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Comma Separated markup Language Specification
Two CSV-ML expressions are equivalent if and only if their data model representations are the same.
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july 2010 by danbri
Times Higher Education - X marks the sweet spot for Web's future
"Web authors should take note that DOM tools will only work reliably with pages that contain valid HTML."

Ah well...
WWW7  brisbane  w3c  danbri  article  thes  timeshigher  report  dom  predictions  funny 
february 2009 by danbri
Fool Around With Fran Cosgrave, 1 of 4
New reality series that brings a fresh twist to the whole dating game by testing just how far couples will push their relationship for money. One lucky single boy (or girl) lives with four gorgeous girls for a week. All four swear they are single but only
bristol  girls  reality  tv  trash  joost  funny  wrong 
october 2007 by danbri
AtomFilms: They're Made Out of Meat
"After years of probing humans in every possible manner, two alien researchers meet at a late night diner to discuss a most unusual discovery about our species."
meat  short  film  aliens  funny 
april 2007 by danbri
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