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The important distinction makes about in in this feature. Thanks !…
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february 2018 by danbri
RT : Fascinating report on from an 'unprecedented' decline in trust in government in the US, a fall…
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january 2018 by danbri
arXiv.org help - The arXiv endorsement system
A typical endorser would be asked to endorse about one person a year. The endorsement process is not peer review. You should know the person that you endorse or you should see the paper that the person intends to submit. We don't expect you to read the paper in detail, or verify that the work is correct, but you should check that the paper is appropriate for the subject area.
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december 2010 by danbri
rdfweb update, web-o-trust tests etc
@edsu @acdha last time I got sidetracked by modeling key-signing networks, etc. Is PGP usage fading or growing?
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october 2010 by danbri

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