the user will be charged for their purchases.” The 5G-enabled facial recognition process reportedly will take “less than a second, while the tech itself can be deployed in virtually any retail environment. According to UTStarcom and China Mobile Group, facial recognition will create a seamless shopping experience that eliminates the need to carry a physical object like a credit card or a mobile phone.”
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Burberry Opens Store in Mykonos, Greece | HYPEBAE
Burberry has opened a temporary pop-up location in Mykonos, Greece. The Nammos Village location is inspired by the brand’s Regent Street flagship in London. White and pistachio green tones are used to create a calm shopping environment. The space is further outfitted with mirrors and clean shelving to give a roomy feel to the store. The ground floor features a blank canvas wall where visitors can add illustrations and custom tags, similar to the Burberry Bond Street store. Visitors will be able to shop Riccardo Tisci’s debut collections for Burberry including the Spring/Summer 2019 range and the new Thomas Burberry Monogram collection.
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From bleak to bustling: how one French town beat the high street blues | Cities | The Guardian
Mulhouse has shown it takes at least a decade to turn things around. The town, under its former rightwing mayor Jean Rottner, decided boarded up shops were just the most visible symptom of deeper rooted problems. The city’s €36m (£31.5m) investment plan over six years tackled several issues at once, including housing. Town centre residents were among the poorest as higher earners moved to houses on the outskirts, leaving properties vacant and run down.
The idea was to create somewhere where people feel good, to re-appropriate our town centre as a kind of agora, the place where everyone can meet
Mulhouse set out to rebalance the housing mix. Generous subsidies for the renovation of building fronts expedited a facelift of more than 170 buildings. Security and community policing were stepped up. Transport was key – with a new tram system, bike schemes, shuttle buses and cheap parking.
But making the town’s public spaces attractive was just as important, with wider pavements, dozens of benches, and what officials deemed a “colossal budget” for tree planting and maintenance, gardening and green space. Local associations, community groups and residents’ committees were crucial to the efforts. A town centre manager was appointed to support independents and high-street franchises setting up.
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Retail Expo 2019: Top Start-Ups | Stylus
CoGo Enables Ethical Shopping: Newly launched in London, New Zealand app CoGo connects users with local retailers that complement their ethics. Shoppers choose the issues that matter to them (living wage, climate change, etc.) and get recommendations of retailers fulfilling those criteria. Users who link their payment cards to the app receive automatic notifications on which charities the relevant retailer is supporting.
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Walmart posts best US comps in 9 years | Retail Dive
Walmart on Thursday reported its best Q1 U.S. comparable sales figures in nine years, with comps jumping to 3.4% in the first quarter. Total revenue in the quarter rose 1% year over year to $123.9 billion.
Walmart U.S. e-commerce sales rose 37%, helped along by "strong growth" in online grocery sales and Walmart.com sales of home and fashion goods, the company said. Sam's Club e-commerce sales were up 28%. Brick and mortar didn't fare as well, comp sales rose at a sluggish 0.3%, hurt by a decline in tobacco sales, the company said. 
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Zenreach Attract Connects Online Ads to In-Store Results | Street Fight
Online metrics, like click-through rates and return-on-ad-spend, can quickly show ecommerce retailers how well their digital advertising campaigns are working. But what happens in the real world? The KPIs used in ecommerce mean almost nothing to brick-and-mortar merchants. In fact, digital approximations can actually cause merchants with physical locations to overspend on certain audience segments, while undervaluing others.

That’s something Zenreach is trying to change.

A pioneer in WiFi marketing, Zenreach is now tackling online-to-offline attribution. The company is looking to help retailers who operate brick-and-mortar locations connect their online advertising to measurable in-store results with the launch of Zenreach Attract. (Check out the company’s white paper here. Zenreach is sponsoring the publication of its research on Street Fight.)
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'It’s a more immediate way of shopping': Brands are testing checkout-free pop-ups – Glossy
Codabar launches Wednesday, in tandem with a four-day pop-up event in San Francisco. The pop-up will be filled with products from 15 retail partners, many of which have little to no footprint in the Bay Area. Lasater hopes her super-curated pop-up shop can help bring some awareness to some of these smaller-scale retailers, including custom straw accessories brand Bom Bom Morocco, statement earring brand Bibi Mirani and handcrafted women’s contemporary line D’Ascoli.

“Pop-ups are such an interesting retail strategy right now. A pop-up is a great way to think outside the box and test out potential new markets, or test new products on a group of consumers,” said Aerin Lauder, founder and creative director of global lifestyle brand Aerin. Lauder’s brand will be among the participants at the app’s launch event, curated by Codabar’s Lasater.
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IKEA Debuts Central Paris Location | PYMNTS.com
As IKEA moves to create a new range of stores to meet the changing habits of consumers, the furniture retailer opened its first store in the center of Paris. The store is located in the Madeleine district of central Paris, Reuters reported.

Ingka Group Chief Executive Jesper Brodin told the outlet, “La Madeleine is an innovation test laboratory for us. We want to serve the people who know and love IKEA but think IKEA is too far away.” The store, which has two levels, will employ 140 people. It will also feature a restaurant and a salad bar. In addition, the store is said to host cooking classes as well as workshops on home renovation or furniture repair.
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Amazon Go store in NYC is the 1st to take cash | Retail Dive
Amazon's new store in New York is the first to accept cash as a payment method. A spokesperson for the company said that customers wanting to pay cash can alert a store associate, get scanned into the store, and pay at the checkout cart before leaving. 
The new 1,300-square-foot store opened Tuesday in Manhattan's Brookfield Place. It marks the 12th store in the cashierless convenience store Go concept, which reportedly could expand to 3,000 locations in the next few years.
In April, Amazon signaled it would start accepting cash payments at its Go stores, though it didn't specify a timeline for doing so. The move comes as some cities, including New York, consider banning cash-free stores, which pose challenges to the underbanked.
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5 small business trends | Retail Dive
In an effort to reimagine a store's footprint, a number of retailers are experimenting with adding coworking spaces. In 2016, Staples partnered with office-sharing company Workbar, and even though that partnership has ended, the retailer announced in February that its own coworking concept is currently in development.

The multiuse concept is growing in popularity and is expanding its reach into the indie market. Startup Re:store in San Francisco brings together various brands and doubles as a coworking space for retailers. In Washington, D.C., independent beauty store Take Care recently added a wellness-oriented office space inside its store. And even coworking juggernaut WeWork is highlighting small businesses through its WeMRKT retail concept, which sells items made by its members, including snacks, office supplies and apparel.
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Johnnie Walker Experience gets go-ahead | Scotch Whisky
Situated within the former House of Fraser department store on Prince’s Street, the Johnnie Walker Experience will be a three-storey immersive space exploring whisky making and the blended Scotch brand’s 200-year history.

The plans, which were approved by The City of Edinburgh Council Planning Committee, include room for a flexible events space for staging music, theatre and arts; a rooftop bar – pending licensing approval – with views of Edinburgh Castle; and a street-level whisky store inspired by the new Johnnie Walker flagship shop in Madrid.
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Sainsbury's Opens First Till-Free Store, Sainsbury's Local Holborn Circus
What if I don't want to use the app. Are there any tills?
The store has had a revamp with the checkout area and tills removed. Sainsbury’s says this ‘frees up store colleagues to spend their time on the shop floor, helping customers and keeping shelves fully stocked’.

The bespoke food-to-go store will, however, have a help desk to support anyone who wishes to pay with cash or cards. Currently, 82 per cent of transactions in this London convenience store are cashless.
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Are the hyper-specialist shops of Berlin the future of retail? | Cities | The Guardian
A short walk east, at Gneisenaustrasse 52, Harald Truetsch has for almost 10 years sold only miniature string instruments: ukuleles made of wood or metal, “banjoleles” with plastic membranes, mandolins, South American cavaquinhos and tiny bass guitars. “Big music shops often treat the ukulele as a second-rate instrument, as if it were just a guitar for children,” says Truetsch, his long white hair flowing as he picks up his own uke from behind the counter. “They don’t call the violin a cello for kids, do they?”
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Sainsbury's Creates Cashierless Store | PYMNTS.com
Sainsbury’s Group Chief Digital Officer Clodagh Moriarty said, according to the report, “This is an experiment rather than a new format for us – it hasn’t been done in the U.K. before, and we’re really excited to understand how our customers respond to the app experience.” Moriarty continued, “We’ll be with our customers and colleagues all the way over the coming months, iterating continuously based on their feedback before we decide if, how and where we make this experience more widely available.”
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Walgreens and Kroger test cameras that guess age and gender | New Food Economy| New Food Economy
These days, it’s entirely unremarkable for a wristwatch you thought you were going to buy online but decided against to take on a life outside its online shopping cart, following us across the internet through banner advertisements and Instagram posts before winding up in our emails as an ad. What isn’t yet commonplace are pints of ice cream that we picked up and put back following us through physical stores, and appearing at the end of the long checkout line when our willpower is significantly diminished.

That may change soon. According to the Associated Press, Kroger is testing cameras embedded in price signs on shelves at stores in the suburbs of Cincinnati and Seattle. They’re designed to guess a shopper’s gender and age, but the company claims they don’t store any data. At Walgreens, new coolers have been installed in four cities that display video screens instead of the usual glass doors. These screens contain subtle cameras that are equipped for tracking customers’ eye movements, though the company insists that function is turned off for now.
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Pokémon Pass app trades virtual rewards for Target visits | Mobile Marketer
Pokémon released a mobile app that urges customers to visit select Target stores to collect in-game rewards. The Pokémon Pass app will let players of "Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!" and "Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!" add uniquely colored virtual creatures to their game while visiting Target between May 11 and June 23, according to a company announcement.
Pokémon Trainer Club account owners can get exclusive digital rewards when they're at designated retail locations. Pokémon Pass uses geolocation to notify players automatically of nearby rewards when they're in Target stores.
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Taobao Helps Online Brands Find Success Offline | Alizila.com
Taobao has teamed up with local retailers to launch a brick-and-mortar, multi-label store to host independent clothing brands that sell on the Alibaba Group-owned online marketplace.

Piloting at the Hangzhou Kerry Center shopping mall, the “Taostyle” store currently offers about 350 items from a rotating selection of 20-plus brands. The first batch of partners features some of the most popular and fastest-growing brands on the e-commerce site, such as Lamps, Roaringwild, Ayuko and THESSNCE.

Taostyle’s fashion buyers determine which brands and products to sell based on a mix of market knowledge and consumers insights drawn from Alibaba’s platforms, refreshing offerings and introducing new products at least twice a month.
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Walmart Bets on TV Shows for Families, Date Night in Media Push - Bloomberg
Walmart Inc. already sells more TVs than anyone. Now it wants to make the shows you watch on them, too.
The retailer plans to bankroll at least a half-dozen original programs over the next year, and will unveil the first few to advertisers in New York this week, people familiar with the plans said. Walmart has talked with several Hollywood studios about rebooting family-friendly projects from years ago, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public yet.
Walmart’s slate is supposed to lure more viewers to Vudu, a company-owned streaming service that already offers free programs with commercials, along with online rentals and sales of movies and shows. The strategy has worked for Netflix Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Hulu LLC.
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China’s Gen Z Skips the Stores and Shops on Social Media - Bloomberg
When iQiyi’s subscribers watch TV series or other shows on their computers, web links appear at the bottom of the screen. These take them to the company’s online mall, where they can buy clothes and products used by celebrities on the show.
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Walmart Pilots In-Store Artificial Intelligence | PYMNTS.com
To provide a more enjoyable shopping experience and control costs, Walmart is testing ways to digitize its brick-and-mortar stores. The retailer is officially opening its Intelligent Retail Lab at a Long Island Neighborhood Market grocery store location, the Associated Press reported.

Through the digital efforts, ceiling cameras and shelf sensors will enable workers to fix problems and restock items efficiently. The technology will detect when shopping carts run low, when spills occur and when shelves have to be restocked. In one specific example, the cameras can even determine the ripeness of bananas. Workers can be notified by a phone alert when items need replaced.

Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab CEO and Jet.com Co-founder Mike Hanrahan said, according to the report, “We really like to think of this store as an artificial intelligence factory, a place where we are building these products, experiences, where we are testing and learning.” He also noted that the cameras are set to mostly home in on shelves and products. (Cameras do not, say, track customer movements or recognize faces.) And sensors within shelves have information about what is in the back of shelves, which can provide more data to stores.
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You can now take your Amazon returns to all Kohl’s stores | TechCrunch
It’s one thing to be able to get everything delivered to your doorstep, it’s another to then have to actually have to leave your home, brace the elements and return those things that just didn’t work out (or work at all). Typically, that means a run to your local FedEx or UPS store. For the last two years, Amazon and department store chain Kohl’s had a limited partnership that allowed you to bring your return to 100 Kohl’s stores across the country. Today, the two companies announced that they’d expand this program to all 1,150 Kohl’s locations in the U.S.
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Chaos in the bottle shops - Drinks Retailing News - The Voice of Drinks Retailing
Specialist craft beer retailers have likened placing orders for the latest beers from certain big-name breweries to the scramble to secure Glastonbury tickets, amid concerns that parts of the wholesale market are becoming overheated.
“Anything DIPA or hazy goes really fast,” says Dan Sandy, manager of east London craft beer store Kill The Cat. Beers from Cloudwater, Verdant and Deya are subject to fierce competition because they will draw in customers and drive sales of other beers once people are through the shop door.
“Everyone wants Deya cans but it’s not making very many,” says Jen Ferguson, co-owner of Hop Burns & Black, a craft beer retailer in south east London. “The number of Deya cans making it through to the distributors is very small.” 
Another example is Nottingham brewery Neon Raptor. Alex Fitzpatrick, co-owner of Brixton bottle shop Ghost Whale, found its beers became hard to get hold of seemingly overnight. “What happened? Who pressed the button that gave it this magic rainbow aura around everything it does?”
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WeFiFo at Waitrose
We've teamed up with social dining platform We Find Food to bring you delicious feasts.
As a myWaitrose member you'll enjoy free perfectly paired wines when you book between 17 April - 1 May.
WeFiFo connects expert hosts with local communities for memorable dining experiences.
Join us at a Waitrose & Partners café near you
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How 5G Could Be Rocket Fuel To Retail | PYMNTS.com
South Korea’s SK Telecom and retail conglomerate Shinsegae Group have joined forces on 5G retail, for instance. They plan develop new business models and services centered around 5G technology. The recent deal calls for the companies to develop what a report called “5G-based business models that can be applied to Shinsegae’s department stores and discount store chain E-Mart as well as various shopping malls.”

That effort will apparently involve virtual reality (VR) along with augmented reality (AR). The plan is to use VR technology to enable consumers to shop via digital platforms instead of inside brick-and-mortar locations, though no further details were immediately available.

That’s not to count out the U.S. when it comes to the potential and reality of 5G technology for commerce. The wireless industry association CTIA released a report that said the U.S., in terms of readiness, deployments and spectrum allocation, is leading the transition to the new telecommunications standard. However, it does struggle in two areas: mid-band spectrum and national strategy. Even so by the latter part of 2019, the U.S. should have 92 commercial 5G deployments, versus south Korea’s 48, 16 in the U.K. and none in China.
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Walmart Teams With KIDBOX To Style Children | PYMNTS.com
Retailing giant Walmart announced Tuesday (April 16) a partnership with KIDBOX to offer Walmart.com customers an exclusive, curated stylebox for kids.
In a press release, Walmart said customers also have the option to receive curated clothing each season without having to pay a styling fee. Customers of the new service — dubbed Walmart KIDBOX stylebox — will get access to personalized styles from more than 120 premium kids brands including BCBG, Butter Super Soft, C&C California and Puma. The stylebox will include four to five fashion items for $48. Walmart said that is about 50 percent off the suggested retail price for the group of bundled items. Starting Tuesday, customers can go to Walmart.com and complete a short style quiz for their child. The stylists at KIDBOX use the answers from the quiz to tailor the box based on the preferences of the child and the season where the child lives.
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Amazon's Bezos Shareholders' Letter Bites Back | PYMNTS.com
The Bezos letter also touched on Amazon’s effort to build out its brick-and-mortar retail capacity via its Amazon Go stores, which have cashierless checkout technology. “For many years, we considered how we might serve customers in physical stores, but felt we needed first to invent something that would really delight customers in that environment,” Bezos wrote. “With Amazon Go, we had a clear vision. Get rid of the worst thing about physical retail: checkout lines. No one likes to wait in line. Instead, we imagined a store where you could walk in, pick up what you wanted and leave.”

Indeed, Amazon is testing the Amazon Go concept in a larger store format, signaling another potential threat to rival retailers. That said, while the Amazon Go technology has worked well in a smaller store format, it’s reportedly tougher to pull off in larger spaces that carry more products and have higher ceilings.
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The North Face to close 113 stores for Earth Day | Retail Dive
The North Face is taking advantage of Earth Day to launch a global campaign focused on making April 22 a national holiday, with a Change.org petition signed by the retailer and 15 other organizations, according to a company press release. In observance of that movement, 113 of the outdoors retailer's stores in the U.S. and Canada, along with its global headquarters, will not operate on Earth Day.

The retailer's efforts are tied to a series of events it's putting under the title of "Explore Mode," which will take place in major cities across the world, including New York City, Munich, Paris, London and Manchester, England. It includes partnerships with musicians, artists and culinary influencers, all focused on encouraging people "to disconnect digitally and engage with their surroundings."
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IKEA to test furniture rental in 30 countries - Reuters
The world’s biggest furniture group, known for its low-cost disposable items, first said it was looking into leasing its desks, beds and sofas in February. It fleshed out its plans on Wednesday at an event held at its first ‘sustainable’ store in Kaarst, western Germany, opened in 2017.

The rental pilot was driven by a recognition that many consumers change homes more frequently but can’t afford new furniture every time they move, Jesper Brodin, chief executive of Ingka Group, which owns most IKEA stores, told Reuters.
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Walmart To Revamp 500 Stores In eCommerce Age | PYMNTS.com
In an effort to keep physical retail relevant in the online commerce age, Walmart plans to revamp 500 of its U.S. brick-and-mortar locations. The refits are said to include wider aisles, self-checkouts and brighter lighting, Financial Times reported.
Individual plans encompass a $173 million investment for Florida, $265 million for Texas and $145 million for California. According to the report, the company spent roughly $2.2 billion on 500 remodels in 2018. That represented “more than a fifth” of the retailer’s total capital expenditure of $10.3 billion.
This year, Walmart reportedly plans to employ $11 billion in capital expenditures. They are not the only retailer to boost investments in revamping stores: Target made investments valued at $2.7 billion for its stores in 2018, compared to $1.63 billion in the year prior.
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Whole Foods' 500th Store Features Eateries | PYMNTS.com
To create a food hall-like experience for customers, Whole Foods Market’s 70,000-square-foot store in Atlanta showcases four eateries. The space, which is created to sell more than only supermarket items, also features a rooftop experience, Chain Store Age reported, and is the chain’s 500th store.

Whole Foods Market South Region President Bobby Turner said, according to the outlet, “Whole Foods Market Midtown will be a true gathering space for the community.” Turner continued, “We worked hard to create a place that offers our neighbors a destination to get together, enjoy great food and connect with members of the local community through a variety of culinary, wellness and cultural events.”
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Macy's debuts 'Story' in 36 stores nationwide | Retail Dive
Macy's has incorporated its Story retail concept into 36 stores nationwide in 15 states: five each in California and New York; four in New Jersey; three each in Florida, Ohio and Texas; two each in Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Washington; and one in Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada and Washington D.C., according to a company press release.

The concept features a rotating set of merchandise based on a theme, which for the national debut is "Color." Brands this go-round include more than 70 small businesses and more than 400 products. They include an online kidswear brand Primary (making its brick-and-mortar debut), Los Angeles-based chocolatier Compartes, MAC Cosmetics, Crayola and Levi's Kids, among others.
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More than half of consumers shop online and offline equally | Retail Dive
At least 60% or more of consumers in the U.S., U.K. and Germany said they shop equally offline and online, according to a March Periscope by McKinsey report.
While the respondents said they still prefer to shop offline for items like clothes, home furnishings, groceries and beverages, the report found that more consumers are spending online on travel or other entertainment purchases such as movies, books, music and games. However, the consumers who shop mostly or exclusively online did so because they reside in urban areas where cross-channel shopping opportunities are already abundant, the report also found.
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Savills UK | Competitive Socialising and Emerging Concepts in Leisure
Savills has collaborated with the Leisure Property Forum (LPF) on this very issue because we agreed that a comprehensive review was needed of the latest emerging leisure trends.
There are a number of formats and we accepted early in this process that a definition of Competitive Socialising that had full consensus from the market would be hard to reach. In undertaking this review Savills & LPF have assessed four submarkets and identified over 50 mini golf, 90 bar & game, 50 VR, and 145 'Against-the-clock' experiences (escape room) in locations across the country. The reality is that these numbers will be quickly outdated.
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Squaring up: how Insta-fashion is changing the way we shop | Fashion | The Guardian
We tend to follow the people and brands with which we feel most closely aligned, images to which we at once aspire and relate. It’s the reason why my own feed is a mix of roll-top baths, weird food, girls with great makeup, unsettling artwork and ex-reality TV stars – and, of course, niche clothing labels. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is a curated feed of not just our friends’ lives, but also our own. It’s the images we want to look at on our commute, on our lunch break and last thing at night. Of course fashion wants a piece of the pie.

“I started the Instagram account before I even launched the website,” says Lisa Bühler, founder of fashion brand aggregator Lisa Says Gah (currently 195k followers). The site stocks a number of designers, some of which might be considered Instagram famous in their own right, as well as in-house brands – all thoughtfully curated towards a particular aesthetic.
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Itsapark – Explore
H&M Q&A style help site - people ask Qs, other people answer them
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H&M launches Itsapark, an Instagram-influencer-style shopping platform — Quartzy
“How do I find good office outfits with an edge?” one user asks on Itsapark, a site that the clothing retailer H&M Group launched in beta mode on April 3. “I want to look ladylike when going out on a friday evening, but heels always kill my feet, and I can’t really dance in them,” another lamented. “But small black dresses and sneakers? 😫What to do!”

The new site is framed as a place for people with fashion questions to get answers from stylish young women, in Instagram-style posts and videos. Any users can respond to questions with advice, but the focus of the site is on the answers supplied by Itsapark’s roster of what it calls “content creators.”
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The Conservatory
Please sign-in to access The Conservatory’s curated edit from
Wardrobe, Living and Wellbeing.
Need a log-in? Visit our store at The Shops at Hudson Yards to sign-up.
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Inside Forty Five Ten’s Shoe Store Space at Hudson Yards New York – Footwear News
In addition, footwear plays a critical role in the boutique, featuring 85 different designers across all categories. Consumers can expect collaborations and exclusives at this location to come.
“At least half of our shoe buy is devoted to truly emerging designers,” president and creative director Kristen Cole told FN. “It’s a very significant part of our point of view and business.” She cited Brother Vellies, Mari Giudicelli, Suzanne Rae, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Andrea Gomez and Amina Muaddi as standouts.
Other shoe labels featured include Ellery, Marni, Jil Sander, Neous and Nicholas Kirkwood.
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GrubMarket | The Farm Has Never Been Closer
Get farm-fresh food delivered to your door all across the US, at prices up to 50% LESS than grocery stores!
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The Conservatory: Physical Store Unlocks Exclusive E-Shop | Stylus
Upscale fashion boutique The Conservatory hides behind a lush flower-covered entrance within NYC’s latest shopping mall, Hudson Yards.  The physical store reflects the brand’s unorthodox retail strategy: fans are required to visit in-person in order to access the brand’s online shop.

The Conservatory’s retail model is based on cultivating a sense of exclusivity – a club of in-the-know consumers – but if you want to buy from the brand, you have to begin at Hudson Yards. This strategy echoes innovations including check-in systems we discuss in Omni-Commerce Gets Personal and limited-access stores highlighted in the Badge of Brand Honour section of Brand Spaces 2019/20.

Instead of letting new customers preview stock online, shoppers speak with a sales associate who creates an online customer profile/account. It’s only after this interaction that shoppers can access the ‘hidden’ e-commerce site.
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Gartner: 5G will drive 100M people to shop in AR by next year | Mobile Marketer
The rollout of high-speed 5G mobile service is set to drive growth of augmented reality (AR) shopping to 100 million consumers by next year, researcher Gartner estimates. Retailers will add AR technology, which overlays digital images on a person's view of the real world, to their stores and e-commerce channels to provide more immersive experiences for shoppers.
Almost half (46%) of retailers plan to deploy either AR or virtual reality (VR) technology, which provides a completely immersive view of a computer-generated world, by next year, per the Gartner report shared with Mobile Marketer. The technologies can help shoppers virtually try on products through advanced graphical visualization and simulation.
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Voice Shopping: Walmart's Newest Grocery Play | PYMNTS.com
Retailers are turning to voice assistants to make it easier for customers to shop for groceries amid strong competition. Walmart, in one case, has rolled out an offering called Walmart Voice Order by working with partners such as Google.
The feature allows consumers to use voice commands to shop for groceries. Beginning in April, shoppers will be able to say “Google, talk to Walmart” and Google Assistant will add products directly to their Walmart grocery carts. Shoppers can also manage their shopping carts on the go, as the technology is available on a host of devices, such as Android phones.
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Dragonfly: See things differently - attention analytics
Dragonfly takes subjectivity and bias out of the creative decision process and simply shows what is impacting immediate attention. No more arguments with clients over personal preferences… Dragonfly shows what humans see first. Simple and unequivocal real time objectivity and pretty good for validating pitch cre
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CAMP - 41 Photos & 13 Reviews - Toy Stores - 110 5th Ave, Flatiron, New York, NY - Phone Number - Yelp
Camp is an awesome experience for the entire family! The have tons of activities to choose from...workshops for the kids to toys to just an all around good time! If you are in the NYC area be sure to visit! The theme
changes every 8-12 weeks, but always with a "Camp" theme in mind!
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How London Fashion Retailers Like Selfridges Stay On Top Of The Store Game
Luxury fashion brand Alexander McQueen has opened a 11,000-square-foot flagship store in Mayfair that celebrates the brand’s history and lets shoppers explore the brand’s most iconic looks from current collections and the archives. The first two floors house the brand’s latest items, while the third floor showcases archival pieces, along with photographs and artwork. The top floor is dedicated to in-store events, focusing on exhibitions and talks for fashion students.
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Walmart Builds a Secret Weapon to Battle Amazon for Retail’s Future - WSJ
The world’s largest retailer is using Jetblack, a money-losing personal-shopping service, to develop artificial intelligence to compete with e-commerce giant Amazon
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The Amazon effect - Nine in ten Brits shop on Amazon | Mintel.com
The popularity of the subscription-based service Prime is confirmed by the fact that four in ten (39%) consumers have access to Amazon Prime, with just over a quarter (26%) personally being members and a further 13% sharing access through someone else’s account. Scaled to a national level,*** this places Amazon Prime membership in the UK at around the 15 million mark.

And it seems that the nation’s younger consumers are the biggest fans of Prime, as a staggering 63% of 16-24s and 52% of 25-34s have access to this premium service. Mintel research goes on to reveal that Prime membership has a major impact on purchasing, with members significantly more likely to purchase across all product ranges.
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Here's why retailers should be scared of Amazon dominating e-commerce
Amazon remains a looming threat for some of the biggest retailers in the country — like Walmart, Target and Macy's.
When consumers are ready to buy a specific product, nearly three-quarters of them, or 74 percent, are going straight to Amazon to do it, according to a new study by Feedvisor.
By the end of this year, Amazon is expected to account for 52.4 percent of the e-commerce market in the U.S., up from 48 percent in 2018.
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Saks Off Fifth launches private label beauty line | Retail Dive
Saks Off Fifth, the off-price unit run by Hudson Bay Company's Saks Fifth Avenue, on Thursday announced a private-label beauty collection dubbed "Fifth City."
The line includes more than 35 products including face, lip and eye makeup, brushes and accessories, according to a company press release. 
With items priced from from $4.99 to $60, Fifth City, as of Thursday, is available at select U.S. stores and the saksoff5th.com website, the retailer said.
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Department stores make a bid for relevancy | Retail Dive
1. Department stores will be more specialized in the future
Mark Ryski , Founder, CEO & Author, HeadCount Corporation: Making department stores relevant again is tantamount to changing a jet engine while the plane is flying. These are large enterprises, weighted down by legacy systems and capital constraints. Unfortunately, everything department store operators do seems like incrementalism in the big scheme of things – when disruption is what's needed. I do believe department stores will be around in 10 years, but they will be smaller, more specialized and fewer in number.
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Fred Segal acquired, plans 3rd LA store | Retail Dive
Fred Segal's groovy blue and red font evokes its origins in 1960s California, and the brand continues to represent cool L.A. vibes even if it's lost some of the popularity it enjoyed in the late 20th century.

"The brand has a strong, highly engaged following, but it's a very niche, luxury-type of following amongst its base," Ray Hartjen, marketing director of RetailNext, told Retail Dive in an email. "While many may have heard the brand being name dropped on a TV show, and others yet might aspire to be future Fred Segal customers, the price points are too high for mass appeal."

But its new owner believes there's plenty of brand equity to support an international expansion, and in a statement on Wednesday, Fred Segal President John Frierson said that the investment will "supercharge our growth" into new categories and take advantage of "worldwide demand" for the brand.
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A Look at China's Booming Local-Services Market | Alizila.com
There is no clear comparison in the West for a single market segment like the local-services market in China. But the trend is being driven by the digitization of consumer services, similar to how e-commerce digitized the way consumers shop. This includes two types of digital businesses, according to Analysys.

First, there are mobile platforms similar to Yelp and Groupon, which drive customers to offline services such as home repairs, beauty appointments, dry cleaning, restaurants, movies and travel; these platforms account for about 63.9% of the total market. Second, there are mobile platforms that provide on-demand delivery services similar to UberEats, which make up the remaining 36.1% of the market.
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7-Eleven Is Going Upscale With Their New Sit-Down Restaurant
7-Eleven may not be the most obvious choice for date night, but maybe it should be. No, we're not about to recommend a candlelit dinner of taquitos and Big Gulps—though, TBH, that doesn't sound half bad. All we're doing is letting you know the international convenience store chain has opened its first-ever sit-down café and it has all the makings of the perfect Friday night out.

According to Food & Wine, the restaurant, which opened in Dallas, Texas, earlier this year, will serve as a testing location for 7-Eleven innovations. With made-to-order coffee drinks, cold-pressed juices, a craft beer growler station, and a trendy taco section, it's clear the grab-and-go style store is moving toward a more upscale offering here.
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Amazon To Roll Out Products Kiosks In India | PYMNTS.com
According to a report in The Economic Times citing two people familiar with the eCommerce giant’s plans, Amazon will install 100 kiosks in malls across India by the end of 2019. The kiosks could be the early stage of Amazon creating more of a physical retail presence in the country.  The report noted Amazon has been testing kiosks for a couple of years now and has been operating four for longer than a year. They are located in Karnataka, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. A fifth kiosk debuted in Noida last week, noted The Economic Times.  “We do not speculate on our future road map, but we’re always looking at ways to provide the best experience to our customers,” an Amazon spokesperson told the ET in an emailed response. “The Amazon Devices Kiosk gives customers a first-hand experience with the devices. Customers can walk up to the kiosk and take an assisted live demo of Kindle, Fire TV and Echo family of devices with the help of the store staff before purchasing devices. The store staff is also available to solve customer queries, pre- and post-purchase.”
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McDonald's Buys AI-Personalization Company | PYMNTS.com
Since launching, Agmon said Dynamic Yield now enables more than 300 brands in six continents including in retail, gaming, finance, travel, and publishing. Its technology helps companies build customer profiles, launch and optimize personalization campaigns and automate decision making for customers.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed.  “This announcement is a major milestone in Dynamic Yield’s history, representing a unique opportunity for us to develop at a higher scale of innovation and break the boundaries of what was originally thought possible,” the executive noted in the blog post.

For some time, McDonald’s has been embarking on a digital transformation aimed at boosting sales and modernizing stores. The efforts appear to be paying off. Last year McDonald’s was able to beat Wall Street estimates in part because of kiosks which are located in more than 15,000 of the stores around the world. Kiosks provide customers with another way to order and boost sales. One recent study found consumers spend more when they order via a self-service kiosk.
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McDonald’s is acquiring Dynamic Yield to create a more customized drive-thru | TechCrunch
McDonald’s said it will use this technology to create a drive-thru menu that can be tailored to things like the weather, current restaurant traffic and trending menu items. Once you’ve started ordering, the display can also recommend additional items based on what you’ve already chosen.

In fact, the company said it tested this in several U.S. locations in 2018. The plan is to start rolling this out across the United States in 2019, and then to move into international markets. McDonald’s also plans to integrate this technology into other digital products, like self-serve kiosks and the McDonald’s mobile app.
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There will be a pop-up Co-Op supermarket at Glastonbury Festival for 2019 - Bristol Live
The Co-operative Group has announced it will have a pop-up supermarket at Glastonbury Festival.
People will be able to buy food and drink at the temporary Co-op branch, as well as items like sun cream and rain ponchos, reports Talking Retail.
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Counterfeit goods total $509B, 3.3% of global trade and growing | Supply Chain Dive
Counterfeit and pirated goods made up 3.3% of global trade volumes in 2016, totaling an estimated $509 billion, up from 2.5% in 2013, according to a report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 
Footwear, clothing and leather goods topped the list of industries hit most by counterfeit products. In 2016, 22% of all customs seizures were for counterfeit footwear. Most of the fake goods originated in China or Hong Kong, OECD said. 
"Small parcels sent by post or express courier are a prime and growing conduit for counterfeit goods," the organization said. From 2014 to 2016, small parcels accounted for 69% of customs seizures, up from 63% from 2011 to 2013. 
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ThredUP: Resale will reach $51B in 5 years | Retail Dive
The resale market has grown 21 times faster than the retail apparel market over the past three years, and it's projected to grow from a $24 billion market today to $51 billion by 2023, according to the latest annual resale report from online resale marketplace thredUP, which was emailed to Retail Dive.

Now, roughly 64% of women over 18 have bought or are now willing to buy secondhand products, according to the report, which also found that of secondhand shoppers, millennials (33%), and baby boomers (31%) make up the most of thrifters, compared with just 16% from Gen Z.
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Hudson Yards: New York City's latest retail playground | Retail Dive
But according to Related's 78-year-old billionaire developer Stephen Ross, this isn't meant to be a candy store for the rich. He told Forbes that his decision to fill the development with retail tenants who can pay high rents is about bringing in "people who have proven themselves able to attract capital." At the press preview on Tuesday, Hudson echoed the sentiment, and said, "it takes seasoned players to compete in this space."

Fortunately, a few concessions have been made to accommodate shoppers with less expensive tastes. A handful of mall standards such as H&M, Zara and Sephora, plus burger joint Shake Shack, were included to help make the space feel more egalitarian. Then too, the idea of mall-as-public space is enhanced by a dozen public art installations inside the mall, and tourist attractions such as the 150-foot tall beehive (or trashcan)-shaped Vessel, and the Edge, an observation deck 100 stories and 1,000 feet up, opening in 2020.
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What Do Axe Throwing And Esports Have In Common? They Make For Good Mall Tenants
Competitive Socializing: Single game activities like axe throwing, mini golf, darts or ping-pong with food and adult beverage service—because every group of friends has that one person that is annoyingly good at all skill games and beer evens out the playing field. Examples include Punch Bowl Social, SPiN, AceBounce, and Bad Axe, which is now in over 20 urban markets. The average size of these tenants is about 15,700 square feet.
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AI is proving to be a powerful tool in boosting in-store sales
In 2018, one of Kering’s brands wanted to identify potential high-value customers among a group that had only made one recent purchase. As detailed in the company’s February earnings call, it planned to invite certain customers to the store to receive a gift and view the collection in the hope of turning them into repeat customers. (Kering did not identify the brand.)

In seven stores, sales associates contacted customers identified by an algorithm that used transactional data; in seven other stores, personnel relied on their own experience to select customers. The luxury conglomerate found that algorithm-identified customers were twice as likely to make a purchase in the next three months. This year, the brand plans to extend this project.
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Dick's to create own athletic apparel brand, Under Armour won't be getting more floor space back - Pittsburgh Business Times
Dick's CEO Edward Stack said the retailer is dropping a licensing agreement with Reebok and launching its new brand in time for the fall back-to-school season. He also said Dick's does not plan to return floor space in its stores that it took away from Baltimore-based Under Armour last year.

"We’re enthusiastic about our Under Armour business going forward but it will remain in the floor space that it has today," Stack said on a conference calls with analysts to discuss the retailer's fourth-quarter earnings.

Dick's, which is headquartered outside of Pittsburgh, is Under Armour's largest customer.

The new private label brand being launched by Dick's will include apparel for men, women and children. Stack also said the brand, which will compete with Under Armour, will have "meaningful floor space."
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Barclaycard Brings Alipay To UK Retailers | PYMNTS.com
In a press release, Barclaycard said that with the deal, retailers will be able to accept Alipay as a payment method for transactions in U.K. stores. The deal comes after a two-year pilot. Under the new agreement, U.K. retailers can take full advantage of the growing volume and buying power of Chinese tourists.

According to Barclaycard, in the U.K. there are 393,000 Chinese residents, 95,000 Chinese students, and scores of tourists who visit U.K. cities each year. It’s becoming an increasingly important segment for U.K. retailers, particularly as traditional ones struggle because of the growth of eCommerce. Barclaycard pointed to VisitBritain, which is projecting Chinese visitors to the country will amount to 483,000 this year, up 43 percent from 2017. The Chinese visitors are forecasted to spend more than £1 billion, marking a 50 percent increase. Chinese tourists have become one of U.K.’s top tourism markets, noted the payment company.
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How Reebok Captures In-Store Impulse Buys | PYMNTS.com
However, athletic retail giant Reebok is aware of how difficult it can be to get people into a brick-and-mortar storefront in today’s convenience-focused world. In a recent interview with PYMNTS, the company’s Vice President of U.S. Retail Paul Froio explained that mPOS solutions have made a tangible difference in profits, helping customers to complete the purchasing process faster, making visitors more likely to complete a purchase and encouraging them all to return for more.
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D2C subscription services have revitalised retail, here's how
Another way that D2C brands are making a splash is through subscription boxes and plans. “The subscription box industry is projected to be worth $1 billion by 2021,” says Mr Price. “I keep a personal list of all the new boxes I see launching and about 50 per cent of my list launched just last year.”
The boxes largely fall into two categories: “surprise and delight” is a tailored treat delivered every month, such as Craft Gin Club, The Cheese Geek or Birchbox, which sends a selection of curated beauty products. Then there’s everyday essentials, such as pet food, coffee beans and, most notably, razors.
“Gillette had something like a 74 per cent share of the shaving market in 2012. Just four years later, that was down to 50 per cent,” says Mr Price. What resulted in such a drop? The arrival of brands such as Harry’s, a D2C offering founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, which enables customers to sign up for a shaving plan. You’ll get premium German-made blades and other shaving paraphernalia delivered to your door, with a Harry’s blade costing £1.88 to a competitor’s £3.05.
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IDC: Retail to lead global AI spending in 2019 as total market reaches $35.8B | Marketing Dive
Global spending on artificial intelligence (AI) will reach $35.8 billion in 2019, a 44% increase over 2018, according to a new forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC). By 2022, spending on AI systems is expected to more than double to $79.2 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 38% from 2018 to 2022. The U.S. will account for nearly two-thirds of all AI spending in 2019.
Retail is leading global spend on AI systems this year, with the category projected to invest $5.9 billion on solutions like automated customer service agents, shopping advisers and product recommendation platforms. Banking will invest $5.6 billion in AI, including automated threat intelligence and prevention systems, fraud analysis and investigation. Discrete manufacturing, health care providers and process manufacturing round out the top five AI sectors.
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How Marketers Are Making In-Store Metrics More Reliable | Street Fight
So what’s the best way to accomplish that? In Coignard’s view, the answer involves a combination of openness and transparency. Brands that use S4M’s new Uplift Trust indicator can see whether enough data has been generated by their digital advertising campaigns o compute a relevant uplift rate, or if more consumers need to be reached in order to collect a sample that’s significant enough to prove an actual trend.

Uplift rates are important for marketers because they represent the increase in visitors to a physical store attributable to a particular advertising campaign. Because uplift rates are calculated using scientific methods, they are generally thought to be reliable indicators of a campaign’s real-world impact. But a small sample size can diminish the value of an uplift rate, and without being sure whether their rates are sound, marketers can’t truly have confidence in the campaigns they’re running.
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Come Shopping with Gen Z: The New Rules of Retail
How this will morph: Social media-friendly spaces that integrate AR and VR. The more spectacular and surprising a location—real or virtual—the more Gen Zers will want to experience it. The success of the Rain Room and Museum of Ice Cream tells us that immersive events are customer candy—and the more digital integration involved, the better. Perhaps the pink billboard we spoke about above will soon have holographic unicorns racing across it.
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10 weeks ago by dancall
The Future of Ecommerce in 2019: 10 Insights from the Leaders & Data
“The brands that are winning,” says Fab Dolan, Head of Marketing at Google Canada, “are the ones that understand and own the fundamental interplay between experiential and transactional. If we were to believe that retail is dead, then we should be spending all of our money doing online ads and guiding people to our website. And yet, what we’re seeing time and time again is that building anticipation and an appreciation for the magic of our products happens in the real world even though most people buy online or through call centers.
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Macy's expands AR beauty try-ons to all app users | Mobile Marketer
Macy's expand an augmented reality (AR) feature to all mobile app users, per an announcement. Working with AR beauty company Modiface, the Macy's app this spring will let mobile users virtually try on more than 1,000 cosmetics products among major brands. The experience will also be available to customers at select locations nationwide later this spring via in-store beauty displays.
The expansion follows a successful test with a small number of users in the fall of 2018 that let users virtually trial a variety of lip products. Once available, shoppers will be able to test single products or entire looks and share the looks on social media or with friends.
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Amazon Will Close All U.S. Pop-Up Stores | PYMNTS.com
Amazon will shutter all 87 of its pop-up stores in the United states by the end of next month, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.
The move would end the proliferation of the small shops in malls, Kohl’s stores and Whole Foods in 21 states. The stores are only about a few hundred square feet and have devices like Alexa-enabled speakers and Kindles.
“After much review, we came to the decision to discontinue our pop-up kiosk program,” an Amazon spokeswoman said.

Closing the pop-ups does not mean that Amazon is giving up on its brick-and-mortar strategy, as the company is expanding bookstores and its 4-star stores, where Amazon sells high-rated items that people order online and will “provide a more comprehensive customer experience and broader selection,” the spokeswoman said. “We look forward to opening additional locations of both stores this year.”
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Art Peck: 'We're opening Gap stores' | Retail Dive
LAS VEGAS — Days after stunning the retail world with the news that Gap Inc. would disappear into two indepedent entities — Old Navy and a to-be-named company now designated as "NewCo" — and that 230 Gap stores, mostly in the U.S., would close, CEO Art Peck told a Shoptalk keynote audience Monday that the once quintessential American apparel brand would also open new locations.

He didn't say how many, but he did say they'll be found in unexpected places. The idea, he said, is that the 230 ill-fated stores, a remarkable number, don't reflect a failure of brick-and-mortar per se, considering that 80% of apparel sales still take place in stores. Rather, they're going away because they were "the wrong stores in the wrong locations."
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AI Cameras That Can Spot Shoplifters Even Before They Steal - Bloomberg
It’s watching, and knows a crime is about to take place before it happens.
Vaak, a Japanese startup, has developed artificial intelligence software that hunts for potential shoplifters, using footage from security cameras for fidgeting, restlessness and other potentially suspicious body language.
While AI is usually envisioned as a smart personal assistant or self-driving car, it turns out the technology is pretty good at spotting nefarious behavior. Like a scene out of the movie “Minority Report,” algorithms analyze security-camera footage and alert staff about potential thieves via a smartphone app. The goal is prevention; if the target is approached and asked if they need help, there’s a good chance the theft never happens.
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Did a Publisher Just Build the Future of Retail? – Out of Ink – Medium
But as I took a lap around the store and read the product displays, I felt this weird curiosity come over me. I felt cultured, almost as if I were in a museum dedicated to commerce. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed discovering items and finally understood how shopping became the great American pastime. Ultimately, I left the Strategist pop-up with something called Bro Mask, a product I’d never heard of until I read the article next to it that convinced me I’ve been neglecting my poor face for all of its sad 26 years on Earth.
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