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Shadershop, visual reasoning about symbolic functions. So rich, so elegant, so clear.
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december 2014 by danbri
lucasvb comments on Visualized Fourier
To me, the transform is best understood in terms of linear algebra: you're just finding the coordinates of the function in the function space defined by the orthonormal basis created by sines and cosines. There's nothing particularly special about sines and cosines other than the fact they are orthogonal. If one is already familiar with inner products and orthogonal basis, the whole thing seems almost obvious, since the only new idea is that "hey, functions are also vectors!"
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august 2014 by danbri
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my favourite kind of graph visualization - similarity maps:
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april 2014 by danbri
Neural Networks, Manifolds, and Topology -- colah's blog
RT @RichardSocher: Very interesting: Neural Networks, Manifolds, and Topology and another good visualization:
neuralnetworks  visualization 
april 2014 by danbri
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