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Ever struggled with properties that ask for URIs when all you have is strings in your ? The
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june 2018 by danbri
don't know who made these, but nice stuff
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february 2010 by danbri
Main Page - XMLTV
tobyink: shellac : all data is from radio times (channel names, logos, program times, descriptions, categories, etc).
[18:43] tobyink: see http://wiki.xmltv.org/index.php/Main_Page - screen scapers for a variety of sites (covering most of the world) to convert TV listings into XML. Radio Times is actually an exception, as they liked the XMLTV idea so much that they provide data in XMLTV format.
[18:43] tobyink: My script parses the XML and formats it as XHTML+RDFa.
[18:44] tobyink: I will eventually get around to releasing it.
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february 2009 by danbri
BBC Backstage :: Feeds & APIs :: Data
"Feeds & APIs" including xmpp and stats
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february 2009 by danbri
BBC Backstage :: Feeds & APIs :: Bbc Web Api
Bbc Web Api

The purpose of this API is to allow people greater access to our content and information about our content. Two words sum up what this API is about: simple and TV-Anytime. The API is built on a TV-Anytime database (the same as used for the BBC Backstage 7-day TV/Radio feeds) and you can use it to extract information in TV-Anytime format. We have also provided a simple response format, giving quick and easy access to information.
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february 2009 by danbri
backstage.bbc.co.uk :: listing of /feeds/tvradio/
backstage.bbc.co.uk is making a daily snapshot of BBC TV and radio 7-day listing information available in the TV-Anytime data format. This data is provided as an experimental service for an initial period of three months and no guarantee can be provided for the accuracy of this data.
The data is originally sourced from the BBC's scheduling system but undergoes some manipulations in order to provide TV-Anytime features. The availability, content, organisation and features of the data may change at any time. Further information is available in the doc.html file.
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february 2009 by danbri
interact issue 18
The IMS project is founded on a simple premise: the educational opportunities opened up by the advent of the Internet are simply too good to miss. Indeed, over the last few years the Internet has changed our whole vision of computer based education from o
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