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[RTW] Second screen, low-delay control channels (Re: BOF agenda uploaded to IETF servers)
In this use case, we could easily imagine using the RTC-web channel
establishment functionality, but not pass media over them. This could be
appropriate/important for some home situations, such as "TV on fixed
network, remote on WLAN network, phone on 3G".
rtc  rtc-web  w3c  notube 
february 2011 by danbri
It measured their deviation either side of what was called "The Apathy Line", the straight line down the middle that resulted if no buttons were pressed.
class  television  notube  socialclass  sociology  adamcurtis 
december 2010 by danbri
EU Invests €10 Million in Universal App Platform
The project has been launched with €10 million in EU funding and is scheduled to run for three years. The project's web page predicts a total project cost of €14 million. Developed as open source software, the application platform is designed to enable programmers to develop web applications that work across different device platforms including mobile phones, PCs, home media systems and in-car units. The platform is to be based on standardised web technologies.
w3c  tv  eu  europeanproject  notube 
september 2010 by danbri
Red button is thriving (not that you’d know it) | Opinion | New Media Age
more than 4m people interacted with Glastonbury content last month, 7m interacted with the World Cup red-button service and another 4m interacted with Wimbledon
interactivetv  notube  redbutton  buttons 
september 2010 by danbri
HTML5 video ‘buffered’ property available in Firefox 4 ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
This is cool because we can now accurately determine which time-segments of a video we can play and seek into without needing to pause playback to download more data. Previously you could only get the byte position the download had reached, which often doesn’t map to the time ranges which are playable very well, especially in a variable bit rate video.
firefox  video  notube 
september 2010 by danbri
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