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Reality Machine, a daughter company to VeilCorp, plans on using gateway technology to help supply people in remote locations of the globe. Their prototype machine combines 3d-printing technology with a small internal gate
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november 2016 by danbri
Ready to make games for a living? Grab our exclusive E-Book! 25
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may 2016 by danbri
Ebook - Black Shell Media
Ready to make games for a living? Grab our exclusive E-Book! 25
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may 2016 by danbri
Broken Age Asks, Can You Point-And-Click Your Way To Meaning? — Matter — Medium
The best adventure games resemble detective fiction, which as a rule contains two overlapping stories: the story of what happened and the story of how the detective finds out what happened.
december 2014 by danbri
The Future Of The Culture Wars Is Here, And It's Gamergate
exquisitely articulate and insightful: the best read on #gamergate yet, by @kylenw
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october 2014 by danbri
Elimak Portfolio - Home
RT : Available for freelance work - Design -end dev - , serious , app - - plz RT/share
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may 2014 by danbri
From Unity to Three.js | HelloEnjoy™
Very interesting way to use Unity for your WebGL projects Great job
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november 2013 by danbri
Social Game Studies
Social Game Studies is a multi-authored blog that collects thoughts and findings from academic research on social games – games that play on social networks
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september 2011 by danbri
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