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Facebook pays users for their data |
A new Facebook app will allow users to sell their data to the social meida giant, providing insights on how they use competitors’ apps.
Facebook is recruiting users to download its new app, branded ‘Study’, from the Google Play store. Once downloaded, it will transmit data to Facebook on what other apps the users have, what features they use, and how much time is spent on them.
“We believe this work is important to help us improve our products for the people who use Facebook,” Facebook said in an online post. “We also know that this kind of research must be clear about what people are signing up for, how their information will be collected and used, and how to opt out of the research at any time.”
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Instagram officially tests hiding Like counts | TechCrunch
Would we feel less envious, shameful and competitive if Instagram didn’t tell us how many Likes a post received? That’s the idea behind Instagram now hiding Like counts from both a post’s viewers as part of an experiment in Canada. A post’s creator can still open the Likers window to see the names of everyone who hearted their post. Instagram has also recently redesigned the profile to make follower count much less prominent, the app’s head Adam Mosseri says.
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Apple Cracks Down on Apps That Fight iPhone Addiction - The New York Times
They all tell a similar story: They ran apps that helped people limit the time they and their children spent on iPhones. Then Apple created its own screen-time tracker. And then Apple made staying in business very, very difficult.

Over the past year, Apple has removed or restricted at least 11 of the 17 most downloaded screen-time and parental-control apps, according to an analysis by The New York Times and Sensor Tower, an app-data firm. Apple has also clamped down on a number of lesser-known apps.

In some cases, Apple forced companies to remove features that allowed parents to control their children’s devices or that blocked children’s access to certain apps and adult content. In other cases, it simply pulled the apps from its App Store.
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Lush quits social media in UK - BBC News
Announcing the news on Twitter, it said it was "tired of fighting with algorithms" and did not want to "pay to appear" in newsfeeds.
The firm, which sells fragrant handmade soaps, bath bombs and other body products, asked customers to contact it by email, phone, or via its website.
LushUK has 202,000 Twitter followers and 569,000 on Instagram.
More than 423,000 have liked the page on Facebook.
That account name will close on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with Lush Kitchen, Lush Times, Lush Life, Soapbox and Gorilla.
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LUSH UK (@lush) • Instagram photos and videos
Increasingly, social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly. We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed. So we’ve decided it’s time to bid farewell to some of our social channels and open up the conversation between you and us instead.⁣

Lush has always been made up of many voices, and it’s time for all of them to be heard. We don’t want to limit ourselves to holding conversations in one place, we want social to be placed back in the hands of our communities - from our founders to our friends.⁣

We’re a community and we always have been. We believe we can make more noise using all of our voices across the globe because when we do we drive change, challenge norms and create a cosmetic revolution. We want social to be more about passions and less about likes.⁣

Over the next week, our customer care team will be actively responding to your messages and comments, after this point you can speak us via live chat on the website, on email at wecare@lush.co.uk and by telephone: 01202 930051.⁣
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JetBlue's Instagram contest asks users to wipe their accounts | Mobile Marketer
JetBlue is offering a year of free travel to three Instagram users and their travel companions who delete all their posts on the image-sharing app to "create a blank slate." To enter the "All You Can Jet" sweepstakes, Instagram users who have wiped their accounts must visit JetBlue's website and follow the instructions.
Contestants must then upload a photo and use in-app software tools to customize it by filling in the "All You Can" blank. After saving the image, contestants can post it to Instagram with the tags @jetblue and #allyoucanjetsweepstakes in the caption.
The airline will hold a drawing among the eligible entries to pick the winners, who can book flights between April 1 and March 31, 2020. The sweepstakes launched on Feb. 27 and runs through March 8.
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march 2019 by dancall
Facebook users who quit the social network for a month feel happier | TechCrunch
New research out of Stanford and New York University took a look at what happens when people step back from Facebook for a month.
Through Facebook, the research team recruited 2,488 people who averaged an hour of Facebook use each day. After assessing their “willingness to accept” the idea of deactivating their account for a month, the study assigned eligible participants to an experimental category that would deactivate their accounts or a control group that would not.
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february 2019 by dancall
Instagram outage forces millions to look directly at the world for nearly half an hour | TechCrunch
Photo-sharing app and social network Instagram was briefly taken offline on Monday afternoon, causing nothing of consequence to occur other than a brief respite from one source of the constant deluge of inconsequential information to which we all voluntarily submit ourselves.

The service died at about 4:20, tragically the very moment when millions of people were turning to the app, for the third time that hour, desperately hoping to pass the time until the end of the workday. At least this was the case on the west coast of the U.S., the only location we are considering at this time.
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january 2019 by dancall
Screen Time Tracking/Management – AVC
So Dani and I worked on a survey that she ran last week and we got these results from a survey of 1,000 adults in the US using Google Surveys:
24% use an app to track their screen time.
34% of iOS users use an app to track screen time vs 19% of Android users.
iOS users are twice as likely to use the default screen tracker app than Android users.
People across age groups are equally likely to use an app to track their screen time.
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january 2019 by dancall
Index has backed Immersive Games Lab, a new startup from founder of Tough Mudder | TechCrunch
More broadly, he said the idea of creating a new kind of immersive gaming experience is partly based on the sentiment that we spend too much screen time on our devices, consuming social media in a way that isn’t always good for our mental health.

His previous and hugely successful venture Tough Mudder was all about creating a new, fun experience around exercise — and ultimately helping people become more physically active. Dean says he is keen for Immersive Games Lab to also make a positive dent on people’s lives.
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january 2019 by dancall
Facial recognition software limits video game time for kids in China - Business Insider
After officially implementing the facial recognition software for its most popular game, "Honour of Kings," the company reported that about half of the accounts linked to underage players have successfully completed the process.

Of the accounts that didn't complete the process, 98% failed or declined the facial recognition test. Those who fail to complete the facial recognition are automatically limited to just one hour of play.

Tencent reported that young players have been using a number of methods to try to get around the verification process. Some attempted to use photos of sleeping relatives, while others tried to impersonate their grandparents while talking to Tencent's customer service. The company said that some kids had even convinced their parents or other adults they know into calling customer service to try to remove the age-based time limit.
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december 2018 by dancall
Would you hand over your mobile phone for a free meal? - BBC News
Getting families to put down their tablets and phones and talk to each other can be hard, but one restaurant chain is trying to persuade them.
In a trial scheme parents willing to hand over their devices to restaurant staff will get free children's meals.
Frankie & Benny's said figures showing children want parents to spend less time on their phones and more time talking to them, prompted the idea.
About 10% have tried to hide a parent's handset to get attention, it said.
november 2018 by dancall
Facebook rolls out time spent dashboard - The Verge
Last week, Instagram started rolling out its new dashboard that showed how much time you spend on Instagram, and now, it’s Facebook’s turn: the company is rolling out the feature in the actual Facebook app now, via TechCrunch.

Facebook announced the new dashboards for the Instagram and Facebook apps back in August as part of the “time well-spent” movement that has been sweeping across the tech world. Unlike Facebook’s dashboards, Apple’s Screen Time and Google’s Digital Wellbeing allow users to block themselves from using apps, instead of just relaying usage information.
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november 2018 by dancall
What the Times got wrong about kids and phones - Columbia Journalism Review
In Paul’s words, the stories put forth the idea that “the least tech” is the best tech, and that we should all parent more like Steve Jobs. But in fact, strict approaches aimed only at limiting screen time aren’t the most effective. You have to be a role model and engage alongside your kids, a notion that the Times stories largely skirted. As Mimi Ito, a foundational scholar of teens’ online lives, tells me, “With anxiety stoked by fear-inducing media stories, and shamed by their peers, parents grasp for simple authoritarian solutions often against their kids’ interests. But when parents take the time to appreciate and connect with their kids’ digital interests, it can be a site of connection and shared joy”—and a way to mentor kids to discover their own creativity.  
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november 2018 by dancall
Limiting social media use reduced loneliness and depression in new experiment | TechCrunch
The idea that social media can be harmful to our mental and emotional well-being is not a new one, but little has been done by researchers to directly measure the effect; surveys and correlative studies are at best suggestive. A new experimental study out of Penn State, however, directly links more social media use to worse emotional states, and less use to better.

To be clear on the terminology here, a simple survey might ask people to self-report that using Instagram makes them feel bad. A correlative study would, for example, find that people who report more social media use are more likely to also experience depression. An experimental study compares the results from an experimental group with their behavior systematically modified, and a control group that’s allowed to do whatever they want.
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november 2018 by dancall
YouTube will now tell you how much of your life you spend watching videos
In an announcement post titled Tools to Take Charge of Your Digital Wellbeing, YouTube states that its “goal is to provide a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to best fit into your life.”
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november 2018 by dancall
Social Media Struggles With Its Awkward Adolescence - WSJ
According to a survey by Moment conducted over six months through Sept. 24 that asked about 9,000 Facebook users about their use of the service, those who said they were “happy” on Facebook spent an average of 20 minutes daily on the social network, compared with 43 minutes average daily use for those who said they were “unhappy” with their experience on Facebook. By contrast, the survey found that people reported getting more enjoyment from using apps that weren’t social media.

Mr. Kendall says he believes in the future of social media. Having worked alongside Mr. Zuckerberg for years, Mr. Kendall says he is confident the executive will put in place the right adjustments over time.
november 2018 by dancall
Tiggly On Smart Toys to Reduce Screen Time | PYMNTS.com
And as a recent New York Times report pointed out in great detail, attitudes about kids and tech are changing. In Silicon Valley’s most elite private schools, the policy is no screen time for any student. And among the programmers who build the tech, there is a lot of genuine uncertainty about how safe it is to put that tech into their own kids’ hands.

The trouble is that good or bad, screens exist – and are so incredibly prevalent at this point that without an awful lot of vigilance (not to mention a pretty large amount of free time and stimulating analog toys), it is hard to keep kids off them.

But the team at Tiggly has a different idea when it comes to kids, screens and playtime. Instead of trying to swim against the current and fight what is likely a losing battle against technology, their focus is finding ways to make screens a part of playtime without allowing passive staring or semi-active tapping to become a kid’s dominant mode of play.
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november 2018 by dancall
A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley - The New York Times
Ms. Stecher, 37, and her husband, Rushabh Doshi, researched screen time and came to a simple conclusion: they wanted almost none of it in their house. Their daughters, ages 5 and 3, have no screen time “budget,” no regular hours they are allowed to be on screens. The only time a screen can be used is during the travel portion of a long car ride (the four-hour drive to Tahoe counts) or during a plane trip.
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october 2018 by dancall
'It's pretty easy to talk instead': pupils react to French phone ban | World news | The Guardian
At the end of lessons at Claude Debussy middle school in Paris, a classical music jingle played instead of a bell and teenagers poured out of the gates. Several 13-year-olds quickly reached into their bags to check their mobile phones, which had been switched off for eight hours.

From this week, children’s phones have been banned from all state middle schools in France under a new law that President Emmanuel Macron said would help detox teenagers from their screens.

“I thought I would be freaked out, but it has been fine,” said one 13-year-old girl, who got an iPhone when she was 11. “I left my phone in my bag all day and I was surprised to find it didn’t bother me. Normally I’d be on Snapchat and Instagram. But my friends are here at school so it’s pretty easy to just talk instead.”
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september 2018 by dancall
Some N.J. restaurants are banning cell phones (and laptops, too) | NJ.com
Even before cell phones became our constant companions, Manager Nel Lally felt she had to ban them from her restaurant.
Lally's 15-year-old no-phone policy at the Harvey Cedar's Clam Bar in Beach Haven was a trendsetter. A number of New Jersey eateries are now restricting patrons' use of technology. Some managers cite cash-flow problems from customers lingering too long at a table as they cruise the internet, while others, like Lally, say yakking on the phone or posting to Instagram is just plain annoying.
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