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Querying for some 2018 hurricanes.

(Figure taken from post 'Querying with : Using .ex…
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15 days ago by danbri
The provenance model has been pushed into production. For more details, including a…
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17 days ago by danbri
Knowledge Graphs - one of Emerging Technology Trends 2018
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29 days ago by danbri
. opening the session at while rocking a sticker on his laptop!
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5 weeks ago by danbri
Wikidata Query Service/User Manual - MediaWiki
Pre-process data with the munge.sh script. This creates a set of TTL files with preprocessed data, with names like wikidump-000000001.ttl.gz, etc. See options for the script below.
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july 2018 by danbri
My takeaway on : worth it if you often have questions that can only be answered by combining data from several…
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july 2018 by danbri
Ignoring the rest of the Wild West. Like the imagery :-).
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january 2018 by danbri
Our for platform (X-platform too in beta!). Import and test out your
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september 2017 by danbri
@alexmilowski @bergi_bergos @rdfjs Expect we'll see more w/ headless browsers too - e.g. .…
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august 2017 by danbri
XML London 2015 - Programme
RT : Don't miss Fabio Labella's talk on creating human friendly HTML from Graphs via XSLT
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may 2015 by danbri
Here are the URLs from my presentation: , ,
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february 2015 by danbri
The Manchester Lambda Lounge
. will be giving a talk about & at Monday’s Mcr Lambda Lounge. Drinks on us after .
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november 2014 by danbri
(still) nothing clever — Aggregates over BTC2010 namespaces
If your namespace is a loser, do not worry, remember that BTC is a more or less arbitrary snapshot of SOME semantic web data, and you can always catch up next year! :)
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september 2010 by danbri
Archives for rdf-dev
Checking 1998's rdf-dev@ mailing list threads, the gender imbalance is pretty awful... (cli…
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january 2010 by danbri
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